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POWER and POLITICS: Friday, Jan. 20, 2017  

Our Inauguration special, live from Washington. All the details on President Trump's inauguration and first few hours in office. Plus: Canada's foreign affairs, defence and natural resources ministers on U.S.-Canada relations and a special Power Panel.

POWER and POLITICS: Thursday, Jan. 19, 2017  

P&P is in Washington for the inauguration of Donald Trump. Rosemary speaks with Canada's ambassador to the U.S., Republican commentator David Frum, Michigan congressman Paul Mitchell and regular Americans hopeful - or concerned - about Trump's presidency.

POWER and POLITICS: Wednesday January18, 2017  

Kevin O'Leary makes Conservative leadership bid official and Canada prepares for trade under Trump.

POWER and POLITICS: Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2017  

Quebec health minister Gaetan Barrette and Northwest Territories Premier Bob McLeod on the new health care deal signed between the feds and the territories and Saskatchewan. Plus: inauguration day details and Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale.

POWER and POLITICS: Monday, Jan. 16, 2017  

Ukraine and Latvia's ambassadors to Canada react to Donald Trump's comments calling NATO 'obsolete.' Plus: Canada's new Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen, Trudeau's latest town hall, and Eric Grenier looks ahead to Tuesday's Conservative debate.

POWER and POLITICS: Thursday, Jan. 12, 2017  

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley on B.C.'s approval of Trans Mountain pipeline. Andrew Saxton discusses his Tory leadership bid. Kathryn Stoner talks U.S.-Russian relations. Power Panel on Trudeau's town hall tour.

Power Pod: Thursday, Jan. 12, 2016  

Get your political quick fix with the Power Panel. Kathleen Monk, Susan Smith, Chad Rogers and Chris Hall discuss B.C.'s Trans Mountain pipeline approval, PM's town hall tour and Kevin O'Leary's exploratory leadership report.

POWER and POLITICS: Wednesday, Jan. 11, 2017  

Politico's Luiza Savage and PRI's Todd Zwillich discuss unsubstantiated allegations against Trump. Francois-Philippe Champagne discusses his new job as Trade Minister. Actress Jane Fonda speaks out against oilsands development. Alta. Premier responds.

Power Pod: Wednesday, Jan. 11, 2016  

Get your political quick fix with the Power Panel. Tim Powers, Ian Capstick, Tim Murphy and Aaron Wherry discuss Donald Trump's press conference, Justin Trudeau's vacation and Jane Fonda's visit to Alberta.

POWER and POLITICS: Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2017  

P&P dives into Trudeau's cabinet shuffle. Who's in? Who's out? Plus: new Minister of Democratic Institutions Karina Gould, former interim Liberal leader Bob Rae, and other Liberal insiders on the shake-up.

POWER and POLITICS: Friday, Jan. 06, 2016  

Live updates on the shooting at the Fort Lauderdale airport in Florida, including a press conference from Florida Governor Rick Scott. Cyber warfare expert Rafal Rohozinski on Russian hacking report.

Power Pod: Thursday, Jan. 05, 2016  

Get your political quick fix with the Power Panel. Kathleen Monk, Susan Smith and Stockwell Day discuss a report showing decades of deficits, the trade minister's response to Trump's tweets and the cost of Canada's 150th birthday bash.

POWER and POLITICS: Thursday, Jan. 05, 2016  

Canadian Forces Ombudsman discusses support for veterans with mental health and Veterans Affairs Minister Kent Hehr weighs in. Former CIA Analyst Jacqueline Lopour discusses U.S. Senate hearings into Russian hacking. MPs discuss deficits.

POWER and POLITICS: Wednesday, Jan. 04, 2016  

Former NAFTA negotiator John Weekes responds to Trump's trade talk. Tory Leadership candidate Lisa Raitt on her efforts to stop Kevin O'Leary. The Stateside panel on the fight over Obamacare. Former CSIS Chief discusses Canada's anti-terror preparedness.

Power Pod: Wednesday, Jan. 04, 2016  

Get your political quick fix with the Power Panel. Tim Powers, Ian Capstick, Amanda Alvaro and Kady O'Malley discuss Lisa Raitt's stop O'Leary campaign, U.S. trade rhetoric and carbon tax blowback.

POWER and POLITICS: Tuesday, Jan. 03, 2017  

Alta. Environment Minster Shannon Phillips discusses her province's carbon tax. Two American journalists discuss Trump and the new congress. Ontario Finance Minister Charles Sousa explains his province's position on health care funding.

POWER and POLITICS: Friday, Dec. 23, 2016  

Nova Scotia's finance minister on his province's health deal with the feds. Plus: foreign policy experts Roland Paris and Fen Hampson on Trump, twitter, Israel and nuclear armament, then prison watchdog Howard Sapers on reform in Canada's federal prisons.

Top 5: Issues to watch in 2017  

P&P counts down the top issues to watch in 2017.

POWER and POLITICS: Thursday, Dec. 22, 2016  

Federal Health Minister Jane Philpott on whether more bilateral deals with the provinces are coming, then Manitoba health minister Kelvin Goertzen responds. Plus: Conservative senator Leo Housakos reflects on a rocky year in the Senate.

Top 5: Blunders of 2016  

P&P counts down the top 5 newsmakers of the year.

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