Power Trading Radio - A Trader's Perspective on Investing in Stocks, Futures, Forex, Options Podcast

Power Trading Radio - A Trader's Perspective on Investing in Stocks, Futures, Forex, Options Podcast

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Power Trading Radio is a daily progressive trader focused program, hosted by long time trader Merlin Rothfeld, who offers expert analysis of the market from a trader’s perspective.  Fueled by Online Trading Academy, the show is designed to take average investors and give them the skills that they need for real success.  The show covers issues relating to Stocks, Forex, Futures, Options, Wealth Management, Retirement Planning, IRA’s and more.  http://www.powertradingradio.com


Trading with the Sugar Man!  

3rd generation floor trader, Dan Sugar joins Merlin in studio to answer some listener questions and give some thoughts on the markets. Dan and Merlin first look at Gold and its recent , pullback free, rise. Then Dan offers some insights on what has helped him, and his family succeed at trading for so long.

The Equifax “Incident” with John O’Donnell  

John and Merlin take a look at the recent announcement of a Massive data breach at Equifax, which may impact 143 million Americans! They also look at the concept of a constant measure of value when looking at markets or investments. How does bitcoin look compared to gold? Tune in and find out!

Dealing With It with Tillie Allison  

Tillie shares her approach to dealing with major news events, natural disasters and other factors when setting up and executing long term trades. This involves strict adherence to the plan, which is the foundation of what she teaches her students.

ICO’s and More with Merlin Rothfeld  

Alone in studio, Merlin addresses many questions from the Youtube and Facebook channels. Merlin first looks at the incredibly popular ICO market and offers some cautionary advice. Later, he tackles the ultimate question: “What will it take for me to quit my job and be a full time trader”.

Travel & Trade with Michael Young  

Long time floor trader, Michael Young joins Merlin to talk about his recent trip to Paris. While there were some major market moving events happening, Michael was calm and collected with his “Set-n-forget” positions. He also talked about how he has been trading volatilitiy instruments during that time. Finally, Michael shares a story from the floor which turned the worst trade, into the best!

Money Talks with Sam Evans  

Master trader, Sam Evans joins Merlin to break down his trading approach to fundamental data. The duo also look at the US dollar, Euro, and other currencies and provide their insights and thoughts on the markets going forward.

Move Over Buffett with Larry Jacobson  

Amongst his mountain of responsibilities at Online Trading Academy, Larry Jacobson is a great trader/investor as well! Larry joins Merlin on set to talk about his current portfolio holdings and offers some insights as to why he chose those investments. Larry and Merlin also take a look at listener questions and performs analysis on the charts.

FX Waves with David Warner  

Global tensions once again created some great trading opportunities in the currency markets on Tuesday. David Warner joins Merlin on set to discuss some of the trades he is currency in, as well as answer several listener questions including: New Zealand Dollar, Japanese Yen, Canadian & U.S. Dollar.

Impact of Disasters with Wayne Citron  

Long time floor trader out of Chicago, Wayne Citron joins Merlin to talk about how the markets reacted to Hurricane Henry in Texas. Wayne extends the discussion into commodities such as Oil, corn and others to emphasize the impact of natural disasters and reports on commodity prices. Later, he offers some “Stories from the Floor”.

Weekend Edition with John O’Donnell  
John & Merlin walk through a variety of hot topics on this episode including: The robust housing data recently released, the approach of hurricane Henry, Oil prices, gold, cryptocurrencies, the Fed and much more!


Housing Markets with Diana Hill  
The prevailing question from home owners and investors right now is: “Are we in a housing bubble”? Real Estate master, Diana Hill joins Merlin on Set to take a look at this question and offer some insights into what the hottest markets are currently. The duo stress the importance of having a plan and realistic expectations regardless of your investment methodology for Real Estate.


Income Trading with Jerry Baldwin  
Jerry joins Merlin to talk about how he trades the markets for just a couple hours a day, and goes home flat. While this style is not for everyone, Jerry finds it fits his personality perfectly! The duo also talk about how after hours sessions offer insight to market direction during the regular trading sessions.


Exploring Mountains of Debt with Economist Richard Duncan  

Economist Richard Duncan joins Merlin Rothfeld and John O'Donnell to talk about our current mountain of debt in the USA. He breaks down the history, addresses the current market dynamics, and then offers some solutions to get out of this mess. How do we do it? Listen today and find out.

Short Term Trading with Roger Best  

For the first time, investors and traders across the nation will be able to get live perspective on the market from experienced professional traders. "Power Trading Radio" is aimed at an audience that wants to improve its edge through active participation whether the market is moving up, down or sideways. In addition to stocks, topics will include foreign exchange, options and wealth management.

Tesla and Cryptocurrencies  

Merlin and John talk a look at the price charts of Tesla and offer some opinions on its “Bubblish” status. They also look at a technical indicator that has resurfaced recently, warning of a major market correction. And Finally, the potential for the cryptocurrency market to also be in a Bubble like situation.

Checking the Fuel Behind The Market Rally with Paul Orme  

As the market suffers one of its largest down days in months, Merlin questions the current uptrends validity. Master trader, Paul Orme joins the show to look at what exactly is driving the equity markets since 2009. Surprisingly it is NOT the banks!

Futures vs. Options with Tillie Allison  

Long time trader in multiple asset classes, Tillie Allison Joins Merlin to talk about some of her current trades in Crude Oil, and broad market indices, as well as offering some insight into the pro’s & cons of both futures and Options.

Mo’ Money with Tim Pesut  

Good economic data today was not enough to life the equity markets, resulting in a nice push up in the US Dollar. This obviously had impacts on global currencies, which Master Trader, Tim Pesut and Merlin Rothfeld discuss live. They look at some of the data, and then dive into the Aussie Dollar and the British Pound for potential trade setups.

Old & New Money with Reginald Ringgold  

Merlin welcomes veteran trader, Reginald Ringgold to the show to answer some listener questions on the Aussie Dollar. Later, Reginald offers his opinion on the emergence of cryptocurrency and blockchains as trading instruments.

Mid-Year Market Performance  

Merlin and John take a look at the mid-year market performance by analyzing heatmaps and market cap data. Should these be used as buying opportunities? Later the look at Cryptocurrencies and their potential impact on the markets, and Merlin makes a longshot wager with John!

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