Pretend Wizards: A D&D Podcast

Pretend Wizards: A D&D Podcast

United Kingdom

Six friends play D&D (Dungeons and Dragons), and do their best as a mercenary company in the Country-City Atla. Will they become the greatest warriors who ever swung a pointed bit of metal? How long can they last uncursed and with all their limbs? You'll probably have to listen to find out.


Episode 159 – Wrong Answer  

It’s go time! Can our heroes get the orphans out of their prison? Can they convince Waltz to help without violence? How badly are they gonna beat up Benny?!

Episode 158 – King of the Bus  

Our heroes seek to make a deal with the fairies before confronting the Happy Sunshine Orphanage, and their deadly owners, directly.

Episode 157 – Orphan Flow  

Finishing up the battle against the hit squad sent against them by Waltz, the team takes her criticism to heart and decides on a plan, vowing to end the Happy Sunshine Orphanage now matter what...

Episode 156 – Glute Thirst  

Fire! Blood! The HQ is on fire, and assaulted from all sides by armed thugs. With two newborns inside, can our heroes prevail?

Episode 155 – Papoos  

Our heroes head back home, know that more than likely, each of their footsteps is followed by others, hidden deadly trackers waiting to make them dead.

Episode 154 – Minisode  

The gang learns why aerial combat is dangerous! Or do they stop for a second to try and convince Waltz that they can help her clean up the orphanage and save the children?

Episode 153 – Coffee Stink  

Our heroes head to meet Waltz at the battleground of destiny: a tiny gelato place in the suburbs.

Episode 152 –  Childsafe  

Having finished committing terrible acts against what they now half-believe is an ally, how can our heroes contact the double agent working among the Happy Sunshine Orphanage? And how difficult can it be to create...

Episode 151 – Here’s Their Card  

Our team gathers together and meets in the dark confines of The Crow’s temporary HQ, to find out what they can learn from the captured kidnapper that Pegasus has brought them.

Episode 150 – Chatbag Live  

The gang finishes dealing with Mcguffin, and hurries to meet up with Pegasus. Can they reach him before he ends up dead in an alleyway? We recorded this episode during an Extra Life 24 hour...

Episode 149 – Quad BBBB  

The team heads off to talk to the police, trying to find a new ally in Detective McGuffin. Meanwhile, hidden in a dark ally, Pegasus faces down against three dangerous kidnappers.

Episode 148 – Free Samples  

With secrets in hand from Benny’s home, our heroes quickly hurry to stake out the Happy Sunshine Orphanage, hoping that at least for a little while that it won’t be bussiness as usual at the...

Episode 147 – Gutter Disaster  

The building collapses! There’s only moments to make a decision, only heartbeats to find a way to escape before everyone finds themselves crushed and drowned in the garbage river.

Episode 146 – Pretty Sailors  

Having placed unknowingly placed herself in the belly of the beast, can Shira fight her way out successfully from the hidden market? And what will our heroes find hidden at Mr. Benny’s totally normal home?

145 – The Perfect Dance  

Our heroes try again to talk directly to Hugo Hans about the mysterious clothing hidden in the shadows of his store, while Shira attempts to infiltrate the dark market beneath the Tower of Commerce.

Episode 144 – Important Paperwork  

Finishing their business at the importer’s, our heroes remember a slew of old events they left hanging at the wayside. Though some might only lead to a dangerous, bloody end.

Episode 143 – Natural Born Nerd  

The group investigates the mysterious past of an orphanage manager, convinced that there’s something hidden there, a buried truth.

Episode 142 – Shots  

Our heroes decide the most prudent course of action is to purchase copious amounts of unidentifiable medication from a previously unreliable source! And immediately use it!

Episode 141 – Formal Garbagewear  

Are there more secrets to be found in Derek Murphy’s house, or just in his mouth? And will Dweezil’s delicate sensibilities survive another trip down to the bottom of The Basin?

Episode 140 – Corkboard of Ideas  

Having earned at least a small bit of The Crow’s trust, our heroes discuss how to stop the Happy Sunshine Orphanage, and no idea is too bad.

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