Pretend Wizards: A D&D Podcast

Pretend Wizards: A D&D Podcast

United Kingdom

Six friends play D&D (Dungeons and Dragons), and do their best as a mercenary company in the Country-City Atla. Will they become the greatest warriors who ever swung a pointed bit of metal? How long can they last uncursed and with all their limbs? You'll probably have to listen to find out.


Episode 191 – I See You  

Dash for the exit, but don’t forget Shira! Our heroes have almost escaped their pursuers when Shira gets knocked out. Can they rescue her and escape without taking further casualties?

Episode 190 – A Fair Deal  

Our heroes finish working on their sly trap, but only feet outside, their enemies stalk the streets looking for them. It’s just a bunch of flunkies tho, surely nothing can go wrong!

Episode 189 – Sink Forever  

Something is watching Smugglers Cove. Something know our heroes would be here eventually, and it’s been waiting. Can they make it to Morgan without alerting anyone?

Episode 188 – Dadventure  

The storm rages in Not-Loggerspoole. With a newly created exit only feet away, the players need only fight their way through the torrential downpour long enough to escape, hopefully with both themselves and Robespierre intact.

Episode 187 – Actual Old Man  

How can anyone be expected to solve a puzzle in a world that doesn’t follow the same rules as our own? What is logic in an ever shifting alien roomscape? Better figure it out, only...

Episode 186 – Death By Cream  

Trapped in a strangely isolated HQ, our players search for someway to escape a gross watery grave, as the Days of Week watch on silently, passively.

Episode 185 – Laundry Day  

When Robespierre wakes, what will he have to say? Will he divulge his secrets willingly, or will he require some of Shira Snow’s gentle “encouragement”?

Episode 184 – Preorder Bodyparts  

A pile of corndogs can only lie around so long. Eventually, they need to be put to use. The team decides to finally assemble the antidote, collecting the final ingredients quickly.

Episode 183 – The Price of Nepotism  

As the dust settles, it’s time for the battles that aren’t sung about. Plans to take care of those bereft of hearth and home, and reunions with hard-hearted family.

Episode 182 – Oontz Wizard  

It’s time to fight the main behind the burning curtain. But Hickory hasn’t stopped his assault, and the damage begins to mount. Can our heroes survive, let alone end the fight in time?

Episode 181 – Almost Disaster  

The clock is ticking down on Hickory’s life, and our heroes begin to despair at what seems like a hopeless fight. Can they find the path to rescue him?

Episode 180 – Hickory Spiced  

Oh painful, obvious, irony-of-ironies. Our heroes have found their friend, but the field of battle is no place to rescue an ally.

Episode 179 – Bathroom Confessional  

The riddle looms over battle and blood. Will a simple turn of phrase spell doom for the heroes? Have they conquered everything in their path so far only to fall to some well thrown bottles...

Episode 178 – Riddlebots  

Blood, pain, fury. Combat rages, but soon our heroes most feared opponent rears it’s head: Riddles!

Episode 177 – Asset Investment  

A battle for blood and life rages on, but on the outskirts the rest of the crew tries to see if they can’t make a quick buck. It’s not like the next opponent will have...

Episode 176 – Beard Beer  

The Pit calls for blood of warforged, but the only thing spilled so far is wizard blood and dwarven alcohol. Can our heroes keep winning, or will their next mysterious opponent take them out.

Episode 175 – Late Title Card  

Blood and music, sweat and dreams. All can be found in the chaos of the pit. The only question is if our heroes will find the truth there too, as they walk into the arena...

Episode 174 – In The Club  

While Dweezil and Shira deposit some much needed money for the new orphanage, the rest of the crew descends into a pit of blood, alcohol and money to find the trail The Trolleyman has left...

Episode 420 – Professional Podcasters  

Our heroes press deeper into the Lower Bailey, pursuing the smallest of threads towards looming mysteries. Who knows to what depths it could lead them, or even what familiar faces.

Episode 172 – The Perfect Heist  

Revelations about their enemies, discoveries of strange new magics, none of this matters in the face of maybe getting paid!

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