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Pro Football Talk Live with Mike Florio

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Mike Florio talks about the biggest NFL topics with the people who are most passionate about the game: League execs, players, coaches and the journalists who cover pro football.


Best Of PFT Live 8/14-8/18 HR 2  

Bills GM Brandon Beane and fantasy analyst Josh Norris join the show!

Best Of PFT Live 8-14/8-18 HR 1  

Mike gives his take on why the Ezekiel Elliott situation will go south and UCLA Head Coach Jim Mora joins the show!

Blake Bortles ,Ryan Mallett, Tyrod Taylor struggle in week 2 | 8/18 #1  

Florio reacts to the Thursday night preseason games. There are some QBs with very upset head coaches.

NBC Sports Fantasy Analyst Josh Norris | 8/18 #2  

Norris on when to take Zeke Elliott, where Cutler falls among QBs, and how Bortles’ terrible play hurts Jags' WRs.

PFT Live's Chris Simms, Former GM Scot McCloughan | 8/18 #3  

Chris Simms destroys Blake Bortles and Scot McCloughan tells you what it's like behind the scenes when you need a QB.

Does the NFL need to get out of the discipline business? | 8/17 #1  

Florio explains why the NFL may be better off letting the criminal justice system handle punishing those accused of crimes.

UCLA HC Jim Mora | 8/17 #2  

Mora tells us his advice for QB Josh Rosen, and whether he considers the Rams and Chargers competition.

Rams GM Les Snead | 8/17 #3  

Snead tells us why now is the worst time to acquire Sammy Watkins, and Mike reacts to NFL and NFLPA bickering.

The very latest in the Ezekiel Elliott case  

Florio breaks down several key developments from Wednesday in the NFL's next big legal fight.

ESPN apologizes for bad optics of fantasy auction draft | 8/16 #1  

Mike gives ESPN credit for recognizing their mistake and apologizing. He also gets heated about the idea of ESPN's liberal bias.

NFL players and coach speak about anthem protests | 8/16 #2  

We listen to Pete Carroll, Doug Baldwin, and Hue Jackson share their views about player protests during the national anthem.

How will Zeke's suspension impact Dak Prescott? | 8/16 #3  

Former HC and offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride tells us how Dak Prescott's development will be impacted by the absence of Ezekiel Elliott.

Roger Goodell supports anthem protests...maybe | 8/15 #1  

We react to what Roger Goodell said in Arizona on Monday, and Florio explains why it rings hollow.

The Zeke Elliott case is going to get uglier | 8/15#2  

Florio explains why the suspension of Ezekiel Elliott is just the beginning of what will be a long and dirty process.

Bills GM Brandon Beane, Vikes GM Rick Spielman | 8/15 #3  

Beane gets upset when Florio mentions tanking after the Sammy Watkins deal. Spielman says there is no controversy at QB.

Zeke Elliott suspended for six games | 8/14 #1  

Florio explains why the NFL suspended Elliott, what Zeke's response was, and where things go from here.

Miami Dolphins Head Coach Adam Gase | 8/14 #2  

Gase is tired of hearing that Ryan Tannehill should have had ACL surgery last year, and he explains why with us.

Eagles Exec. VP of Football Operations Howie Roseman | 8/14 #3  

Roseman tells us how the trade of Jordan Matthews went down, and why he felt comfortable making the deal.

Best Of PFT Live 8/7-8/11 #2  

49ers Defensive End Solomon Thomas, Buccaneers Defensive Tackle Gerald McCoy and Panthers Tight End Greg Olsen join the show!

Best Of PFT Live 8/7-8/11 HR 1  

Mike gives his take on Jay Cutler joining the Dolphins and Arizona Cardinals Safety Tyrann Mathieu joins the show!

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