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Pro Football Talk Live with Mike Florio

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Mike Florio talks about the biggest NFL topics with the people who are most passionate about the game: League execs, players, coaches and the journalists who cover pro football.


Best Of PFT Live: Conference Championship Weekend #2  

NBC's own Mike Tirico and Packers voice Wayne Larrivee join the show! Mike and Stats also hit all the trending headlines in NFL Coast-2-Coast heading into Conference Championship Weekend.

Best Of PFT Live: Conference Championship Weekend #1  

Broncos new Head Coach Vance Joseph, Rams new Head Coach Sean McVay, and Patriots Voice Scot Zolak join the show! Mike and Stats also take a look inside the Pressure Cooker as we head into Conference Championship Weekend.

Packers voice Larrivee, Rams HC Sean McVay | 1/20 #3  

We check in with the PxP announcer of the Packers and the new head coach of the LA Rams.

Who are the most important non-QBs? | 1/20 #2  

Florio and Stats debate which non-QB in the conference title games is the most important.

Bob Kraft still salty about Deflategate | 1/20 #1  

The Patriots owner still hasn't gotten over the punishment from the NFL for Deflategate.

Patriots Radio Analyst Scott Zolak | 1/19 #3  

Zolak tells us why Colin Cowherd's idea that Brady could be gone with another bad playoff game is dumb.

Who will win the NFC Championship game? | 1/19 #2  

Florio and Stats break down the NFC Championship game and make their picks.

Championship Games Injury Updates | 1/19 #1  

Florio updates the latest news about the conference championship games.

Broncos Head Coach Vance Joseph | 1/18 #3  

Vance Joseph says expectations should be high for him with the Broncos next year.

Should Kyle Shanahan snub the 49ers? | 1/18 #2  

Florio and Stats debate whether Kyle Shanahan should wait until next year to become a head coach.

Mike Tomlin rips his 2nd best player | 1/18 #1  

Florio was surprised that Mike Tomlin was so critical of Antonio Brown's Facebook Live broadcast.

Could the Texans bench Brock next year? | 1/17 #3  

Texans Insider John McClain tells us what's going on in Houston with their QB and head coach.

Josh McDaniels stays in New England | 1/17 #2  

Patriots Insider Tom Curran explains why Josh McDaniels told the 49ers, "No thanks."

Seahawks are caught breaking the rules again | 1/17 #1  

Florio explains why the Seahawks not putting Richard Sherman on the injury report is a big deal.

NBC's Mike Tirico | 1/16 #3  

Tirico joins the show to break down the craziness of the divisional round playoff games.

What was the most impressive performance this weekend? | 1/16 #2  

Florio and Stats debate who had the best performance of the divisional round?

Aaron Rodgers carries Green Bay to victory | 1/16 #1  

Rodgers and his arm hold off a furious Dallas comeback.

Best Of PFT: Divisional Round #2  

Thomas and Thomas! Panthers LB Thomas Davis and Seahawks RB Thomas Rawls join the show! Mike and Stats also call their shots for the NFC side of this weekend, and take a peek inside the Pressure Cooker.

Best Of PFT: Divisional Round #1  

Florio invites Texans CB Jonathan Joseph! Mike and Stats call their shots for the Divisional Round, and dive into rumors coming out of Buffalo and Indianapolis.

Steelers LB L. Timmons, Texans CB Johnathan Joseph | 1/13 #3  

Timmons and Joseph help us break down their respective playoff matchups.

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