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Pro Football Talk Live with Mike Florio

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Mike Florio talks about the biggest NFL topics with the people who are most passionate about the game: League execs, players, coaches and the journalists who cover pro football.


Best of PFT Live | 6/19/17-6/23/17 #2  

Mike give his take on what is going on with the Chiefs, new Derek Carr contract and much more!

Best of PFT Live | 6/19/17-6/23/17 #1  

Mike gives the latest on Kirk Cousins. Also, Pat McAfee and Ben Volin join the show.

Brady Quinn joins to rate top QB's in the league.  6/23 #2  

Brady joins Florio to talk QB's in the league, and Darin Gantt checks in to talk Cam Newton

Chiefs HC Andy Reid gets a new deal.  6/23 #1  

Mike breaks down the deal in Kansas City with Andy Reid getting a new deal, but the GM gets bounced.

Could Carr learn from Cousins? | 6/22 #1  

Florio explains how all QBs should be thanking Kirk Cousins when it comes to handling your contract.

Do we hand the Lombardi to NE already? | 6/22 #2  

Pats Insider Ben Volin tells us how the David Harris deal happened, and if it's the Patriots against the field at this point.

The Falcons have a Devonta Freeman problem | 6/22 #3  

Devonta Freeman said almost exactly what Marshawn Lynch said after Seattle lost their Super Bowl.

Don't believe the chatter about the Kirk Cousins talks | 6/21 #1  

Mike explains why you should take anything you hear about Cousins' contract talks with a grain of salt.

Who has the best WR combo in the NFL? | 6/21 #2  

Florio and Former Colts Punter Pat McAfee debate which team has the best 1-2 punch at the receiver position.

Warren Sapp is donating his brain to concussion research | 6/21 #3  

Florio and Pat McAfee react to Warren Sapp's comments about brain injuries and his memory loss after football.

Jerome Bettis feels "taken advantage of" | 6/20 #1  

The Bus feels like the NFL didn't share enough information about concussions. Plus, Florio explains why he won't use the nickname of the team in D.C.

Gronk racks up 100K tab at a CT casino | 6/20 #2  

Gronk is living the good live in the offseason, but does he deserve criticism for it? Plus, how would you improve the NFL Draft?

Ben says Martavis Bryant looks like a stud | 6/20 #3  

Ben is happy to have his old teammate back, and we take your answers to our questions of the day.

Decker goes to Tennessee, is it enough to win the AFC South | 6/19 #1  

Florio breaks down why the Titans can't beat the teams in the AFC South, and Dean Blandino wanted to eliminate overtime.

Pat McAfee sniffs out the B.S. | 6/19 #2  

Stats reads a bunch of typical quotes we hear during every minicamp, and Pat tells us which ones are bullcrap.

Did Washington hurt the Cousins negotiations? | 6/19 #3  

Florio and Pat McAfee debate whether Doug Williams hurt his own team's chances of getting Cousins signed long term.

Best of PFT Live | 6/12/17-6/16/17 #1  

Jared Allen, Tyrod Taylor and Mike Glennon join the show!

Steelers have Patriots on the brain | 6/16 #1  

Everyone is talking about beating New England, and even the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Baltimore Ravens WR Jeremy Maclin | 6/16 #2  

Maclin opens up about how it ended in KC, and he wasn't happy about it. Mike is left speechless.

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