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Pro Football Talk Live with Mike Florio

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Mike Florio talks about the biggest NFL topics with the people who are most passionate about the game: League execs, players, coaches and the journalists who cover pro football.


Patriots Radio Analyst Scott Zolak ships Brady | 12/5 #3  

After Brady's 201st victory, we get Zolak to make the case for TB being the best QB of AT.

Who is the best QB in the NFC South right now? | 12/5 #2  

We wonder which signal call in the NFC South is playing the best right now - Jameis?

Cam Newton benched, Seahawks roll on SNF | 12/5 #1  

The reigning MVP was benched for a dress code violation, and the Seahawks look good.

Miami Dolphins WR Jarvis Landry | 12/2 #3  

Landry tells us whether Miami is getting enough credit for their 6 game win streak. Also, Eric Mangini joins the show.

Pats Insider Tom Curran on Gronkowski's injury | 12/2 #2  

Tom Curran explains the timeline of the Gronk injury, but says all is not lost in New England.

Dallas  escapes with a win on TNF | 12/2 #1  

The Cowboys weren't pretty, but they got it done - thanks to a blown call by the refs.

Week 13 Pressure Cooker | 12/1 #3  

Florio and Stats looks at which players and coaches are under the most pressure this week.

Who is the best QB from the 2004 draft class? | 12/1 #2  

Florio and Stats debate whether Rivers, Ben, or Eli is the best QB of 04. Also, is Die Hard a Christmas movie?

Mike Zimmer has emergency surgery, may not coach TNF | 12/1 #1  

The Vikings may be without their coach tonight on Thursday Night Football. How does that impact the game?

Dallas Cowboys Great Drew Pearson | 11/30 #3  

Mike catches up with Super Bowl XII winner and Cowboys Ring of Honor member Drew Pearson.

Baltimore Ravens Safety Eric Weddle | 11/30 #2  

Weddle tells a story about how he almost fought teammate Steve Smith the first time they met at Utah.

Eric Dickerson is trying to get Jeff Fisher fired | 11/30 #1  

Mike explains how the Fisher-Dickerson feud is about more than just sideline passes.

Buccaneers QB Jameis Winston | 11/29 #3  

Bucs' QB Winston explains why and how his team is improving down the stretch.

Eric Dickerson banned by the Rams?! | 11/29 #2  

Hall of Famer Eric Dickerson says Jeff Fisher called him and told him he couldn't be on the sidelines during games.

Packers get back on track on MNF | 11/29 #1  

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers can still win the division - Florio explains how.

Homer Calls of the Week | 11/28 #3  

We listen to the best local radio calls from week 12 in the NFL.

Why Colin Kaepernick is hated in Miami | 11/28 #2  

Dolphins Insider Armando Salguero explains why Kaepernick was booed so loudly this week against Miami.

Chiefs get the win in OT on Sunday Night Football | 11/28 #1  

The Super Bowl champs have some explaining to do after dropping one to KC at home.

Best Of PFT Live: Week 12, Hour 2  

Lions' Glover Quin and Giants' Landon Collins join the show! Mike reacts to Thanksgiving Day action, and takes a closer look into Kirk Cousins' contract status.

Best Of PFT Live: Week 12, Hour 1  

Cardinals RB David Johnson joins the show! Mike and Stats rip thru all trending topics heading into Week 12 in NFL Coast-2-Coast, look ahead to the playoff picture for the Cowboys, and address whispers of where Tony Romo could land.

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