Pro Football Talk Live with Mike Florio

Pro Football Talk Live with Mike Florio

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Mike Florio talks about the biggest NFL topics with the people who are most passionate about the game: League execs, players, coaches and the journalists who cover pro football.


Debunking NFL storylines: Unless He Doesn't | 10/26 #3  

Florio and Stats explain why some of the storylines that have popped up recently are phony bologna.

Could Tony Romo end up playing QB for Houston? | 10/26 #2  

Texans Insider John McClain tells us the chances that Romo ends up playing under center for Houston in the future.

How should the NFL break ties after overtime? | 10/26 #1  

Florio and Stats debate whether Russell Wilson's idea is any good, and what the NFL should do to stop ties.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers LB Lavonte David | 10/25 #3  

Lavonte tells us what life is like with Dirk Koetter as a coach compared to Lovie Smith, and how Jameis Winston has improved.

The one huge problem that could kill the Patriots | 10/25 #2  

CSN Pats Insider Tom Curran says the team is firing on almost all cylinders except one - and it could cost them a Super Bowl title.

Brock Osweiler stinks in prime time - again | 10/25 #1  

The Texans could be regretting all that money they gave to a QB the head coach had never met.

Miami Dolphins Head Coach Adam Gase | 10/24 #3  

Adam Gase explains how his team has looked so much better over the past two weeks of the season.

Breaking Down Week 7 with Florio | 10/24 #2  

Florio and Stats run through every game on Sunday's slate and tell you what you need to know.

Cardinals and Seahawks waste our time on SNF | 10/24 #1  

Yet another prime time snooze-fest for the NFL. Russell Wilson keeps getting more and more banged up.

Best Of PFT Live: Week 17 - Hour 2  

Super Bowl MVP Von Miller and Jaguars star receiver Allen Robinson join this week's show! Mike and Stats call their shots for Week 7, and with the developing story of Giants Kicker Josh Brown, Florio and Stats explore the idea of a Zero-Tolerance Policy. #NFL

Best Of PFT Live: Week 17 - Hour 1  

Minnesota Vikings PxP Announcer, and PFT VIP, Paul Allen joins the show to discuss Sam Bradford's return to Philly. Florio and Stats also dive into this week's trending topics in NFL Coast-2-Coast, the New York Jets' QB debacle, and what coaches are in the Hot Seat heading into Week 7. #NFL

Vikings PxP Announcer Paul Allen | 10/21 #3  

Florio and Paul Allen preview Sam Bradford's return to Philly, and Florio explains his feud with kicker Blair Walsh.

What You Need To Know: Week 7 Edition | 10/21 #2  

Florio and Stats run through all the biggest storylines for the seventh week of the NFL season.

Once again, the NFL does something stupid | 10/21 #1  

Mike crushes the NFL for how they handled the Josh Brown situation. The league learned nothing from the Ray Rice fiasco.

The Jets are completely full of it | 10/20 #1  

Florio explains why you shouldn't believe a word the Jets say about their quarterback change.

What's wrong with Aaron Rodgers? | 10/20 #2  

Florio talked with Packers and other sources about why Rodgers is off his game. Here's what they said...

Denver Broncos LB Von Miller | 10/20 #3  

Von tells us the outrageous ways teams try and block him, and if he still gets fined for farting in team meetings.

Bill Belichick hates technology | 10/19 #1  

Bill Belichick says he's done using the tablet, and we wonder if he's trying to stick it to the league.

Which NFL veteran should get traded to a contender | 10/19 #2  

Florio and Stats debate which teams should unload some of their better players before the trade deadline.

Chargers Linebacker Melvin Ingram | 10/19 #1  

Ingram tells us why he thinks the team has turned a corner since they beat Denver last Thursday.

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