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Q educates and equips Christians to engage our cultural moment. Our method of learning is simple: exposure, conversation and collaboration. Listen to the Q Podcast to learn, explore and consider how you can be faithful in our cultural context.


Episode 007 Q Denver | What's Happening April 21-23?  

This week, Preston Sprinkle is back interviewing Gabe Lyons on the vision and mission behind the upcoming Q Conference, April 21-23 in Denver. Did you know that 42% of Americans believe people of faith are part of the problem in our world? Q Denver will prepare you to engage this new reality and a changing culture, we will explore what renewal and faithfulness might look like in society today—for both you and those you love.

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Episode 006 The Gay Conversation | Q+A With Our Listeners  

In this episode we respond to several questions from you, our listeners. While this series invokes many passionate responses, we offer our opinions on a few of the questions that keep rising to the top. New York Times Bestselling Author, Preston Sprinkle, author of People To Be Loved joins Gabe Lyons, Founder of Q and author of Good Faith to discuss.

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Episode 005 The Gay Conversation | Public Square: Politics and Baking Cakes  

How should Christians faithfully engage our political system when the government is at odds with historic Christian belief? Is our role to win legal decisions or simply to bear witness to God’s kingdom through the way we live and love? In the wake of the Supreme Court's Obergefell ruling, questions remain about the role of Christians institutions in our changing public square. Russell Moore, President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptists joins us to discuss the legislative landscape around religious freedom, LGBT rights, pluralism and the future of Christian institutions in America.

Key Contributors: Claude Alexander, Os Guinness, Russell Moore, Rod Dreher, Stanley Carlson-Thies, Dee Allsop.

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Episode 004 The Gay Conversation | Ministry: How Should The Church Move Forward?  

Many people who identify as gay have had a poor experience in their local church. In this episode we discuss the term “gay Christian”, the science behind the “born this way” theory and practical ways the church can be a more welcoming place in general. In addition, we will hear personal reflections from Christians who experience same-sex attractions yet choose to live a celibate life. We’ll also learn hear how the Church can fulfill relational longings that go beyond sexual expression.

Key Contributors: Tim Keller, Justin Lee, Eve Tushnet, Mark Yarhouse, Christopher Yuan, Ann Voskamp, Annie Downs.

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Episode 003 The Gay Conversation | Relationships: How Do I Love and Support My Gay Friends?  

Most people today have a personal friend who identifies as gay. For Christians, this can create unique tensions and dilemmas about how to best support and love friends, family members and co-workers well, even while holding to the historic Christian position. In this episode we hear practical wisdom on handling invitations to gay weddings, how to respond if your child—or parent, comes out, the limits of theology and what it means to truly display Christian love to someone with whom you may disagree.

Key Contributors: Jefferson Bethke, Russell Moore, Caleb Kaltenbach, Tim Keller, Julie Rodgers

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Episode 002 The Gay Conversation | Theology: Not What the Bible Says, But What it Means  

One’s theology will determine everything about how they engage the gay conversation. In this episode, the Christian view of identity, sexual ethics and historic belief about human flourishing comes under the microscope. We define terms and consider how historic Christian arguments interact with the newer, gay-affirming points of view. From Leviticus to Paul, we address Jesus’ words around this topic and explore the Christian perspective on sexual design, gender difference and marriage.

Key contributors: David Gushee, Wesley Hill, Tim Keller, Scot McKnight, Preston Sprinkle

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Episode 001 The Gay Conversation | Context: Owning Our History  

As our culture’s affirmation of gay sexuality grows, what does this mean for Christians and the Church? In this episode, we address why we created this series and the tensions that exist around the Church’s posture towards this conversation. David Kinnaman, President of the Barna Group and co-author of the forthcoming book, Good Faith, is one of several contributors giving insight on the latest research on Christians and extremism.

Key Contributors: Debra Hirsch, David Kinnaman, Caleb Kaltenbach, Tim Keller, Julie Rodgers

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Episode 000 The Race Conversation | Race, Reconciliation and The Gospel  

"Implicit Racial Bias" refers to subconscious preferences for members of our own group. This silent and subtle tendency to "otherize" has loud and lasting effects, from perpetuating racial prejudices inside society to reinforcing personal hidden biases.

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