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Full episode: Kyle MacLachlan, a gateway to Ella Fitzgerald, Alvvays 09/08/17  

Actor Kyle MacLachlan reflects on the return of David Lynch's cult TV show, Twin Peaks. Jazz historian Loren Schoenberg gives us a gateway into the music of jazz legend Ella Fitzgerald. Toronto band Alvvays discuss their new album, Antisocialites.

Sept. 8: Kyle MacLachlan's return to Twin Peaks  

With finale of Twin Peaks behind him, star Kyle MacLachlan talks to host Tom Power about how the show, and working with David Lynch, has impacted his career.

Sept. 8: 'She transcends all boundaries': a gateway to the music of jazz legend Ella Fitzgerald  

Jazz icon Ella Fitzgerald would have turned 100 this year. Her former collaborator Loren Schoenberg reflects on her legacy and gives us a gateway playlist for the artist.

Sept. 8: Alvvays explain the 'separation narrative' at the heart of their new album  

Toronto indie-pop band Alvvays return with their sophomore album, Antisocialites. They talk to host Tom Power about the 'separation narrative' that runs through the record and why they're not too keen on being too confessional in their music.

The National's Matt Berninger reveals the 'soul changer' on the band's new album  

The National frontman Matt Berninger discusses the band's latest album, Sleep Well Beast, recording in a barn outside of the city and the band's well-documented tensions throughout the years.

Full episode: Lewis Black, The National's Matt Berninger, Maria Qamar, Brandon Jacobs-Jenkins 09/07/17  

Comedian Lewis Black on his journey to comedy and stand-up in the era of Trump. The National's Matt Berninger on their new album. Artist Maria Qamar a.k.a. Hatecopy brings us her Mississauga block party. Playwright Brandon Jacobs-Jenkins on his new play.

Sept. 7: Is Trump good for comedy? Lewis Black says 'that's like saying a stroke is good for a nap'  

Comedian Lewis Black opens up about his beginnings in theatre, his transition into comedy and performing stand-up in the Trump era.

Sept. 7: The National's Matt Berninger reveals the 'soul changer' on the band's new album  

The National lead singer Matt Berninger talks to Tom Power about the group's new album, Sleep Well Beast.

Sept. 7: From Linkin Park to Drake: what Maria Qamar listened to growing up in Mississauga  

Maria Qamar, also known as Hatecopy and the author of Trust No Aunty, spent her formative years in Mississauga, Ont. Here's the soundtrack of her youth.

Sept. 7: Why Brandon Jacobs-Jenkins restaged the 19th-century slavery play The Octoroon  

Playwright Brandon Jacobs-Jenkins talks to host Tom Power about why he is restaging Dion Boucicault's controversial 1859 play, The Octoroon.

Full episode: Loudon Wainwright, Jess Moskaluke, Cameron Bailey 09/06/17  

Musician Loudon Wainwright discusses music and family, both of which are detailed in his new memoir. Country artist Jess Moskaluke on success and female representation in the genre. TIFF artistic director Cameron Bailey previews this year's film festival.

Sept. 6: Loudon Wainwright unravels family tales in his new memoir  

Musician Loudon Wainwright discusses music and his 'dysfunctional Von Trapp family,' both of which are detailed in his new memoir, Liner Notes.

Sept. 6: How Jess Moskaluke's small-town values brought her big success  

Moskaluke recently became the 1st homegrown female artist to crack the top 5 in Canadian country radio in nearly 10 years. She opens up about her small-town roots, looking up to Shania Twain and female representation in country.

Sept. 6: What films should we look out for at TIFF this year?  

TIFF starts on Sept. 7 and artistic director Cameron Bailey sits down with host Tom Power to talk about this year's festival.

Full episode: Jason Isbell, Sonny Rollins, Tiffany 09/05/17  

Musician Jason Isbell opens up about his new album, The Nashville Sound. Jazz legend Sonny Rollins looks back at his career and how the genre has changed over the years. Pop star Tiffany explains how mall tours helped launch her career.

Sept. 5: Jason Isbell on realizing privilege and using his voice to speak up on important issues  

On his new album The Nashville Sound, Jason Isbell underlines his reputation as one of the finest songwriters and lyricists to come out of the American South.

Sept. 5: 'It's a beautiful trip': living legend Sonny Rollins reflects on his jazz legacy  

86-year-old jazz saxophonist Sonny Rollins can no longer play his sax due to health reasons but that hasn't stopped his enthusiasm and passion for music.

Sept. 5: How mall tours helped launch the career of pop star Tiffany  

Pop star Tiffany looks back at life on the road in this instalment of the brand new q Road Story.

Full episode: Daniel Handler, Chris Hadfield, David Conte on Nadia Boulanger, Tarique Qayumi 09/04/17  

Author Daniel Handler confronts the reality of teenage sex in his new book. Chris Hadfield gives us his favourite Canadian songs. Composer David Conte on the influence of his teacher, Nadia Boulanger. Director Tarique Qayumi discusses his latest film.

Sept. 4: 'The erotic life of youth': Daniel Handler's new book confronts the reality of teenage sex  

Daniel Handler, best known as Lemony Snicket and his A Series of Unfortunate Events novels, takes a more mature turn in his new book, All the Dirty Parts.

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