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Q: The Podcast from CBC Radio


CBC Radio's Q is Canada's liveliest arts, culture and entertainment magazine. Q covers pop culture and high arts alike, with forays into the most provocative and compelling cultural trends. Q brings you big names, big ideas, and those paving the way in Canada's cultural community. Q is your cultural intervention!


Full episode: Star Jones, Adaline, Anna Kendrick 07/25/17  

TV personality Star Jones talks about her book, Satan's Sisters, which has been turned into a new TV show. Musician Adaline on her getting her music into film and TV. Actress Anna Kendrick opens up about her life in her latest memoir.

July 25: How Star Jones turned her daytime drama into nighttime TV  

Star Jones talks about Daytime Divas, her new television show inspired by her experiences on The View.

July 25: Adaline wants her voice to be heard beyond your favourite TV moments  

Adaline's voice will be familiar to you if you watch TV or go to the movies. Now she wants you to know her name.

July 25: Anna Kendrick: 'I don't put a lot of stock in nice'  

Anna Kendrick opens up about the dangers of being nice, following her own rules and dealing with fame in her new book, Scrappy Little Nobody.

Full episode: Keegan-Michael Key, 36 Questions podcast, The New Pornographers 07/24/17  

Actor Keegan-Michael Key on his love of comedy and drama, and what he plans to do next. 36 Questions’ Ellen Winter and Chris Littler on bringing a musical into the world of podcasts. The New Pornographers perform songs from their latest album.

July 24: Keegan-Michael Key's next career move may surprise you  

After ending Key & Peele in 2015, actor Keegan-Michael Key has found himself at a crossroads between comedy and drama. Today, he talks about his latest projects, the Netflix's Friends From College, and his onstage role in a New York production of Hamlet.

July 24: What is a podcast musical? 36 Questions merges two unlikely mediums together  

36 Questions' Ellen Winter and Chris Littler discusses their new podcast musical 36 Questions, which tells the story of a couple trying to save their marriage.

July 24: The New Pornographers' greatest weakness may also be its greatest strength  

The New Pornographers perform songs from their new album, Whiteout Conditions, and discuss politics and how this band came to be Carl Newman's career.

Full episode: Game of Thrones director Jeremy Podeswa, looking at the life of Chester Bennington, Neil Mendoza, Nelly Furtado 07/21/17  

Director Jeremy Podeswa gives us a behind-the-scenes look at HBO's Game of Thrones. Journalist Liisa Ladouceur discusses the death of Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington. Neil Mendoza merges art and technology. Nelly Furtado reflects on her career.

July 21: Game of Thrones' Jeremy Podeswa reveals what it takes to direct an epic TV series  

Canadian director Jeremy Podeswa discusses his work on the latest season of the HBO hit series, Game of Thrones.

July 21: On the life and music of Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington  

Music journalist Liisa Ladouceur discusses the life and music of artist Chester Bennington, lead singer of Linkin Park, who died from an apparent suicide yesterday.

July 21: This artist thinks we've taken technology for granted — so he's turning it into art  

San Francisco artist Neil Mendoza explains his art, which merges technology and art together into absurd but thoughtful pieces.

July 21: 'I'm way wiser now': Nelly Furtado reflects on her wild ride in the music industry  

Canadian artist Nelly Furtado looks back on her biggest hits over the years and discusses her latest album, The Ride.

Full episode: A Ghost Story director David Lowery, Jake Clemons, George Saunders 07/20/17  

Director David Lowery says his film A Ghost Story may appear silly, but it's a serious look at death and time. Clarence Clemons' nephew Jake on performing in the E Street Band and going solo. George Saunders discusses his latest book Lincoln in the Bardo.

July 20: David Lowery's A Ghost Story puts a new twist on a haunting genre  

Director David Lowery discusses his latest film, A Ghost Story, a somber meditation on death and the afterlife starring Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara.

July 20: Jake Clemons on replacing his late uncle Clarence in Bruce Springsteen's band and going solo  

Jake Clemons, nephew of E Street Band saxophonist Clarence Clemons, opens up about taking his uncle's place in the band after his death and pursuing a solo career.

July 20: George Saunders on Lincoln in the Bardo and creating art in a divided America  

The New York Times bestselling author talks about his latest novel, Lincoln in the Bardo, and how he creates art with empathy in mind.

Full episode: Kliph Nesteroff, Jim DeRogatis, Tracy Fullerton, Lizzo 07/19/17  

Comedy historian Kliph Nesteroff on what comedy's past can teach us about stand-up today. Journalist Jim DeRogatis discusses his latest reports on R. Kelly. Tracy Fullerton transforms a Henry David Thoreau book into a video game. Lizzo on body positivity.

July 19: What looking at comedy's past can teach us about stand-up today  

Comedy historian Kliph Nesteroff shares what he has learned from performing comedy, writing about comedy and now hosting a podcast and a Viceland TV show about the art of stand-up.

July 19: Journalist who uncovered R Kelly sex 'cult' says media 'has not done its job'  

Reporter Jim DeRogatis, a reporter who has worked over the years to expose R&B singer R. Kelly for his alleged predatory behaviour, talks about the latest allegations of the artist's 'cult' and his abuse of young women.

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