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Factory Bikes and Mechanics Between Races  

How does a top team maintain race bikes during the season? Weege and Ping chat with Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki wrench Kyle Bentley, Christophe Pourcel's mechanic, about taking a bike from the end of moto 2 one week and into moto 1 the next week.

Life After Racing  

Weege and Ping talk to Denny Stephenson about finding a job when pro racing ends and the money runs out.

Hangtown from the Sidelines  

Ryan Villopoto joins Ping and Weege to discuss what Hangtown really indicates for the rest of the summer.

Magoo in '82  

A tribute to Danny "Magoo" Chandler: the members of Team USA's 1982 MXdN effort recall Magoo's amazing four-moto sweep. Featuring Bailey, O'Mara, Arnold, Hansen, Gibson and Sir Jack Burnicle.

Motocross in Cinema  

Why do motocross movies usually suck? Weege and Ping talk it over with Andy Harrington and Jim Holley.

The Art of Factory Testing Pt.2 (Race Testing)  

Details on how motocross bikes are tested for race conditions. Nick Wey and David Pingree give Jason Weigandt the inside line on how it's done.

The Art of Factory Testing Pt.1  

Inside details on how factories test motocross bikes. Doug Dubach and Ping give Weege the scoop.

Inside a Factory Contract  

Jimmy Button and David Pingree dissect a factory motocross/supercross contract.

First-time Supercross Winners  

Guests Grant Langston, Jeff Emig, Justin Barcia, Blake Baggett and David Pingree talk about their first-ever pro wins with host Jason Weigandt.

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