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Episode 451 - Wynabego Warrior, with Austin Beach  

This week, we're playing Wynabego Warrior: The Tale of John Waynnabe (*eagle screech*), the wacky western epic by Audioblivious Productions. John is a mysterious drifter who drives around the West(ern part of Kentucky) in a souped-up RV, righting wrongs. It's a rollicking good time! Later on, I chat with Austin, who co-founded Audioblivious Productions and plays John in the show.

Episode 450 - Jim Robbie and the Wanderers, with Iri Sheremet and Laura Bramblette  

I'm all about the growth mindset: the idea that you can always improve yourself and your work, and to me, nothing embodies that more than JIM ROBBIE AND THE WANDERERS, a constantly-evolving production that puts fun, ingenuity, and optimism where you'd never expect it: the apocalypse. The world is different, scorched, sunk, and changed, but that doesn't really seem to bother our heroes, a wacky traveling band composed of two humans and a tin-can robot. Their off-kilter adventures take them through an America full of fairy queens, giant bees, and explosion-sports, and through it all, the show's commitment to surfacing minority perspectives, queer identities, and a cheerful attitude shine through. Stick around after I play the revised first episode of Jim Robbie and the Wanderers, and you'll get to hear an interview with Iri and Laura, two members of the creative team behind the show. Then, I've got a Special Holidaytime Message for y'all. See you in the New Year! Happy holidays!

Wondery's Holiday Special: The Gift of Listening  

The hosts of 15 Wondery show have come together to celebrate the power of listening in a half-hour full of moving moments, reflections - and a New Year's resolution. I got to serve as the host for these proceedings. I hope you enjoy, and that you have a lovely holiday season. We'll be back to our regularly-scheduled programming in the next episode!

Episode 449 - Hector Vs. The Future, with Oðinn Örn Hilmarsson and Andy Goddard  

This week, we explore HECTOR VS THE FUTURE, a bleakly-funny comedy podcast, recorded live in London by members of the creative team that brought us WOODEN OVERCOATS. Created by comedy writers James Huntrods and James Hamilton, HECTOR VS THE FUTURE is the story of two rival museums: the Uptodateum, the most au courant museum in town, and the Obsoleteum, a rusted hulk of an institution. We're playing Episode 3 of the show, and after the feature, I'll speak to director Andy Goddard and composer Oðinn Örn Hilmarsson. Enjoy!

Episode 448 - Jeffrey Gardner's Favorite Our Fair City Episode  

This week, Our Fair City’s executive producer, Jeffrey Gardner, joins me for a chat and a deep dive into one of his favorite episodes, the season 4 finale of OFC. Warning: this episode contains spoilers for, y’know, the first four seasons of Our Fair City. Proceed with caution! After the feature, Jeffrey and I discuss the piece, the power of myth, embarrassing stories from childhood, and self-care for artists.

Episode 447 - 11th Hour Audio Productions: HEAVENLY DECEPTION and CARGO  

We're belatedly celebrating World Audio Drama Day by bringing you two fabulous and spooky productions from 11th Hour--the annual tradition wherein audio dramatists of every stripe come together and make spine-tingling, spur-of-the-moment audio fiction in the month of October. Producers Eli and Matt are on-hand to explain. First, you'll hear 11th Hour Northeast's HEAVENLY DECEPTION, a 70s-cult thriller that takes place in a sleepy little beach town. Then, I briefly interview Steve Schneider, the writer and director of that piece. Finally, you'll hear 11th Hour Scotland's CARGO, a science-fiction horror piece. You can hear all of this year's 11th Hour pieces at

Episode 446 - Fred Greenhalgh and "The Dark Tome"  

Host emeritus Fred Greenhalgh is back to try out the sofa and tell us about his new podcast, "The Dark Tome." What if there was a book that literally opened up doorways to other worlds? Where would it lead, and could you handle what you found on the other side? Cassie, a wayward teen, is about to find out. One day, after she wraps up community service at a local hospital, she stumbles out of the basement of a spooky bookshop and into a story set on a devil's staircase in a remote Italian village. The Dark Tome is a new take on the anthology audio fiction podcast, featuring fantastic stories by contemporary authors from across the globe. This episode features the first half of the chilling modern fable "The Devil on the Staircase" by Joe Hill.

Episode 445 - Gareth Stack's "The Wall in the Mind"  

This week, I play Episode One of Gareth Stack's startling psychological thriller, "The Wall in the Mind". It's the tale of a city split down the middle, and a woman whose life split with it. Claire O'Hanlon was a young woman in 1989 --an Irish national on the Eastern side of the Berlin Wall--when she was arrested by the Stasi, the East German secret police. After months of imprisonment and interrogation, Claire was set free, only to find the world had changed; the Wall had come down, and her lover, Emil Reichmann, had disappeared. In the present day, Claire returns to Berlin when she receives a mysterious cassette tape: a recording from her youth. Following the episode, I'll talk to the writer, director, and producer of "The Wall in the Mind", Gareth Stack. We discuss love, loss, sanity, and the surveillance state. It's a conversation not to be missed!

Introducing Secrets, Crimes, & Audiotape!  

Exciting news, friends! I'm proud to announce that I (David) am going to begin hosting a second show on the Wondery podcast network; it's called SECRETS, CRIMES, AND AUDIOTAPE, and it premieres *today*, September 20th, 2016. Stay tuned for a special preview of SC&A; we're going to be dropping a sneak peek at AIR FORCE ONE, a conspiracy-minded audio play about the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Find out more about SC&A at

Episode 443 - Alison Crane and Todd Faulkner of Uncanny County  

This week, we're taking a little detour into UNCANNY COUNTY, the brainchild of playwrights Alison Crane and Todd Faulkner, both proud children of Oklahoma. I play an episode of theirs, "Coulrophobia" (which is about spooky, spooky clowns!), and then the three of us have a little chat. Alison tells me a secret! Todd reveals the travails of creating custom foley for an army of [SPOILERS]! We talk at length about the unique qualities of Oklahoma that inform UNCANNY COUNTY; then Alison reads our horoscopes.

Episode 442 - Going Deep with Gabriel and David: The Thing on the Fourble Board  

This week, Gabriel Urbina, writer and director of WOLF 359, joins me for a segment we're calling "Going Deep"; together, the two of us investigate one of Gabriel's favorite classic audio dramas, 1948's "The Thing on the Fourble Board" from QUIET, PLEASE. We play the feature, and then Gabriel and I take it apart, piece by piece, trying to unlock precisely what it is that makes "The Thing on the Fourble Board" so damn spooky. Music credits: "Danger DigiDoo" is licensed from DJ Stranger Danger. "Devil's Candy Shop" by Nigel Simmons is licensed under a Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 Generic License. "Poppyseed" by Podington Bear is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 International License.

Episode 441 - Jonathan Mitchell's The Truth – The Man in the Barn  

This week, we play an episode of The Truth, Jonathan Mitchell's collaboration with New York's Magnet Theater; they're dedicated to making audio fiction the likes of which you've never heard. It's intimate, it's internal, and it's cinematic, all at once. Motivated by an improv style and by Mitchell's 15 years as a public radio documentarian, The Truth is produced in a manner halfway between a sketch comedy show and a segment of Radiolab (where Jonathan worked as a producer). Today, you'll hear "The Man in the Barn", written by and starring The Truth regular and Magnet Theater highlight Louis Kornfeld; the piece was produced on location in Kilfinane, County Limerick, Ireland, during the 2015 HearSay Festival. Stick around after the piece to listen to a conversation between me and Jonathan Mitchell, as we talk about experimental music, sound art, and cinema.

Episode 440 - Greater Boston w/ Alexander Danner and Jeff Van Dreason  

Light breaks over Marblehead this week on Radio Drama Revival, as I chat with Alexander Danner and Jeff Van Dreason of the novelistic GREATER BOSTON. We talk about comics, theater, the Brexit referendum, and, of course, Boston. All that and more is here for you on Radio Drama Revival.

Episode 439 - Hartlife's "All The Life You'll Ever Need"  

This week, I'm playing something from Our Fair City, the dystopian sci-fi podcast; it's their entry in the 2014 Chicago Fringe Festival: a slick detective thriller called "All The Life You'll Ever Need". Hey -- if you're feeling beaten down by the events of the past few weeks and months, I've got two websites for you to visit: and #BlackLivesMatter. Thanks for listening.

RDR From the Vault: Next Year's Girl  

Fred is back, introducing our new occasional mini-series, pulling episodes from RDR's Archives back to the top of the pack! The inaugural episode, celebrating the Ogle Awards, is "Next Year's Girl" - The Willamette Radio Workshop's 2004 Gold Ogle Winning Production about a small town and the strange beast that looms large over it.

Episode 438 - ars PARADOXICA, Dan Manning and Mischa Stanton  

This week, we're playing ars PARADOXICA, the Cold War time travel drama by Mischa Stanton and Dan Manning of Los Angeles, California. Join me as I play Episode 1 of aP: "Hypothesis", and stick around for a rollicking good time of a conversation with Mischa and Dan. This episode is brought to you in part by Blue Apron! If you sign up using the promotion code DRAMA, you'll get your first three meals free, including shipping. That's

BONUS EPISODE -- Ruby the Galactic Gumshoe and Tom Lopez  

I may be on vacation, but the hits just keep on comin'! We're featuring an episode of the fantabulous, trippy RUBY by Tom Lopez and ZBS -- a cyberpunk adventure from the 80s that's sultry, smart, and fun. Ruby's a proud member of the Wondery Network, and so are we! Later, you'll hear an interview Fred did with Ruby's writer/director Tom Lopez in 2012. If you have the chance, I'd be very grateful if you'd give this survey a go:

Episode 437 - Lauren Shippen and the Bright Sessions  

Writer, director, actor, and producer Lauren Shippen joins me for a conversation about anxiety, archery, P.G. Wodehouse, the Alexander Technique, and so much more, as we dive into her captivating podcast, The Bright Sessions. Dr. Joan Bright is a therapist who specializes in "therapy for the strange and unusual". Each one of her patients experiences symptoms that aren't in the DSM-V. This show is by turns fascinating, delightful, and heartbreaking, and I can't wait to show it to you.

Episode 436 - Radiation World and the Khalsa Sisters  

This week, we're playing episode 1 of Saster & Saster's RADIATION WORLD; later I'll speak with the show's creators, Hari Rai and Sahib Simran Khalsa. In RADIATION WORLD, all that remains of humanity is locked away inside a bunker, deep beneath the earth -- or so they think, until The Visitors arrive. The show is a deeply wacky adventure, equal parts Fallout and Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy. You can support the Khalsas' show at FUNDRAISIN' NEWS! The folks behind WOODEN OVERCOATS have launched a kickstarter campaign! If you loved their appearance in episode 431 of this show, you'll love Season 2. Check it out: Ryan Estrada's has reached its funding capacity! Hooray! Nice job, everyone. Keep your eyes peeled for that project later on. Hartlife NFP, makers of OUR FAIR CITY, have launched their Patreon, as well. Check that out, here:

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