Radiotonic - Program podcast

Radiotonic - Program podcast


Refresh your ears with Radiotonic: a heady mix of fiction, non-fiction, essays and drama from writers, artists and radio makers, from ABC RN’s Creative Audio Unit.


Big Americans and questionable tea towels  

The Growth: Roland Spivey. Big, Rich & Famous. Territoriana: Tea Towel.

The lord is my stockman  

Territoriana: Bible. Removing a stain. Goose chase. The goths must be crazy.

Globes and crocs up Top  

The Growth: The Futurist. Territoriana: Globe. When pet crocs grow up. ADVERTISEMENT: Discover more with PodUndies.

Spectacular Territoriana  

Territoriana: Flag. The Spectacular. Addendum: Helicopter. Life on hold.

Looking towards the future and reflecting on the past  

The Growth: Robot Manager. Addendum: Armband. ADVERTISEMENT: Feel secure with PodUndies. Persevering Rick.

Yellow Cab Blues  

Yellow Cab Blues.

Ballroom Swans, Dancing Ducks  

Ballroom Swans, Dancing Ducks. Addendum: Groom. ADVERTISEMENT. Shelter for the Shipwrecked.

Elephants, clowns and bunnies  

The Guy Who Screams Elephant. ADVERTISEMENT. Bunny Men. The Growth: Clown Accountant.

How I stopped worrying and learned to love the Gay Bomb  

Run for cover, the Gay Bomb is coming...


Poet Lemn Sissay collaborates with sound artists Francesca Panetta and Lucy Greenwell to create a new radio poem around the audio diaries of five women in their final days of pregnancy.

Love, hair and Mondays  

A bad case of the Monday blues, a woman recounts her love/hate relationship with her hair... or lack thereof, and a story of the way love can transform you against your will.

An audio anthology  

Stories from a small pocket of Ireland, to the inside of a sensory deprivation tank, plus a love letter dedicated to a mischievous pet cat.

The reinvention files  

A young gay man reinvents himself online, and a traditional Indian legend... reinvented.

The Living Room  

Diane Weipert’s new neighbours across the way never shut their curtains, and that was the beginning of an intimate, but very one-sided relationship.

Riddle. Mystery. Enigma.  

Riddle. Mystery. Enigma.

Tim Key and Gogol's Overcoat  

Tim Key spins a surreal tale about one of Russia's most famous short stories, Nikolai Gogol's The Overcoat. Fact blends with surreal fantasy, as Tim gets sidetracked, Gogol-style, into his own private coat Hades.

The art of fun fairs  

The Art of Art. Fun Fair.

In search of a dog, and a receptionist  

The dog who became a symbol of hope during Greek protests, and the search for a woman with the right phone manners.

Living with adult ADHD and comfort through (baby) technology  

Two stories about keeping on keeping on in the world.

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