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How to Make Your Ministry Résumé Stand Out – Rainer on Leadership #323  

Ministry résumés are a frequent topic for questions. So on today's episode we discuss all the details that go into a good résumé.

Finding Unity in Worship Styles featuring Mike Harland – Rainer on Leadership #322  

Mike Harland is back to talk worship and this time we discuss labels of music styles and if it's possible to have a congregation unified about worship styles.

Four Keys to Creating a Healthy Staff Culture featuring Bryan and Shannon Miles  

Staff culture is important for healthy churches. Today, we talk with Bryan and Shannon Miles who lead the #1 staff culture in the U.S. according to Entrepreneur magazine.

The Need for Church Replanting featuring Mark Clifton – Rainer on Leadership #320  

Church replanting is becoming more and more of a need as more and more churches face death. More than 4,000 churches a year die every year, but through replanting, they can live again.

Nine Changes Churches Must Make Or Die – Rainer on Leadership #319  

A recent post on the urgency needed in many churches struck a nerve with many readers. Today, we unpack that post and talk about nine much needed changes for many churches.

Six Reasons for Increased Pastoral Tenure – Rainer on Leadership #318  

Based on several research projects over the past two decades, it's safe to say pastoral tenure is increasing. Today we look at six reasons behind this increase.

Church Facility Stewardship featuring Tim Cool – Rainer on Leadership #317  

Nearly every church has a facility. But not every church stewards their facility well. Tim Cool joins us to discuss facility stewardship and how churches can save money on their facilities in the long run.

Pastoral Leadership, Prayer, and Church Health – Rainer on Leadership #316  

I recently spoke at a church in central Arkansas. What I discovered was a prayer ministry entering its 15th year. Here are my takeaways from the experience.

Six Warning Signs That a Church Has a Problem with Entitlement Mentality – Rainer on Leadership #315  

Entitlement is a real problem in many churches. So today, we discuss warning signs you might see in a church that has a problem with entitlement mentality.

Introducing the Christian Standard Bible with Trevin Wax – Rainer on Leadership #314  

Released just this month, the Christian Standard Bible is optimal point for accuracy and readability. Trevin Wax joins us to shed light on this new translation and highlights some of its unique characteristics.

Eight Easter-Related Church Trends – Rainer on Leadership #313  

Easter is only three weeks away, so today we cover a few trends we are seeing in churches as we lead up to Resurrection Sunday. Also, we talk pants splitting, camels falling, and sets burning.

12 Metrics for Church Assessment – Rainer on Leadership #312  

Churches can measure so many things—giving, attendance, involvement and much more. But what should they measure?

Six Traits of Preacher Eater Churches – Rainer on Leadership #311  

I hear far too often about the very real problem of preacher eating churches. We cover six traits that are found in these churches and how to remedy them.

Missions & Church Planting in North America, with Kevin Ezell – Rainer on Leadership #310  

Kevin Ezell joins us to discuss trends in church planting, relief ministry, and missions in North America, as well as the Send North America Conference.

Ten Ways Pastors Can Be Great Bosses – Rainer on Leadership #309  

Regardless of the size of the church, the pastor typically has to manage a staff. Today, we cover ten traits pastors should develop as they manage their staff.

Ten Ways Pastors Can Be Terrible Bosses – Rainer on Leadership #308  

Regardless of the size of the church, the pastor typically has to manage a staff. They may be volunteers; they may be paid. So today, we cover ten traits pastors should avoid as they manage their staff.

Congregational Singing and the Pastor, Featuring Mark Dever – Rainer on Leadership #307  

Mark Dever joins us on the podcast to talk congregational singing, politics, DC life, and ecclesiology.

Congregational Singing with Keith & Kristyn Getty – Rainer on Leadership #306  

Keith and Kristyn Getty stop by for a discussion on congregational singing and practical steps you can take in your church to help the congregation sing more.

10 Questions to Diagnose the Evangelistic Health of Your Church – Rainer on Leadership #305  

Evangelism in the church is waning, so today we cover ten questions you can use to determine the evangelistic health of your church.

The Disappearance of the 11:00 AM Sunday Service – Rainer on Leadership #304  

Today, we give a little more explanation as to the reasons the 11:00 AM worship service is disappearing and offer tips on changing your service time if needed.

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