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Six Evangelism Killers in a Church – Rainer on Leadership #347  

We have discussed evangelism a lot over the past few weeks and even launched a new site focused on it at EvangelismRenewal.com.

What to Do When You Work for a Bad Leader – Rainer on Leadership #346  

It can be frustrating to work for a bad leader. But does that mean you have to leave immediately or attempt a coup? Not at all.

10 Most Frequent Questions Pastors Have – Rainer on Leadership #345  

We get questions every day from several venues—blog comments, emails, tweets, and so many more. Here are the top 10 that we get the most and how to answer them.

How to Improve Your Preaching or Teaching – Rainer on Leadership #344  

Improving your preaching and teaching doesn't happen accidentally. It takes intentionality and work. And today we cover 15 ways you can improve your preaching or teaching.

How Stability Can Hurt a Church – Rainer on Leadership #343  

Stability is often a goal for churches. Unfortunately stable churches are often stagnant churches. So when we talk about stable churches today, it's in that context.

Why Church Members Attend Less Frequently — Rainer on Leadership #342  

Regular church attendance has waned in recent years as the commitment level from members has dropped. Today, we address five major reasons for this drop in attendance.

13 Signs of Pastor Fatigue – Rainer on Leadership #341  

There are signs of fatigue in any vocation. But if you ignore these, it might be more than just your job that is lost—you could lose your entire ministry.

She Reads Truth with Raechel Myers and Amanda Bible Williams – Rainer on Leadership #340  

Rachel and Amanda from She Reads Truth join us to discuss how they got started, what went into the production of one of the hottest Bibles on the market, and what's next for the She Reads Truth family.

Five Danger Signs in Churches – Rainer on Leadership #339  

If any of these danger signs are present in your church, you need to take note. They can signal decline, dead theology, or even death of the church.

Five Big Problems for Small Churches, featuring Karl Vaters – Rainer on Leadership #338  

Karl Vaters joins us to discuss issues found most often in small churches. However, these issues manifest themselves in any size church in any setting.

Eight Signs That Point to Probable Church Death – Rainer on Leadership #337  

These eight signs are almost always evident in churches that are on their way to death. Does your church exhibit any of these?

Dealing with Private Distractions to Worship, featuring Mike Harland – Rainer on Leadership #336  

Mike Harland is back to talk about those things which can become private distractions to our worship.

The Money Challenge featuring Art Rainer – Rainer on Leadership #335  

Art Rainer joins us to talk about generosity and money matters related to his new book The Money Challenge.

Why So Many Churches Are Too Busy – Rainer on Leadership #334  

Nearly every pastor I talk with says their church is just too busy. So why does this happen? Why do we let it become like this? Today, we tackle eight reasons.

How to Reverse a Negative Church Environment – Rainer on Leadership #333  

Churches often find themselves in a rut or a case of the doldrums. Today, we cover five ways your church can snap out of a negative spiral.

The Pastor and Church Revitalization featuring Andrew Davis – Rainer on Leadership #332  

Revitalization continues to be a topic of interest in churches, and today Andrew Davis, pastor of FBC Durham, NC, joins us to talk about his journey of revitalization and his discipline of Scripture memorization.

Top Seven Regrets Most Pastors Have – Rainer on Leadership #331  

We cover seven regrets many pastors and church staff have and how to overcome them. And we also talk about Chuck E. Cheese.

10 Things Church Members Want from Their Pastor – Rainer on Leadership #330  

Ever wondered what your church wants from its pastor? Today, we cover the top ten things church members desire in a pastor.

Dealing with Public Distractions to Worship, featuring Mike Harland – Rainer on Leadership #329  

Distractions are a real part of worship services. Mike Harland joins us today to talk about how to eliminate—or at least minimize—distractions in your worship service.

The 10 Most Common Things a Church Consultant Will Tell Your Church – Rainer on Leadership #328  

A post by Chuck Lawless serves as the basis for today's podcast. Dr. Lawless has been consulting with churches for nearly two decades and shared ten things he had learned from dozens of church consultations.

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