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Congregational Singing with Keith & Kristyn Getty – Rainer on Leadership #306  

Keith and Kristyn Getty stop by for a discussion on congregational singing and practical steps you can take in your church to help the congregation sing more.

10 Questions to Diagnose the Evangelistic Health of Your Church – Rainer on Leadership #305  

Evangelism in the church is waning, so today we cover ten questions you can use to determine the evangelistic health of your church.

The Disappearance of the 11:00 AM Sunday Service – Rainer on Leadership #304  

Today, we give a little more explanation as to the reasons the 11:00 AM worship service is disappearing and offer tips on changing your service time if needed.

Four Essentials for Ministering to Men — Rainer on Leadership #303  

Men's ministry is lacking in many churches, so today we cover the four essentials churches should consider when launching or sustaining a men's ministry.

How to Respond When You’re Forced Out of a Church – Rainer on Leadership #302  

Unfortunately, pastors and staff members are forced out of churches every week. It's a pain that many in the ministry have felt at least once and maybe more.

How to Respond When a Staff Member Has an Affair – Rainer on Leadership #301  

Extramarital affairs by pastors and staff are a reality and when it happens, churches need to be prepared.

What to Include in a Visitor Welcome Packet and Other Listener Questions – Rainer on Leadership #300  

We celebrate episode 300 with cupcakes and listener questions. We cover everything from welcome packets to marketplace pastors to Bible Belt churches to refusing members or money.

Leading Change in an Established Church, featuring Jimmy Scroggins – Rainer on Leadership #299  

Jimmy Scroggins joins us again and leads us through the major changes he had to make at Family Church as well as what he learned in the process.

Why Greeters Are Important in Getting Guests to Return – Rainer on Leadership #298  

Greeters are important to the first impression your church makes with guests. Today, we talk about where greeters should be, what they should do, and how to train them.

Seven Questions to Ask When You’re Not Hired Near Unanimously – Rainer on Leadership #297  

Unanimous votes are rare when pastors are hired. But what if the vote isn't even close to unanimous?

Why Smaller Churches Are Going Multisite – Rainer on Leadership #296  

Multisite used to be something only large churches tried. Now, smaller churches are getting in on the strategy. Today we discuss why this is a good thing for smaller churches to consider.

Six Statements That Could Kill a Church – Rainer on Leadership #295  

When you hear these statements often as a pastor, you should be concerned. These statements are often lead indicators of church death.

Marketplace Bivocational Ministry, featuring Jimmy Scroggins – Rainer on Leadership #294  

Jimmy Scroggins returns to talk bivocational marketplace ministry and church-based ministry training.

How to Adjust When Church Giving Decreases – Rainer on Leadership #293  

Last week we discussed how to respond when church giving increases. Today, we look at the other side of the coin—decreased giving.

How to Renew Evangelistic Growth in Your Church – Rainer on Leadership #292  

In my trends for 2017, I mentioned an increased intentionality on evangelism in the church. Today, we look at five keys to evangelistic growth in your church.

How to Adjust When Church Giving Increases – Rainer on Leadership #291  

Today's episode may be a dream for many church leaders. But often, more money for churches can lead to more problems for churches if not handled well.

10 Major Trends for Churches in 2017 – Rainer on Leadership #290  

At the beginning of each year, we predict trends to look for in the church during the coming year. Today we explain why I chose these ten trends for 2017.

2016: A Look Back at Church Trends – Rainer on Leadership #289  

We look back at our trend predictions for 2016 and see how we fared.

How to Kill an Ineffective Program or Ministry – Rainer on Leadership #288  

Churches often find themselves with ministries that no longer fit their needs or the needs of those in the community. But pastors often struggle to eliminate them.

Multi-Site Church for the Rest of Us, featuring Jimmy Scroggins – Rainer on Leadership #287  

Jimmy Scroggins joins us to tell the story of Family Church in West Palm Beach, FL, and how they have moved to a model of neighborhood churches.

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