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Six Reasons Not to Quit – Rainer on Leadership #362  

Mondays are ofter quite difficult for those in ministry. It's the day many want to throw in the towel. Today, we explain six reasons why you shouldn't quit.

5 Compelling Reasons To Start a New Church or Campus – Rainer on Leadership #361  

New campuses and new church plants often create an energy established churches and campuses do not. But how much of a difference does it make?

10 Reasons Church Revitalizations Often Fail – Rainer on Leadership #360  

Church revitalization, like several other things in the church, is not easy. There are no magic bullets, and because it's hard, church revitalization often fails.

Seven Reasons Church Acquisitions Are Critical for the Future – Rainer on Leadership #359  

Churches are dying all over the country. However, their legacy of ministry can live on if the right decisions are made by the leadership.

Five Evangelism Realities We Must Face – Rainer on Leadership #358  

How much growth in growing churches is due to evangelism? Not as much as you would hope. We discuss effective evangelistic churches and more on this week's episode.

Five Surprising Insights about Growing Churches – Rainer on Leadership #357  

We continue our focus on evangelism and churches by revealing five surprising insights that were found in the research on effective evangelistic churches.

10 Keys to Creating Passionate Volunteers – Rainer on Leadership #356  

Ministries run on the backs of volunteers. Here are ten ways you can invest in your volunteers to create passionate servants in your ministry.

Four Paths for Church Revitalization – Rainer on Leadership #355  

Revitalization is needed in nearly two thirds of churches in America. Today we discuss four paths for revitalization and the challenges of each.

Growing Churches, Evangelism Renewal, and You – Rainer on Leadership #354  

Statistics of doom and gloom for churches are all the rage—especially for those who specialize in helping churches. But are they correct? Not always. 

Seven Thoughts That Will Ruin a Leader – Rainer on Leadership #353  

The mind of a leader is important to his or her success. Today, we discuss seven thoughts that can derail your leadership decisions.

Five Leadership Roadblocks Effective Leaders Overcome – Rainer on Leadership #352  

Leaders often face decision making roadblocks that affect the health of their church or organization. Today we discuss how to overcome these roadblocks.

Five Really Bad Reasons for Entering the Ministry – Rainer on Leadership #351  

Vocational ministry is not the cake walk many make it out to be. And sometimes men or women enter ministry for the wrong reasons.

How to Leave a Legacy as a Leader – Rainer on Leadership #350  

Leaders should desire to leave their church or organization better than when they arrived. Today, we tackle eight characteristics of leaders who leave a legacy that lasts.

Keeping an Inner City Church in the Inner City – Rainer on Leadership #349  

Dwayne Pickett, pastor of a large megachurch in Jackson, MS, joins us to discuss his new book and how inner city ministry isn't really that different than ministry in other contexts.

Seven Personalities of Sick Churches – Rainer on Leadership #348  

In churches who are dying, you often hear statements like the ones we cover today. Today we explain how to identify the personalities of sick churches.

Six Evangelism Killers in a Church – Rainer on Leadership #347  

We have discussed evangelism a lot over the past few weeks and even launched a new site focused on it at EvangelismRenewal.com.

What to Do When You Work for a Bad Leader – Rainer on Leadership #346  

It can be frustrating to work for a bad leader. But does that mean you have to leave immediately or attempt a coup? Not at all.

10 Most Frequent Questions Pastors Have – Rainer on Leadership #345  

We get questions every day from several venues—blog comments, emails, tweets, and so many more. Here are the top 10 that we get the most and how to answer them.

How to Improve Your Preaching or Teaching – Rainer on Leadership #344  

Improving your preaching and teaching doesn't happen accidentally. It takes intentionality and work. And today we cover 15 ways you can improve your preaching or teaching.

How Stability Can Hurt a Church – Rainer on Leadership #343  

Stability is often a goal for churches. Unfortunately stable churches are often stagnant churches. So when we talk about stable churches today, it's in that context.

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