Rear Vision - Program podcast

Rear Vision - Program podcast


We tease out the complex history behind those baffling events in the news.


As home ownership falls further from the reach of many, Rear Visions asks, 'how has it come to this?'  

Home ownership is the Great Australian Dream. Yet despite its decline consistently making front page news, many still aspire to owning their own land and castle.

Venezuela in Crisis  

Venezuela has suffered from months of political gridlock and economic chaos.

Elections in Kenya  

Kenya has repeatedly seen ethnic tension and violence around election time. Will this week's poll go ahead peacefully?

Al Jazeera  

Al Jazeera only came into existence in 1996 and yet it is the most influential network in the Arab world. How?

Brexit and the Commonwealth revisited  

Could the Commonwealth become the basis for a trade bloc similar to the European Union?

High-rise living  

How did high-rise fit in with evolving ideas about the city and what lessons were learned along the way?

Reluctant Allies: China and North Korea  

As North Korea edges closer and closer to being able to launch a nuclear weapon across the Pacific, US President Donald Trump is demanding China step up and put pressure on Pyongyang to stop its weapons program. But just how much influence does China have on the North Korean leadership? Would the kind of economic pressure President Trump wants China to apply lead to North Korea’s collapse, and what might that mean for China?

The Airport: The Cities of the future  

Not all airports are the same – there are some airports that are a joy to fly into and others that are a nightmare.

Islam in the Philippines  

The story of Islam in the Philippines.

Brexit talks begin  

Despite the political disarray in Britain following the recent elections, it looks like the Brexit negotiations will begin as scheduled this week.

The history of plastic  

The story of plastic is the story of the modern world. It's endlessly useful but an environmental headache.

The history of navies  

With the expansion of global trade, control of the world’s oceans and sea lanes has become increasingly important.

The 1967 referendum  

Voters hoped constitutional reform would allow the federal government to improve the lives of Indigenous Australians.

Renewable energy and the national grid  

Renewable energy is clean, cheap and it’s never going to run out but when the wind stops blowing and the sun goes down, there is no power.

Great walls or great follies?  

Over the last 27 years the number of walls and fortified borders has increased dramatically.

Under threat - climate, land and water science  

Will science be allowed to inform the wise use of natural resources on which our society depends?

Chernobyl - the permanent solution  

Rear Vision revisits the Chernobyl nuclear accident with two people who've been to the exclusion zone and a scientist involved in the huge international project to find a permanent solution.

After the mining - what's the clean-up plan?  

Mining has underpinned modern economies and generated great wealth, but what happens after the mining?

Lenin's train ride to Russia  

One hundred years ago, Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov - better known as Lenin - boarded a single-carriage sealed train in Zurich and travelled through a world at war to Petrograd's Finland Station.


As the UK enters negotiations over its departure from the European Union, Gibraltar fears that it could become a bargaining chip.

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