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Rebelhead Entrepreneurs is the world’s first podcast dedicated to sharing priceless success secrets from the most innovative creators and disruptive entrepreneurs on the planet. Listen to deep-dive interviews in to the lives and habits of an incredible spectrum of inspiring individuals. From ambitious start-up founders and successful CEOs, to entrepreneurial musicians and highly acclaimed movie directors. Rebelhead taps in to the brains of those who are achieving great things by daring to think differently. Exploring secrets, stories, tactics, routines and habits to unearth real-world practical lessons for us to emulate. Discussing challenges, failures, mistakes and regrets to provide valuable lessons and guidance. Interviewing both rising entrepreneurs and world-famous established high achievers, this is where you hear the details, the exact journeys taken and all the decisions made along the way. Let’s really understand how the best business talent create such hugely successful companies. Let's truly grasp how the most creative and innovative minds become so successful by challenging conventional wisdom. The 21st Century has seen a monumental shift in the world of business. Disruption, innovation and creativity are now necessary ingredients for success. If you really want to be successful you need to look for inspiration outside of your current sphere or industry to gain a competitive advantage. Rebelhead extracts lessons from worlds that don’t usually get observed through the same lens; demonstrating the importance of creativity in the world of modern entrepreneurship, and the lucrative connection between creating art and building a profitable business.


31 Jessica Ellis - How To Find The Best Talent For Your Business #RebelheadFeature  

Read the full story here: Jessica Ellis Podcast


Good day and welcome to the Rebelhead podcast - where i explore the disruptive world of modern business, entrepreneurship, creativity and success. Regular listeners will be used to the deep dive interview format I usually undertake in every episode, but Rebelhead is a living breathing organism, and you are here on the journey as part of the Tribe to witness it evolve and grow over time...

So, today I’ve got a rather unique episode for you. I am handing the reigns over to a good friend of mine, Jessica Ellis. Jess is founder and Managing Director of Indigo Pop - her third business to date.

Indigo Pop are a specialist talent management consultancy for start ups. Jess is not only an exceptional entrepreneur, but also a fountain of knowledge when it comes to THE most important element of your business - the people. Finding the right talent, attracting the best minds and building a team in alignment to the vision of your company is super tough. I know this first hand, I have built a company from 1 to over 30 people;  and I’m now currently recruiting for roles in London, Hong Kong, Los Angeles & San Francisco - so can completely relate to how difficult it is to find the right people, and, how expensive it is when things don’t work out.
I have had so many discussions with people over the last few months about this topic, and there’s been an influx of questions coming in about recruiting and building the perfect team.   So I wanted to get someone in to share their expert advice, and give us all some amazing tips when it comes to finding talent, and bringing people into your business.

In this episode Jess talks about:

How you can overcome the common objections you will come up against when searching for talent simply by changing your process, and challenging the traditional way in which recruitment is approached Jess’s top tips and key insight into the things you can do to shake up your strategy for hiring talent to make sure you're not missing out on candidates that could really add value to your business The challenges her clients have faced when competing for talent and how to go up against competitors, or manage counter offers Jess talks about what one of the biggest tech companies in the world do in their hiring process, and how you too can do the same.

Loads and loads of great advice from Jess here. And of course, in true Rebelhead fashion Jess shares a few personal anecdotes from her own entrepreneurial journey, and ends with the a few nuggets from the Rebel Wrap Up Round!

As always thank you the wonderful Rebelhead listeners for being part of this tribe. If you listen to this and think it could provide value to any of your colleagues, friends or fellow entrepreneurs then do please share.

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30 Joe Barnes - Screw The System; How To Live A Life Of Freedom & Greatness  

Read the full story here: Joe Barnes Podcast


Hello, you! Here we have another insightful, unusual, unscripted Rebelhead podcast for your ears and mind. I interview entrepreneurs of all sorts - from startup founders, CEOs of multi-million turnover companies, movie directors, writers, life coaches and anyone who wants the most out of life and refuses to accept normality. Today’s guest is no exception, and certainly unlike any other guest to date. His name is Joe Barnes, and he is an author, blogger, YouTuber, hypnotherapist NLP Practitioner and Author.  

Joe is founder of the popular online blog Screw The System Now. He writes for the people who refuse to accept life the way it is and have a hunger to experience and achieve beyond the boundaries of conventional success.

A calming soul, with a challenging and disruptive outlook on life. We discuss:

How and why Joe so passionately believes in screwing the system Why being an unreasonable bastard is the secret to success How to push yourself out of your comfort zone Overcoming fear and how to train your brain to get rid of negative thoughts Tips for anyone who wants to launch a profitable blog, podcast, book and personal brand - the mistakes Joe made in the early days and how to avoid these mistakes The three questions you should ask yourself if you ever consider giving up on something you love

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29 Ian Aubrey - The Millionaire Who Lost Every Penny & Built A Business From The Ground Up  

Read the full story here: Ian Aubrey Podcast


Today I am joined by a man who has one hell of a story - Ian Aubrey. Ian went from being a high flying millionaire banker, to bankrupt and homeless in the credit crunch. He was forced to be a cleaner to get himself back on his feet, and has now risen triumphant in the face of adversity to become a HIGHLY successful entrepreneur running a seriously profitable business. Very inspirational. A true sign of how failure is often a necessary part of any journey worth taking, and it's ALL about how you deal with and learn from failure, instead of giving up.

This episode reminds me of a wonderful quote: “The tallest trees are the ones who survive the strongest winds, not the ones who grow in the most perfect soil”

Ian is now founder and Managing Director of MAC Professional Solutions, a business expert and renowned advisor.

Throughout this episode we discuss:  

- Ian’s inspiring story of failure and success

- The importance of specialising

- How to write a robust business plan

- And how to get a almost guaranteed competitive advantage over your competition using one very simple tip shared by Ian.

Thank you for listening in my friends; be inspired and enjoy.



Join the tribe,

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28 Andrew Jervis - How To Disrupt The Automotive Market & Attract Investment From JustEat CEO  

Read the full story here: Andrew Jervis Podcast

Andrew Jervis is a serial entrepreneur and currently founder / CEO of ClickMechanic,  who as you will discover, are setting out to complete disrupt the automotive repair market - and are backed by some incredible investor such as the former CEO of JustEat, to name just one.

Andy was part of the very first cohort of Entrepreneur First (EF), a highly regarded start up accelerator born out of a McKinsey Consulting.

Throughout this episode we discuss:

- Tips on raising investment

- How Andy attracted investment from the founder & CEO of JustEat

- High growth start ups, and how they differ from running a lifestyle business

- Viral guerrilla marketin


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27 Graham Moore - Building A Million Pound Business That?s Disrupting The Entire Education System  

Read the full story here: Graham Moore Podcast

If you’ve listened to previous episodes of this podcast you will know that so many of the wonderful entrepreneurs we have had on the show so far, have expressed their concern and disbelief in the current education system. So I really wanted to seek out people who were addressing this problem head on and trying to do something about it for our future generations - and our guest on the show today - Graham Moore - is doing just that.

Graham is Founder & Director of Human Utopia, who create and run inspirational life changing courses for young people and adults.

Human Utopia have worked with, and directly affected the lives of over 200,000 people (I say 100,000 on the podcast intro but Graham rightfully corrected me!). His business is having such an impact on the education system around the country, that Graham was recently invited by the British Government, to visit 10 Downing Street and spend one-on-one time with (ex) Prime Minister David Cameron.  

You will discover Graham's amazing story from troubled drug torn teenager to nationally recognised entrepreneur - and see how he is disrupting the entire education system.

Not only is this fascinating, intriguing and at times certainly controversial - but the techniques and tactics that Graham uses to stir emotion and behaviour change within students, can be directly applied to the way you manage your teams and the way you build your business.

So much of insight in this fascinating episode, we discuss:

How to develop relationships of trust and respect, not of authority Facing your  fears and dealing with risk How to overcome your own entrepreneurial weaknesses And how to build a million pound business on little more than passion and raw belief

This was recorded over Skype and there are a few internet crackles and pops here and there but nothing that distracts from the intriguing conversation. Hope you enjoy!

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26 Katie King - Sticking A Finger To The Corporate World And Attracting Big Clients Without A Huge Budget  

Read the full story here: Katie King Podcast

In this episode I am talking to social media expert, PR thought leader and marketing advisor to some of the biggest brands in the world - Katie King.

Katie is founder and Managing Director of Zoodikers consulting, who aim to help companies move from being disrupted, to the position of disruptor. She is also co-founder of an Artificial Intelligence startup called AlinFM.

Katie has advised many of the world's leading brands and business people, including Richard Branson, o2, Orange, Accenture, Arsenal, Harrods, and Aston Martin -  as well as Universities, Police Federations and hundreds of small businesses and startups.

She delivered two TEDx talks, is a regular commentator on BBC TV and radio, and is invited regularly to speak at corporate events and international conferences around the world. Katie has an MBA from the University of Westminster, and Zoodikers is her third successful company.

In this episode Katie shares a vast amount of valuable wisdom and advice from her own perspective as an entrepreneur discussing business lessons, stories and mistakes. She also shares her marketing expertise that can be used to help us all build better brands and better businesses today.

We talk about her story, and as always cover loads of ground, discussing:

Marketing tips for start ups, entrepreneurs How to attract big clients without a huge budget How to build authority in your niche Productivity, Artificial intelligence, mentors, co-founders and then rocky road of entrepreneurship

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25 Laurence Kemball-Cook - How To Change The World And Build A £20m Company From Your Bedroom  

Read the full story here: Laurence Kemball-Cook Podcast


Well well do I have a special episode for you all right here. I am speaking to the incredible young entrepreneur who is Laurence Kemball Cook. Laurence is the founder and CEO of Pavegen, an incredibly innovative clean-tech company that has pioneered a flooring technology, generating electricity from the kinetic energy of footsteps- and his mission is to be the Intel inside all our Cities of the future, and literally cover the planet with his incredible technology to change the future of energy.

Pavegen have delivered outstanding projects for some of the biggest global brands, such as: Nike, Coca Cola, Heathrow Airport, Siemens, Lexus and more.

Laurence is a thought leader and speaker at technology and entrepreneurship events worldwide; his TEDxBerlin talk was featured amongst TED’s top talks on envisioning the cities of the future and changing attitudes to fossil fuels.

6 years into his mission and still very much in startup mode, as you will discover Laurence is genuinely turning  this vision into a reality - with a company now valued at over £20m - and he’s attracting the attention Elon Musk, David Cameron,, Pele, Akon, global energy companies and entrepreneurs around the world

This episode will teach you exactly what Laurence has done to get this company off the ground. We speak about:

Facing rejection from 150 investors and the government How he went about raising funds The growth hacking tactics he adopted in the early. Illegally installing products in London How to recruit the right people, and build a fearless company culture as a visionary start-up Changing the future of energy Minimum Viable Products, and how Laurence got offers investment from around the world with nothing more than a one page website and no working product The lessons he has learned from spending time with Elon Musk Morning routines Why Laurence manages his day in half hour time slots The moment where Laurence was left with £4.00 in his bank account and was a week from losing the company

Laurence even speaks openly about losing people close to him as a result of his obsession with this journey, and the poem he wrote about it! Never heard before a Rebelhead exclusive.

It’s very likely that you’re going to want to listen to this episode several times; it will be rocket fuel for your motivation and will without doubt make you think bigger.

Happy listening, Rebelhead world.

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24 Jim Jacoby -  Quitting Your Own Company To Redefine Entrepreneurship  

Read the full story here: Jim Jacoby Podcast

Greetings one and all, a very warm welcome thank you for tuning in to this episode where I am thrilled to be welcoming the wondrous Jim Jacoby - who as you will discover is really pushing the boundaries of creativity, craftsmanship and business.

Meet Jim Jacoby, co-founder of Bienville Legacy Motorcycles. His company have built the most powerful luxury motorcycle in the WORLD that comes with the a price tag of $350k. This bike is quite literally a work of art, fusing master craftsmanship and engineering genius.

But as you will discover, the journey, the craft and the act of creation is where and and how the true value is being discovered and extracted.

Jim has an incredible story too. He spent the first decade of his career building a world class design and user-experience agency that was valued at over $40m. But he got sick of it all, and started to question the 'why' in everything. In an act of inner defiance, he left the company HE had spent so long building and decided to risk everything he had, throwing every penny in to the founding of a project that focused on ART and CRAFTSMANSHIP first. The 'Bienville Legacy' was born.

Jim is an incredible special human being. A creative mastermind with a wonderful brain and a relentless drive to create. We spoke about

How Roald Dahl has influenced his life His views on making money, and the single most important decision he ever made The nonsense of a trickle down economy How to overcome the flaw of wanting to be liked Redefining entrepreneurship Investing in human beings, not in companies

Join the tribe,

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23 Rupa Ganatra - Jumping Into Entrepreneurship Without A Business Idea  

Read the full story here: Rupa Ganatra Podcast

Rupa Ganatra is co-founder of - the multi award winning global online retailer of men's grooming brands. She is also Co-founder of the disruptive expo Millennial 20 20. The first expo of its kind that brings together the world's biggest brands and most exciting start-ups to uncover the future of future of ‘nextgen’ commerce, marketing & entrepreneurship.

In 2014 Rupa won the highly coveted 35 under 35 Award by Management Today & Sunday Times

But her list of awards doesn’t stop there.  In 2015 she won a Social Media Maven Award for, Small Online Retailer of the Year for,  she was voted one of the Top 100 Asian Tech Stars by Diversity UK, and was also shortlisted for an AWA Award - in the  Entrepreneur Category.

As you will discover through-out this episode, Rupa walked away from a high flying career in finance; and risked it all to launch herself in to entrepreneurship. And what makes Rupa’s story so unique, is that she jumped in WITHOUT having a set business idea. It’s unorthodox, it’s unusual, but it’s also fascinating - and a real demonstration of how to think differently.

Rupa has set up successful business in media, e-commerce and events. We discuss:

How Rupa tests her business ideas and creates a market The first few steps she has taken to get every business off the ground Social media tactics Tips on finding mentors Productivity hacks… and more

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22 Eric Holtzclaw - Understanding Waves & Patterns In Business To Create Success  

Read the full story here: Eric Holtzclaw Podcast

Eric Holtzclaw is a serial entrepreneur and founding member of over a dozen successful start­up companies, including one of the first profitable Internet enterprises.


Eric is an unconventional thinker with 20+ years of experience, creating opportunity by identifying and capitalizing on emerging trends and disruptions to business.


Eric is an award winning speaker and author on consumer behavior and entrepreneurship, he writes a weekly column for ­ and is a regular contributor for Fortune Magazine, Time Magazine,, and Wall Street Journal.


Eric is passionate about helping entrepreneurs along their entrepreneurial journey. His current company Ladder Works is dedicated to doing exactly that.  


Hello Rebelheads welcome to the podcast, and I am delighted to be talking to the incredible Eric Holtzclaw who has over 20 years expert experience in the world of entrepreneurship and building businesses. Having built and sold many businesses himself, he now writes prolifically for Time Magazine and Inc Magazine (as well as many others), and uses his wealth of experience and knowledge to help businesses and entrepreneurs who can’t seem to break past that $5m revenue mark to identify what’s holding them back to take things to the next level.

But Eric is also a market research and lean start-up expert, he also works with entrepreneurs who are still in the $1 - $1m mark to help them get things off the ground. So there is a massive amount to take from this episode.

As well as discussing the books and entrepreneurs that inspire Eric the most we talk about:

The waves and patterns seen in business How to identify what sort of entrepreneur you are (comes down to the world rectify or magnify) How to properly test your  concept and identify your market properly; and the mistakes that most entrepreneurs make when doing this Strategy, Co-Founders, productivity hacks and how to avoid

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21 Kevin Murray - How To Be An Inspiring Leader And Achieve Your Goals  

Read the full story here: Kevin Murray Podcast

Kevin Murray is a globally recognised leadership coach and communications specialist. He is one of the world's greatest Leadership experts

Kevin has advised companies including BSkyB, Lloyds TSB, Emirates Airline, 118 118, British Gas and McLaren F1 to name a few.

He is the author of TWO best-selling books, including ‘The Language Of Leaders’,  both of which deal with how top leaders communicate to inspire, influence and achieve world class results.

Kevin is now ‘Chairman of Public Relations’ for Chime Communications, who currently employ 280 people serving 300 clients internationally.

This episode is all about teaching us how to become better leaders, which is such an intrinsically important skill in entrepreneurship, business, creativity and life in general.

Kevin’s wisdom and knowledge on the subject of leadership is second to none and provides so much value and so many practical tips for leaders of all sorts - startup founders, CEOs of blue chip companies, people running teams, entrepreneurs and intrepreneurs alike.

We discuss Kevin's incredible journey; how he went from a junior Crime reporter for a newspaper in South Africa, to becoming Director of Comms for British Airways. As we progress through the conversation he shares and explains some of the most powerful leadership tips and advice you will ever hear. We discuss:

How he get’s the best out of teams and people who are better than himself The productivity hacks Kevin adopts to enable him to get so much done The leadership lessons he learned after interviewing 80 of the world's greatest leaders What entrepreneurs can do to become better leaders How leadership is changing in the digital age, and what we can do to stay ahead of the curve How Kevin set his eyes on becoming the Director of Comms for British Airways, and single handedly turned that dream into a reality How Kevin made the front page of the newspapers when he was sacked from British Airways

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20 Steve Bartlett - Shoplifting Pizzas To Founding World?s Best Social Media Agency  

Read the full story here: Steve Bartlett Podcast

Steve Bartlett is founder & CEO of Social Chain, the UK's largest Influencer Marketing agency, and one of the most talked about companies of 2015.

At just 23 years old, Steve Bartlett employs a team of more than fifty young creatives and is recognised as one of the most powerful influencers on Social Media.

Steve won the Growing Business Awards ‘Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2014’

Founded his first internet company at only 18 years old, and exited at 21

Steve has founded two chart topping apps, is a guest writer for the Huffington Post, a business consultant for companies including Bebo, and an advocate for entrepreneurship, which has seen him appear on BBC newsnight and travel across the UK to speak at universities.


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19 Niyc Pidgeon - The Entrepreneur Who Made Elon Musk Cry  

Read the full story here: Niyc Pidgeon Podcast

Niyc Pidgeon is founder and CEO of Optimal You and and; a global community for positive lifestyle change. Niyc is an International Success Coach, winner of the Sage Young Entrepreneur of The Year 2015 award and is a renowned business and entrepreneurship mentor.

She holds a masters in Applied Positive Psychology, and has featured in and contributed for media such as Men’s Health, Women’s Health, BBC, The Times, Virgin Media and Sky

Niyc was recently lucky enough to participate in a google hangout conversation directly with Elon Musk and Richard Branson, during which she managed to make Elon cry!

We discuss Niyc’s journey, and she shares some really great advice and tips for us all. We discuss

What she has had to rebel against to become the entreprepreneur she is today Mindset and positive psychology How she stays so positive and translates that into business success Her morning routine How she almost went blind and used the experience to help her business Why she decided to pivot her first business and turn it into a personal brand How she made Elon Musk cry

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17 Oliver Kenyon - Underpaid Chef To Digital Entrepreneur With Millions Of Fans  

Read the full story here: Oliver Kenyon Podcast

Oliver Kenyon is a fully qualified chef turned digital entrepreneur. He launched his first ever website at the age of just 14, and now runs a portfolio of successful websites, forums and digital platforms.

He has founded two successful businesses - FixForums (a specialist set of forums with an accumulative active membership of almost 100,000) and The Landing Page Guys (a direct response focused development agency). Oliver is currently Managing Director, and COO for, who are setting out to become the biggest online portal in the world for all things automotive. He has helped the team build a core following of over 1million car enthusiasts on Facebook.

He also writes prolifically and has an incredibly popular entrepreneurship and marketing blog.

We go right back to the start and talk about all of Oliver’s exact steps and decisions, businesses and ventures, lessons and mistakes along the way.

Loads of tips, tactics and wise wise advice for us all in here. We discuss:

The organic development of his entrepreneurial journey How to overcome perfectionism, and use it as an asset   How to manage three successful businesses at once; sharing some amazing productivity and time management tips The importance and power of personal branding, and how to build one His passionate views about the flaws in the education system

You have to get through to the Rebel Wrap up round, this is one of my favourites so far. Some great answers in there, and generally this interview just gets better and better as it goes on. Absolute joy.

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18 John Richardson  - Failure To Fortune. Starting Up 19 Businesses And Becoming A Golf Legend The Hard Way  

Read the full story here: John Richardson Podcast

John Richardson - By the age of 28 John had the largest sandwich business in Ireland, lost it all, and has gone on to become one of the most respected serial entrepreneurs of the last decade having built a number of award winning seven figure businesses.

He is an expert in many fields including: marketing and launching digital products, in building award winning bricks & mortar establishments, implementing systems and creating million pound businesses by thinking differently and challenging conventional wisdom

John has been a consultant to some of the UK’s best known coffee chains. He is author of FIVE books, including the smash hit best-seller ‘Dream On’ - which is currently being made into a film!

John is the embodiment of what can be achieved with vision, energy and focus.

This man is one of a kind. Started his entrepreneurial journey building multi-million pound bricks and mortar establishments (Ireland biggest sandwich shop chain for example); and in ths you’ll hear the story of how he lost it all before he turned 30, and the great thing is he shares what he has learnt from that to ensure he never makes those mistakes again, and exactly how he has used what he has learnt to build many more massively successful businesses both online and offline.

John spends much of his time teaching and coaching entrepreneurs and businesses owners; and he shares so many tips, and tactics every single one of us can start to apply today. If you are thinking of becoming an entrepreneur, if you are an entrepreneur, in you’re curious about developing yourself in any aspect of life you need to listen to this.  

We cover so much in the fast paced interview including:

How to find a lucrative market or niche How to make £120k from one webinar How use content to sell just about anything The importance of focusing on money before focusing on the why Johns 4 core productivity tactics And how his passion for golf, turned into a New York Times best selling book, and is now being made into a movie!

If you want a motivational kick in the ass, and a brutally frank account of what it takes to really be an entrepreneur, behind the perceived glammar this is the episode for you

I don't know if there is a podcast to date that has just as much incredible advice, practical tips, usable theory and general smack you in the face wisdom as this

John was over in Ireland when we recorded this, so the glitch internet gremlins rear their ugly heads from time to time but it’s only for milliseconds here and there and nothing

This is an hour and a quarter of podcast gold that could very well change your life.
As always please like, share, tell your friends about the podcast - and if you like everything give us a review and a shiny rating.

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16 Matt Lovett - First Business At Aged 13 To Meeting Richard Branson  

Read the full story here: Matt Lovett Podcast


Matt Lovett, aged only 24 is founder and CEO of Wow Media, a global brand running a range of online services. Matt started his online marketing career at only 13 years old, and funded his first website by selling sweets at school. He has since gone on to win numerous prestigious awards, such as The Daily Mail Enterprising Young Brit Award, and was voted Business Person of the Year 2015.

His entrepreneurial ventures have seen him be commended on national television and he has even been commended by Sir Richard Branson himself.

Matt Lovett, an incredible entrepreneur who started started his first online business at 13, and by the time he left school was earning more money than his head teacher the senior principle in his school.  

As always we cover Matt’s journey in details,

How he got into business, and exactly what he did to become so profitable so young The big lessons he has learned about spreading risk Where and how he invests his money outside of his business How he has dealt with fear and self confidence issues How he organises his time And meeting Richard Branson

Matt’s a real testament to hard work and perseverance, and really opens up about his personal habits and demons.

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15 Jean-Francois Chianetta - From Two Years Of No Money To Raising Millions By Following A Vision  

Read the full story here: Jean-Francois Chianetta Podcast

Jean-Francois Chianetta is the co-founder and CEO of Augment. He trained as a mechanical engineer but quickly made the jump in to software engineering and development.

His company, Augment is at the forefront of the exciting and disruptive world of Augmented Reality with its cutting edge software as a service platform.  Just over four years old the company now has clients such as Coca-Cola, Siemens, Loreal, Kelloggs, Samsung and is used by companies all over the world.

Calling in from Paris in France, we are speaking to Jean-Francois Chianetta the founder and CEO of Augment who are leading the way in Augmented Reality technology.

Jean-Francois has a wonderful story and over the last four years has built a tech company that is winning huge clients and gaining global recognition.

We talk about Jean-Francois’ critical decisions, challenges and tactics over the last four years to build his company in to an organisation that has raised millions of dollars of capital.

There a lots golden nuggets in this interview. Jean talks about

How is he building a company the wrong way round, or inside out, as he has built a product first and then went out to find his market He shares the story of having only a three month life-line left in the company, changing the commercial model which completely saved the business How he has been influenced by lego How he tested his idea in the early days He also give practical tips on how to methodically deal with inevitable uncertainty we face as entrepreneurs by planning for numerous eventualities

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14 Aman Khurana - Understanding Modern Mindsets & Delivering What The Millennial Market Wants  

Read the full story here: Aman Khurana Podcast

Aman is a seasoned digital expert and entrepreneur. Starting his career as a Technical Consultant, Aman founded his first business MINDaction in 2012.

Aman is now co-founder GoInStore; who are setting out to disrupt both the online AND bricks and mortar retail space, simultaneously. They have built sophisticated technology that enables consumers to interact with shop assistants in store, ask questions, browse through products and get a real time human service, without having to leave the comfort of their home. Very interesting business and a very smart guy,

This is a short snappy episode recorded at GoInStores London headquarters in Camden Town. Aman really hits home some important concepts about what it really takes to be an entrepreneur; and offers a tonne of hard hitting truths, insight and value.

We take about

Self belief, personal development and mindset The sacrifice required when setting up a business The value and importance of co-founder relationship Disruption

Join the tribe,

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13 Corin Hardy - Monster Maker, Music Videos & Directing Hollywood Horror  

Read the full story here: Corin Hardy Podcast

Corin is a multi award winning filmmaker and director, with an unmistakably unique, dark, eccentric, and magical cinematic visual style.

He has created music videos for global mainstream artists such as Biffy Clyro, The Prodigy, Keane, Paolo Nutni, Ed Sheeran; as well as underground independent acts such as The Horrors, Dry The River and Martin Grech. His music videos have accrued well in excess of 200 million views.

Corins first feature film ‘The Hallow’ premiered at The Sundance festival in 2015, and recently won an Empire Film Award for ‘Best Horror’, beating numerous US heavyweights such as Insidious 3.   

Corin is currently directing the remake of cult classic The Crow,  and was in a recent Empire podcast with Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller described as being the next big thing on the hollywood scene, being labelled as the next Stephen King meets Tim Burton.

This episode is pivotal for me, because it really does starts to demonstrate what Rebelhead Entrepreneurs is all about. We are redefining entrepreneurship. Being an entrepreneur can manifest in so many different ways; from hustling startup founders, to successful global CEOs and from cutting edge musicians to highly acclaimed movie directors - just like Corin.   

When you hear Corin’s story; and you learn about the relentless grit, determination and drive the has adopted over his career, the sacrifices he’s had to make, the grand creative visions he has turned into commercial reality, and the unwavering desire to follow his passion and make his dreams come true - it’s apparent that this inspirational man is without doubt a Rebelhead Entrepreneur.

We cover Corins story in detail, and talk about:

Early days getting into film, carrying around sketch books and showing off crazy homemade creators and animatronics to his idols The way Corin totally bootstrapped the funding and creation of his first animated movie Importance of having a niche, and an individual vision We talk about how important it is to find the right people to help turn your vision into reality The importance of gut instinct, the importance of attitude Creating worlds The way Corin has fused earning money and doing what he loves Challenges of balancing creative vision with realistic budgets; and how that forces you to make better decisions, and the importance of considered ruthlessness

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12 Deepak Tailor - Making Millions By Giving Stuff Away For Free  

Read the full story here: Deepak Tailor Podcast

Deepak Tailor is founder of, a website that makes it’s money (and make a lot of money) by giving stuff away, for free!

He won the coveted Great British Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2015, he has written and published a best selling book on Amazon book and recently appeared on popular BBC TV show Dragons Den, pitching his business to some of the most powerful business leaders in the world such as Peter Jones and Deborah Meaden.

We speak deeply about:

How Deepak started his first businesses with no other intention than to generate beer money whilst at Uni, and then to fund a trip around the world - and how that has led to him running a highly profitable internet business. Deepak is very open about sharing his revenue and profit figures with us, so that’s really interesting How to scale a startup within a co-working space Why writing a book is such a powerful and under-utilised form of marketing Why Deepak walked away from a significant investment from a very famous entrepreneur

This interview is a little different to the ones you would have heard to date. Why? Because this was actually recorded at the very end of last year, and was one of the very first Rebelhead interviews we ever recorded. It was so early that we didn’t even have a name for the Rebel Wrap Up round (as you will hear), and I was very rough around the edges in terms of interview style!

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