The uncensored conversations on the rise of the feminine rebel with show host Emma Chalmers and other trouble makers.


Ep 7 with co Host Oscar De Sousa  

Renown Medium, Spiritual Guide and Educator Oscar De Sousa and Emma talk about the rise in spiritual curiosity and why so many of us are looking to find relief, meaning and medicine within our spiritual consciousness.

Ep7 Live at Mind Body Spirit Festival  

Emma Chalmers presents live from the Mind Body Spirit Festival on 'The Rise of the Feminine Rebel' in western culture. NOTE: This is a live recording so sound disruptions may occur. 

Ep.6 Co-Hosted with Exercise Scientist Glenn Phipps  

You can learn more about Glenn's work at 

Ep.5 Co-Host Leah Gilbert, Body Positive Athlete.  

Show host Emma Chalmers talks with Body Positive Athlete Leah Gilbert about how she used competitive sport to rebuild an empowered relationship with her body on her own terms. Now she is changing the game for plus-size athletes all around the world    

Setting Boundaries  

Show host Emma Chalmers discusses the messy and chaotic process of setting personal and professional boundaries while keeping your own BS in check. 

Ep.3 Guest Co-Host of GRRRL Clothing Kortney Olson  

In this episode show host Emma Chalmers sits with rebel sistar Kortney Olson Founder and driving force behind the innovative sports clothing line GRRRL Clothing and Kamp Konfidence to breakdown the myths on all things muscle fetish, the beauty status-quo and body diversity.   

Welcome to mainstream news media.  

Where your faith in humanity goes to die. In this episode show host Emma Chalmers takes full advantage of the direct-to audience channel to expose how some News Media outlets take your knowledge and valuable insight and twists it into sand-play for click bait. 

Rebelology Episode 1  

“There is without a doubt two channels I switch between. There is the ‘PG’ version of my work which is what many of you have seen on TV, workshops and my live presentations. Let’s face it we all have a PG version of ourselves. It allows us to appropriate our content, conversations and responses to the environment its being delivered. That’s just a normal part of life. 

Then there is the MA version which dives deeper into our uncensored thoughts and welcomes the things we truly want to say where we freely drop the filters and political correctness for the sake of breaking open robust, healthy and empowering conversations that we crave the most. This podcast showcases those MA discussions, insights and connections that allows conversations to flow without the so-called air-brushing and editing we get fed through the media. I know my audience intimately. They are smart and intuitive enough to call bullshit on anything trying to fabricate or manufacture its message. So we promised a raw show from the get go. 

The way I see it, there is so much curated, censored, brushed and managed information out there. Why contribute onto that pile for the sake of popularity or click bait? We are over fed on perfection and I wanted the Rebelology Podcast to offer a new dish to satisfy our hunger” 

Emma Chalmers

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