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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, Call of Cthulhu and other great systems. News, discussion and live play sessions.


Live Session: Thousand Thrones: Part 10  

Face to face with Karl, the second coming of Sigmar, the party finds themselves with a new set of values and agendas.  The Crusade of The Child works its way closer to the capital Altdorff.

Live Session: Thousand Thrones: Part 9  

The party explores the Crusade of the Child’s encampment in search of a way to assist the Wood Elves and their impending assassination attempt.  Plans don’t go quite as expected and the party finds themselves a new group of associates.

Live Session: Thousand Thrones: Part 8  

The party finds themselves at the Reapers Bounty, a coaching inn just outside of Gooten.  An unfriendly group surrounds them, but will other trouble find them as the darkness of the storm creeps closer?

Live Session: Thousand Thrones: Part 7  

The party stumbles upon an abandoned coaching inn, or at least they think it is abandoned.  Edwig meets a new friend, and the party is potentially plus one new member, if Valdimir can get past being afraid of his own shadow.

Live Session: Thousand Thrones: Part 6  

The party sets off to investigate the noble Von Spiers family.  The investigation comes to a conclusion with a dark surprise.  Pheifeldorf may never be the same.

Live Session: Thousand Thrones: Part 5  

The party finds themselves  stuck in Pheifeldorf, forced to solve a series of mysteries while their credentials for travel are verified.  The plot thickens as a seemingly innocent chicken thievery turns fowl.


The party finds themselves arrested for an unknown crime and taken to Pheifeldorph, a local village.  There they are asked requested to investigate something out of the ordinary.

Live Session: Thousand Thrones: Part 3  

The party finds themselves following up a lead to locate a cultist who shares some relation to the Child’s Crusade.  A trek through a seedy area of town and a trudge through the sewers yield some interesting results.

Live Session: Thousand Thrones: Part 2  

The party follows up on a lead to explore a ruined temple in the Cursed Marshes outside of Marienburg. They hire a swamper to guide them into the bog on a multi-day journey of critters, bugs and other terrors.

Live Session: Thousand Thrones: Part 1  

The party begins their investigation into the Crusade of the Child in Marienburg’s Winkelmark, a poor area of town said to be the origin of the Crusade.

Live Session: Thousand Thrones: Prologue  

The adventurers find themselves in Marienburg, far to the northwest of The Empire.  A High Elf Swordmaster initiate, a Bretonnian Hedge Wizard, and two local Marienburgers find themselves unknowingly weaving their fates into a series of events that could change the world.

Live Session: Thousand Thrones: Character Creation  

The party begins character creation for our new adventure, the WFRP2 Thousand Thrones campaign!  Leila, Chris, Jeremy, Nate and Jesse journey back to our favorite fantasy universe and up-convert a 2nd edition adventure into 3rd edition.


The Cabal must decide the fate of three local mages. The ritual demands the sacrifice of two in order to resurrect the third.  Can they stop the scheming of an overzealous priest, a power hungry mage or an innocent girl who holds a secret?


The Cabal searches for answers. With ties to Native American sacrifices and other mysterious  rituals, the party must decide how, and who will be part of a nefarious plan.


The cabal follows their fist major lead in an attempt to track down and capture the Shinje.  What better place to search for a spirit of death than a gloomy graveyard with a questionable past?  Combat, recklessness and a new stranger put the novice cabal in its place.

Live Session: MTAW: Boston Unveiled: Episode 1  

The fledgling cabal venture forth on their first task: discover why a very unique (and possibly magical) ship has arrived in Boston’s harbor.  The gang gets their feet wet and suspects something sinister.

Live Session: MtAw: Boston Unveiled: Prologue  

With characters nearly complete, we dive into generating our magic items, artifacts and our hidouts!  With everything set, we just into our characters backstories and the lay of the land in the hidden under-city of Boston’s magical societies.

Live Session: MtAw: Boston Unveiled: Character Creation  

We get started with a new system, Mage: The Awakening!  Chris, our GM leads us through some of the basic rules and creating characters, not to mention some amazing ‘Awakenings’.

Live Session: Beyond the Mountains of Madness: Finale  

The ship is to arrive in Dunedin, New Zealand within the next few days.  But something has come along for the ride.  Will the investigators discover the thread and dispose of it before they arrive in the arms of the worlds news crews?  Or will disaster befall the Dunedin Harbor?

Live Session: Beyond the Mountains of Madness: Part 13  

Fleeing the tower, in pursuit of the stolen Weddell, the surviving investigators arrive at the City camp.  Catching up with the Germans will be a tough task, but deciding who will remain back at camp while the small Belle, which cant hold everyone is even tougher.

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