Record Review Podcast

Record Review Podcast

United Kingdom

An edited version of the regular Building a Library slot where guest experts review available recordings of a work from the classical music repertoire and give a recommendation.


Building a Library: Messiaen's Quartet for the End of Time  

Messaien's piece was premiered at a prisoner of war camp, outdoors in the rain, in 1941.

Building a Library: Schoenberg's Gurrelieder  

Building a Library on Schoenberg's epic cantata Gurrelieder. Nicholas Baragwanath guides us through this gargantuan late flowering of 19th-century Romanticism in which Schoenberg wove together a sumptuous score that can be surprising to people accustomed to the more astringent sound world of his later works.

Building a Library: Survey of Ethel Smyth recordings  

Kate Kennedy explores the music of an underrated English composer and a member of the women's suffrage movement.

Building a Library: Ives's Second Symphony  

Edward Seckerson joins Andrew McGregor to assess recordings of Ives Symphony No. 2.

Building a Library: Rodrigo's Concierto de Aranjuez  

Tom McKinney heads to Spain with the ever-popular Rodrigo Guitar Concerto.

Building a Library: Bach's B Minor Mass  

Sir Nicholas Kenyon sifts through the available recordings of Bach's B minor Mass. It was one of Bach's last compositions, completed in 1749, the year before his death. He refashioned music that he had composed throughout his career. The Mass was never performed in its entirety during Bach's lifetime but is now regarded as a supreme masterpiece.

Building a Library: Rossini's The Barber of Seville  

Ben Walton compares recordings of Rossini's hugely popular opera on Beaumarchais's play.

Building a Library: Sibelius's Tapiola  

Tapiola is Sibelius's final masterpiece for orchestra. Andrew Mellor recommends a version

Building a Library: Beethoven's String Quartet No 12, Op. 127  

Stephen Johnson compares recordings of the first of Beethoven's late string quartets.

Building a Library: Tchaikovsky's Fourth Symphony  

Rob Cowan sifts through "Tchaik 4," a piece written at a time of emotional turmoil.

Building a Library: Schubert's Fantasy in C, D934, for violin and piano.  

Harriet Smith compares recordings of Schubert's piece, which baffled its 1828 audience.

Building a Library: Bruckner's Third Symphony  

Dedicated to his hero Wagner, Bruckner revised his Third Symphony several times.

Building a Library: Mozart's Piano Concerto no. 21  

David Owen Norris sifts through the available recordings of Mozart's Piano Concerto No 21

Building a Library: Lassus's Lagrime di San Pietro  

Caroline Gill compares recordings of Lassus's depiction of the sorrows of St Peter.

Building a Library: Puccini's La fanciulla del West  

Flora Willson pans for gold in available recordings of Puccini's California-based opera

Building a Library: Haydn's Symphony no. 99  

Symphony No.99 is an example of late, great Haydn. Richard Wigmore recommends a recording

Building a Library: Survey of Barbara Strozzi  

Dr Hannah French surveys recordings of music of 17th-century Venetian Barbara Strozzi.

Building a Library: Bach's Lutheran Masses  

Jonathan Freeman-Attwood surveys recordings of Lutheran Masses by JS Bach.

Building a Library: Vaughan Williams's London Symphony  

Mark Lowther makes a recommendation from the available recordings.

Building a Library: Stravinsky's The Rake's Progress  

Anna Picard compares recordings on CD and DVD of Stravinsky's operatic morality tale.

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