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03-20-17 Vernon Davis  

Redskin TE Vernon Davis joins Chris Cooley live in studio for a full hour! Vernon tells us how the off season has been going... Plus, Thoughts on Kirk Cousins' future. The Redskins offense with Jay calling the plays and Matt Cavanaugh at Offensive Coordinator!

03-16-17 Cooley Film Breakdown - Pryor & Swearinger  

Cooley Film Breakdown of Terrelle Pryor & DJ Swearinger! Cooley grades and breaks down these new Free Agents and how they'll fit in with the Redskins!

03-15-17 Cooley Film Breakdown - McGee & McClain  

Cooley gives us a Film Breakdown of the new Defensive Free Agents for the Redskins Terrell McClain & Stacy McGee! Also, how do they compare to Chris Baker?

03-13-17 Terrelle Pryor ITLR  

New Redskins WR Terrelle Pryor joins Doc Walker, Brian Mitchell and Scott Jackson to talk about his transition from the Browns to the Redskins. What was it that finally pushed him toward a deal with Washington? Has he had a chance to talk with Kirk Cousins yet, and what did that conversation involve? Plus he talks about his last year in Cleveland working with Randy Moss.

03-13-17 JP Finlay  

Redskins Insider JP Finlay of CSN Mid Atlantic joins Cooley & Kevin to give his take on what the Redskins have done so far in NFL Free Agency. Plus, his take of McCloughan's exit & Kirk's future...

Mar 9 - Redskins fire Scot Mccloughan  

With the breaking news that the Redskins have fired Scot Mccloughan, we go live with Steve Czaban. He's joined by Doc Walker, Kevin Sheehan, and Washington Post Redskins insider Mike Jones.

Mar 9 - Rich Tandler  

Redskins insider Rich Tandler from CSN Mid Atlantic joins Steve Czaban to discuss the future of Scot Mccloughan, who else could be the Redskins GM, the 49ers interest in Kirk Cousins, and the signing of two new Defensive Linemen.

03-09-17 Mike Jones  

Redskins Insider Mike Jones joins the show to discuss his piece on Scot McCloughan's relationship with the Redskins as it stands right now. Plus, is there any way Kirk Cousins stays with the team?

Mar 8 - John Keim  

Redskins insider John Keim from ESPN joins Steve Czaban to give us the latest on Scot Mccloughan, Redskins free agency, and the 49ers interest in Pierre Garcon and Kirk Cousins.

03-08-2017 Vernon Davis talks about re-signing with the Redskins  

Redskins TE Vernon Davis talks with Bram Weinstein shortly after inking a contract extension with the team - and the importance of continuing his career in front of the 'hometown' crowd. Plus, his thoughts on Kirk Cousins and the potential loss of talented players like Pierre Garcon on the upcoming season.

03-08-17 Joe Theismann  

Redskins Super Bowl Champ Joe Theismann joins Cooley & Kevin to weigh in on Kirk & the Redskins' future. Plus, what are the Redskins doing in NFL Free Agency?

03-07-17 John Keim  

ESPN Redskins Insider John Keim joins the show with his take on Pierre Garcon's future. Plus, what's the latest with Kirk Cousins and NFL Free Agency?

03-03-17 ESPN Insider Mark Dominik joins Al Galdi  

ESPN Front Office Insider Mark Dominik joins Al Galdi on The Morning Blitz to talk Redskins, including talking about Bruce Allen, Scot McCloughan, Kirk Cousins, Jay Gruden, and a lot more!

03-02-17 Mike Jones  

Redskins Insider Mike Jones of The Washington Post joins Cooley & Kevin with his take on Scot McCloughan's notable absence from the NFL Combine. Plus, the latest on Kirk Cousins possibly getting a long term deal.

Mar 1 - Larry Michael  

Redskins play by play man Larry Michael is live in Indianapolis for the NFL Combine. He joins Scott Linn and Doc Walker to discuss Kirk Cousins getting the franchise tag. What do Bruce Allen and Jay Gruden think about getting a long term deal done for Kirk? The NFL combine is now a big event for TV and the fans.

03-01-17 Adam Schefter  

NFL Insider Adam Schefter joins Cooley & Kevin to give his thoughts on the Redskins placing the exclusive franchise tag on Kirk Cousins. Plus, what happens with Kirk and the Redskins next?

Feb 28 - John Keim  

Redskins insider John Keim from ESPN joins Scott Linn and Doc Walker to discuss the Redskins franchise tagging Kirk Cousins, the prospects of a long term contract, and Kirk's interest in playing for Kyle Shanahan in San Francisco.

02-24-17 Shawn Springs  

Former Redskins CB Shawn Springs of CSN Mid Atlantic joins Cooley & Kevin discusses the future of Kirk Cousins and what the Redskins should do in NFL Free Agency?

02-23-17 Redskins all-time great Joe Theismann with Al Galdi  

Theismann tells Galdi how the Redskins internally view Colt McCoy, what Dan Snyder thinks of Kirk Cousins, what is most likely to happen in the Redskins-Kirk Contract Cha-Cha-Cha and much more.

Feb 22 - Mike Jones  

Redskins insider Mike Jones from the Washington Post joins Czaban to talk Kirk, Bruce and Scot, and the chances of keeping Desean and Pierre.

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