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02-16-17 Andrew Brandt  

ESPN Business Analyst Andrew Brandt joins the show with his take on the contract negotiations between the Redskins & Kirk Cousins. Plus, Andrew tells us if he thinks the Redskins will get Kirk signed to a long term deal...

Feb 15 - Big Redskins Radio announcement  

Redskins play by play man Larry Michael joins Czabe for a big announcement about the Redskins broadcast. We're adding WMAL 105.9 FM/630 AM to the Redskins Radio Network.

02-15-17 Joel Corry  

NFL Contract & Salary Cap Expert Joel Corry joins the show with his perspective on the Redskins & Kirk Cousins' future! Joel tells us if he thinks Kirk will sign the franchise tag or a long term deal...

Feb 10 - Joel Corry  

Former NFL agent Joel Corry joins the show to talk salary cap and contracts. He wrote a great piece on CBS about key dates for certain playrs and their contracts. What does Joel think they Redskins will do with Desean Jackson and Kirk Cousins.

Feb 9 - Desean Jackson  

Redskins WR Desean Jackson joined Larry Michael on Redskins Nation on CSN. He tells Larry about the Instagram picture that didnt include him, his desire to be a Redskin next year, staying together with Pierre Garcon, and potentially getting offers from other teams.

Feb 9 - John Keim  

Redskins insider John Keim from ESPN joins The Steve Czaban Show. He gives us the latest on the Kirk Cousins contract, as well as free agents Desean Jackson and Pierre Garcon. The Redskins have a lot of money under the cap.

02-03-2017 Joe Jacoby Goes Inside the Locker Room  

Former Redskins Linebacker Joe Jacoby talks with Brian Mitchell, Doc Walker and Scott Jackson about his HOF nomination - and what it means for both himself, and the '91 Redskins.

02-03-17 Bruce Allen on Inside the Locker Room  

Redskins President Bruce Allen sits down with the guys at Radio Row in Houston

02-03-17 Mike Shanahan  

2x Super Bowl Head Coach and Former Redskins Head Coach Mike Shanahan joins Cooley & Kevin discussing Super Bowl 51 and who he thinks has the edge. Plus, Mike gives us his take on Kirk's future with or without the Redskins...

02-02-17 Kirk Cousins with ITLR  

Kirk Cousins joins the guys at Radio Row

02-02-17 John Riggins  

Hall of Famer & Redskins Legend John Riggins with Cooley & Kevin talking all things Super Bowl 51! Plus, who does John think is the Best Quarterback of all time?

Feb 2 - Greg Cosell on Kirk Cousins  

NFL Films' Greg Cosell joins Steve Czaban and gives his take on Kirk Cousins live at Radio Row in Houston on The Steve Czaban Show.

02-1-17 Is Kirk Cousins "The Best of the Good?"  

Do the Redskins view Kirk as the "best of the good?" Does Kirk not want to be here? Al Galdi examines some interesting comments from Chris Cooley and proposes that Dan, if he hasn't already, get involved.

01-19-17 Chip Lohmiller  

#TBT this week with the kicker from the 91 team. He cites a rather interesting stat between him vs. the 1 win Colts from that year. Plus hear what he's up to now.

01-18-17 Terence Garvin  

Redskins Linebacker talks about the NFL Playoffs, what he's seen so far in them. and his thoughts on the next Defensive Coordinator.

01-18-17 Adam Schefter  

ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter joins Cooley & Kevin discuss the future of Kirk Cousins with the Redskins. Also, thoughts on the Redskins Defensive Coordinator search!

01-17-17 Sean McVay  

New Rams Head Coach & former Redskins Offensive Coordinator Sean McVay joins Cooley & Kevin discussing his time with the Redskins and his new Head Coaching opportunity with the Rams! Plus, Sean gives his perspective on Kirk Cousins future!

01-14-17 Redskins Saturday Hour 2  

In hour of 2 of Redskins Saturday, Andy talks about the defensive side of the ball, and plays a talk with Darrell Green. Plus, conversations with Adam Schefter and Darrel Young.

01-14-17 Redskins Saturday Hour 1  

Andy starts off Redskins Saturday by talking about Sean McVay's departure and asks if the Redskins have a problem right now with both coordinator positions unfilled. Plus, a talk with Matt Millen.

01-13-17 John Riggins  

His weekly segment. Is 30 too young for a head coach? Should Gruden call plays?

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