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Episode 550. Bay Area Actor  

When he’s not touring with us, Teddy Spencer makes his living as an actor in the San Francisco Bay Area, and on this week’s podcast he explains how he manages to do it. Featuring the challenges of the itinerant actor, the … Continue reading

Episode 549. Remembering A.R. Gurney  

Our good friend Howard Sherman remembers his good friend A.R. Gurney, the celebrated playwright and so-called “chronicler of contemporary America’s most unfashionable social stratum — upper-middle-class WASPS” (according to Frank Rich), who died this week at the age of 86. … Continue reading

Episode 548. What About Cellphones?  

Several high-profiles performers (including Glenn Close, Patti Lupone, and Hugh Jackman) have recently stopped their live performances on Broadway to chastise an audience member for distracting everyone with a ringing or bright cellphone. But is the solution more distracting than … Continue reading

Episode 547. Playing The Festivals  

There’s something about a festival crowd…Our recent three-performance appearance at the Virginia Arts Festival in Norfolk inspired memories of appearances we’ve made at other festivals over the years: the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the Just For Laughs, Serious Fun at Lincoln … Continue reading

Episode 546. UK Tour Report  

Our 50-city, 51-venue, 60-plus-show UK tour of William Shakespeare’s Long Lost First Play (abridged) came to an end this weekend and Joe Maudsley, Matt Pearson, and James Percy sat down (on the beach!) to tell us what it’s been like to … Continue reading

Episode 545. Prague Shakespeare Company  

Guy Roberts, the artistic director of Prague Shakespeare Company, talks about how the company was founded and how Shakespeare is bringing nations and peoples together. Featuring important Spinal Tap influences, the challenge of completing the canon, comparisons between LongLostShakes and The … Continue reading

Episode 544. Touring With Alice  

School’s out for summer! So Tal Sanders (not pictured), Assistant Professor of Theatre at Pacific University, tells us tales of touring with Alice Cooper (pictured) when he (Tal) was a young theatre technician. Featuring synonyms for nimble, tales of rock stars seen and concerts worked, scandalous … Continue reading

Episode 543. Editing Pop-Up Shakespeare  

Walker Books editor Daisy Jellicoe discusses the joy of editing children’s books generally, pop-up books particularly, and Pop-Up Shakespeare especially. Featuring the marriage of Jennie Maizels‘ images and our text, similarities between editing children’s books and reducing, the importance of reader engagement, keeping … Continue reading

Episode 542. Writing Pop-Up Shakespeare  

Reed Martin and Austin Tichenor discuss Pop-Up Shakespeare, the beautiful illustrated book they created with artist and wily pop-up book veteran Jennie Maizels. Featuring plays and stories, poems and pictures, realistic price points, multiple incarnations, individual journeys, Shakespeare’s grave spoilers, … Continue reading

Episode 541. Pop-Up Shakespeare Book  

Artist Jennie Maizels talks about Pop-Up Shakespeare, the fun and interactive introduction to all of Shakespeare’s plays and poetry, with text by Reed Martin and Austin Tichenor to be published September 2017 by Walker Books (UK & Australia) and Candlewick Press (US). Jennie … Continue reading

Episode 540. Stevens Scholar Program  

This week marks the birthday of Chris Stevens, the American ambassador to Libya who was killed in Benghazi in 2012. In 2013 Chris’s family established the Stevens Scholar Program at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at our alma mater … Continue reading

Episode 539. Encouraging Young Writers  

It’s national Encourage a Young Writer Day! To honor this auspicious occasion, we discuss the old adage “write what you know” with playwright Tom Coash, who shares his experiences struggling with narrative and the importance of procrastination research, the value of networks, … Continue reading

Episode 538. Falcon Theatre Fools  

The Falcon Theatre is producing its own non-RSC production of The Complete History of Comedy (abridged), so April Fools Day seems like the perfect time to meet the Falcon’s fools: Zehra Fazal, Marc Ginsburg, and Mark Jacobson (pictured). Hear them chat about the … Continue reading

Episode 537. We Love London  

Like you, we were horrified to hear about the attack on the Palace of Westminster near the Houses of Parliament last week, so wanted to pay audio tribute to the city we love so much and its citizens, many of whom … Continue reading

Episode 536. Discussing ‘Much Ado’  

Austin Tichenor‘s production of Much Ado About Nothing closed its four-performance run last weekend at Pacific University in Oregon, and on opening night, department chair Ellen Margolis conducted a Q&A where they talked about conceptual and dramaturgical choices, the importance of authorial … Continue reading

Episode 535. What’s A Play?  

Last summer, while performing William Shakespeare’s Long Lost First Play (abridged) at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, we saw all sorts of theatrical events that led us to ask, “What’s a play?” Over drinks at the pub after a performance, we discussed … Continue reading

Episode 534. Writing About ‘Veils’  

Playwright Tom Coash has written Veils, the story of a culture clash between two Muslim women — one American, one Egyptian, both college students — and how their friendship is tested by their different expressions of faith. After six professional productions, Veils … Continue reading

Episode 533. Matt Croke’s Memoir  

Old friend Matthew Croke discusses his newly-published memoir Yes, And…: A Journey of Hope Through Tragedy, which begins with the discovery that his wife Lisa’s cancer has returned while she’s pregnant with their third daughter. During this time, Matt kept a journal which became an … Continue reading

Episode 532. Shakespeare & Trump  

How should / would / will William Shakespeare respond to a character like President Trump? We talk with Shakespeare artists and administrators Kate Powers, Amy Wratchford, Mya Gosling, and Mac MacDaniel about productions they’d like to see during the next four years … Continue reading

Episode 531. Thinking Shakespeare’s Text  

Scott Parkinson is one of the truly great American interpreters of Shakespeare, and certainly the only one we know personally who will talk to us. While chatting about his recent Writers Theatre production of Julius Caesar (which he adapted, co-directed, and … Continue reading

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