Reid This Reid That

Reid This Reid That

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Reid This Reid That is a podcast hosted by play cousins Jacque Reid and Joy-Ann Reid who happen to be professional journalists that you may have heard of... or not. Anywho, we cover pop culture, politics and black girl magic all while having fun.


Excuse me, there's a toe in my cocktail  

Jacque and Joy-Ann get personal and share how Reid This/Reid That became a show.  More game show antics with Real News/Fake News.

Don’t Piss Off Jesus, Santa or Al Roker  

  Jacque and Joy-Ann discuss Hurricanes Irma and Harvey, and why some people don’t  evacuate.  They also talk about the possibility of a Black woman becoming a member of the British royals and Black Girl Magic at the US Open.  Fox News Host Eboni K. Williams stops by the studio to talk about confronting Trump and the death threats that followed.  And Joy-Ann welcomes Jacque to the Insomniacs club.

Wait... Is That Jacque, Joy Ann, Nina or Tamron??  

Joy-Ann and Jacque break down the GOT season finale, and interview guests Rev Al Sharpton and actress/director Tasha Smith.

My Brother's Keeper  

Jacque and Joy-Ann welcome their brothers in the business, Ed Gordon, Jawn Murray and Don Lemon. They discuss Ed's controversial interview with Omarosa and the emotional toll covering race and hate takes on Black journalists.

Our Black Girls Rock  

Joy-Ann and Jacque talk about hair issues, Dave Chappelle and the latest Game Of Thrones.  Also special guests Congresswoman Maxine Waters talks Trump and her love for Tupac, and the ladies dig deep into #noconfederate and Black Twitter with April Reign. 

Why Are You Orange?  

The Daily Show correspondent Roy Wood Jr. joins Jacque and Joy-Ann to discuss hot topics Reclaiming My Time, Praise Dancing to Jay Z, Trump Phone Call Leaks and Politicon.  Also actor Laz Alonzo stopped by to talk about his role in the powerful new movie Detroit and R Kelly interrupts the studio.

Manicures, Madames and Squeezing balls  

In Episode 4, Joy-Ann and Jacque discuss OJ’s release, how the struggle for well manicured nails is real and why you need to see the new movie Girls Trip.  The Reid girls also get an education from the author of Black People’s Guide to Game of Thrones and this weeks celebrity game show host reveals her secret life as a Madame.

The Aunties go to Westeros  

Jacque and Joy Ann prepare for Game of Thrones.  Guest Rolonda Watts talks comedy and her first novel.  Joy Ann takes Trump to West Indies.

In the beginning there was Irv Gotti and a little Trump  

Joy-Ann and Jacque interview media mogul Irv Gotti about his new tv series, Tales, on BET and the relaunch of  Murder Inc records.

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