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Episode 515: Tim Tebow  

This week, we talk with college football legend, author, broadcaster and baseball player Tim Tebow about overcoming disappointment, finding your identity outside of outward success and his new book “Shaken.” We also hear some painfully hilarious Halloween horror stories from listeners, discuss why election season is so stressful, talk about how Lil Wayne almost had a dramatic career change and give you some idea for spicing up your big “harvest party.”

Episode 514: Chris Thile  

This week, we talk with musician Chris Thile, the Nickel Creek member who’s taking the reins of the iconic public radio show "A Prairie Home Companion" this weekend. We discuss what it’s like filling the shoes left by Garrison Keillor, why he thinks Radiohead would be a great fit on the show and how the weekly broadcast is like a church service. We also meet two new members of the RELEVANT team, have a special sequel to the Town Hall debate (The Reckoning!), see what Nic Cage is up to, discuss the possibility of aliens and a lot more!

Episode 513: David Oyelowo & Jonathan David and Melissa Helser  

This week, we talk with actor David Oyelowo about his powerful new film "Queen of Katwe" and the role that faith plays in his life and career. Husband and wife singer/songwriter duo Jonathan David and Melissa Helser also join us to talk about modern worship and their new album out now, "Beautiful Surrender." We also hear the new song from Lecrae and Leon Bridges, discuss Hillsong New York’s stand for Black Lives Matter, learn about how the discovery of a 2,700-year-old toilet confirms an obscure Bible story and a lot more!

Episode 512: Derek Minor  

This week, we talked with hip-hop artist Derek Minor about his EP "1014," the state of modern hip-hop and why Christians can not be silent about racial injustice. Also, Science Mike McHargue joins us for discussions about the Snap Spectacles, the world’s largest telescope, the merits of Arrested Development and more. The gang also plays a new fall TV-themed game, listen to Bieber lead worship and find out what science tells us about why so many people are interested in celebrity news.

Episode 511: Crowder & Matthew Soerens  

This week, Crowder performs songs from his new album “American Prodigal” live from the studio. We also talk with Matthew Soerens, the US Director of Church Mobilization for World Relief and the co-author of “Seeking Refuge: On the Shores of the Global Refugee Crisis,” about how you can help some of the world’s most vulnerable communities. The gang also talks about the evolution of late-night comedy and the war on drugs. They discuss Andy Mineo’s beef with “Esquire” magazine, learn about a dental industry conspiracy and a lot more!

Episode 510: Lauren Daigle & Hasan Minhaj  

This week, Grammy-nominated singer Lauren Daigle stops by to perform songs off of her album "How Can It Be." We also talk with Senior Daily Show correspondent and comedian Hasan Minhaj about race, religion and his new one-man show “Homecoming King." The gang also discusses how George Clooney’s organization uncovered corruption fueling war in South Sudan, the new "Wrinkle in Time" movie adaptation, burrito drones, politics in the pulpit and a whole lot more.

Episode 509: Banning Liebscher and All Sons & Daughters  

This week, the worship music duo All Sons & Daughters stop by to perform songs off their brand new album Poets & Saints. Also, Jesus Culture Sacramento Pastor Banning Liebscher discusses the powerful message behind his new book, Rooted: The Hidden Places Where God Develops You.

The gang also discusses the new show from the Mythbusters team, the food waste crisis, underwater robot drones, an exciting new venture in the goggle business and a lot more!

Episode 508: Leagues  

This week, we talk with Leagues frontman Thad Cockrell about the band's upcoming album “Alone Together,” what it’s like following up a hit debut and why music can change the way people think about social issues. We also take a look at the brand new issue of RELEVANT featuring “Ben-Hur” star Jack Huston, recap Cameron’s trip to Hawaii to see the Mars simulation dome (seriously!), debate the merits of preheating, learn about Pharrell’s church background and have a couple of experts (Science Mike and Shauna Niequist) call in to set us straight on a few things.

Episode 507: Nate Bargatze  

This week, we’re joined by comedian Nate Bargatze who discusses his faith, what it’s like to perform on "The Tonight Show," his worst gig ever and more. Also, the gang talks about what your Instagram feed says about your mental health, why Jim Gaffigan is ending his show, pizza delivery drones and a lot more!

Episode 506: Colony House & Rick Warren  

This week, Colony House joins us to talk about their upcoming album “Only the Lonely.” Also, author and pastor Rick Warren discusses how Christians can navigate these politically polarizing times. Cameron and Eddie recap their epic visit to an auction at Orlando’s “Holy Land Experience” theme park, we discuss the legacy of DJ Official, break down the latest update from Making a Murderer, find out why the Pope is throwing pizza parties and much more!

Episode 505: Hillsong United  

This week, we sit down with Hillsong United to discuss their upcoming documentary “Let Hope Rise" from filmmaker Michael John Warren (the director of Jay Z’s “Fade to Black”) and the global worship movement. Cameron and Jesse also recap their annual visit to Lollapalooza, and we listen to some of their favorite bands they saw at the festival. Also, our old friend Calvin joins us to discuss the most inefficient Olympic swimming methods, drones, how to add two years onto your life and much more!

Episode 504: Shauna Niequist  

This week, author and speaker Shauna Niequist discusses the importance of slowing down, why the idea of ‘efficiency’ is overrated and her new book Present Over Perfect. We’re also joined by a special guest co-host “Science” Mike McHargue, who not only sets us straight on our misconceptions about everything from sleep to narwhals, but also talks about the story behind his upcoming book Finding God in the Waves.

Also the gang unravels the floss conspiracy that’s rocked the dental world and we discuss Chris Pratt praying for people on Twitter and much more.

Episode 503: Os Guinness  

This week on the podcast, we talk with author and the social critic Os Guinness about the challenges—and opportunities—facing Christians in the 21-century, digital world. Jesse introduces a groundbreaking new game (called Shark Tank Rejects). We discuss open marriages, weird Fresh Prince of Bel-Air mashups, basketball legend Michael Jordan and much, much more.

Episode 502: Jon Foreman & Jeremy Courtney  

This week on the show, Switchfoot frontman Jon Foreman tells us about his five all-time favorite songs that should be on your summer playlist and Preemptive Love Coalition founder Jeremy Courtney discusses the escalating violence in Iraq—and how you can help. We also hear about the hazards of the ‘Pokemon Go’ craze, figure out how to improve the game of golf, discuss bullying on Twitter and much more!

Episode 501: Chuck Klosterman & Lisa Sharon Harper  

This week, we talk to culture critic and author Chuck Klosterman about his new book on the nature of truth. It’s a fascinating conversation, especially for Christians. Also, activist and author Lisa Sharon Harper joins us to talk about gaining a new understanding of biblical justice. And of course, Pokemon Go makes an appearance.

Episode 500: Scott Harrison  

It's the 500th episode of the RELEVANT Podcast, and to celebrate we recorded this episode 100% live and uncut in front of a studio audience. Charity: water founder Scott Harrison joins us to talk about their incredible work ... and about Trapped in the Cage, Jesse's "psychological endurance challenge" to raise money to build wells. He'll be watching Nicolas Cage movies for 24 straight hours (you can follow along at A lot of crazy stuff happens on this episode -- it's a fitting way to celebrate the big 5-0-0.

Episode 499: NEEDTOBREATHE  

This week, NEEDTOBREATHE frontman Bear Rinehart discusses the five songs that changed his life and influenced his songwriting. We also play our epic annual Fourth of July game: “Indie Rock Band or Firework,” the editors take you behind the scenes of the new issue of RELEVANT and we give some very important updates about the 500th episode recording.

Also, we let you know about the latest developments in our upcoming "Trapped in the Cage" challenge, where Jesse will be locked in a room watching nothing but Nicolas Cage movies for 24 hours straight to raise money for charity: water. Don’t miss it!

Episode 499: Social Club Misfits  

This week, hip-hop duo Social Club Misfits joins us to discuss their influences, their latest album “The Misfit Generation” and the messages behind their music. We also talk with Dr. Russell Moore, president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, about how to maintain your convictions in an era of hostile political rhetoric. The gang listens to yacht rock Bieber remixes, gives an update on a modern-day Noah’s ark and much more! Also, don’t miss an important update about our upcoming 500th episode recording and the Trapped in the Cage fundraising event.

Episode 498: Hillsong Young & Free  

This week, we’re joined by Orlando-area pastors Cole NeSmith (City Beautiful Church), Josh Turner (Celebration Church Orlando) and Justin Johnson (One Church) to discuss the tragic shooting that occurred last weekend at a local gay nightclub, how the community has responded and how you can help those affected. Hillsong Young & Free joins us to talk about the deeper meanings behind songs on their latest album “Youth Revival,” and our old friend Adam Smith stops by to help us breakdown the Curry 2 dad shoes, rank America’s “worst” states and hear your ideas for the coming “Locked in the Cage” challenge.

Episode 497: Dustin Kensrue and 'The Conjuring 2' Writers  

This week, we talk with Thrice frontman Dustin Kensrue about the band’s hit new album “To Be Everywhere Is to Be Nowhere,” its political undertones and how his experience at Mars Hill shaped some of the songs. We chat with screenwriters Chad and Carey Hayes about how they incorporate their faith into horror films, including this week’s new release “The Conjuring 2.” The gang also reveals our big plans for the upcoming 500th episode and Chandler stars in the single most awkward segment we’ve ever produced. Trust us, this is one you’re going to remember.

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