Religion and Ethics Report - Separate stories podc

Religion and Ethics Report - Separate stories podc


Separate stories: Make sense of today's complex world with ABC Radio National's Religion and Ethics Report. Join Andrew West for lively interviews, discussions and debates from Australia and around the globe. Published every Wednesday.


Aussies and Islamophobia: defying stereotypes  

The results of a recent survey into attitudes on Islam will surprise you.

Turkey's future:  A more strident nationalism and  Islam?  

Is this the end of a state that’s still officially secular?

A grim forecast for the future of the Church of England  

Can the Church of England do anything about the decline it's facing?

Mark Shriver: testing the Vatican's commitment to change  

A son of America’s most famous Catholic family sets out to uncover the real Pope Francis and rebuild his own battered faith.

The Benedict Option  

Political fights over abortion and culture wars have distracted Christians for 40 years. Is it time to get back to basics?

The extraordinary courage and love of Mohamed Bzeek  

An Easter story that will humble us all – the only man in a city of six million people who’s willing to foster dying children.

Aftermath of the Coptic Church bombings: Melancholia 's claws has tightened its grip says Muslim scholar  

In two Egyptian churches last weekend, Coptic Christians were praying at Palm Sunday services.

Do the media hate the Church?  

Do Australian Christians see themselves as victims of the press and popular culture?

Islam is everybody's business: Professor Clive Kessler  

Are there, indeed, should there be any limits to the discussion of Islam?

Ayaan  Hirsi-Ali and Australian Muslim women  

Even as Ayaan Hirsi Ali, high-profile enemy of radical Islam, cancels her visit to Australia, she’s raising hell among her critics.

Broken Rites: Unearthing sexual abuse in the Church  

Public hearings end this week at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. Churches face a huge reform task.

Australian Church solidarity with persecuted religious minorities in the middle east  

Should we stay or should we go? The horrible choice for religious minorities facing death in the homelands they still love.

Taking faith and justice to the community  

The next generation of black politicians are drawing on their deep history of fighting for civil and economic rights

Is Birmingham a troubled city?  

Is the UK's second largest city getting a bad rap for the radicalisation of people like Khalid Masood?

If the problem's not  celibacy, then what is it?  

What explains sex abuse in Anglican, Uniting and Jehovah's Witnesses churches?

The scars of mandatory detention  

In the baking heat of the South Australian desert, a 5-year-old girl witnesses the most shocking chapter in Australia's refugee history.

The culture war of marriage equality in Australia  

What's wrong with business taking a stand on a social issue?

Steve Bannon,  Pope Francis and Vatican conspiracies  

Barack Obama has been accused of hacking and wiretapping the election campaign of Donald Trump – even though there’s no evidence. Now, the latest conspiracy theory has the former US president bringing down Pope Benedict XVI and replacing him with a pope more sympathetic to the Obama agenda.

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