Religion and Ethics Report - Separate stories podc

Religion and Ethics Report - Separate stories podc


Separate stories: Make sense of today's complex world with ABC Radio National's Religion and Ethics Report. Join Andrew West for lively interviews, discussions and debates from Australia and around the globe. Published every Wednesday.


Is the Church of England dying?  

Can the Church of England do anything about the decline it's facing?

The hypersexual world and its impact on young girls and boys  

Kerryn Baird the wife of the NSW premier is leading a campaign to fight the sexual exploitation of girls in commerce and pop culture.

Mona Siddiqui on  the UK's Sharia Councils and the crisis of violence in Muslim communities  

Professor Mona Siddiqui is well-known for confronting extremism in the Islamic world and she is in Australia as a guest of the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture at Charles Sturt University.

The impasse on same-sex marriage  

Is gay marriage on hold until the next federal election?

Culture wars and the Colombia peace deal  

Why did the Colombian people reject a peace deal that would have ended years of armed struggle with the leftist group, FARC?

David Gushee on Christian anxieties about the US culture  

American theologian David Gushee defies cliché. He’s liberal and conservative, and he discusses his new book, A Letter To My Anxious Christian Friends.

Do half of Australians really think we should stop Muslim immigration?  

Peter Lewis, one of Australia’s top pollsters, on how to make sense of the startling survey that found 49 percent of Australians said they supported a ban on Muslim immigration

What constitutes a Church? Scientology in Australia  

It insists it’s a church. Its ministers call themselves “reverend”. A sci-fi book is the holy text. Its symbol bears a striking resemblance to a cross. But is it all Ron’s great con?

Women over 55 increasingly homeless  

Why are 5000 older women around the country homeless?

Is Trump losing the religious right?  

Why are some traditional, conservative Christians moving away from Trump?

Jane Goodall: Witness to war and messenger for peace  

Dr Jane Goodall, renowned primatologist and UN Messenger for Peace is convinced war affects us all including animals and the environment. .

A just redress scheme for victims  of child sexual abuse  

Are state governments moving too slowly to set up a proper compensation scheme for victims of institutional sex abuse?

High profile Catholics demand the Church change on contraception  

Was the famous papal statement in 1968, Of Human Life, mistaken on contraception?

The ethics of artificial intelligence  

Will the computers and robots taking our jobs, ever have their own...ethics?

What a difference a border makes?  

In an arc that stretched from the beaches of Tunisia to the downtown of Bahrain, crowds rose up demanding change, in what came to be known as the Arab Spring. But something went wrong.

Are we seeing an historic rapprochement between the Vatican and China?  

The Vatican is the only western state not to have diplomatic relations with China. But about 15 million Catholics live in China and Pope Francis is determined to end their isolation.

Religious groups lead the world on fossil fuel divestment  

Faith based groups are getting onboard with climate action

A failure of leadership  

What might be the patterns of offending against children in the Catholic Maitland-Newcastle Diocese in NSW? And why did the church leadership fail to protect children? We take a look at the Royal Commission Into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

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