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Richard Herring's Edinburgh Fringe Podcast

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Richard Herring presented a daily podcast from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2011, 2012 and 2013. The hour-long shows featured big name special guests, gossip, swearing, lies, prizes and surprises! The show is back for three 2017 specials!


2017 #1: Doug Anthony All Stars  

RHEFP 2017 #1: The Doug Anthony All Stars - The Boy Who Cried Batman. The King has returned and he's at the spooky New Theatre Grand Hall where the Masons get up to all sorts of mysterious time-travelling. And Richard is very excited to be welcoming comedy legends the Doug Anthony All Stars, Paul, Tim and Paul. There's lots of chat about the Edinburgh Fringe of the eighties, the point where comedy and tragedy meet, what happens when you become the carer for your comedy partner, what happens if you never wash your clothes, the Doug who became a diplomat, how Jerry Sadowitz terrorised the public, and curing rectal cancer. Sorry the first minute or so got lost, but I have attempted to recreate it (and it was nothing of any worth). Plus there's a beautiful song at the end which is going to leave you wondering why the audience is laughing, but suffice to say what was happening was very funny indeed. Come and see the next two podcasts recorded. Buy tickets here: See Richard's stand up show Oh Frig I'm 50 at the Pleasance at 7.30pm: See The DAAS at the Pleasance at 10pm:

2013 #25: Jason Manford and Wayne Mazadza  

RHEFP 2013 #25: Jason Manford and Wayne Mazadza - The Final Curtain? After 75 mostly audible hours of entertainment Richard is hanging up his badger sporran and relinquishing his monarchy of Edinburgh for the last time. And he's going out in style with a man who has had lunch with Gino and Mel, Jason Manford. They chat about gate-crashing Ramadan, how to crash a car, having sex with a Dalek (for old time's sake) and how the Stig saved Manford's life. Plus growing up in the Triangle of Death, what happens when a logger meets a logger and mentoring Jack Carroll from Britain's Got Talent. Is it easier to entertain the troops or the Taliban. Find out in this last ever RHEFP! With groceries, champagne and Scotch money on offer as prizes for the winner of the competition. With stand up from the Stand barman and future star Wayne Madadza. Thanks to everyone at the Stand for all the help and a wonderful month. Shall we do it again next year? Buy something from or sponsor Rich at if you've enjoyed the last 3 years and over 3 solid days of entertainment. Goodbye Edinburgh 2013. It's been a blast.

2013 #24: Baconface, Simon Donald and Jarlath Regan  

RHEFP 2013 #24: Baconface, Simon Donald and Jarlath Regan - It's All Bacon. Richard reveals that tomorrow's podcast will almost certainly be the last RHEFP (rhefp) ever, so if you have enjoyed these 75 hours of free goodness and resent giving him any money, then why not sponsor Rich on a potentially fatal attempt to run a half-marathon in 5 weeks time via Simon Donald is the first guest and the discussion turns to what constitutes heterosexuality in Newcastle, rivalry with Gateshead, Big Feasts and Biggins and whether F*ckwits is a gameshow or a panel show. Stand-up comes from the fabulous Jarlath Regan. Then mysterious cult Canadian comedian Baconface is on hand to discuss bacon, the best way to adhere it to your face, what to do when it falls off and whether there are any practical post-face applications. Also his view on Bigfoot, the Foster's Comedy Awards and Stewart Lee who appears to have stolen a lot of his act. There is a surprising chemistry between the pair, given they have just met.

2013 #23: Caroline Rhea, Barry from Watford and Alex Edelman  

RHEFP 2013 #23: Caroline Rhea, Barry from Watford and Alex Edelman - Going Down On Colin. Richard is waiting for the Perrier people to turn up with his Spirit of the Fringe award, but the only person winning anything today is Colin, who in his last appearance is festooned with gifts. Though some of them will be stolen by first guest Caroline Rhea (pronounced Ray, apparently) who is on hand to talk about animatronic cats, swearing Scottish children and Larry David's inability to tell a knock, knock joke. And does she walk off the podcast? Or is she just going to catch her cab? You decide. Fellow American Alex Edelman provides the stand-up, before true blue Brit, Barry from Watford, comes on to talk about his wife, pies, Steve Wright, Iain Lee and Nicholas Parsons. It's getting a little raggedy round the edges, but the end is in sight now. Will the next two be the last ever RHEFPs?

2013 #22: Ed Byrne, Bridget Christie and Luke Wright  

RHEFP 2013 #22: Ed Byrne, Bridget Christie and Luke Wright - Slithery Calves. Rich is worried about the bullying that Chelsea Manning might be getting in prison, but is relieved to see Colin is still alive (if he was ever alive). His first guest is Ed Byrne who knows the correct pronunciation of Sudoku and is very happy to talk about Pointless for a long time. It might not be entertaining for you, but Richard is very happy to be there. Also what is it like spending your life looking quite like Richard's best friend from school? Ed is unable to really comment on that (even though he does). And there's more discussion of Doctors and breaking America. Luke Wright is here with a poem. And then Bridget Christie turns up to chat about her blitz on lads' mags, her calamitous time as a farm hand, the Daily Mail and being the Great Fire of London. And amazingly Richard turns out to be the only interviewer who doesn't really mention the elephant in the room (which is a rare thing, even when the elephant's wife is not around).

2013 #21: Paul Putner, Scroobius Pip and Sarah Campbell  

RHEFP 2013 #21: Paul Putner, Scroobius Pip and Sarah Campbell - Just A Band. Rich starts by praising the many toilet-seat wee-ers that Edinburgh seems to attract for their amazingly committed work and spots some celebrity lookalikes in the audience. Then he chats to Paul Putner about the Curious Orange, Little Britain and Glam Metal Detectives being the new Monty Python. And how an appearance in a Tango ad started the ball rolling. Stand-up comes from Sarah Campbell. And then Scroobius Pip discusses how he set fire to a hobby horse in a container without any thought for personal safety, all the secret work he does for charity and whether Purple Ronnie is a massive influence on his work. Plus whether it's effective to warn people about swearing in shows by more or less pointing out which swear words you can expect.

2013 #20: Mark Thomas, Rob Delaney and Chris Stokes  

RHEFP 2013 #20: Mark Thomas, Rob Delaney and Chris Stokes - Pointless. Rich is a little weary and struck down by awards day depression and annoyed by journalists spotting themes from too small a selection of shows and top 10 joke competitions. He also has a theory about what might have happened to Colin. His guests are a busy (and slightly late) Mark Thomas, who is dashing around Edinburgh like a (living) blue-arsed fly protesting and demoing and being active. He chats about the shows he has seen, whilst Rich has just been watching telly, and disses Rich's Pick N Mix protests and lack of ambition. But is interested to hear who will be looking after today's racists when they are old. Stand-up comes from Chris Stokes, who was not sexually harassed during the show whatever he tells you or the police. Then bearded American Rob Delaney comes on to chat about board games, pubic trimming, how to react to award nominations and how Wikipedia can get things wrong. A rare (for this Fringe) clumsy and awkward day from Rich, but the guests are terrific so you'll still enjoy it.

2013 #19: Peacock and Gamble and Dana Alexander  

RHEFP 2013 #19: Peacock and Gamble and Dana Alexander - Double Bumhole. Richard is concerned about all the people calling him 'The Spirit of the Fringe' this year. Come on people, that's for the corporate awards committees to decide, not you. He's tired out and dreaming of dangerous balloon rides with derivative double acts. And then his dreams come partly true as Proctor and Gamble arrive. The talk starts with bumholes and descends from there. Find out about Peacock's Muppet collection, his love of Les Dawson and a synopsis of his appearance on Doctors. Gamble chats about having a non-functioning pancreas, his love of the work of Richard Herring and how Peacock groomed him. Both of them admit that Richard is much better at comedy and podcasting than them and agree to retire. With stand-up from Dana Alexander. It's the last Tuesday! Hooray!

2013 #18: Alexei Sayle and David Kay  

RHEFP 2013 #18: Alexei Sayle and David Kay - In a Cupboard with Lembit Opik. Richard has finally committed murder at the Fringe and is wondering if something similar happened to Lady Di (though hopefully no Cif was used then). He's very excited to be chatting to legendary stand-up Alexei Sayle about Carry On Columbus, how he nearly ended up as a Golden Girl, how the attempt to heal the rift with Ben Elton led to another rift and how Benny Hill ended up with Alexei's Emmy! We get some really good insights into the mind of a genius comedian (and Alexei says some stuff as well... Ha ha I am funny). With scone-based humour from David Kay. Think you'll enjoy this one!

2013 #17: Al Murray, Paul Provenza, Sally Anne Hayward  

RHEFP 2013 #17: Al Murray, Paul Provenza, Sally Anne Hayward - Pissing on Thackeray's Grave. Richard is surprised by a treasure found in his charity bucket and annoyed by middle lane drivers. But he is soon cheered up by a menage a trois with a couple of Muppets, Paul Provenza and Al Murray. What is it acceptable to say on Twitter? Can a joke make you drown? Who was best, Dickens or Thackeray? Will Sky Atlantic broadcast Richard discussing eating Jesus' foreskin? Why are all the Edinburgh posters so lame and do they influence the public? Why are there so many people in Pub Landlord costumes in Edinburgh? Did the bean-faced postman ever score with Janet the barmaid? And are comedians allowed an opinion? With stand-up from Sally Anne Hayward. To buy a T-shirt or Hoodie or mug with a RHEFP or ham hand design (more variety to be added soon) visit

2013 #16: Colt Cabana, Fred MacAulay and Nadia Kamil  

RHEFP 2013 #16: Colt Cabana, Fred MacAulay and Nadia Kamil - Flying Asshole. Richard is annoyed that terrorists have been nicking his ideas for atrocities by considering putting bombs in boobs, but is glad to see that Colin is back so hasn't died (but then is it possible for a ghost to die?). It's a podcast of contrasts with wrestler Colt Cabana discussing nearly coming face to face with a maniac with a gun, what happens if you wrestle a 9 year-old girl and the power of podcasting. Birthday girl Nadia Kamil has a feminist rap for your delight. And then Fred MacAulay is on hand to discuss jurisprudence, accountancy, Scottish independence and being a rector. He also says some words that you won't ever hear him utter on his radio show. And Richard discusses why he was sacked by Lorraine Kelly. I don't think there will be a more eclectic mixture of guests and stories on this podcast. If you want it to survive to its fourth series then please show your support by purchasing something from

2013 #15: Ardal O'Hanlon, Terry Alderton and Zoe Lyons  

RHEFP 2013 #15: Ardal O'Hanlon, Terry Alderton and Zoe Lyons - Patrick the Cement Mixer. Richard has lifted out of his fatigue and feels energised and ready to face another podcast and it's a fantastic line-up. First is Terry Alderton who vividly remembers how much Richard enjoyed his 1999 Perrier nominated show (not very much). He discusses his comedic reinvention, an appearance on Doctors that he had forgotten about and his love of Andy Kaufman. Stand-up from the fabulous Zoe Lyons. Then Ardal O'Hanlon chats about being in Blessed, how he got the part of Father Dougal and his family history. And of course Robbie the Reindeer and Scottish independence.

2013 #14: Paul Foot, Sean Hughes and Benny Boot  

RHEFP 2013 #14: Paul Foot, Sean Hughes and Benny Boot - Abattoir. Richard is mildly hungover and grumpy and though he threatens to do 'A Baconface' the show must go on. First up is Paul Foot who talks about Russell Brand, pantomime cows, part of his life flashing before his eyes and the things that he wakes up thinking about that disturb him. Stand-up comes from Benny Boot. And then Sean Hughes chats about his nursing career, his transvestism and his brushes with death and tsunamis. Then the two of them form an amusing double act to take us to a shambolic competition. Most of the shows were like this last year, it's amazing that we've got this far without one this time! Warning! There is an audiophile in the audience.

2013 #13: Sarah Millican and Geoff Norcott  

RHEFP 2013 #13: Sarah Millican and Geoff Norcott - Round Three. Richard uses the podcast as an opportunity to send a sincere get well message to an ailing performer and tries to quash the ludicrous Spirit of the Fringe rumours that are being bandied around about him before introducing a woman who is more adversary than guest. They chat about Geordie Shore, Cameron Diaz, Michael McIntyre's tennis court and the fact that this is date 3 for them, with all the horrific implications. Will the feuding comedians finally admit their love or will one of them get a court order against the other? And who will be declared the winner of this bout? Geoff Norcott provides comedy from an unusual perspective.

2013 #12: Bo Burnham, Milton Jones and Paul Gannon  

RHEFP 2013 #12: Bo Burnham, Milton Jones and Paul Gannon - Deus Ex Machina. Apologies to completists, but the first couple of minutes of today's podcast got lost in a recording malfunction, but only cos Jerry spotted it was recording wrong, so in fact the majority has been saved, rather than a little bit lost. Hopefully from thereon in it's OK as Rich chatted to Milton Jones about whether comedians need writers, Planet Mirth, Celebrity Mastermind and Christianity. Paul Gannon comes on to do a set about ghosts, before a now non-jet-lagged Bo Burnham finally makes an appearance to discuss how it's possible for the internet to turn you into a global megastar (nonsense), who chose the paint in his bedroom, cockroaches in his sink and offensiveness in comedy (real, imagined and made-up). If anyone has illegally taped the show the lost bit may be reattached, but otherwise only the people who were actually there will get to witness an underwhelming piece of non-magic and hear about the Me1 Vs Me2 Snooker Podcast (also available on British Comedy Guide and iTunes).

2013 #11: Hannibal Buress, Greg Proops and Lost Voice Guy  

RHEFP 2013 #11: Hannibal Buress, Greg Proops and Lost Voice Guy - Imaginary Ocelot. Day 12 of the Fringe and Richard seems to have lost the ability to speak. Which would be a problem if he didn't have such eloquent guests. First up is a jet-lagged (take note Bo Burnham) Hannibal Buress who talks about being a bum, why the actors on Saturday Night Live don't learn their lines and his attitude towards napkins. There's five minutes of stand-up from Lost Voice Guy, a stand-up who can't speak. Beat that! And then Greg Proops is on hand to discuss taking a drug, what happens to us when we die and why he feels the need to document his whole life via podcast, the loser. Also a special appearance from Me2, advising people not to come to the live Me1 Vs Me2 Snooker frame on 12th August at Assembly 3 at 9.30pm. ( And there's a day off tomorrow for you to catch up!

2013 #10: Michael Legge, David O'Doherty and Felicity Ward  

RHEFP 2013 #10: Michael Legge, David O'Doherty and Felicity Ward - Orangeman's Day. Richard is a bit frazzled and confused as the daily grind of two shows a day starts to take its toll, but a podcast full of comedy talent will revive him. Plus he's just seen Clare Grogan in the street. Michael Legge is back as a last minute replacement for a jet-lagged Bo Burnham (he'll be on the show on Tuesday), chosen as the comedian who is most similar to the YouTube sensation and not because he was the only comic on Twitter at 9 this morning. He has more stories of being mistaken for the other Michael Legge (from Angela's Ashes), confused women in train stations and his love for Mrs Brown's Boys. Then there's five minutes stand-up from the brilliant Mary Poppins hating Felicity Ward, before David O'Doherty arrives to tell us about his stolen bike wheel, what happens when you try to cash a giant novelty cheque and how he's managed to create 12 Fringe shows in as many years, which should shut Rich up for a bit. With added feedback to annoy the audiophiles and help pinpoint them to the police when they complain. Plus a profound and beautiful song about life. A right cracker in fact.

2013 #09: Omid Djalili, Ben Moor and Michael J Dolan  

RHEFP 2013 #9: Omid Djalili, Ben Moor and Michael J Dolan - Positivity. Richard is excited by the news of pregnant pandas in Edinburgh zoo and has a suspicion who the father may be, but there's not time to hang around, with two guests who both appeared in the Heath Ledger film, Casanova. First up is the upside-down banana eater and Rich's 2013 flat mate Ben Moor. They chat about Keith Allen sabotaging the Oxford Revue 1988, Planet Mirth and stamped on Twixes, before Ben dashes off to appear in his fabulous one man show, Each of Us. Then after some fine stand-up from Michael J Dolan, second guest Omid Djalili talks about being the new Nadim Sawalha, a fat Picasso and what it's like stepping into the shoes of God (or Morgan Freeman anyway) and how Oliver Reed grabbing his balls indirectly led to him one day getting a free takeaway. Also find out how to steal a bottle of wine, Herring style.

2013 #08: Janey Godley, Ashley Storrie and Doug Segal  

RHEFP 2013 #8: Janey Godley, Ashley Storrie and Doug Segal - Hologram Colin. After over a week of the Fringe, Rich is perhaps a little weary, but glad to see some regulars in the front row and to have actual copies of his new DVD, Talking Cock ( His guests are mother and daughter stand-ups and podcasters, Janey Godley and Ashley Storrie whose family are responsible for both almost destroying the UK economy and multiplying UFO sightings, amongst many other things. Hear about Jerry Sadowitz's first gig, living with Aspergers and a discussion on why men feel the need to get their cocks out. Two funny, opinionated and loquacious women, which suits Rich who enjoys the rest. Mind magic from Doug Segal.

2013 #07: Ian Lavender, Tony Law and Carey Marx  

RHEFP 2013 #7: Ian Lavender, Tony Law and Carey Marx - Molly Sugden's Space Pussy. A week into the Fringe and madness may be descending. An exuberant Tony Law has been celebrating having someone to help him look after his children by making a night of it. And the night might still be going on. It's hard to tell, as he's always like this. But will mixing a pumped up Law with a quietly spoken (possibly too quietly spoken to be heard) Ian Lavender cause them to reach the same level or explode? Nothing makes sense any more, but there's a lot of stuff about Mary Beard and owls and the Who and then some slightly less insane (but only by comparison) information about Goodnight Sweetheart, Molly Sugden, Elke Somer in a shower and whether a forty year old catchphrase has ever made Lavender snap. Or will being sandwiched between a bickering Law and Herring be enough. Fantastic stand-up interspersed between the mayhem from Carey Marx.

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