Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast

Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast

United Kingdom

A podcast in which Richard Herring chats with some of the biggest names in comedy, with guest spots from some of the best new stand-up comics.


RHLSTP 140 - Andrew Collins  

RHLSTP #140: Andrew Collins - Frog Tape. Richard is over excited to find people 2/5ths of his age in the front row and tries to forget he is on the verge of his sixth decade. He's gone against the advice of last week's podcast and had a drink, and so has his guest, it's Classic FM's Andrew Collin(g)s. It's the first time the pair have spoken in over 60 months and it would be foolish to deny that there might be come tensions bubbling beneath (and all over) the surface, but there's still time for some banter that will take you back to the glory days of 2008-2011. Armed with emergency questions and an emergency folder of cherished tabloid memories the pair attempt to discuss the country's worst serial killers, the Mitfords, the evil of Cecil Parkinson, the debt they owe each other, the unresolved sexual tension (at least at the start of the evening), the disappointment of Northampton, decent and indecent proposals, whether it's OK to add cartoons to The Human Centipede and what the best kind of tape is. You will laugh, you will wince, you will remember the 1980s, but not possibly as fondly as Collings does. Buy the Emergency Questions book here Check out Richard's Edinburgh and tour dates here

RHLSTP 139 - Zoe Lyons  

RHLSTP #139: Zoe Lyons - The Camaraderie of the Jam Factory. Richard attempts to work out how a waitress in a pizza restaurant with a limited menu might be surprised by every order, before introducing former competent waitress and fudge packer, Zoe Lyons. The chat encompasses Alan Titchmarsh based humiliation, Cherie Blair, the bluntness of the Dutch, almost being the first person to die on reality TV, and performing to Australian miners. Plus travelogues to Alaska and Indiana, Voyager and anally inserted chocolate bars. I mean what more could you possibly wish for. Buy the Emergency Questions book here: Check out Richard's Edinburgh and tour dates here:

RHLSTP 138 - Adam Buxton  

RHLSTP #138: Adam Buxton - How Short Are You That You Can Not Reach? Richard has been gifted an almost free Twirl by the Universe. But has he been moral, immoral or amoral? To help us find out, the first ever three times returning guest on the podcast and multi-award winning podcaster, Adam Buxton. The pair discuss middle-aged confrontations and why the staff at WH Smiths in Cambridge station are maybe overzealous, how Adam appeared like a guardian angel when Richard was in trouble and telepathically summoned him, terror of mortality, what to name a dog, the frustrations of being considered small in stature, what it's like to play a head in a box, how to keep your family alive when everyone expects podcasts to be free, plus a musical finale, which has maybe come a couple of decades too late. If you want to change energy providers and fancy the sound of Richard's recommendation Bulb, then sign up via to give yourself and Richard a £50 credit! Bulb have not paid for or even sought out this recommendation, so Bill Hicks can relax. Buy your own Emergency Questions book at and help fund the filming of this series.

RHLSTP 137 - Jessica Knappett  

RHLSTP #137: Jessica Knappett - Air Mattress. Richard is worried that he smells of cat wee, but he can't let that slow him down, he is chatting to the star of his as un-yet commissioned sitcom (but it will be commissioned in some universe somewhere), Jessica Knappett. Under discussion are the horrors of birth and death, the unfortunate associations that belong to the town of Bingley; what one is supposed to be getting out of a massage; the sweet, sweet taste of very long-term showbiz based revenge; sandwich or tampons; how Jessica fell in love with a man who can play a guitar without even having a guitar; the perils of promotional work; and when it is acceptable to steal from work. Check out future RHLSTPs, stand up gigs and RHEFPs at Buy your own Emergency Questions book at and help fund the filming of this series.

RHLSTP 136 - Joe Thomas  

RHLSTP #136: Joe Thomas - Pasta-based diet. Richard is excited about becoming a father for the second time, but not to witnessing the birth. His guest is, like him, a son of teachers and has a 2:1 degree in history and grew up in a town that begins with the letters Che, it's Joe Thomas. Thomas shows Herring what his life might have been if only he'd been in a hit show, whereas Herring serves as a dire warning for where Thomas could end up if things go wrong for him. They chat about how Joe nearly didn't accept The Inbetweeners job, a radical possible change of direction for the third Inbetweeners movie, whether Jess the Cat has an official role in Postman Pat, the buildings and dead businesses of Chelmsford, why you should watch narrative drama in the correct order, the optimum number of Inbetweeners to appear in a non-Inbetweener project, and get through a fair few questions from the new Emergency Questions book (why not buy your own copy and help us fund the filming for this series of RHLSTP?). Richard is playing the Edinburgh Fringe again this year. Check out for details and preview gigs.

RHLSTP 135 - Paul Merton  

RHLSTP #135: Paul Merton - Waiting For Crawford. It's back for an eleventh series - who keeps commissioning this? - and Richard's new emergency questions are coming true as he's fresh from irking a postman. His guest is someone who he used to only be able to speak to in drunken awe at early 1990s BBC Radio Light Entertainment parties, Paul Merton. They discuss their similarly comedy-nerdy teenage years, the early days of the alternative comedy circuit where Alexei Sayle's stream of swearing might be followed by flying fish or slowly melting ice. Can Paul remember the very first routine that helped him on the road to stardom (and partially define his persona)? - you bet a fortnight's holiday in Benidorm he can, and it's magical! Find out how close he came to death 30 years ago after breaking his leg and how anti-malarial drugs almost broke his brain. I heartily recommend his funny and moving autobiography And if you're in book buying mood why not help us fund these podcasts by purchasing our new Emergency Questions book:

Wells Comedy Festival special: Bec Hill  

Wells Comedy Festival Extra: Bec Hill - Passing The Baton. Rich has risked the wrath of everyone in his home town of Cheddar by travelling beyond the horizon to Wells, where the crazy people dwell, and doing a special podcast for the inhabitants. But don't worry Cheddar - he mocks the Wells insane asylum dwellers and won't let them get away with being called a city. He is armed with a copy, fresh off the presses of the new Emergency Questions book, which will be winging its way to kickstarter backers imminently and be available to buy at gigs and (very soon) from His guest is Australian exponent of the Japanese storytelling technique of Kamishibai, Bec Hill. They discuss what it is like to be married on stage (not to each other); unpleasant experiences with toilet rolls; and the strange way we allow a stranger with an X-Ray machine to focus; Adelaide's tallest building; being halfway somewhere; and find out if Bec has ever irked a postman. Plus some big news for Rich, inevitably sullied by inappropriate chat about genitalia. The new series line-up is almost completely confirmed. Some amazing names coming up in Series 11 - Book tickets here:

RHMOL Extra - Aleks Krotoski  

RHLSTP RHMOL Extra - Aleks Krotoski, the Shape of Things To Come. In the final episode of these retro podcasts, Rich talks to tech expert and geek Aleks about how we can expect things to pan out in the future. If you want to see Rich on his THE BEST tour you only have 30 or so more chances Or help us to make more podcasts by buying a badge (monthly if you dare) here or some tat here RHLSTP returns in June. You can buy tickets to see it here: Monthly badgers get to hear who the guests are before anyone else

RHMOL Extra - Lance Workman  

RHLSTP RHMOL Extra #5: Lance Workman - Good and Evil. In another blast from the past, here's the full length interview with evolutionary psychologist Lance Workman about good and evil. Again, what's coming is going to be as much a surprise to me as it is to you. Except I am not going to listen to it. Come and see Rich on tour: and/or buy a badge to help fund our stupid enterprises:

RHMOL Extra - Nick Lane  

RHLSTP RHMOL Extra - Nick Lane. Here's another retro interview from the Meaning Of Life series. This one is about death and features Nick Lane and, if I am honest with you, I remember nothing at all about it. Not Nick's fault. I was very busy and very tired. I bet it's interesting though. We'll see. If you want to see Rich performing live visit and see if he's coming near to you in the next couple of months. If you want to help us make more podcasts head to or and fill your boots. We're all going to die. So enjoy being alive.

RHMOL Extra - Virginia Ironside  

RHLSTP RHMOL Extra - Virginia Ironside. Richard discusses love with the Agony Aunt who turns out to be his nearby neighbour. They shared a cab home afterwards. Discretion means I can not discuss what happened after that. Buy a badge at See Rich on tour

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RHMOL Extra - Richard Wiseman  

RHLSTP RHMOL Extra - Richard Wiseman. In another old interview from the Meaning Of Life series, Richard chats to Richard Wiseman about ghosts, talking ferrets and things that go bump in the night. Help us make more podcasts by buying a badge at or buying some merch at and help Richard Herring make a living by going to see him on tour Hooray!

RHMOL Extra - Marcus Chown  

RHLSTP RHMOL Extra: Marcus Chown. Rich talks to Marcus about the creation of the universe and whether science knows any more than anyone else. Are there infinite alternate universes and does absolutely everything happen (for no reason)? See Rich on tour: Buy a badge and fund more podcasts: or buy some podcast merch:

RHLSTP 134 - Peter Serafinowicz  

RHLSTP #134: Peter Serafinowicz - Brian Blessed and the Big Foot. It's the final episode of Series 10 of RHLSTP and Rich meets a bearded man who has married to find a partner (find out how he did it nerds). His guest is the laid-back and yet also intense (and rather beautiful) Peter Serafinowicz. They talk about how it's almost impossible to parody the new President of the United States, but the effective way that Peter managed it and his fears and plans should there be repercussions from the thin-skinned bellend. Also lots of chats about the two Brian Bs (Blessed and Butterfield) and how a stellar cast does not always lead to a commission. Plus behind the scenes at Guardians Of The Galaxy and Parks And Recreation and the Pudsey The Dog movie. Incredibly Adam Sandler's The Cobbler and the strange ego of Mr Tumble come up without Richard even mentioning them. See Richard on tour this spring. Check out or buy one of his DVDs or downloads from Check out Eventotron - for all your festival management needs. We'll be back with Series 11 and 12 from June 2017, though we have a few treats in store to fill the intervening weeks. Thanks for supporting this via listening, buying a badge or donating to our kickstarter. Or just by telling your friends about the show. Support our podcast by buying a monthly badge and get access to a secret channel with backstage extras and get entered into a monthly prize draw:

RHLSTP 133 - Lucy Porter  

RHLSTP #133: Lucy Porter - Altercation With A Shepherd. Richard is worried that he's been experimented on by aliens and about whether a litigious Egghead will be coming for him. His guest this week is pocket dynamo, Lucy Porter. They chat about their varying success on quiz shows, how Danny Dyer saved 2016, what it's like being married to a Queen-loving giant and what it's like performing in front of a room full of babies. Also, how Kitchen Karaoke and Rich with his top off led to romance and how a sheep-shearer incensed turned a comedian into a heckler. See Richard on tour this spring. Check out or buy one of his DVDs or downloads from Support our podcast by buying a monthly badge and get access to a secret channel with backstage extras and get entered into a monthly prize draw

RHLSTP 132 - Simon Munnery  

RHLSTP #132: Simon Munnery - Don't Die. Richard quizzes his audience to find how little they have done with their lives, before introducing the comedian's comedian and avant garde comedy genius, Simon Munnery. In a frank interview Simon reveal the unwritten truth of Steve Coogan's 1992 Edinburgh Fringe hospital visit, how Mark Lamarr did the bravest thing ever witnessed on stage, how Simon met his wife as a voice in the darkness during a gig that was spiralling out of control, setting up a restaurant that doesn't serve food, and what it was like to play Malcolm Hardee's legendary Tunnel Club. There's a bit where he looks like he might try to punch Richard to the floor, but instead they settle the battle of the aged Alpha males in the most manly way possible. Munnery is the comedy god, but who is the strongest? It's a thrilling podcast in many ways, and some of it maybe better watched than listened to, but luckily you can do both. See Rich on tour with his best of show:

RHLSTP 131 - Sarah Millican  

RHLSTP #131: Sarah Millican - Old Man's Pants Under The Bed. Rich has just had to stand impassive in a stranger's guff for fear of looking like the one who smelt it and thus dealt it and it's been a bad day all round, but everything should be OK as it's round 5 of the verbal boxing match (that threatens to become a naked wrestling match) with Sarah Millican. They chat about Daniel Craig's bum, who invented the lifeboat, whether we only remember the times we were bullied and not the time we were the bullies, who is the bigger workaholic, whether they should both chuck in their marriages and give it a go together and the brilliant Standard Issue magazine and podcast - Plus stuff about snoring and dirty hotel rooms and the usual fizzling sexual tension which has everyone asking will they or won't they? And Sarah answering, 'No they won't' and Rich saying, 'Oh go on.' See Rich on tour with his best of show -

RHLSTP 130 - Jess Thom  

RHLSTP #130: Jess Thom - Biscuit. Rich meets some people who have never tried sushi before introducing Tourettes Superhero (though that's a secret) Jess Thom. It's a battle to see who will say the most inappropriate thing, but for once Richard is given a run for his money as the pair discuss the facts about Tourettes, the positive effects in terms of creativity, the gatekeeper of the brain and what it's like to be able to inadvertently create brilliant emergency questions. Plus discussion of the new Leicester Square Theatre Stair Robot (which is a real thing, though in this conversation it is sometimes tricky to tell fact from fiction), why not-yet-disabled people are so idiotic and self-defeating when it comes to access and equal rights in general and who it is who needs to a magic drug to cure them. It's a fascinating and hilarious chat with some of the best emergency question answers you are ever going to hear. For Jess' tour dates, amazing questions and brilliant non-sequiturs and according to her much much more head to Check out Richard's tour dates at

RHLSTP 129 - Susan Calman  

RHLSTP #129: Susan Calman - Milk Tart. Weeks have passed for you in the Donald Trump President Elect alternate universe, but this was recorded less than a week after the result and Richard and the world are trying to process what he means. He makes a bold prediction that we can only hope has come to pass, before introducing the never efficiently researched Susan Calman. There's chat about the loneliness of touring, the terror of the new world order and what it might mean for minorities and whether we need more diversity on television. It gets pretty serious in places, but there's lots of fun chat about filthy Miriam Margolyes, having a drink with Cliff Richard, eskimo rolls, Princess Anne's bun and whether it's really necessary to apologise to everyone for absolutely every joke. Support live comedy - more important now than ever. Check out Susan's tour dates at and Richard's tour dates at

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