Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast

Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast

United Kingdom

A podcast in which Richard Herring chats with some of the biggest names in comedy, with guest spots from some of the best new stand-up comics.


RHLSTP 124 - Chris Addison  

RHLSTP #124: Chris Addison - Cut Up By Prince Phillip. Rich discovers that someone from US TV is in the audience and considers sending the guest home so he can audition for a stand-up special, but Chris Addison is backstage and it would be rude to do that after he's bothered to come in. The pair chat about Wikipedia-based factual inaccuracies, the true story of how Chris was nearly Doctor Who, the technical realities of sewing people together anus to mouth, some thoughtful exposition about a world with realistic robots, whether opera is obviously shit or if it's actually good, why American TV produces the results that the UK seemingly can't, as well as having a smack down between the average Herring and Addison fans. And can Rich Columbo Chris at the end? Product placement courtesy of - seriously, check out the guy doing the song about how to play the game. It's magic! Come and see Richard on tour: Or come to RHLSTP or AIOTM live:

RHLSTP 123 - Kerry Godliman  

RHLSTP #123: Kerry Godliman - Over to our Human Centipede Expert. Richard has had his topical comedy well pretty much depleted by recording AIOTM the night before this, but considers creating a new beard-based podcast, but luckily relents to introduce comedian, actor and wannabe humanitarian Kerry Godliman. They discuss working with Christopher Guest, how Richard could have gone to drama school if only he'd been any good at acting, being rescued by a topless lady, how to pronounce taramasalata, whether political comedy is the be-all-and-end-all, and what motivates comedians to do charity. Come and see Richard on tour: Or come to RHLSTP or AIOTM live:

RHLSTP 122 - Tony Robinson  

RHLSTP #122: Tony Robinson - Pissing in the Queen's Flowerbed. There are some fine beards on display in the front row as always, but it's all about the puny moustache that we can see on stage tonight. It's on the face of the first knight to ever appear on RHLSTP, Sir Anthony Robinson. Find out what happened to Fat Tulip's garden, what inspired Maid Marian, why Brian Blessed attempted to make a citizen's arrest on Tony, what happened when Time Team came to Cheddar Gorge and if a knight of the realm has ever tried to suck his own pork sword. Some great stuff about Blackadder and Rowan Atkinson too. Make a donation to Tony's Movember fundraiser here - Brilliant cause. Buy Tony's very entertaining autobiography, 'No Cunning Plan' here - Come and see Richard on tour. Head to and buy his new DVD Happy Now? at

RHLSTP 121 - Will Smith  

RHLSTP #121: Will Smith - Baked Bean Silo. Richard welcomes a newbie audience member from Canada in his usual unpleasant style, before bringing on a man who had the name first, so why should he change it, it's Will Smith (UK). The pair reminisce about forgotten masterpieces Banter and Time Gentlemen Please, before discussing what they would do if they had Adam Sandler's money. Will shows he's still got it when it comes to Six Degrees Of Bergerac, they pitch a lot of genius ideas for Dragon's Den and work out how to have definitely consensual sex with a ghost. There's time to chat about Marillion, how to be a living statue, growing up in Jersey and the move from stand-up to writing Emmy-award winning comedy and novels. Check out Will's fantastic book Mainlander - - And there's more new emergency questions as Richard struggles to get to the ridiculous kickstarter target he has set himself. Check out Richard's tour dates here: Or buy a badge here:

RHLSTP 120 - Caitlin Moran  

RHLSTP #120: Caitlin Moran - Cheese Lollipops. Richard has been filming the Kickstarter extra where he interviews his ventriloquist dummy Ally, and the 125 year-old terrifying monstrosity at the centre of a possible sex crime is introduced to the crowd. Richard's guest is the home-schooled, Benedict Cumberbatch botherer, Caitlin Moran. Caitlin discusses her ambitious plans to kickstart the cancelled yet award-winning Raised By Wolves (, (the show has been bumped up in the schedule so apologies for any minor disruptions of running jokes), how she nearly broke into Kate Moss' house, why you shouldn't give an 18 year-old a TV show, possibly the most unconvincing ghost story so far, and how she used numerology to help her choose her name. Ally has a question about feminism that is very offensive, but you have to remember that he is from another time. There are still four shows left to be filmed. Come along and see it live if you can:

RHLSTP 119 - Dane Baptiste  

RHLSTP #119: Dane Baptiste - The Naked Arsonist. Moral benchmarks and locker room banter are on Richard's mind, as he gives a kickstarter backer the finest champagne available to man (if the man is shopping in Sainsburys and has £15). His guest is cock-goblin comedian and sitcom star, Dane Baptiste. The pair talk about their experiences of working in advertising sales, which celebrities went to their schools, what was Rick Buckler's most successful band, the recent Andrew Lawrence documentary, working with Don Warrington, glass ceilings, prejudice, capital punishment and a surprising amount of serious subjects. But you can also find out what it's like to be a twin, Dane's sleeping position and why he can't hook up with any women from one of the Grenadian islands. Check out the tour dates of this thoughtful and funny man here - Check out the tour dates of a man who likes to shout 'Willies!' here -

RHLSTP 118 - Hans Teeuwen  

RHLSTP 118: Hans Teeuwen - Heart Slag. Rich meets his audience and finds a man who works in genealogy who can trace his family back an absolutely unbelievable distance, before introducing his guest, Dutch cabaretier Hans Teeuwen. In a somewhat disjointed chat, largely due to the virus circulating round Richard's blood stream, they talk about death, ageing, dementia and giving up comedy. Oh yeah, full of laughs. But you can also find out the Dutch for beak and palate, whether it's fair to talk of the decline of Paul McCartney and just how difficult it is to describe Teewen's comedy. Thanks to the great band yllwshrk for their support of this podcast.

RHLSTP 117 - Armando Iannucci  

RHLSTP 117: Armando Iannucci - Jeffrey Archer's Carp. Rich has been laid down low with an admittedly indirectly sexually transmitted disease, but nothing can stop him from starting this 10th and now kickstarted series. His guest once dreamed of being a Roman Catholic Priest, but luckily chose a less religious route, it's Armando Iannucci. The pair discuss the rivalry and tensions in the world of classical music, what a post-Brexit Thick Of It might look like, the death of Stalin, how Veep was created, what you can find in the houses of former Tory ministers, and how close Iannucci came to being trampled by a hippo. See if you can spot the subtle product placement for

Podcast Festival Extra - Dan Schreiber  

RHLSTP Podcast Festival Extra: Brian Blessed on Mars - Dan Schreiber. Welcome to another bonus podcast, this one recorded at the Podcast Festival at Kings Place, just hours after Jeremy Corbyn's second victory, which is not as interesting as the real-life reaction to the probably imaginary crimes of CJ from Eggheads (and how I failed to link him and the later bit about male nipples shows how tired I was). The guest is the Mandarin speaking, relatively handsome nerd and double Chortle internet award winner Dan Schreiber. The pair chat about monkey facts, casting a dwarf as a child in a Ken Russell film, if it's possible to spoon a ghost, crimes committed in dreams, and the amazing life of Buzz Aldrin. Imagine what other stuff might have come up if Rich didn't have to bath his daughter (not included in podcast).

RHLSTPEATGYF 2 - Mark Addy  

RHLSTPEATGYF #2: Sean Bean's Pound Shop Subterfuge - Mark Addy. Richard proves he is down with the cool kids by chatting to his teenage fans about skateboards and exams before introducing a man who is at home driving a Bronto-crane as he is befriending a talking snowman as he is having a friend who travels through time and gets off with Samantha Mumba whilst he waits around in Victorian London twiddling his thumbs, it's bona fide Hollywood superstar Mark Addy. Will he live up to Richard's hopes and be as nice and down-to-earth as he appears to be on screen or will it all go a bit Game of Thrones? There are some great insights into how he was persuaded to do some of his films, what happens when you go to a pub with your name, what it must be like to be in Chris Rock's posse, and how Sean Bean gets cheap shampoo. Tales of a good York boy in Hollywood and the craziness of LA and the dangers of auto-fellatio and how he ended up playing Hercules. York is the best!

RHLSTPEATGYF 1 - Lord Mayor Dave Taylor  

RHLSTPEATGYF #1: Leicester Tourist Bones Ransom - Lord Mayor Dave Taylor. Richard is up at the Great Yorkshire Fringe and chatting to some local celebrities. In the first of two specials he talks to the eccentric, inverse mohicaned Lord Mayor Dave Taylor. This ex-musician and IT consultant and now powerless chain-wearing political figure is a familiar figure in York and the pair discuss if he's allowed to wear the costume at home, who's to blame for the recent York floods, who is the sweariest Lord Mayor in history, whether we should nuclear bomb Rochdale and some surprising insight into Liberal politicians of the 1970s, and an awful revenge plan for Leicester nicking the bones of an old king.

RHLSTP 116 - Elis James  

RHLSTP #116: Paedophile Postman - Elis James. It's the end of the series (but there will be bonus audio podcasts from the Great Yorkshire Fringe next week) and Richard is frankly astonished by the popularity of his final guest, given he has to literally check his name on a pad before introducing him, it's Elis James. Rich makes the Welshman feel at home by talking to him in his own language before discussing the famous people who've come from Carmarthen and the impact of the bridge over Blue Street. They compete to discover the worst hotel in Swansea and Elis wins by a toothbrush. Also find out how James' act has been ruined by Welsh football success, what we thought of the Ghostbusters controversy (I know that was a long time ago now) and who will have the funniest comedy hybrid child. And who is more oppressed, the Welsh or women? Or Welsh women? Plus Richard's attempt to get involved with Elis' next sitcom backfires spectacularly, but at least he has his awards speech all ready now.

RHLSTP 115 - Tom Parry  

RHLSTP #115: Vertical Pizza - Tom Parry. Richard is reeling from a celebrity encounter and being outsmarted by a 3 year-old heckler, but at least he has a plan to finance the rest of the RHLSTP (rhlstp). His guest is neither an estate agent, a footballer or an Elizabethan comptroller. He was in Miranda though. It's Tom Parry. The pair discuss the lengths that you would have to go to to out-vegan a vegan, why someone from Wolverhampton shouldn't advertise toothbrushes, another amazing kite story, the woes of the Labour party and what it's like to work under the dictatorial heel of Robert Webb. Also if you've ever wondered if Tom Parry has tried sushi then you're in for a treat. And here's hoping Windsor Davies hasn't succumbed to the curse of 2016 so you can still make the important choice that we're all having to make about him. Some nice stuff about directing comedy and the insecurities, competitiveness and joys of working with other comedians and whether you ever get too old to dick around.

RHLSTP 114 - Tim Minchin  

RHLSTP #114: Fish Pie Mix - Tim Minchin. Rich has exciting news that will make other puppet-sex enthusiasts very jealous, but there's no time for even a brief wank using the hand of a 100 year-old ventriloquist dummy, as it's the second coming of, if not the new Jesus, certainly the new Judas, Tim Minchin. The pair bring out the best worst in each other again, alternating between inappropriate chat about wangs and fufus and serious topics like the rise of anti-intellectualism, the imminent destruction of the planet and what motivates anyone to betray a living God. Also what would you do if you had the chance to destroy a space ship where a small majority of the aliens were evil? Should Dirty Britcom Confessions be seen as a compliment? How does David Duchovny spend his spare time on set? Has anyone interviewing Tim not attempted the obvious Groundhog Day joke? And, most importantly, has Tim Minchin ever tried sushi? This is the one place that will tell you.

RHLSTP 113 - Russell Kane  

RHLSTP #113: Minky - Russell Kane. Rich is wondering if the world will survive long enough to ever hear this podcast, so decides it doesn't matter if he keeps it topical. His guest is the ageless comedian, author and playwright Russell Kane. Find out how UKIP manages to butter people up to not be nasty to them, how to turn criticism into a creative positive, how to meet your wife in the front row of an audience and who Stewart Lee is generally mistaken for. Is there a class prejudice directed towards this erudite and unstoppable force? What is his record like in TV quizzes? And did he ever work in the Transportation department of Where The Wild Things Are? Is it possible to stop a medium getting a read on you? And witness once again the amazing power of the kite question to cut to the heart of things.

RHLSTP 112 - Sofie Hagen  

RHLSTP #112: Bog Buddies: Sofie Hagen. Unbeknownst to Richard and his guest, a drunken audience member collapsed during last week's podcast, and Rich wastes no time in calling the man who helped save him a sex pest. It's just what he does. But even if an audience member dies then the show must go on (especially if it was a slightly annoying audience member). This week's guest is the former Westlife obsessive, Sofie Hagen. Luckily we're in a post-Brexit world now, allowing Rich freedom to let everyone know his true thoughts about Denmark and the disappointment that is the talked-up Copenhagen. They discuss what constitutes creepiness from a stranger, what's going on with the Danish alphabet, what happens when a fan is more famous than the person they stalked and Rich gives Sofie some important lessons in badger-identification and the British Royal Family, and kites lead us to some unexpected places. Most of what we said will have to be cut out, but enjoy what's left and just have a guess about what we said about Prince Andrew.

RHLSTP 111 - Graham Linehan  

RHLSTP #111: Kiefer Sutherland's Pregnancy: Graham Linehan. Richard attempts improvisational comedy, but discovers that for this to work your observations must match other people's experience. He is joined by a man who just won't shut up about his obsession with German board games, Graham Linehan. They discuss Graham's first sitcom, why it is flawed and what he learned from it, the impact of the Brexit vote (which was really quite recent when we recorded this), the only funny joke in Zoolander 2, the farce of another American attempt to make The IT Crowd and whether it was a good thing that Richard once wrote nine sitcom episodes in ten weeks. How rewarding is it to work on the least respected on all art forms anyway? See a great comic mind in action as Graham is asked what he'd like to jump into a pool of, and find out what was the better film to work on Paddington or Agent Cody Banks 2.

RHLSTP 110 - Matthew Crosby  

RHLSTP #110: Windsor Davies or Your Wife? Matthew Crosby. Mean podcast Richard Herring delights in continuing to torment the people who pay his wages, but I think they largely enjoy it (possibly). Believe me the real Richard Herring is more embarrassed by his performance than you can ever imagine. His guest was another star of St Olave's Grammar School's production of Waiting For Godot and remembers the shock denouement that turned the theatrical establishment on its head, it's Matthew Crosby. Find out how Improvisation My Dear Mark Watson actually got its name, how Matthew made a bloody re-entry to a gig he'd died at, the dangers of high-fiving children you don't know, why his wife is a celebrity in India and witness what a monster Richard becomes on the rare occasions he meets someone shorter than him. Richard is reduced to tears of laughter during a very inappropriate bit of chat (but is it really that funny, or is he just tired?) and after that catharsis there is some serious late night chat about success and working with other people, before the pair wonder about buying a stunt kite. Come and see Richard on tour. Details at

RHLSTP 109 - Nish Kumar  

RHLSTP #109: Hello, I'm Godot - Nish Kumar. Richard is worried that it is he who jinxed 2016, though hopefully by the time this comes out he himself will have succumbed to this cursed year. The guest is Richard's backdoor neighbour (no, literally), Nish Kumar. They discuss working with Blue in Ibiza, the kinds of things that go on on Alan Carr's New Year Specstaculars, Bush based egging and shitting, what Nish and his girlfriend were in deep discussion about when Rich passed them at the Westfield the previous day, worrying post-Brexit developments and the difficulty of maintaining anger when you're successful. Also we find out about the St Olave's Grammar School Comedy Mafia and appearing in a groundbreaking production of Waiting For Godot (coincidentally alongside next week's guest). Help us fund this series by buying a badge at

RHLSTP 108 - Susie Dent  

RHLSTP #108 Cheg On! Susie Dent. Rich is surprised by the sartorial elegance of some of his audience. Being out of Europe is clearly paying dividends. His guest this week is a woman who has been on TV more consistently than possibly anyone else over the last 25 years, Susie Dent. It's more intellectual than usual, but there's plenty of stuff about cocks in it, so don't worry. Find out about the rudest words in the dictionary, the cruder rival to Doctor Johnson, plus Rich attempts to get some words added to the dictionary, partly so he can cheat at Scrabble. Lots of chat about quizzing and TV gameshows as always, plus the advantages of going to bed with a lexicographer, and Richard reveals a bit too much about his latest obsession with Rebecca from CBeebies. Plus news of how England did in the last 16 of the Euros! You will be the first to hear. Come and see Rich on tour. All confirmed dates are at

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