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'GM Street' With Mike Lombardi (Ep. 88)  

The Ringer’s Mike Lombardi and Tate Frazier huddle up to discuss Mitch/Mitchell Trubisky’s draft stock (5:00), the true value of Jabrill Peppers (14:00), Cam Newton’s injury (18:00), Ezekiel Elliot’s partying (22:00), and the NFL rule changes (25:00).

Ep. 87: NFL Draft Preview: Wide Receivers, Tight Ends, and Jake Butt  

The Ringer's Robert Mays is joined by Danny Kelly to preview a few of their favorite wide receivers and tight ends in this year's draft (02:00). They analyze Clemson wideout Mike Williams (04:30), Western Michigan's Corey Davis (09:45), Washington Husky John Ross (13:30), and a few tight ends who could make an impact in the league (23:00). Then, former Michigan Wolverine Jake Butt calls in to discuss playing tight end as a youth (29:45), learning pro-style offenses under Jim Harbaugh (31:15), his favorite Harbaugh story (32:30), and his knee injury in the Orange Bowl (36:30).

Ep. 86: 'GM Street' With Mike Lombardi  

The Ringer's Mike Lombardi and Tate Frazier team up to discuss the pursuit of Malcolm Butler by the New Orleans Saints (01:00), draft day for Deshaun Watson (08:00), available free agents (13:30), Adrian Peterson's future (15:30), and the quarterback situation for the New York Jets (24:00).

Ep. 85: NFL Draft Preview: Running Backs  

The Ringer's Robert Mays kicks off his NFL draft coverage with Lance Zierlein of NFL.com to discuss some of the top running backs available (02:00), Dalvin Cook vs. Leonard Fournette (5:00), how Christian McCaffrey will fit in the NFL (17:45), the art of mock drafting (31:45), and under-the-radar players to watch for (38:45).

Ep. 84: Brock to the Browns, Alshon Jeffery Is an Eagle, and the Insane Offensive Tackle Market  

The Ringer's Robert Mays and Kevin Clark break down the Brock Osweiler trade (00:30), Jimmy Garoppolo's future (12:00), Alshon Jeffery going to Philadelphia (14:45), the New Orleans Saints' free-agency activity (22:50), the Russell Okung signing (27:25), and the return of Julius Peppers to the Carolina Panthers (35:30).

Ep. 83: Free-Agency Reactions  

The Ringer's Robert Mays, Kevin Clark, and Danny Kelly discuss DeSean Jackson and Tampa Bay (01:50), Brandon Marshall going to the NY Giants (04:00), the 49ers signing Kyle Juszczyk (8:10), Mike Glennon becoming a Chicago Bear (14:00), Calais Campbell's future (28:50), and Matt Kalil's massive contract (37:45).

Ep. 82: Free Agency Preview With Mike Lombardi  

The Ringer's Robert Mays is joined by Mike Lombardi to discuss their final thoughts on the NFL Combine (00:30), Myles Garrett's performance (02:30), grading Jonathan Allen (05:25), and how the Cleveland Browns should handle the first pick of the draft (7:30). Then, they dive into free agency, breaking down available wide receivers (10:00), DeSean Jackson rumors (18:00), T.J. Lang and this class of free agent guards (20:00), Mike Glennon's value (27:00), and available defensive players (33:00).

Ep. 81: Day 3 of the NFL Combine  

The Ringer's Robert Mays and Kevin Clark cozy up in an Indianapolis hotel room to discuss the star-studded tie-breaking coin flip (1:00), Davis Webb's confidence (4:30), Leonard Fournette's performance (07:00), Christian McCaffrey (09:00), drafting a running back in the first round (11:00), and the Tony Romo-Kirk Cousins trade rumor (19:30).

Ep. 80: Day 2 of the NFL Combine  

The Ringer's Robert Mays and Danny Kelly team up in Indianapolis to discuss how the combine has changed since last year (01:00), John Lynch and the 49ers' interest in safeties (07:45), the quarterback situation for Hue Jackson and the Cleveland Browns (12:10), and the value of Brandin Cooks (18:00).

Ep. 79: Day 1 of the NFL Combine  

The Ringer's Robert Mays and Mike Lombardi get together in Indianapolis to discuss the history of the NFL combine (01:00), the Rams using the franchise tag on Trumaine Johnson and what it says about their direction (04:00), and what Johnson and the rest of the franchise-tagged players are doing to the free-agent market (06:45).

Ep. 78: NFL News and Scouting Combine Preview  

The Ringer's Robert Mays and Kevin Clark team up to discuss Mario Addison being re-signed by the Carolina Panthers (3:05), the New York Jets releasing Nick Mangold (7:30), the weird NFL offseason calendar (13:55), and the value of the NFL combine (23:00).

Ep. 77: The QB-AP Carousel With Bill Simmons and Mike Lombardi  

HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons and Mike Lombardi discuss Adrian Peterson's future (6:00), under-the-radar teams for Romo (12:00), the next Dak Prescott (17:00), Jimmy Garoppolo trade destinations (21:00), and Patriots free agents (26:00).

Ep. 76: QB Day: Availability and Value  

The Ringer's Robert Mays and Danny Kelly team up to evaluate this offseason's available quarterbacks, including Tony Romo (1:30), discuss whether Tyrod Taylor will be changing teams (8:00), rate Jimmy Garoppollo's value (20:30), and name a few veterans who may find new jobs (39:00).

Ep. 75: The Consistency Rankings  

The Ringer's Robert Mays and Danny Kelly break down the stability of several NFL teams, including the New England Patriots (02:00), the Dallas Cowboys (07:00), the Miami Dolphins (21:00), the Denver Broncos (31:40), and the San Francisco 49ers (40:25).

Ep. 74: Super Bowl Nitty-Gritty With Mike Lombardi and Danny Kelly  

The Ringer's Robert Mays calls on Mike Lombardi to break down all the nitty-gritty details of the Super Bowl (1:20) and how the offseason will treat New England and Atlanta (13:25). Then Danny Kelly joins the show to discuss his favorite plays (28:45) and Steve Sarkisian replacing Kyle Shanahan (39:45).

Ep. 73: Stunned in a Houston Hotel Room  

The Ringer's Robert Mays and Kevin Clark discuss what went wrong for the Falcons in Super Bowl LI (02:30), who is to blame (06:40), Bill Belichick's fourth-and-3 call (08:25), the postgame locker rooms (09:35), talent against depth (13:30), and the future of the Falcons (17:55). At the end, they dive into the "is Tom Brady the greatest?" debate (21:25).

Ep. 72: Live From Houston With Rembert Browne and Will Brinson  

The Ringer's Robert Mays is joined by New York magazine's Rembert Browne to discuss the ups and downs of having your favorite team in the Super Bowl (1:20), going home to Atlanta to watch the game (5:20), the moment the Falcons earned their confidence (8:05), and how emotional Rembert will be if they win (19:00). Then, Will Brinson of CBS Sports joins the show to analyze the most interesting aspect of the game (23:25), LeGarrette Blount and Deion Lewis (30:05), and Kyle Shanahan's brilliance (36:00).

Ep. 71: Super Bowl Stats of Note, Possible Heroes, and Keys to Victory With Mike Lombardi  

The Ringer's Robert Mays and Danny Kelly preview the Super Bowl and discuss the use of running backs in the passing game (3:15), the importance of play-action in the Falcons offense (12:20), Dan Quinn's history against the Pats (18:20), and a surprising possible MVP (26:30). Then, Mike Lombardi joins the show to discuss Belichick's likely initial game plan (28:45), stopping Julio Jones (34:00), and how the teams' roster usage and formational flexibility will be a key to victory (47:20).

Ep. 70: Super Bowl Defenses, John Lynch's New Occupation, and Kyle Shanahan's Offensive Genius  

The Ringer's Robert Mays and Kevin Clark discuss the falling prices of Super Bowl tickets (01:15), when the Falcons defense turned the corner (04:35), the Kyle Shanahan effect (22:30), the 49ers hiring John Lynch (26:55), and how this Patriots season will be remembered (32:55).

Ep. 69: Greg Cosell, Jonathon Jones and Aaron Schatz  

The Ringer's Robert Mays is joined by Greg Cosell of NFL Films to discuss defensive adjustments for the New England Patriots (01:45). Then Jonathon Jones of Sports Illustrated talks about the Falcons' place in Atlanta (21:49). Finally, Aaron Schatz of Football Outsiders weighs in on some interesting statistics for both Super Bowl teams (34:37).

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