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The Ringer's podcast universe joins the collegiate ranks with Ringer University, a feed dedicated to what’s happening in college football and beyond, with in-house talents Mallory Rubin, Chris Vernon, and Ben Glicksman serving up insights, picks, and predictions on a week-to-week basis throughout the season.


Ep. 44: ‘T’d Up’ —  Kansas Dominates and the West Coast Rises  

The Ringer’s Tate Frazier and Mark Titus discuss the aftermath of Mark Gottfried's firing (2:25), Bob Huggins collapsing (16:10), and Kansas's continued domination of the Big 12 (18:55). They also review which West Coast teams are in contention to win it all (35:30).

Ep. 43: ‘T’d Up’ — The Committee's Top 16  

The Ringer’s Tate Frazier and Mark Titus pay tribute to Fab Melo (0:55) before discussing which coaches are on the hot seat (2:22), how they would use the NIT as a test lab (12:15), and the committee's newly released top 16 tournament seed rankings (26:00).

Ep. 42: ‘T’d Up’ - Marcus Keene, Kentucky, Kansas, and Duke vs. North Carolina  

The Ringer’s Tate Frazier and Mark Titus run through the headlines of big upsets and rogue bus drivers, discuss Marcus Keene’s NBA potential (0:01), and question whether Big 12 teams like Kentucky (14:55) and Kansas (25:30) are in trouble. Then they preview and break down Thursday night's big matchup between Duke and North Carolina (38:15).

Ep. 41: National Signing Day Reactions Featuring Mike Farrell and Zach Kram  

The Ringer's Ben Glicksman and Zach Kram discuss the creative announcements during college football's national signing day (00:42), the possible addition of a three-day signing period in December (2:45), Alabama's grayshirting Jarez Parks (4:45), and the player they can't wait to see in the 2017 season (10:51). Then, Mike Farrell, national recruiting director of Rivals.com, joins the show to analyze the University of Texas's recruiting free fall (19:40), the Maryland Terrapins' surprising success (24:20), and which position group is the strongest in the class of 2017 (26:45).

Ep. 40: ‘T’d Up’ — The Week of Upsets, Kansas vs. Kentucky, and ‘The Duke Report’  

The Ringer’s Tate Frazier and Mark Titus revisit all of the major upsets that took place last week (0:50) and wonder if Maryland is good or just lucky (20:23) They also discuss the huge matchup between Kentucky and Kansas (25:12) and the latest drama with Duke (38:08).

Ep. 39: ‘T’d Up’ —  Headlines, ‘The Duke Report,’ and an Ashley Judd Investigation  

The Ringer’s Tate Frazier and Mark Titus make the case for Florida State to be ranked in the top three (12:15), share their thoughts on the newly announced March Madness pre-selection show (15:20), and check in on their favorite team to discuss in their new segment ‘The Duke Report’ (17:55). They wrap up with a full-fledged Ashley Judd investigation (34:45).

Ep. 38: ‘T’d Up’ — The Top 25’s Watchability Rankings  

The Ringer’s Tate Frazier and Mark Titus discuss Creighton's tough break (1:40), the Big Ten’s woes (9:32), and Gonzaga’s history in the NCAA tournament (10:45). Then they give a complete rundown and watchability review of the top 25 teams in the country (24:45).

Ep. 37: ‘T’d Up’ — Grayson Allen’s Still Trippin'  

The Ringer’s Tate Frazier and Mark Titus revisit their favorite story line of the season, the Grayson Allen saga (0:15). They also read their favorite comments from the Packpride message board (11:15), unpack Baylor’s big loss to West Virginia (28:40), and evaluate Villanova’s true ranking (47:05).

Ep. 36: How Clemson Dethroned Alabama  

The Ringer’s Mallory Rubin and Ben Glicksman both eat crow for doubting Clemson all season long and celebrate the Tigers’ exciting upset over Alabama in the national championship game (0:01). They also discuss Deshaun Watson’s superstar performance (4:00), the reasons Alabama lost (7:50), the controversy of the game-winning touchdown (22:00), and whether the outcome is good for college football (34:45).

Ep. 35: The College Football National Championship Preview With Tajh Boyd  

The Ringer’s Mallory Rubin and Ben Glicksman are joined by Clemson’s all-time leading passer, Tajh Boyd, to unpack the national championship rematch between no. 1 Alabama and no. 2 Clemson (4:18). Get ready for bold predictions and Mallory and Ben’s keys to victory for both teams (26:51).

Ep. 34: ‘T’d Up’ - The State of College Hoops in 2017  

The Ringer’s Tate Frazier and Mark Titus catch up on all the latest college basketball story lines, from #TwentySevenCrean (1:20), to Duke without Coach K (4:50), to the beginning of conference play (19:45). Then they determine the conference that's been the most intriguing thus far (38:45).

Ep. 33: College Football Playoff Preview  

The Ringer’s Mallory Rubin and Ben Glicksman give a final preview for the College Football Playoff matchups and turn to Washington football expert Adam Jude of the Seattle Times (15:00) to find out if the Huskies have a shot against Bama. Then they chat with Clemson expert Aaron Brenner (39:38) of the Post and Courier to analyze the Tigers’ big matchup against Ohio State.

Ep. 32 ‘T’d Up’ - The Hater Edition, Plus the top 15 Teams  

The Ringer’s Tate Frazier and Mark Titus, fresh off tough losses by their respective teams, decide to let the hate flow by targeting the CBS Sports Classic (0:55). They also give a complete rundown of the Top 15 teams in the rankings (29:25).

Ep. 31: Wakey Leaks and Why You Should Watch the Upcoming Bowl Games  

The Ringer’s Chris Vernon and Rodger Sherman dive deep into the aftermath of Wake Forest’s Wakey Leaks debacle (1:22). Chris shares his favorite story about Willie Robertson of ‘Duck Dynasty’ and Kanye West (24:44) and then breaks down the lines and reasons to watch the upcoming bowl games (30:19).

Ep. 30: ‘T’d Up’ - Villanova, the Big East and the Player of the Year  

The Ringer’s Tate Frazier and Mark Titus break down no. 1-ranked Villanova (2:00) and the current state of the Big East (13:45) while debating who is on track for this season's player of the year award (27:43). They also run through the remaining undefeated teams (43:43).

Ep. 29: Bowl Season Superlatives  

The Ringer’s Mallory Rubin and Ben Glicksman dive into the bowl season schedule to sort through the seemingly endless amount of games and present their picks for superlatives like “Best Bowl Game for NFL Fans Scouting Prospects” (3:15), “Best Bowl to Place an Irresponsible Wager On” (26:58), and “Best Non-Playoff Bowl Game” (43:23), among many others.

Ep. 28: The College Football Playoff, the Heisman Race, and Picks With Brian Edwards  

The Ringer’s Chris Vernon chats with Vegas insider Brian Edwards about this weekend's Army-Navy game (1:00) and asks big questions like: Did the best four teams make the playoffs (3:43)? Did Alabama play anyone good (7:45)? What is the right amount of teams for a playoff (14:45)? They also review their picks for the Heisman and other specific bowl matchups (29:13).

Ep. 27: ‘T’d Up’ — Upsets and the Stories of the Season With Mark Titus and Tate Frazier  

The Ringer’s Tate Frazier and Mark Titus react to UCLA’s upset of Kentucky (6:00) and North Carolina’s unraveling against Indiana (12:00). They also provide their current picks for player of the year (24:00) and wonder which story lines will define the season (32:00). Finally, they reveal the most under-the-radar stories so far (40:00).

Ep. 26: The Playoffs Are Set  

The Ringer’s Mallory Rubin and Ben Glicksman debate whether or not the playoff committee got it right (2:00). They also discuss Alabama vs. Washington (21:38) and Ohio State vs. Clemson (27:24), and give their picks for the Heisman Trophy (37:18).

Ep. 25: Conference Championship Weekend Picks With Andy Staples  

The Ringer’s Chris Vernon and SI’s Andy Staples discuss this weekend's conference championship games and their playoff implications, especially for the Pac-12 (3:48), the ACC (10:22), and the Big Ten (14:13). They also review the rest of the lines (19:06) and the remaining coaching vacancies (33:13).

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