RN Breakfast - Separate stories podcast

RN Breakfast - Separate stories podcast


Radio National Breakfast brings you the most comprehensive coverage and analysis of national and international events - serious, fun, topical and diverse without being overwhelming. This 'RN Breakfast-individual stories' podcast is for listeners who want all of Breakfast, plus the ability to skip easily from story to story.


Black box recorder may contain important information: Chester  

The Federal Transport Minister will meet the Victorian Premier today as the black box from Essendon Airport crash has been recovered.

Fiery Republican town hall meetings: world wrap with Matt Bevan  

Republican members of Congress and the Senate are in their home districts at the moment, and it's getting heated.

Senate hearing into Perth Freight Link as clearing continues  

There'll be a snap hearing into the Roe 8 highway extension this week, as contractors continue to clear land in the Beeliar Wetlands.

Scientists discover seven Earth-sized planets orbiting nearby star  

The US space agency NASA has announced the discovery of a nearby solar system with seven Earth-sized planets.

Young women receive SSO brass fellowships  

Gender stereotyping for musical instruments is a real issue, with boys encouraged to take up brass instruments, while girls are pushed at an early age towards flutes, harps and strings.

Churches recruiting from overseas  

More than half of all Catholic priests now come from outside Australia, while Muslim and some Christian communities have long relied on overseas clergy.

Fears NT Royal Commission being undermined  

There's concern community support is flagging for the Royal Commission into the NT youth justice system.

Talking TV with Dan Barrett  

RN Breakfast's resident TV critic Dan Barrett joins Fran Kelly.

Australia on the cusp of battery boom for renewables storage  

You probably don't have one in your backroom cupboard or garage, but the Prime Minister does and so too some other early adopters—batteries are the new boom for power storage.

Renewed calls for closure of Essendon Airport after crash  

Yesterday's tragic crash of a charter plane in Melbourne has focused attention on residential and shopping developments close to busy airports.

Government behind the times on large-scale solar storage, says Lyon Group  

An Australian company is planning to build the biggest solar storage plant in the world in South Australia.

Politics with Niki Savva  

Columnist with The Australian and journalist Niki Savva joins RN Breakfast from our Parliament House studio to discuss the latest developments in federal politics.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews on fatal plane crash at Essendon Airport  

There are now three inquiries underway in to yesterday's plane crash, in which five people were killed in Melbourne.

Coal fired power stations should pay to pollute: doctors  

It's time to get serious about reducing deaths from air pollution: DEA

Bull on the loose, and Trump questioned about anti-Semitism in America: world wrap with Matt Bevan  

The bull escaped from a slaughterhouse in Queens, NYC, and led police on a chase for two and a half hours.

US advisers now fighting alongside Iraqi forces in the battle for Mosul  

US Defence Secretary James Mattis has signalled that he will soon reveal a more aggressive plan to defeat ISIS.

Bodies wash ashore in Libya  

The bodies of at least 74 people, presumed to be African migrants, have been found on a beach in the western city of Zawiya.

The changing landscape of television: Paris Barclay  

It's not so long ago that catching your favourite television shows involved blocking off your schedule or setting your VCR.

Major review into banking sector's code of practice  

Australia's much-maligned banking sector is in for a shake up if it adopts the recommendations of a major review of the industry's Code of Practice.

Pets on show at the National Portrait Gallery  

The Popular Pet Show is a series of portraits, not of people, but of pets, with contributions from artists like Ken Done, Nicholas Harding and Robyn Sweeney.

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