RN Drive - Full program podcast

RN Drive - Full program podcast


Complete episode: RN Drive takes you behind the day’s headlines, with an engaging mix of current affairs, analysis, arts and culture from across Australia and around the world.


Adler shotguns, Trump v Clinton and live streaming Mosul  

Marise Payne on the Adler shotgun and Mosul. Will a gun amnesty reduce the number of illegal firearms in Australia? Undecided: a US election mockumentary. The Wrap: guns, Al Smith Dinner and live streaming Mosul. My Feed: @FAotC. Grant-Lee Phillips talks Gilmore Girls and ancestry.

The final US debate, Angela Davis and a 'fun tax'  

US election: the third and final presidential debate. He said, he said: PMs dispute details of gun control deals. Chris Bowen on gun control and budget repair. Change in visa fees means tickets for international acts also likely to increase. Research Filter: European mission to Mars and fussy eaters. Angela Davis on abolishing prisons, Indigenous incarceration and the US election. We're poets and we're changing the world!

Tudge v Rishworth, Boko Haram and a barbershop reading initiative  

Rishworth vs Tudge: the Adler and who's really running defence? Introducing the "povvo avo". Over 100 girls abducted by Boko Haram might be unwilling to leave captors. Stock market expert wins PM's Innovation Prize. Business and Economics: a credit crisis in China and a merger between Tatts and Tabcorp. Michigan barbershop gives kids $2 if they read aloud while getting a haircut. Who's watching your kids?

Tony Burke, Tom Gleeson and life inside Chinese prison  

Gun laws derail the government's agenda on the ABCC bill. David Leyonhjelm on why we need the Adler shotgun. Tom Gleeson asks the hard questions. Life inside a Chinese prison. Tech Head: political Twitter bots and Airtaskers get a pay rise. The Philippines pivots away from the US. Dame Edna Everage on the G-spot.

Scott Ryan, gambling in China, and avocado toast  

The ABCC Bill back in the spotlight and Bob Day resigns. Australians arrested in Chinese gambling crackdown. Is avocado toast the reason millennials aren't buying property? Federal Politics: Family First Senator Bob Day retires and politicians returning as staffers. Tassie devil milk found to be a superbug killer. Sport: More cash for women's cricket and strong start to A-League season. Invasion of Mosul begins. The design factor.

Anthony Albanese, the Brandis-Gleeson stoush, and praising your kids  

Albanese on Kimberley Kitching, same-sex marriage and Attorney-General Brandis. Gloves come off in the Brandis-Gleeson stoush. Too much praise is bad for your kids. The Wrap: same-sex marriage, political games and respectful relationships. My Feed: @EuanRitchie1. Hidden Australian history in songs.

Steve Ciobo, Trump and women, and shark nets for NSW  

Government on the defensive over House of Reps blunder. New wave of sexual harassment allegations against Donald Trump emerge . Photography ban lifted in the Senate. NSW Government to trial shark nets on the state's north coast. Many questions to answer in the NT Royal Commission into youth detention . Research Filter: long yawns, big brains and space nation Asgardia . Thailand's King in poor health. Secret music.

Mitch Fifield, Indigenous economic opportunities and Cold War 2.0  

Mitch Fifield on Pauline Hanson's elevation to the NBN Committee. The inaugural AFL women's draft. Taco trucks mobilise to encourage voter registration. KPMG launches new report on Indigenous Economic Opportunity. Business and Economics: Coalition wins on personal tax, struggles on corporate relief. Are Russia and the West headed for a new Cold War? Cross-cultural parenthood.

Barnaby Joyce, the same-sex marriage plebiscite and a backflip on greyhound racing  

Greyhounds to race again in New South Wales. Study suggests it's time to lay off the 'ragercise'. BP shelves plans to drill in Great Australian Bight. The social impacts of winning a Nobel Prize. Tech Head: Faith in driverless cars grows. Labor votes unanimously to block the same-sex marriage plebiscite. The Deputy PM on the death of the same-sex marriage plebiscite. How do you mend a broken heart?

Trump v Clinton, Mark Dreyfus and Millie Fontana  

US Election: Clinton and Trump clash in the second presidential debate. The Trump tapes and rape culture. Mark Dreyfus on the widening rift between the government and the Solicitor General . Federal politics: CFA law to pass, plebiscite to stall, Brandis under the spotlight. Daughter of same-sex couple speaks out about "motherless and fatherless children". Sport: anti-doping reforms and the Australian cricket slump. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 woes worsen. The Death Talker.

Josh Frydenberg, Hurricane Matthew and threatening clowns  

Josh Frydenberg on energy security and the banking inquiry. Hundreds dead after Hurricane Matthew devastates Haiti. People dressed up as creepy clowns cause hysteria . The Wrap: banking, domestic violence and Luke Cage. My Feed: @hingers. Rob Hirst talks music and politics and backsliding.

State energy meeting, new UN Secretary-General and Street Art  

State and Territory Energy Ministers to discuss power security in Melbourne. WA Treasurer on COAG energy meeting. New UN secretary general announced: and it's another man. Hocking Stuart hit by fine for underquoting. Australia's two top law men split. Experts say electric motor vehicles can help towards a more sustainable future . Research Filter. Imagining a Trump foreign policy platform. A history of street art.

Katy Gallagher on the banking inquiry, deaf jurors and Syria's White Helmets  

Senator Katy Gallagher on ANZ CEO's Parliamentary testimony. US vice-presidential candidates go head to head. Deaf Queensland woman loses High Court battle to sit on jury. Government urged to set up remediation scheme for vocational education rorts. Thousands protests plans to restrict abortion in Poland. Business and Economics: Bank CEOs front parliamentary committee. Who are The White Helmets? Australia's rich history of tapestry.

Kelly O'Dwyer, contraception and swearing in front of kids  

Kelly O'Dwyer on banking committee hearings. SA launches inquiry into emergency response to storms. Queensland man gives away animal sanctuary. Study links use of contraceptive pill and antidepressants. The cost of fraudulent family day care providers. Tech Heads: Hyperloop train, Uber panic button and companion robots for the car. The word on profanity and children. Collisions: A story of first contact.

Banking, Manoush Zomorodi and parenting with Down syndrome  

House Economics Committee prepares to grill bank CEOs. Couple with Down syndrome fight for right to be parents. Phar Lap's 90th Birthday. Federal politics: Banks in the spotlight, Australia-UK FTA and SA renewables. Manoush Zomorodi on tech, podcasts and feminism. Sport: Footy grand finals, motorsports and basketball. Britain's PM lays out Brexit timetable. The secret methods of opera divas.

Grand final fever, online abuse and the perils of melting ice  

Peter Gordon on the Bulldogs v Swans clash. NRL grand final fever and the Koori Knockout. My Feed: @mike_salter. The Wrap: Trump v Clinton, the Adelaide storm and Wyatt Roy. The AFL recruits Muslim fans. Bomber: the Whole Story.

OzAsia Festival: Simon Birmingham, Phare Circus and bunny bondage  

RN Drive live from Adelaide for the OzAsia Festival. A second severe storm hits South Australia. Simon Birmingham on the Adelaide storm, renewables and education funding. Joseph Mitchell on OzAsia in 2016 and the Adelaide storm. Daniel Kok on his exploration of power and sensuality in 'Bunny'. Annette Shun Wah on diversity in Australia's entertainment industry. Research Filter: ageing, murder, meerkats and a baby with three parents. Chinese artist Badiucao talks about cultural exchanges and political art. Leon Bridges on gospel and giving back.

Lambie, Xenophon and an Indigenous museum  

Severe storms hit South Australia. Independent Senators debate the major issues in politics. Australia is not where you think it is. Wave energy harnessed to power WA island. WHO releases alarming air quality report. Business and Economics: small business, big business, CEO bonuses and the big four banks. Remembering Israel's Shimon Peres. Finding empathy in everyday objects.

US debate, Tanya Plibersek and backpacker tax  

US presidential debate: temperament, race relations and security. Tanya Plibersek on the backpacker tax, Gonski and East Timor. Western Bulldogs mascot Sid misses out on Grand Final celebrations. Farmers Federation welcomes backpacker tax deal. New study explores the relationship between misunderstanding of Islam and Islamophobia. Tech Heads: Snapchat glasses, viral fake videos and Disney looks at Twitter. 14,000 people have signed a petition to end guardianship laws in Saudi Arabia. Cartoons and democracy.

Terri Butler, Louis Theroux and making your own coffin  

Terri Butler on the same-sex marriage meeting about nothing. CSIRO say Australian diets are even worse than expected. George Brandis responds to criticism over the same-sex marriage plebiscite. Federal politics: same-sex marriage and parliamentary expenses. Kiwi club offers coffins and cuddles. Sport: Bulldogs v Swans and Storm v Sharks. Louis Theroux on religion, Australia and building a rapport. Girls Rock camps give girls the confidence to get on stage.

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