RN Drive - Full program podcast

RN Drive - Full program podcast


Complete episode: RN Drive takes you behind the day’s headlines, with an engaging mix of current affairs, analysis, arts and culture from across Australia and around the world.


Barnaby Joyce, Fremantle's Australia Day celebrations and Titanic  

Barnaby Joyce on the political year that was. Federal Government intervenes in council plans to move Australia Day celebrations. Construction begins on full-size replica of the Titanic. The Wrap: backpacker tax, Trump and feral cats. My Feed: @kamnamm. Eilen Jewell on living in a ghost town.

Backpacker tax deal, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Breitbart News  

AUSVEG reacts to deal on the backpacker tax. From action hero to animal activist. Woman prevented from testifying in niqab. What to expect from summer. Malcolm Farr on the backpacker tax deal. Research filter: androids, soil and pharmaceuticals. Persuade rather than censor Trump supporters. What are your chances?

Xenophon, thunderstorm asthma and secret Santa  

Michaelia Cash on the passage of the ABCC. Nick Xenophon: parliament will be 'laughing stock' without backpacker tax resolution. Greens' Nick McKim meets with parliament house protestors. NZ brings back nationwide secret Santa. Youth suicide rates hit their highest level in ten years. Business and Economics: tax avoidance bill and small business loan concessions. Researcher claims democracies are 'at risk of decline'. Living with the locals.

Chris Bowen, Indigenous identity and Parliament House lawn  

Aboriginal children removed from adult prison in Victoria. Susan Kiefel named as Australia's first female High Court chief justice. You may not be able to roll down the lawns of Parliament House much longer . Chris Bowen: NXT has 'sold out' over ABCC water deal. NXT's Rebekha Sharkie on the ABCC deal. Warren Mundine wants a clearer definition of 'Aboriginal' identity. Tech Head: Data for ads and ACCC draft decision on Apple Pay. What the Syrian army advance in Aleppo means for civilians. Soldiering on.

Cross-bench, cryonics and US election recount  

Federal politics: Brandis, backpacker tax and the ABCC. David Leyonhjelm on his conditions for ABCC support. Company gets approval to build Australian cryonics lab. Calls for Safe Schools program at Tyrone Unsworth's school. Australia may see pill testing at festivals within six months, expert says. Sport: Funding the Olympic team and Australian test cricket success. Donald Trump reacts to the US election recount. Does Australia innovate anymore?

Brandis controversy, books on Twitter and changing the date of Australia Day  

New chapter in the stoush between Brandis and Gleeson. World Vision Australia's first female CEO. Fremantle Council changes the date of Australia Day celebrations. The Wrap: Peter Dutton, the backpacker tax and domestic violence. My Feed: @justine_hyde. Brendan Gallagher just can't shake music.

Joel Fitzgibbon, Fiona Simson and 'reverse racism'  

Joel Fitzgibbon on the stalled backpacker tax debate . National Farmers Federation: stop the 'political ping-pong' over backpacker tax. Aamer Rahman on Pauline Hanson and 'reverse racism'. The King of Jordan visits Australia. Cases of thunderstorm asthma likely to increase . Research Filter: calendar synaesthesia, hidden galaxies and napping. Donald Trump snubs intelligence briefings. Australia's hidden carers keeping kids out of foster care.

Malcolm Roberts, Anne Aly, a tax on sugar and space junk  

Malcolm Roberts on the unity of One Nation. ICAC Commissioner Megan Latham resigns. Musical, interactive art project focuses on the problem of space junk. Is a sugar tax a good idea? Business and Economics: Nudie founders caught out on tax, and banking 'bad apples'. Anne Aly: death threat linked to Dutton comments on Lebanese migration. Earthship Australia going off grid.

Ciobo, deleting Facebook and the end of the TPP  

Steven Ciobo on the US withdraw from the Trans-Pacfic Partnership. How do we really feel about migrants and multiculturalism? How to quit Facebook. Pope Francis allows priests to forgive abortion. Victorian juvenile justice under a spotlight following riots. Tech Head: Supercomputing to predict the future and new uses for virtual reality. What US withdrawal from the TPP means for China. The modern florist.

Fake news, Myanmar and a new union  

Brendan O'Connor on ASIC, unions and the Senate crossbench. New union aims to woo retail and fast food workers from the SDA. Dolly gives the best magazine health advice. Federal politics: High Court, industrial relations and immigration. US students design algorithm to combat fake news. Sport: Dank no-show and changes made to Australian cricket team. UN calls for investigation into Myanmar violence. Living with Parkinson's.

Youth crime, NBN and the reminiscence bump  

Dozens of people have been injured in a fire at Springvale Commonwealth Bank. Federal government to investigate 'ethnic crime wave' in Victoria. The federal government just loaned NBN Co $19 billion. Why do our strongest memories tend to be from when we were young? The Wrap: HIV rates in Aboriginal communities, fake news and a leaked lamb ad. My Feed: @petertaggart. The Tailor Birds.

Derryn Hinch, Pat Dodson and swooping crows  

Which way will Derryn Hinch vote in final weeks of parliament? Pat Dodson 'numb' and 'distressed' over new figures on Indigenous disadvantage. Crows are increasingly swooping humans in Queensland. UN talks in Marrakech aim to develop a 'rulebook' for action on climate change. Donald Trump's shadow looms over APEC. Research Filter: pigs, planets and Torobo-kun. Peter Greste on the case for reforming 18C. Blaque Showgirls.

Dutton, Trump transition and Pizza the polar bear  

Peter Dutton on 457 visas, Gillian Triggs and the US refugee deal. Trump transition hits roadblock. Police investigate mysterious Great Barrier Reef deaths. Wong calls for a 'better road map in Asia' following Trump election. Calls for greater ATAR transparency. Business and Economics: Flat wages growth and growing household debt. Calls for Pizza the 'world's saddest polar bear' to be relocated permanently. Celebrating the country hall.

Pauline Hanson, fake news and Ahok's blasphemy case  

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson says she's not happy with Labor's 'Australia First' jobs policy. IMF says tax reform could be needed to avoid housing shocks. Cafe giving people with disabilities employment opportunities. Can Facebook and Google stop the spread of fake news? Tech Head: ATO watching online boasts and Facebook memorial blunder. Modi wipes out the 500 and 1000 rupee notes. One Woman's War and Peace.

NZ earthquake, asylum seeker deal and Trump's silent voters  

Scott Ryan and Ed Husic on whether the US resettlement deal will work. New Zealand on edge after powerful earthquake. Federal Politics: US refugee deal and NSW Nationals casualties. Report says gender imbalance in maths and science starts at primary school. Sport: More access to women's cricket and bans expected for AFL player and club staff. Asra Nomani: Why I voted for Donald Trump. How to network and get a job after 50.

Leonard Cohen dies, Eric Abetz and Trump meets Obama  

Eric Abetz on Trump and populism. More people voted for Clinton than Trump, how will this affect his presidency? Celebrating the life of Leonard Cohen. The Wrap: Trump wins, Malcolm Roberts and 18C. My Feed: @whereisdaz. Amarillo find inspiration 'on the road'.

Marise Payne, the US election and a new women's AFL pay deal  

Defence Minister Marise Payne on what a Trump Presidency could mean for security in the region. The US reacts to a Trump presidency. A new pay deal for the women's AFL. Business and Economics: Trump and the US economy. Research Filter: sleep disruption, natural disasters and nice guys. Trump and the rise of populist politics. Unequal Ageing.

US Election Special: Trump v Clinton  

Donald Trump wins the race to the White House. GOP takes the White House, Senate and the House, but will they work together? Predicting a Trump presidency. The role of political rhetoric in US election campaigns. Penny Wong discusses the US election. The future of the GOP. Hillary Clinton suffers unexpected loss in the US Election. Trump strikes conciliatory tone in victory speech. Conservatives celebrate Trump victory. Gender politics in the US election.

US election, Joel Fitzgibbon and Margaret Court  

Joel Fitzgibbon on immigration, tax, and super. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton make their final pitch to voters. The Northern Territory tourism campaign going viral. NSW judge calls for renewed focus on reducing indigenous incarceration. Fair work and fair pay in the pharmacy industry. Tech Head: reversing email regret and the pitfalls of public wi-fi networks. How will the US Presidential election affect the Middle East? Margaret still courting controversy.

FBI statement on Clinton emails, Nick Xenophon and Jack Charles  

Nick Xenophon on Senate 'chaos' and High Court cases. FBI director says Clinton will face no charges over emails. What does the future hold for the Hazelwood mine site? Federal Politics: is the Senate in chaos? Jakarta's Governor questioned over blasphemy. Sport: Australia v South Africa in cricket and Pampling's unexpected PGA win. Political uncertainty over Brexit deepens. Uncle Jack Charles on recidivism and reform.

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