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Music 101 Pocket Edition 132: DJ Shadow/Hot 8 Brass/ i.e. crazy  

In the Music 101 Pocket Edition DJ Shadow fan Alex Behan speaks with the DJ himself, Trevor Reekie speaks with Benny Paul of New Orleans' brass ensemble Hot 8 Brass Band and Yadana Saw meets Claire Duncan who performs under the name i.e.crazy

Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson  

Love them or loathe them, you can't deny Jethro Tull's rightful place in the pantheon of classic rock. En-route to New Zealand for shows next week, Kirsten Johnstone speaks to Ian Anderson, the band's singer, flute player and only constant member over the past 50 years.

DJ Shadow - student, teacher, beat maker  

DJ Shadow talks about his attitude to hip hop, his influence and his influences ahead of his New Zealand show.

No Stranger to Crazy - i.e. crazy  

Claire Duncan used to make music as Dear Time's Waste, but now goes by the name i.e. crazy. She talks to Music 101 about relocating to Berlin, mental health, and being true to her art.

Amy Shark - Adore  

Australian singer-songwriter Amy Shark talks to Music 101 about her recent success and performs two songs.

Leonie Hayden  

Mana Magazine editor Leonie Hayden talks us through 6 of her favourite songs, and her life and career thus far.

The Hot 8 Brass Band have survived a changing New Orleans  

For over 20 years, one of the most popular and visible funk-style brass bands in New Orleans community parades and funerals has been the Hot 8 Brass Band. Sousaphone player Benny Pete talks to Trevor Reekie backstage at WOMAD 2017.

Father John Misty: comedy or tragedy?  

Nick Bollinger talks to Joshua Tillman - the artist better known as Father John Misty - about comedy, tragedy and the human condition.

Ikutaro Kakehashi  

Tony Stamp picks through the legacy of Roland founder Ikotaru Kakehashi, who died on April 1st.

The legacy of Roland founder Ikutaro Kakehashi  

Tony Stamp picks through the legacy of Roland founder Ikotaru Kakehashi, who died on April 1st.

Introducing: Kelsely Abazza  

Kelsely Abazza introduces us to his experimental, classical track 'Alike are Brotherly Veins'

Living in the moment with The Map Room  

The Map Room perform songs from their second album Weatherless and talk about travel, music and staying in the moment.

In Harmony with the Lord  

Lord Echo AKA Mike Fabulous gets grilled by Yadana Saw about the challenges he set himself in the making of his new album Harmonies.

Strong growth in music industry revenue, but local content only makes up 7% of streaming  

Damian Vaughan from Recorded Music New Zealand helps Music 101's Alex Behan break down recent figures showing a double digit rise in music earnings for the second year running.

Video premiere: Ria Hall - Tell Me  

RNZ Music is proud to present the first look at Ria Hall's brand new video for her latest release 'Tell Me', featuring Che Fu.

Drum & Bass legend Andy C is coming to New Zealand and he’s super excited about it  

Drum & Bass icon Andy C talks with mega-fan David Ridler ahead of his upcoming New Zealand shows.

Semper Femina by Laura Marling  

In The Sampler this week Nick Bollinger decodes the Latin quote behind Laura Marling's new album Semper Femina.

Music 101 Pocket Edition 130: Living Colour/Future Islands  

In this Pocket Edition, Yadana Saw and Nick Bollinger speak with one of Living Colour, Sam Wicks checks in with fellow ex-pat Melburnian Jon Toogood and Tony Stamp is on the phone to Future Islands' frontman Samuel Herring.

The Mixtape: Anthony Donaldson  

A fixture of Wellington's musical landscape, a pioneer in this country's experimental and jazz scenes, Drummer Anthony Donaldson comes armed with a clutch of rare records for the mixtape.

Lake South can't escape the lure of music  

Lake South performs a few songs from his debut album before he heads over to France for some more Wellington Sea Shanty Society action.

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