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RNZ: Music 101


Music, interviews, live performances, behind the scenes, industry issues, career profiles, new, back catalogue, undiscovered, greatest hits, tall tales - with a focus on New Zealand/Aotearoa.


Otherness by Grayson Gilmour  

Nick Bollinger reviews a sonic and melodic set from Wellington musician Grayson Gilmour.

Flying Nun reissues by Bressa Creeting Cake and Last Exit To Garageland  

Nick Bollinger reviews classic Flying Nun reissues from Bressa Creeting Cake and Garageland.

Design For Living by Blessed Relief  

Nick Bollinger reviews the absurdly musical debut of Blessed Relief

Music 101 Pocket Edition 146: Mulholland brothers, Louis Baker  

In the Music 101 Pocket Edition, Alex Behan speaks with Eden and Jol Mulholland, two brothers who are independently using the month of July to get their music out, and Wellington soul crooner Louis Baker is in for a live session.

The Mixtape: Lucien Johnson  

This week's mixtape guest is Wellington saxophonist Lucien Johnson who has just completed his doctoral research in Ethio-groove music. Lucien shares tales and songs from the far-flung places he and his saxophone have visited.

Steve Gunn live in session  

American guitarist Steve Gunn is acomplished across a wide range of genres and this RNZ live session showcases his remarkable talent.

Introducing: Physical  

Nik Brinkman and Julia Parr aka Physical introduce their song 'Islands'

Jol Mullholland  

Jol Mulholland shares his new single and wonderful video 'Asleep in the Nowhere'

Fusillade - 28 songs and 28 videos in 28 days  

Eden Mullholland talks us through the ideas behind his latest profect 'Fusillade' which sees him releasing 28 songs and videos in 28 days through July.

Graeme Downes pays tribute to Roy Colbert  

Dr Graeme Downes speaks about the godfather of the dunedin sound, Roy Colbert.

4:44 by Jay Z  

Thie week Nick Bollinger reviews the new album from Jay-Z...

Louis Baker and band live in session  

Soul singer songwriter and Silver Scroll 2017 nominee Louis Baker brings his full band for a live performance of his latest material. He speaks with Yadana Saw.

The Mixtape: Karyn Hay  

Karyn Hay is no stranger to Aotearoa's airwaves, from hosting Radio With Pictures in the early 80s, heading up Kiwi FM in the 2000s,  and wrangling talk-back radio for the last nine years at RadioLive. The writer and broadcaster picks some of the music she keeps going back to. 

Julien Baker  

Being Queer, Christian and from Memphis seems like an unlikely combination, but 21 year old singer songwriter Julien Baker embraces all three with pride and ease.

One man band Stretch wants 'less rock, more roll'  

Singer/songwriter Anthony Stretch aka Stretch has released his debut album called 'Bury All Horses' recorded at the Lab Studio with producer and drummer Wayne Bell. His musical journey includes playing in bands before setting out on his own as a one man band, touring Aotearoa, supporting Jeff Tweedy of Wilco, and meeting the late Joe Strummer from the Clash.

Introducing: Soaked Oats  

Dunedin band Soaked Oats introduce their song 'Avocado Aficionado'

Decades deliver debut album  

Decades scrimped, saved, begged and borrowed to make their debut album with Shihad's Tom Larkin as producer and the reults are definitely worth it.

Jess B is spearheading a new wave of Auckland rap  

Jess B is the first woman to appear on the David Dallas-curated 64 Bars series. Aroha Harawira talked to the Auckland rapper about her burgeoning career.

Julien Baker feels completely at home in her girlfriend’s arms  

Being Queer, Christian and from Memphis seems like an unlikely combination, but 21-year-old singer songwriter Julien Baker embraces all three with pride and ease. [audio_play] Julien says she feels completely at home within her community, her church faith and in her girlfriend's arms. "I just got to the point where I felt like that division of two very essential parts of my personality was not sustainable anymore and I could no longer support the idea that there was a god who could create me to be who I am and to persecute me for it." [image_crop:38067:full] Julien grew up in the thriving Memphis music scene and in a DIY punk community called Smith Seven. It was in these formative years she started her first band called The Star Killers which then became Forrister. In 2014 she recorded her first solo debut album Sprained ankle on 6131 records which gained critical acclaim, and caught the attention of Matador records, to whom she is signed to for her forthcoming sophomore album, rising up and joining the ranks with the likes of Cat Power, Kurt Vile and Perfume Genius. Julien Baker plays The Tuning Fork- Sunday 23rd July

Two Hearts and No Brain by Kane Strang  

Nick Bollinger discusses an intimate and international set of power pop from Dunedin’s Kane Strang.

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