RNZ: Music 101

RNZ: Music 101


Music, interviews, live performances, behind the scenes, industry issues, career profiles, new, back catalogue, undiscovered, greatest hits, tall tales - with a focus on New Zealand/Aotearoa.


Introducing: Te Huhu  

Te Huhu introduce their track 'Cruising Around'.

Before The Dawn by The KT Fellowship  

Before The Dawn by The KT Fellowship

Headquarters: The All Seeing Hand  

Lurking in a lock-up in deepest Upper Hutt is The All Seeing Hand, a turntable/throat-singing/double-kick-drumming trio whose sound reflects the industrial wasteland around them.

Music 101 Pocket Edition 113  

In this week's Pocket Edition: Kirsten Johnstone meets the finalists in the 2016 Young Composers competition; Trevor Reekie introduces us to Washington Phillips - a founding father of gospel music; and Alex Behan hosts ALAE for a live session.

The Mixtape - Bernie Griffin  

Singer-songwriter, self-proclaimed rascal and longtime NZ folk and country music advocate Bernie Griffen joins Melody Thomas for the latest RNZ Music Mixtape.


John Baizley of Baroness gives a history of the band ahead of their one off New Zealand performance.

Washington Phillips, founding father of American Gospel  

American journalist Michael Corcoran talks to Trevor Reekie about one of the most obscure founding fathers of American Gospel, Washington Phillips.

ALAE, Cruising to the top  

Nelson duo 'alae' with a live performance of two songs from their debut self titled EP.

Uke can do it too!  

Mary Cornish discusses the tenth anniversary of the Ukelele Festival being held today at Vector Arena and why ukelele's have become so important for primary shcool kids.

Sacha Vee returns from musical OE  

Sacha Vee returns home to Christchurch with a new album 'Luminous' after extensive musical exploration in Holland.

Introducing: New Dawn  

New Dawn introduce their track 'The Dying Light'.

Todd Young Composers  

Kirsten Johnstone goes backstage with the eight Todd young composers: Louisa Nicklin, Daniel Sun, Josiah Carr, Jay Greenberg, Evangelina Telfar, Eleanore Chen, Reuben Jelleyman.  

Boots No 1: The Official Revival Bootleg by Gillian Welch  

Nick Bollinger assesses a 20th anniversary supplement to Gillian Welch’s timeless debut.

Let Them Eat Chaos by Kate Tempest  

Nick Bollinger discusses a concept album from South-East London spoken-word artist Kate Tempest.

The Mixtape: Russell Brown  

This week, Public Address' Russell Brown compiles a C60 of his favourite selections.

Clinton Smiley  

We look back at the influence of pioneering Wellington DJ Clinton Smiley, on the 10th anniversary of the brain aneurysm that stopped his records spinning.

D.D. Dumbo, Australian avant-pop prodigy  

With its mind-bending mix of throbbing, funky basslines, layered psychedelic textures, skittering African rhythms and an agile tenor voice over surrealist lyrics, D.D. Dumbo's debut album Utopia Defeated is addictive and intriguing. We speak to its creator, Australian Oliver Hugh Perry.

'Being a big fish in a little pond doesn’t really appeal to me'  

Brooke Fraser is releasing 'A Sides' this week, a collection of some of her biggest hits from the past 14 years.

The meticulous, slinky pop of Glass Animals  

In New Zealand for the first time for Laneway 2017 Glass Animals talk secret recordings, production wizardry and growing up with two radio stations.

Auckland rapper Kings - 'Now we don't worry 'bout it'  

Named as 2016 'Breakthrough artist of the year' at the NZ Music Awards, Auckland rapper Kings talks about his self-produced debut EP, making tunes on the marae, and raising a daughter while trying to break into the music game.

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