RNZ: The Science Of…

RNZ: The Science Of…


The science of everyday things that you’ve always wondered about, with Alison Ballance and Simon Morton.


The Science Of... Vitamin C  

What is vitamin C and why do we need it? Which foods have the most vitamin C? Should we pop pills when we think we're getting a cold, or are we just producing expensive urine? And can vit C really cure cancer, or is it all hype? Alison Ballance and Simon Morton investigate.

The Science of... Virtual Reality  

We go beyond gaming to explore how VR works, what it's being used for (from treating a fear of spiders, to training young doctors) and ask if it's yet making any compelling case to be in every home.

The Science of... Sweat  

Simon Morton and Alison Ballance present a three-part series exploring the science of sweat, virtual reality and Vitamin C. This week, the function of a much-maligned bodily fluid that plays a vital role in keeping us humans healthy and alive.

The Science Of... Snow  

What is snow? How and where is it made? Why is it white? Alison Ballance and Katy Gosset head to Mt Ruapehu in search of the answers to all your questions about snow.

The Science Of... Meth Houses  

How safe are meth houses really? And what's it like to go inside? Katy Gosset and Alison Ballance take the plunge and ask how much meth is too much when it comes to setting a national standard?

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