Robert Kelly's 'You Know What Dude!'

Robert Kelly's 'You Know What Dude!'

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Did you ever go to a comedy club and see the comics at the back table laughing hysterically? Did you ever wish you could hear what they were talking about? Hosted by Robert Kelly, The 'You Know What Dude' podcast provides you a seat at that table as comedians new and old try to one up and out wit each other. Credits don’t matter here.  No topics, no filter, a true comic hang. The 'You Know What Dude' podcast with Robert Kelly… oh and it’s funny as hell.


Top 5, Goddamnit  

This week on YKWD: We have Ben Bailey, Mike Vecchione, and Yannis Pappas! Ben has known Bobby for many years, but has never done the show before! We talk about his time at Cash Cab (turns out Yannis auditioned to be in the sequel), watch the reaction to Mike Pence at a broadway show, and do a hilarious breakdown of Keith Robinson's bombing at the legendary Patrice O' Neal Roast! It's a classic. Enjoy!

We're Gonna Be Vine  

This week on YKWD: We have Tim Dillon, Mike Boccheti, Stavros Halkias and Ry Doon! After a quick round of Good Fan / Bad Fan, we discuss the recent misfortune of Vine Star, Ry Doon. Also, everyone gets into Rush Limbaugh mode when discussing the upside down world of American Politics. Watch/Listen and enjoy!

Return of Joey Roses  

This week on YKWD: It's the return of Dangerous Joe! On the eve of a historic election, we are joined by guests Joe Derosa, Sam Morril, Christi Chiello, and JP Mcdade! We talk the election, roast battle, and the days when Joe lived in New York! Watch/Listen and enjoy!



This week on YKWD: We have Judy Gold, Brandon Collins, Mike Brown, and Stavros Halkias! After a sentimental goodbye to Scopo, we talk to Judy / Carol about her illustrious career, how she annoys Bobby, and how she deals with career-lull! We also education-shame Stavros for not having a degree! Watch / Listen and enjoy!

Bert's Skirts  

This week on YKWD: We have Bert Kreischer, Tim Dillon, and Jared Freid! Bobby and Bert lament life on the road, "The Table" no longer being what it was, but see hope in the rising young-bloods like Jared and Tim. Enjoy the episode, then go get your Fascia removed!

Rich Big  

This week on YKWD: Bobby is back from the True Story Tour! We have guests Mark Normand, Stavros Halkias, and Evan Williams! We do a breakdown of Evans legendary Roast Battle from the night before, which Bobby was a judge for! Watch / Listen and Enjoy!

Disciple of Dudes  

Bobby's still on the road :(. So we get Dan Soder to host with guests Luis J Gomez, Ari Shaffir and Tim Dillon! We talk about eating ass, eating puss, and eating ice cream (so Tim doesn't feel left out). Watch / Listen and enjoy!

Rat without a Rubber  

This week on YKWD: We have Luis J Gomez, Louis Katz, Mike Recine, and Mark Normand! Hosted by Joe "The Truth" List. With Bobby out, things quickly get rowdy. Everyone takes their nipples out, makes a move on Lauren, and admits life-ruining facts about themselves. Watch / Listen and Enjoy!

National Guard Marriage  

This week on YKWD: Hosted by Luis J Gomez with guests Kerryn Feehan, Mike Finoia, Dave Smith, and Pete Lee! We talk about acts of vandalism we committed growing up! We play Kerryn's roast battle with Zac Amico, much to Kerryns chagrin. Plus, Rich Vos stops by (and leaves quickly cause Bobby's not there). Watch / Listen and enjoy!

Act Like A Pug  

This week on YKWD: We have Matteo Lane, Justin Silver, Tim Dillon, Mehran Khagani, and Jay Nog! Not every guest is gay... but it sure feels that way!  We talk about Matteo doing stand up on Seth Myers with his fly open, the awful pie Tim brought to Bobby's house, and the NYC Bomber (Chris Scopo).


Chicken Finger Fingers  

This week on YKWD: We have Anthony Cumia, Joe Bartnick, Mike Albanese, Christi Chiello, Rob Sprance, and Tom Cassidy! In the wake of Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll being canned (send Bob some love), the gang discusses the times they've been fired, and the viability of working for a Chicken Card. Watch/Listen and enjoy!

Bobby and the Chub Chubs  

This week on YKWD: We have Yannis Pappas, Greg Rogell, Chris Distefano, and Rosebud Baker!

We talk with Chris D about his new pilot, which got greenlit for network television. Chris seems to be in a very enviable position, but Greg offers some perspective from being in a similar situation back in the day. Also, Bobby tries to defend Ann Coulter's appearance on The Roast of Rob Lowe, but is met with opposition from everyone in the room. Watch / Listen and enjoy!

Uncut Brit  

This week on YKWD: We have Liza Treyger, Mike Vecchione, Tim Dillon, and Stavros Halkias! A rainy Thursday recording. Mike loses a car and a girlfriend, Tim can't keep his hand off his hip when he makes a point, and Bobby orders ice cream for the whole room... from a local tourist-trap! Watch/Listen and Enjoy!

Comedy Adjacent  

This week! Tim Dillon hosts with guests Luis J Gomez, Yannis Pappas, Ramon Rivas, Dave Smith, and Paul Virzi! Booked by Luis and Joe, the assembled crew converse on matters pertaining to the Just For Laughs festival, comedy justice, and the search for the ideal rifle! Watch / Listen and enjoy!

The Womenatti  

This week on YKWD: We have Aaron Berg, Mark Normand, and Matt Pavich! Our guests reveal their fear / or lack thereof, of an all-female comedian gossip thread that goes all the way to the top. A local comic gets banned from UCB and sparks a discussion that's making national headlines. Sponsored by Draft Kings, Casper Mattresses, and Don't Think Twice (A Mike Birbiglia Film) Watch / Listen, and Enjoy! 


This week on YKWD: We have Sean Donnelly, Andy Curtains, Tim Dillon, and Tim Gage! Andy lays it down about Stand Up in China, and we yell at Tim for not having cable! Watch/Listen and enjoy!

Funny is Funny  

This week on YKWD: 

We have Mike Finoia, Christi Chiello, Mike Lawrence, and Jared Freid! Lawrence is dubbed the winner of Roast Battle on Comedy Central just the night before! We talk to him and Christi about how it all went down! Finoia chimes in with a PSA that everyone feels was directed at Jared. Watch/Listen and enjoy!

A Fat Wah  

This week on YKWD: We have Nick Cody, Dave Smith, and Brendan Eyre! We talk about Pavlovian child-rearing, Debbie Wasserman's DNC antics, and the time Bob was a life guard! Dan Soder also drops by, reppin Team Voices!

Long Island Barbecue  

This week on YKWD: We have Anthony Cumia, Joe List, Mark Normand, and Tim Dillon! 

Anthony is BACK! A return many months in the making! We talk a little about the times we've brawled, stints in rehab, and above ground pools in Long Island! Plus, we watch Deepu's awful videos. Watch / Listen and Enjoy!



This week on YKWD: we have Sal Vulcano, Stavros Halkias, Leonord Ouzts, and Tim Dillon! When things get heated talking about #BlackLivesMatter, we reconcile with chocolates. Many different views were expressed, including the always funny "Walking-On-Eggshells-Because-I-Am-Famous" school of thought. Plus, A hilarious role play between Bobby and Leonord about what NOT to do when you're pulled over! Watch / Listen and enjoy!

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