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Listen to the Rooster Teeth gang talk about Gaming, the Internet, Movies, or whatever the hell else they want to talk about. It is just like the Howard Stern show... but with a bunch of nerds and no naked chicks.


Social Media is a Flat Circle - #426  

RT Discusses Pig Ownership

Batman’s Phone - #424  

RT Discusses Awkward Interactions

Once You Get the Boner - #423  

RT Discusses The Mile High Club

Burnie’s Sunset Party Hangover - #422  

RT Discusses Burnie’s Party Aftermath

She Wants the Tea - #421  

RT Discusses Regional Slang

Girls Don’t… Have… Wet... Dreams - #420  

RT Discusses Burnie and Gavin the Couple

When the Ball Drops - #419  

RT Discusses Balls Dropping

Burnie The Paranoid - #418  

RT Discusses Burnie’s Prank Paranoia

Puppies Like Pancakes - #417  

RT Discusses Pancakes

People Poison Cats - #416  

RT Discusses Shipped Grass

Gavin Forgot The Podcast - #415  

RT Discusses Handshakes

The Just Had Sex Look - #414  

RT Discusses Flushing Condoms

How Up Is Space? - #413  

RT Discusses Space Travel

Drinking a Memory - #412  

RT Discusses Grape Juice

The Poop Playlist - #411  

RT Discusses Bathroom Etiquette

Alexa, Show Me Horsed*ck - #410  

RT Discusses Amazon Echo Incidents

The Greatest Hits - #409  

RT Discusses The Best Moments of 2016

Has Science Gone Too Far? - #408  

RT Discusses the Year in Review

National Gus Day - #407  

RT Discusses National “Holidays”

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