Rove and Sam Podcast

Rove and Sam Podcast


Welcome to the Rove and Sam podcast: the podcast for people who like their breakfast radio at any time of the day. Listen in your car, at the gym, in the bath or just about anywhere. Well, maybe not weddings but if you do make sure you’re sitting up the back. Listen live 6am -9am weekdays on Sydney’s 2DayFM. Full of laughs and light on calories.


Rove and Sam Catchup 339 - Friday 30th June, 2017  

GHOST STORIES!!!  HOLY SHIVER ME TIMBERS!!!!!   This one is a dooooozy.  Get some ghosties up ya!

Rove and Sam Catchup 338 - Thursday 29th June, 2017  

TASMA WALTON IS IN DA HAUUUUUS!!  and she's awesome..  Make sure you catch her in Cleverman, Season 2, on the ABC.  

Rove and Sam Catchup 337 - Wednesday 28th June, 2017  

Rove lives in a house of LIES!!!!  Not happy Janice!   Also, Sam knows the fashion.

Rove and Sam Catchup 336 - Tuesday 27th June, 2017  

Is Sam a bogan? hmmm toughie to answer  :P  find out what Rove thinks.   Also, catch the best thing EVORRRRRR..  RANDOM QUESTION HAT!!! (loud sound effects BAH BAH BAH BAHHHHH)

Rove and Sam Catchup 335 - Monday 26th June, 2017  

BINGEY BINGE CLUB YEAH!!!  We binge on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.  Also catch our filthy version of Shark Tank.

Rove and Sam Catchup 334 - Friday 23rd June, 2017  

What do you do with a dead possum?   Rove found one and didn't know one and didn't know what to do with it.   Also,  GHOST STORIES!!! EEEEK HOLY BEEEJEEEEBAS!!!

Rove and Sam Catchup 334 - Thursday 22nd June, 2017  

THERE'S A BEAR IN THERE.. AND A ROVE AS WELL..  ROVE WAS ON PLAYSCHOOL OMG!!!!  Also, we ask what do you put down your bra?  

Rove and Sam Catchup 333 - Wednesday 21st June, 2017  

Ken, from Barbie and Ken fame has had a makeover, and dayuuum, he's one sexy hunka plastic.  HUBBA HUBBA!!!   We also asked the fine peeps of Aussieland, have you swallowed a bug?  YUMMMMMY!!!

Rove and Sam Catchup 332 - Tuesday 20th June, 2017  

DON'T MISS THE BEST THING OF ALL TIME!!!!!  RANDOM QUESTION HAT!!!!  it's the shiz biz niz  :D

Rove and Sam Catchup 331 - Monday 19th June, 2017  

Today we have another G rated TV show, turned OH SO UTTERLY FILTHY!!!  we've filthed it up in the filthinator, and hot diggity dang it's filthy.  Sam also has dropped a bombshell, and the world will never be the same again.

Rove and Sam Catchup 330 - Friday 16th June, 2017  

Today we talk milk tasters.. The same as wine tasters, but with milk..  WTAF!!!  Also, BINGE CLUB!!!  OMMMMGGGGG.  

Rove and Sam Catchup 329 - Thursday 15th June, 2017  

Today on Rove and Sam, we talk unicorn food, new-age meditation and what have you found in your pants!

Rove and Sam Catchup 328 - Wednesday 14th June, 2017  

Today on Rove and Sam, we talk Katy Perry, hoarders in Rove's house and amazing Japanese restaurants!

Rove and Sam Catchup 327 - Tuesday 13th June, 2017  

Today on Rove and Sam, wedding gift complications, Sam's not sure if her brother loves her and the it's time for the Random Question Hat!

Rove and Sam Catchup 326 - Monday 12th June, 2017  

Today on Rove and Sam, the 'filthy series' makes a return, crazy cat people and Binge Club goes astray!

Rove and Sam Catchup 325 - Friday 9th June, 2017  

Today on Rove and Sam, Sam makes an apology to Rove, we talk Californian rules and technology and we plan the next Binge Club!

Rove and Sam Catchup 324 - Thursday 8th June, 2017  

Today on Rove and Sam, we talk unfortunate high-school nicknames that stick with you, BBQ etiquette and the scientific research on dating jerks.

Rove and Sam Catchup 323 - Wednesday 7th June, 2017  

Today on Rove and Sam, due to the peacock in a bottle shop - asshole animals is back! Also, Rove is curious about licking celebrities and Sam finally gets a compliment from her brother... which he then screws up.

Rove and Sam Catchup 322 - Tuesday 6th June, 2017  

Today on Rove and Sam, Sam gets insulted by her father, Rove falls in love with his computer and it's time for the Random Question Hat!

Rove and Sam Catchup 321 - Monday 5th June, 2017  

Today on Rove and Sam, Sam's swearing makes her a superhero, Rove loves old theatre snobs and it's House of Cards time for Binge Club!

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