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Jack Hussey, Raj Bains and Seb Stafford-Bloor are Rule The Roost podcast. They fret about Tottenham, they interview opposition guests, and they discuss just about anything and everything in between. COYS.


Costa Del F**k Off  

Millwall who? Can we cope without Kane? Son, hot or not? Harry Winks is GOAT. End.

Paul Hollywood  

If you thought we'd missed the chance to get the Everton lads on, you thought wrong. We'll do another, proper pod in the next few days pre-Millwall, but this one is a one-off RTR-vs-NSNO special. God love Si and Bally.

La La Lads  

There's some talk about Fulham, Gent and the Dele Alli tackle / reaction to it, but this pod is mainly about two mates chatting about the Oscars and their favourite films of the year. Middle finger to the haters.

Indecent Proposal  

We're all here, for once. Jack is getting married, so tells us how he convinced a real woman to agree to doing that. There's also Liverpool chat, Gent with our Belgian correspondent Steven and some questions and that. Same old, same old. COYS.

Son Of Sam  

We're back up in this mother with a bang like the Migos, for the culture. Skrt skrt. We catch up on what we've missed and have the Son chat. Solid pod. COYS.

Russia's Fault  

Fake podcasting from fake podcasters. Despite being hacked by Russia - oooh topical - the Rule The Roost team are back in full force. We chat about stuff. Then some more stuff. Then we chat to Alex Timperley of Typical City fame. We talk about a bit more stuff, then it ends. LISTEN.

ETAP Riddim  

Raj and Seb are back from the dead to collectively LOL at Tottenham taking Chelsea to ETAP for the night. COYS.

Five-a-Side Fat Lad  

It wasn't a joke, Raj and Seb are dead. Still, the show must go on. Jack takes on the mantle with ESPN's Dan Kilpatrick, where they talk about attacking fluidity, Wimmer's future, wing back options and other stuff. Conor Kelly drops in, smugly, to laud Chelsea's form this season. LISTEN.

Death to RTR  

It's Christmas time. Raj and Seb have died, so it's up to Jack to continue flogging this already festering horse's carcass. Joining him on this descent into the festive abyss is Nathan Clark, aka Talking Tottenham Tactics, where they wheel out the banter and just about manage a discussion on Southampton.

Cooking With Rose West  

With Raj nursing a case of man flu, or whatever, it's up to Jack and Seb to steady the ship - but as we all know, when left to their own devices, things can often take a turn. Accompany them as they tiptoe through the cemetery of this season, and settle in their #SissokoOut graves. Listen all the way to the end, and you're in for a treat.


After an unscheduled break that couldn't be helped, the pod is back...sort of. Seb is settling is to what we can only assume is happily married life, Jack is a slave to the wage having moved in to his office full-time so, fresh from defeating norovirus, Raj cobbles together the oddest show we've ever done. We'll be back to normal with a proper catch up next time out with Tottenham discussion and television, but for now, this'll have to do. Shouts to Musa and Carl for coming on as well. COYS.

It's Happened Again...  

Bains and Stafford-Bloor run through West Ham, Monaco and Chelsea before answering a couple of questions. All killer no filler. COYS.


After a technical hitch, we speak to's Harry Sherlock about West Ham. Then we chat about films and stuff. FDT. COYS.

Back Ache  

Look back at Liverpool (a little) and Leicester, preview of Leverkusen (a little) and Arsenal properly with Michael Cox of Zonal Marking fame. All finished off with listener questions, as always. COYS.

Über Cameo  

Dorset, Leverkusen, Bournemouth, Leicester, love, life and the rest. COYS.

Dutch Pancake  

West Brom, Chadli, Toby, Dele, Leverkusen, Son, Lamela and more. COYS.

Scatman John Is Dead?  

Refreshed after a week off, it's back to some vintage RTR podcasting. Scatman John, CSKA Moscow, Man City, Pochettino, Amanda Knox, The Visit and other stuff, n'all. COYS.

Everything Is Fluid  

WE'RE STILL NOT TALKING ABOUT SON. That aside, there's plenty to cheer about Tottenham's start to the season, but are resident old farts Seb and tehTrunk going to allow this happiness to go unchecked? Lol. Poch's subs are discussed. Sissoko is (constructively) critiqued. Janssen is called fat. Kane is lauded. There's a chat with Man City's Rob Pollard thrown into the mix, as well as a healthy dollop of listener questions to close the show. COYS.

The Scarlet Pimpernel  

Jack and Raj hold down the fort while Seb goes down on some lucky lady in Bath (read: takes child to watch rugby union). Sunderland review, Boro preview, listener Qs and a nice pop culture ending as per. COYS.


A bit like Mousa Dembele, we're better late than never. COYS.

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