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Jack Hussey, Raj Bains and Seb Stafford-Bloor are Rule The Roost podcast. They fret about Tottenham, they interview opposition guests, and they discuss just about anything and everything in between. COYS.


When The Son Goes Down  

Welcome to the hot take factory. Season review 2015/16.


We recorded a proper podcast last week well within the usual time, but Seb lost his audio and Raj got ill, so editing became a bit of a no-go, especially after Sunday, if you follow. We've gutted our out of date bits and just thrown in the full Taylor and Besty chat, little of which is about football, because if they give us their time, we're going to publish the results, We'll miss them next season. Back up and running soon. COYS.

Dilly Ding, Dilly Dong  

Last week didn't pan out for us busy working men, so we cover the last stretch of the title race together in this catch-up edition, mainly to bask in the glory of kicking seven shades out of Chelsea, which is never a bad thing. We're gonna win the Champions League next season anyway. COYS.

Robson Or Jerome?  

Stoke is horrible as both a place and a football team. Seb gives us the low down from inside the stadium. Listener questions. No train station chat. Winning the league, COYS forever.

Dogging Retirement  

This one is a bit of a mess. We laugh at Man Utd for a bit, defame the entire Stoke area, and talk about train stations, Deliveroo and maggots. Sorry in advance. We're still going to win the league though, obvs. COYS.

Friendly Fire  

It's back to a full squad, so we waste no time in going in two footed at each other from the off. We also discuss Liverpool away, United at home and that damn league championship. COYS.


Does Harry Kane deserve to be held in the same esteem as Ledley King? Will Leicester actually drop any points ever again? Is tehTrunk yer da? All of this and more in this week's Rule the Roost podcast.

Doped Cinderella  

Jack is having a breakdown, so Seb and Raj takeover, saving the show as you know and love it. The majority of the pod is spent working out who's going to win the league, and then we did some listener questions. Bournemouth wasn't discussed much - spoiler alert: we smashed them. We're gonna win the league. COYS.

High Noon  

Bains is back, so the podcast is edited and uploaded properly and on time...real talk. The lads discuss the season, Spurs, the Leicester conundrum and all sorts of stuff in between, with plenty to get through. Still gonna win the league. COYS.

We're Still Going To Win The League  

With aching backs, weird saliva noises and groans as they sit down, the old bastards are back. They discuss why they need Raj, why they're disappointed about West Ham and Arsenal, Sam Tighe comes on for a bit, then they have a lame attempt at talking telly. Most important thing from all this though, is that we're still winning the league. COYS.

In Our Hands  

We went into this pod, discussing video games, West Ham and even had a chat with a Gooner, then halfway through recording, Leicester City placed the trophy in our hands and things started to unravel a little. Once more unto the breach dear friends. COYS.

Teaspoon Dreams  

Jack is away enjoying his 31st, so Bains and Stafford-Bloor catch up with what we've missed, namely: Palace, Fiorentina and Swansea, setting us up for a big week coming up. COYS.

Stars In Their Eyes  

We're still going to win the league, but there's cup games to sort out. Matthew Kelly is on from HOL Radio to talk Palace in the FA Cup, and we do some listener things and Fiorentina for like a split second too. COYS.

Audere Est Facere  

Extra Slice episode. Gonna win the league. No big deal. COYS.


Jack is away, tired apparently, so Raj and Seb are your OGs, and you will respect them - they made it so that you could wear skinny jeans. David Mooney is on - via Blue Moon and ESPN - to discuss the not important at all game at the Etihad this weekend. COYS.

The Big Short  

We are your OGs and you will respect us. COYS.

Boating Song  

We decided - mistakenly - to mess about with who presents the show week on week, so for the first time ever, Seb steps up...sort of. We look back on Leicester in the cup, the Norwich game coming up and Colchester too. Also, we have a bit of a back and forth about Andros Townsend, who's been carted off to Newcastle for £12m. COYS.

Autoerotic Asphyxiation  

Dele Alli scored the best goal of the season and Tottenham are gonna win the league, so we did an extra pod to mark the occasion. COYS.

Gary Doherty's Son  

Jack and Raj are about after the pod skipped a week due to other commitments taking priority, but dear Sebastian is still sadly sidelined. Stepping in his place though is long time friend of the show and past guest Rob Brown, shaking off his pretend neutral tag and indulging his closet Tottenham ways, All the games we missed are discussed, we don't even mention the Palace game coming up and all sorts else is pondered - same old pod, new posh lad. COYS.

New Year, Same Us  

We're back, unchanged and rested. Tottenham, other stuff, nonsense, laughing at each other - you get the picture. COYS.

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