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RunnersConnect Run to the Top Podcast


Running podcast to motivate & help runners of every level run their best. Tina Muir interviews running influencers, scientists, psychologists, nutritionists, & everyday runners with inspiring stories.


Back on My Feet- The Power of Running to Overcome Homelessness  

Katy Sherratt is the CEO of Back On My Feet, a non-profit organization that helps homeless and those down on their luck get – you guessed it! – back on their feet. 

But they do it with running! 

Members of Back On My Feet meet three times a week for morning runs on top of interview training, health and wellness education, and other services that help them find jobs and get their lives running again. 

As CEO, Katy brings her philanthropic eye and economics experience to an already thriving business. 

We discuss the ways she’s increased donations, increased programmatic impact, and improved the ways the company measures the success of its members. 

There are waiting lists of people waiting to participate in Back On My feet, and Katy shares the way we can all help out. 

Here are some of the topics we’ll discuss today: Everything Katy’s accomplished with Back On My Feet How health and success work togethe [...]
Dr. David Minkoff- You Can Overcome and Outlast Your Setbacks  

My guest today participated in over 40 Iron Man competitions, which is admirable on its own. 

But when you hear about what he’s been doing for the health and wellness for the runners he has met, you are really going to be impressed. 

David Minkoff got his start as a doctor in emergency medicine, but after mercury poisoning threatened his wife, he rearranged his priorities. 

We all know how running can start to rearrange our lives, and David takes it to the next level. 

With over 20 years experience learning about health, wellness, and the human body – as well as running and training on his own – David has developed an almost fool-proof wellness company called Body Health. 

That’s right! 

It’s the same Body Health that creates my favorite supplement, Perfect Amino! We talk today about Perfect Amino and the ways you can rearrange your priorities in order to better benefit your health and wellness. 

Here are some of [...]
The Gait Guys- Runners Need Risk Management not Crisis Management  

Today’s episode is going to completely change the way you look at running form.

I’m sure we’re all guilty of saying we have “bad form” while running. I know my own peroneal arthritis effects my form and the way I think about it, and that’s why I brought the Gait Guys on the podcast.

It’s time to get a new perspective! Durability is what Dr. Shawn Allen and Dr. Ivo Waerlop are all about.

Your running form isn’t really what matters. It’s how durable and economical that form is and what it’s doing to and for your body.

Injuries, surgery, and simple ignorance are all responsible for our running forms, regardless of whether they’re good or bad, but it’s easier than you think to re-train your body to overcome discomfort and pain. You may not even need to change your running form at all.

Rather, we are going to discuss permanent moving patterns and how to make up for what your patterns might be lacking in order for you to have the [...]

Find What You Love and Work for it- Chiara Gandolfi  

Will you help me give a wedding present today?

My guest didn’t start out as a runner, in fact, she did not start running until one year ago.

Chiara was a springboard diver who was inspired to run by the most powerful force of all: love!

As new runners, we all know how magical that first run can be, but today’s episode is truly for the romantic runner.

Chiara shares one of the most romantic relationship stories I have ever heard about how her fiancé Francesco inspired her to become a better runner and a better woman.

She’s discovered a whole new world of health and fitness that would not have been possible if she and Francesco had never met, and she shares with us how a new perspective on running can inspire change in your whole life.

Here are some of the topics we’ll discuss today:

How running compares to other niche sports
How feelings for a significant other can inspire your perspectives on health and exercise
Tr [...]

How Running Shapes us into the People we Want to Be- Chris Heuisler  

If you’ve ever run a marathon, you know how hectic race day can be. 

You’re out of your element, you’re in a new area, and everything about your routine is falling apart. This is where Chris Heuisler comes in! 

I brought Chris on the podcast today to talk about what he does as the RunWestin Concierge. 

As concie [...]

Molly Huddle-Why New York Was the Marathon for Molly  

Today my guest is one of the best distance runners in the country. 

Molly Huddle finished 6th in the 10k at the 2016 Rio Olympics and is about to try her legs out on her first marathon in New York. 

Molly is already a superstar – and has been since college – but that doesn’t stop her from learning new things. 

Nick Symmonds- Our Filthy, Dirty Sport: It’s Time to Make a Change  

I’ve been wanting to talk to our guest today for a long time! 

He’s got a lot of experience, a lot of opinions, and he’s not afraid to share them. 

Nick Symmonds is an elite runner who’s won Olympic medals and competed in his fair share of world track and field championships. 

He’s seen a lot of things in his time running professionally, and he’s on [...]

The Ginger Runner- You May Never Win a Race, But You Can Have a Blast Doing it  

Everyone has a body image issues, and overcoming them is a huge challenge. 

My guest today is no stranger to that. 

Ethan is from Los Angeles, so he knows better than anyone how detrimental body image issues can be to our confidence and our health. 

That’s part of what inspired him to create The Ginger Runner, a web [...]

How to Distract Your Mind When it Tells You to Quit- Perry Newburn  

If you think it’s impossible to run 50+ miles day for weeks on end, our guest today is here to prove you wrong!

After overcoming a 16 year battle with heroin addiction, Perry Newburn is lucky to be alive. 

He realizes what running brings to our lives, and wanted to give back to the running community in the same way that he had been given a second chance. Perry became the king of long-distance running and he’s run numerous marathons, ultra races, and challenges like running around the [...]

Are You Guilty of the Biggest Mistake Runners Make?- Nancy Clark  

If you have some burning questions about your running diet, tune in now and listen to this interview with legendary nutritionist Nancy Clark. 

She’s a registered dietician with years of experience in the field of Sports Nutrition. She knows how important it is to develop a personalized nutrition plan based on your dietary needs and unique training plan, and we talk about how you can still treat yourself with dessert without blowing your calorie intake for the day. 

The trick is knowing [...]

How to Overcome the Obstacles You Didn’t Think You Could Do- Matt Davis, Terry McMahon, John Sheryak  

Have you run a Warrior Dash? 

The Warrior Dash is a part of this fantastic trend of obstacle races, a running race that combines all sorts of physical feats to spice up your run. They will show you that no matter what you look like or how fast you are, you CAN succeed and accomplish things you never thought you could.

These obstacles mean a diverse group of people can tackle one goal together at a fun, challen [...]

How to Become the Runner You Were Meant to Be- Pete Magill  

If you’ve ever given up on running once, or twice, or maybe twenty times, then this is the episode for you. Pete Magill is my guest today and we’re talking about why it’s so easy to quit running, and how it’s just as easy to start back up again. 

Pete is the author of the transformative book “The Born Again Runner”, and he breaks down key training techniques that will change the way you put together your runner’s body. 

For Pete, running became his anch [...]

Why You Need to Do The Workouts You Hate- Steve Picucci  

Not many runners are able to have their spouses as their coaches, but as you may know, my husband and I are an exception to that rule. 

Today we’re talking to Steve Picucci, who is the head cross-country and track and field coach at Moorehead State University in Kentucky. He also happens to be my husband, and he coaches me as well.

Steve has an innate ability to understand what each individual runner needs when it matters. This is part of what makes him such a great coach. Here are some [...]

Do You Know What to Do if Your Life is in Danger When You are on a Run? with Todd Williams  

Running has been in the spotlight a lot in the past few weeks, and not for a positive reason. Because there have been some recent physical attacks on runners, it’s important to understand how to stay safe while running. 

Do you know what to do if your life is in danger? 

This information is important for men and women alike.

How to Use Power Meters to Improve Your Performance- Jim Vance  

We all know about power meters for cycling, but now there are power meters for running too. Today, Jim Vance the author of “Run with Power,” will explain what power meters are and how they can be used in training.

Or, if you are new to running and are interested in how to obtain goals, Jim will speak about how a power meter can help you.

Some of the topics that you’ll hear about include:

85 Years-Young Ed Whitlock: You Are Never Too Old To Run a Record (or 40!)  

Today we are talking to Ed Whitlock, who is 85 and still breaking running records.

Ed began his running career when he was 14. He continued running when he went to University, but took a break from running after he injured his achilles. Ed started running again when he was 40, breaking all sorts of running records up until today.

Some of the topics that you’ll hear about include:

What Can You Do Today, To Achieve Your Goals Tomorrow- Dirk Friel  

Hiring a coach to help train can get expensive, but today we are going to hear from Dirk Friel, the Founder and CEO of TrainingPeaks about why it’s a good idea to consider a coach. 

Or, If you are an experienced runner and thinking about becoming a coach, Dirk has some great advice for you.

Some of the topics that you’ll hear about include: [...]
Steph and Ben Bruce- How to Accept Who You Are and Where You Are, Right Now  

Today we are talking to a couple who have grown up together in their running careers. 

They met in college, dated long-distance, got married, and are now the parents of two young children. This is in addition to having thriving running careers and keeping up with their coaching and their blog.

Stephanie and Ben Bruce are the guests today, and this is a fantastic show for parents and non-parents alike, as they give a lot of great advice. They’re both down-to-earth and able to accept crit [...]

Matt Long: Surviving When There is Have No Hope to Becoming a Marathon Runner  

Matt Long is the author of The Long Run. Some of you may already know his story: In short, he was hit by a bus, spent six weeks in a medically induced coma in the ICU, and was told that he would be lucky to walk with a cane. 

Matt was extremely determined and never gave up when it came to getting back on his feet and back into his regul [...]

How to Make Sure You Condition Your Mind the Way You Condition Your Body- Scott Welle  

Do you ever feel like you are holding yourself back? If so, you’re not alone! No matter how good a runner you are, it’s likely that you spend a lot of time convincing yourself that you’re not as good as you actually are. This is part of human nature.

Today’s guest gives us some pointers on overcoming mental obstacles and getting ourselves to where we want and need to be in our running and in other areas of our lives.

That guest is Scott Welle, a best-selling author, peak performance strategist, marathon run [...]

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