Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast

Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast


Sam Roberts, the last Professional Broadcaster, talks to today's top wrestling talent, and breaks down everything happening with the State of Wrestling every week.


SRW 105 - Adam Rose  

Adam Rose talks to Sam about life in South Africa, coming up through NXT, what went wrong in WWE, spending time in jail, life on the indies, and more- plus everything going on inside and outside of WWE in State of Wrestling.

SRW 104 - Skylar Astin from Pitch Perfect  

Skylar Astin talks to Sam about his love of wresting, growing up with it, Roman Reigns, and more.  Goldberg, TNA, Raw, Smackdown, and Alberto Del Rio all covered in the State of Wrestling.

SRW 103 - Lucha Underground NYCC Panel w Rey Mysterio  

Sam moderated the Lucha Underground panel at New York Comic Con, with Catrina, Rey Mysterio, and more, plus Nancy Grace, Goldberg, Raw, and No Mercy in the State of Wrestling.

SRW 102 - Brie & Nikki Bella  

Brie and Nikki Bella stop by Jim Norton and Sam Roberts to talk about Total Bellas, and Brie's return.  Sam breaks down TNA's potential sale, No Way Out, and more on State of Wrestling.

SRW 101 - Hornswoggle  

Hornswoggle talks to Sam about leaving WWE and his life now on the indys, Sam complains about Raw in State of Wrestling.

SRW 100 - R Truth  

R Truth joins Sam for the 100th episode, and we look at WWE and the world outside of it in the State of Wrestling.

SRW 099 - Cody Rhodes  

Cody Rhodes talks to Sam live in Rahway about leaving WWE, life on the indies, and what's next.  Pat Buck explains how he got on "the list," plus State of Wrestling including Delete or Decay reaction.

SRW 098 - Edge  

Edge talks about his career, injury, and life after wrestling in a classic interview, plus Backlash previewed and WWE Network appreciation in State of Wrestling

SRW 097 - Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson LIVE in NYC  

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson talk to Sam live in NYC, and take questions from the audience at Caroline's.  Sam talks about General Managers, Raw and Smackdown, and more in State of Wrestling.

SRW 096 - Kevin Owens LIVE in NYC  

Kevin Owens talks to Sam live at Caroline's on Broadway in New York City, and does a Q&A session.  We go over Summerslam, injuries, titles, and The Miz in State of Wrestling.

SRW 095 - Dan Soder & Summerslam Preview  

Dan Soder talks to Sam about his love for WWE, and the two preview Summerslam.

SRW 094 - Jake The Snake Roberts  

Jake The Snake talks to Sam about his troubled past, current wrestlers, and favorite career era.  Sam talks about TNA, Talking Smack and more in State of Wrestling.

SRW 093 - WWE Enhancement Talent James Ellsworth  

James Ellsworth tells his story of getting to be enhancement talent on the first post-2016 Draft Raw and bringing back the jobber, Katie Linendoll joins Sam for State of Wrestling.

SRW 092 - Michael Cole  

Michael Cole joins Sam in a classic interview, talking about being the voice of the WWE, his Wrestlemania debut, and more.  Plus Katie Linendoll joins to talk about the post-draft WWE in State of Wrestling.

SRW 091 - #BROKEN Matt Hardy  

#BROKEN Matt Hardy talks to Sam about deleting Brother Nero, the Wyatts, and more, plus Sam talks with Katie Linendoll and Wade Keller about the draft.

SRW 090 - Karl Anderson  

Karl Anderson talks about becoming a WWE Superstar, and Katie Linendoll joins Sam for a pre-draft State of Wrestling.

SRW 089 - Virgil  

Virgil joins Sam at his SiriusXM Anniversary show, and Katie Linendoll and Sam talk about The Final Deletion and more in the State of Wrestling.

SRW 088 - Ali vs Inoki w Josh Gross  

Josh Gross talks with Sam about his book that follows the Ali vs Antonio Enoki boxer - wrestler match, and Katie Linendoll joins for the State of Wrestling as we talk the next "guy."

SRW 087 - Mick & Noelle Foley  

Mick Foley and his daughter Noelle join Sam to talk Holy Foley, and more, and Katie joins Sam for a State of Wrestling on Roman Reigns' suspension

SRW 086 - Freddie Prinze Jr  

Freddie Prinze Jr talks to Sam about his time as a WWE writer, along with Vince McMahon and John Cena stories, plus Katie Linendoll is back for State of Wrestling.

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