Saturday Extra  - Separate stories podcast

Saturday Extra - Separate stories podcast


The Saturday Extra separate stories podcast makes it easy to pick out your favourite part of the program. Saturday Extra brings you a lively array of stories and features covering a range of topics including international politics and business.


ANZAC: Controlling a name  

How, and why, an iconic name was tightly regulated

South Sudanese refugees welcomed in Uganda  

Acclaimed author and UNHCR ambassador Khaled Hosseini visits Uganda to look at a new approach to refugee protection.

The future of British politics  

With an election planned for June, is there enough time to resolve some of the divisions facing British society?

French presidential election  

This week's shooting adds to the tension surrounding the French presidential election

Trump administration's plans for Yemen  

The Trump administration wants a quick end to the conflict in Yemen.

Panel discussion: Women in science  

Pioneering women in science discussion at the World Science Festival, Brisbane.

The Future of the Euro  

With the onset of European elections in some countries talk of leaving the Euro is being debated. But the Financial Times’ Martin Sandbu argues the problem is not with the single currency itself but with the choices made in dealing with the financial crisis.

Rebuilding US manufacturing with smart technology  

How an Obama era plan is helping US manufacturers produce better products, at lower costs, in just the right time, in just the right numbers with little or no waste.

A wary embrace: China and Russia  

A closer relationship is developing between China and Russia.

Australians in Tuscany  

There is a long history of Australian residents in Tuscany.

The President of the AIIB in Australia  

The President of the AIIB visited Australia this week. Geraldine Doogue caught up with him for a chat.

Modern dictatorships  

Personalist dictatorships are on the rise

Modern dictatorships  

Personalist dictatorships are on the rise

Zuma under pressure - again  

South African President Zuma is under pressure to resign

Land titles sell-off  

Selling off land titles registries causing concern

US attacks on Syria  

What will the US military strike in retaliation for Syria's use of chemical weapons accomplish?

The Viennese century  

How the capital of the former Austro- Hungarian empire produced ideas that shaped western culture.

Russia and cyber warfare  

The new battleground in the post Cold War era is cyber warfare and the Russians appear to be ahead.

Death of democracy?  

The value of democracy is being questioned

New AEMO boss Audrey Zibelman to transform energy market  

"We can't drive the system by looking in the rear view mirror". New AEMO boss to stabilise market whilst creating a flexible, faster system to include renewables, demand management and storage.

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