Saturday Extra  - Separate stories podcast

Saturday Extra - Separate stories podcast


The Saturday Extra separate stories podcast makes it easy to pick out your favourite part of the program. Saturday Extra brings you a lively array of stories and features covering a range of topics including international politics and business.


Who are the super recognisers?  

The extraordinary squad of facial recognition experts at London's Met.

Historians and their craft  

Award-winning author Tom Griffiths traces the lives and work of his favourite historians and scholars who have explored the Australian past with dedication and imagination.

Life on a Shanghai street  

Everyday stories from local Chinese in Shanghai.

The ethics of keeping pets  

Questioning the ethics of keeping pets.

Philippe Sands and genocide  

Professor of International Law, Phillipe Sands, on the perils of calling mass killings a genocide.

A new take on Ancient Rome  

Renowned classics scholar Mary Beard on what the Romans still have to teach us.

The future for Iraq  

Emma Sky is a British Middle East expert who spent seven years in Iraq as a civilian volunteer working with the American led military.

Free speech in a connected world  

Historian Timothy Garton Ash discusses his ten principles for free speech in a connected world

Nikola Tesla the inventor  

Inside the mind of one of the great electrical inventors, and the resurgence of interest in Nikola Tesla.

Saladin and the Islamic Empire  

The story of Saladin and the making of the Islamic Empire.

Moving Pictures  

Travels with a camera to the ends of the earth, a memoir of filming wild life in action.

Encounters discussion  

How do First Nations People negotiate the path between traditional pasts and contemporary futures?

A visit to the 'Ghost Empire' with Richard Fidler  

In his new book, Ghost Empire, Richard Fidler takes us along on a trip he made to Istanbul with his history loving son to explore the forgotten story of Constantinople

Maori in colonial Sydney  

Take a history tour about Maori lives in The Rocks, Sydney.

A journey to the oldest living things in the world  

Artist Rachel Sussman blends art, science and philosophy in her search for the oldest living things in the world.

Making sense of 2016  

What might 2016 deliver, in terms of peace and prosperity, community well-being, fairness and fun?

Thinking about posterity  

Are we failing future generations?

A.C.Grayling on the modern mind  

Philosopher A.C. Grayling presents the case for why the 17th century is a pivotal time in history.

Are we living through a new Renaissance?  

Don't fret about the world's turbulence, the future could be bright as we emerge from a new Renaissance.

Islamic Exceptionalism  

Understanding Islam to understand the shifts that are currently at play.

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