Saturday Extra  - Separate stories podcast

Saturday Extra - Separate stories podcast


The Saturday Extra separate stories podcast makes it easy to pick out your favourite part of the program. Saturday Extra brings you a lively array of stories and features covering a range of topics including international politics and business.


Managing the refugee crisis  

What are the options for dealing with the growing number of displaced people in the world?

Israeli journalist Nir Baram  

Israeli journalist and author Nir Baram discusses the future of Israel and Palestine and current political events.

Peace and conflict in Asia  

How North Korea's nuclear arsenal and missile testing program is threatening regional stability.

Rohingya crisis  

The key historical moments behind Burma's treatment of its Rohingya people

Belt and Road business opportunities  

There are risks, but Australian businesses should be signing up for the world's biggest infrastructure concept

FC Barcelona opens football school in Australia  

European football giants, FC Barcelona have started a school in Australia to teach young players here their famous playing style.

The controversial Gordon Bennett: hero or deserter?  

The greatest controversy in Australian military history that still dvidies; Major General Gordon Bennett's decision to leave during the fall of Singapore.

China scholar Frank Dikotter  

After years of exploring the Chinese archives, Frank Dikotter is now looking at how dictators nurture the cult of personality.

Degree apprenticeships  

Australia has a vocational education deficit. Should the UK's degree apprenticeship scheme be adopted here?

North Korean defectors study English in Australia  

Five former North Korean students have won unique scholarships to study English and build ties in Australia.

North Queensland renewables boom  

At least 18 major renewable energy projects are being built or finalising commercial arrangements in north Queensland - with more in the pipeline.

Kazakhstan's Future  

A look at what lies ahead for this central Asian powerhouse.

A Foreign Affair  

America's new strategy in Afghanistan, building relationships of trust across cultures and consternation about the lifestyle of the new Thai king.

Anne-Marie Slaughter on foreign policy strategies  

In a rapidly changing and connected world we need new strategies for dealing in foreign policy.

Harvard study on ExxonMobil's climate change communication  

A recently released Harvard University study claims ExxonMobil have misled the public over climate change.

German election 2017  

Despite almost 12 years as Chancellor, Germany's Angela Merkel is dominating the polls and finding new support with first time voters.

Portia Simpson on shooting, stalking and wildlife conservation  

Scotland's first female gamekeeper, Portia Simpson, reveals how she broke into a traditionally conservative, male-dominated profession. She shares her unique and compelling account of the day-to-day life of a huntswoman.

Politics of partition  

One of the longest-running international rivalries is between India and Pakistan. We assess the impact of partition

Steve Bannon exits team Trump  

The political breakup of President Trump and his now former advisor Steve Bannon.

The business of sport  

The professional sports are scrambling to shore up their futures in a changing media landscape

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