Saturday Extra  - Separate stories podcast

Saturday Extra - Separate stories podcast


The Saturday Extra separate stories podcast makes it easy to pick out your favourite part of the program. Saturday Extra brings you a lively array of stories and features covering a range of topics including international politics and business.


Paul McCartney: The biography  

Philip Norman's surprising new take on the life and times of former Beatle, Paul McCartney.

Election Express US  

The view on the US elections from newspaper editors in the states that really matter.

Attitudes to Debt  

Australians continued to borrow in the wake of the GFC and now have one of the highest rates of household debt in the world, with most of it tied up in real estate.

Hungarian Politics  

Is Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban urging a counter cultural revolution in Europe?

The battle for Mosul  

Update on the Mosul offensive and analysis of the operation's first week.

Crown arrests: a former Ambassador's view  

Is it possible to know what may lie behind the arrest of Crown Resorts staff in China?

The epic story of Hamilton Hume  

The story behind the explorer Hamilton Hume.

Election Express US  

The view on the US elections from newspaper editors in the states that really matter.

French women during the occupation  

The choices made by Parisian women during German occupation.

The world in transition - a French perspective  

Global developments and the challenges for France and the European Union.

The Passing of the King  

Thailand has lost its much respected monarch and the nation is in mourning. What are the implications of his passing?

Medical savings accounts  

As private health insurance membership rates fall in Australia, the private hospital sector has suggested that the government explore medical savings accounts.

Ferdinand Mount  

Acclaimed British writer Sir Ferdinand Mount on the meaning of Englishness and what makes a statesman.

Argentina reconnecting  

Children of the 'disappeared' during Argentina's Dirty War continue to be found forty years later.

A new geo-political view of the world  

A new view on the world where infrastructure becomes the tool of geopolitics rather than the military.

Monique Morrow and scenarios for the future  

How ready is Australia for adopting emerging technologies that will transform the way we work and do business?

Russia's strategy in Syria  

As the US-Russian peace talks collapsed against a backdrop of intense attacks on eastern Aleppo, Syria has fallen even further into misery. What lies behind Russia's involvement?

Sleep obsessed  

Where is the sleep revolution actually taking us?

Obama's mercy: prisoner clemency in the United States  

In the early 1990s, Norman Brown was sentenced to life in prison for possessing and distributing crack cocaine. He was 22 years old. Two decades later President Obama granted clemency to Norman Brown and hundreds of other people sentenced under America's tough on crime laws.

Paddy Ashdown on the state of UK politics  

Why has former leader of the Social Democratic Party, Paddy Ashdown, created a new political movement?

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