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Leo Sayer  

Aasmah Mir and the Rev. Richard Coles are joined by the singer/songwriter Leo Sayer. Still touring 40 years after he reinvented the Pierrot for Top of the Pops, he discusses his popularity in south East Asia, playing the harmonica, and singing karaoke with businessmen. The former rugby player Martin Bayfield talks about on being the other side of the camera, and how his 6'10" frame led to the role of Hagrid's body double. Vlogger Lucy Earl's tips on grammar and pronunciation have been viewed by 12 million people worldwide. She reveals the most common mistakes. And adventurer Charley Boorman describes his recovery after a major motorbike accident. Esther Rantzen shares her Inheritance Tracks: Don't Put Your Daughter on the Stage Mrs Worthington by Noel Coward; and With a Little Help From My Friends performed by Wet Wet Wet. Leo Sayer is about to embark on a 25 date tour of the UK throughout May and June. English with Lucy is on Youtube Long Way Back by Charley Boorman is out now. Producer: Louise Corley Editor: Eleanor Garland.

Roy Hudd  

Roy Hudd is a national treasure. He's been entertaining, acting and generally having fun on TV, the stage and wireless for many decades. Next month he'll be 81 years old and he's still working. Imelda May grew up in the Liberties, once the toughest slum in Dublin, where she learned the art of song and acquired a noble quiff, which made her the Rockabilly queen of the Dublin scene. Her breakthrough came on Jools Holland's 'Later' (she also supported his band on tour) and was snapped up by the likes of Bono and The Chieftains, who know a proper voice when they hear one. The quiff is no more, to mark a change of emphasis and tone, I guess, and her new album, Life Love Flesh Blood is produced by T Bone Burnett, does what it says on the tin. . New Zealander Stuart Barnes started working as a shepherd when he was just 11. He now spends his time travelling and running a Dog and Duck Show. He talks about his lifelong love of animals, developing his knowledge of animal behaviour and ways to communicate with dogs Hard to get a page from the flimsiest of manifestos between politics and comedy these days, some have said, so it must be a fertile opportunity for Ayesha Hazaroka, who was a special adviser to Labour politicians both in government before reinventing herself as a commentator and a comedian, and a grave disappointment to her mother who still really really wants her to be a doctor. Her new show State of the Nation was obliged to undergo a hurried rewrite after elevenses last Tuesday, when the Prime Minister surprised us all by calling a general election. This weeks Inheritance Tracks comes from humanitarian and ex-hostage Terry Waite And much much more We want to hear from you so EMAIL: TEXT: 84844 TWEET: #bbcsaturdaylive (LEAVE A PHONE NUMBER) The programme is presented by Kate Silverton & the Rev. Richard Coles and the producer is Maire Devine.

Milton Jones, Sam Sweeney, Catherine Howell, Michael Volpe.  

Comedian Milton Jones; musician Sam Sweeney; opera impresario Michael Volpe and curator Catherine Howell join Aasmah Mir and Kate Silverton. Milton Jones is a stand-up comedian, known by many as the king of the one-liners. A regular panellist on BBC Two's Mock the Week, he has a penchant for wild hair and colourful shirts and a gentle, self-deprecating wit. Later this year he embarks on a new tour, Milton Jones is Out There, taking a philosophical look at his life so far with what he calls his 'manifesto of nonsense'. Milton Jones is Out There 2017 tour begins in September at the Richmond Theatre. Michael Volpe is the general director and co-founder of Opera Holland Park. Brought up by a single mother on a London council estate, he attended the progressive Woolverstone Hall School in Suffolk which took inner city London boys, often from broken families, and gave them the opportunity to explore art and culture at an early age. Passionate about making opera accessible to everyone, Michael has directed a short film, From Footy to Verdi, in which he introduces his three sceptical friends and fellow Chelsea supporters to the joys of opera. Opera Holland Park's new season opens on June 1st. Six years ago Sam Sweeney, fiddle player with Bellowhead, bought a violin in Oxford. It had all the appearance of a new instrument but the label inside gave the date 1915 and the name Richard S Howard. Sam discovered the violin had been made - but never finished - by a luthier and some-time music hall performer from Leeds called Richard Spencer Howard who died in battle during the First World War. The violin languished unfinished for many years until it was completed in 2007 and placed in the window of an Oxford music shop where it was spotted by Sam. Sam tells the extraordinary story of his fiddle in his show Made in the Great War which tours in June. Catherine Howell is collections manager at the V & A Museum of Childhood. She curated the exhibition, Game Plan: Board Games Rediscovered which traces the history and enduring appeal of board games. From the Senet board of Ancient Egypt to the mobile phone app, Words with Friends, game playing has remained a constant and important part of people's lives, a friendly way to compete and a necessary escape from reality. Game Plan: Board Games Rediscovered is at the V & A Museum of Childhood until April 23rd. Producer: Paula McGinley Editor: Anne Peacock.

Christopher Biggins  

The actor and TV personality Christopher Biggins joins Aasmah Mir and the Rev. Richard Coles. Best known for his performances as Lukewarm in the BBC series of Porridge, Emperor Nero in I Claudius, and as Rev. Ossie Whitworth the wicked vicar in Poldark. He's one of the Great Dames of British Pantomime and was crowned 'King of the Jungle'. He talks about his career and latest work on the comedy album Wit & Whimsy. Horologist, Steven Fletcher, is the third generation of clockmakers in his family. He's worked on many important timepieces - some dating back to the 17th century, and the clocks at Chequers. Retired rugby flanker Maggie Alphonsi took 74 caps for England and 7 Six Nations titles during her international career. She discusses her career, her role in commentating and inspiring the next generation. JP Devlin meets Saturday Live listener Anne Watson. She tells the story of losing her sight, learning to ice stake and finding love. The comedian Russell Kane chooses his Inheritance Tracks: Can't Get Enough of Your Love by Barry White and The Waves by Einaudi. Dixe Wills is an author, travel writer and regular winter camper. He describes how he travels around by train and bike in his quest to discover Britain's tiniest curiosities - from stations to islands, churches and tiny campsites. The comedy album Wit & Whimsy is out now. A live show featuring performances of songs from the album is being staged at The Hippodrome in London's West End on Sunday 30 April, 2017. Tiny Campsites by Dixe Wills is out now. Russell Kane is on tour with his show 'Right Man, Wrong Age'. Producer: Louise Corley Editor: Anne Peacock.

Daniel O'Donnell  

Irish singing superstar Daniel O'Donnell made history in 2016 by becoming the first recording artist in the history of the UK album chart to have at least one new album every year since 1988 - an unprecedented 29-year run - surpassing the Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson and U2. He talks about growing up in Donegal and how he got into the music business. Samantha Renke is an actor with a disability and can be seen in the latest Maltesers advertisement. Sam has a genetic condition -osteogenesis imperfecta -that causes bones to break easily. It affects type I collagen in the body and is more commonly called brittle bone disease. Owing to multiple fractures, people with the condition usually have stunted growth. Sam won 'Best Lead Actress' in Little Devil, a multiple award-winning British indie film at the 2014 Los Angeles Diversity Film. Sam also works to raise disability awareness as she is currently campaigning with Channel 4, as well as the charity SCOPE. Simon Cooper is fly fisherman and conservationist. He's just published a book called the Otter's Tale. He's also involved in preserving Britain's chalk streams. Fiona, 8th Countess of Carnarvon is the Chatelaine of Highclere Castle where Downton Abbey is filmed. Her most recent book is At Home at Highclere - the stories behind some of the most famous dinner parties. Guests have included Disraeli, Prince of Wales, and Henry James. The Inheritance Tracks are provided by David Rodigan MBE - an English radio DJ who also performs as a disc jockey for his sound system. Presenters: Aasmah Mir & the Rev. Richard Coles Producer: Maire Devine.

Jodie Prenger  

The actress Jodie Prenger joins Aasmah Mir and the Rev. Richard Coles. Best known for winning the role of Nancy in the West End production of Oliver! She is now receiving rave reviews for her performance as Shirley Valentine in the 30th anniversary UK tour. JP Devlin meets Jess Turtle, who recalls how her own family history and upbringing in Cardiff has inspired the Museum of Homelessness. "The First Woman of Black British Comedy", Angie Le Mar, describes how she toured doing stand up while raising her children, rebelled against her strict religious upbringing, and explains how a chocolate Labrador helped her during a low point in her life. Dr. Scott Miller is an Australian vet who has worked with animals since the age of seven. Passionate about wildlife and animal conservation, he has dealt with everything from fitting a gold tooth on a sloth bear in India to performing emergency CPR on a chipmunk. Social architect Zac Monro, talks about how he has led a "not so secret" double life, being twice-crowned air guitar world champion. And Ian Hislop shares his Inheritance Tracks. He chooses: A Swingin' Safari performed by Bert Kaempfert And His Orchestra and Life Could Not Better Be, by Danny Kaye. Shirley Valentine is currently on a UK tour. Full Circle, Turning Your Gift Around by Angie Le Mar, is out now. The Wipers Times runs at the Arts Theatre in London until 13 May. Producer: Louise Corley Editor: Eleanor Garland.

Jimmy Osmond  

Jimmy Osmond is only 53 - but has 50 years of showbiz under his belt. How does he do it? Maria MacLennan trained as jewellery designer but found her way, unexpectedly, into a very different (if related) field. She's now developed a career as a forensic jeweller, sent for to reunite owners with jewellery, but also, in the event of disasters like a plane crash, or a building collapse, to reunite owners with their identities when dental records or DNA may not be forthcoming. And to capture the stories that jewellery tells about owners, relationships, family histories. The choreographer was Dougie Squires, who in seven decades has worked with around ten thousand dancers, is best known for the Second Generation. Now Dougie's come out of retirement with seventy five of those dancers to celebrate Dame Vera Lynn's 100th Birthday. We sent JP Devlin, whose running man at Belfast's Sugar Sweet helped define the Northern Ireland of the early nineties, to meet Dougie during a break in the rehearsals. If you're like Aasmah and have finally acquired a garden, then you know that you should be planting stuff in it around now. But what if you're not sure where to start? Hollie Newton was a stressed-out agency worker who started planting things in a window box and making lots of mistakes. These days she knows what she's doing and has written a book for people like me who haven't a clue, containing useful jargon-free chapters like 'Things I Wouldn't Bloody Bother With' and 'Overplanting Compulsion Disorder'... Tony Prince the disc jockey began his working life as a real jockey, an apprentice with Willie Carson. But it was with spinning discs rather than racing nags that he made his name, on the pirate ship Caroline and then at Radio Luxembourg, before going to a glittering career in dance music. Back then he was already one of the most enterprising of DJs, touring Czechoslovakia in the Communist era, when deviating from the party line was dealt with ruthlessly. He met there a young railway worker called Jan Sestak, a secret pop fan and aspiring DJ, a risky business back. They have been friends for over forty years and they've written a book - "The Royal Ruler and The Railway DJ". The Inheritance Tracks Fearne Cotton - DJ, presenter, 20 years in showbiz - says it's time to slow down a bit and appreciate the simple things in life. This is someone who started in TV at the age of 15 after winning a competition to present The Disney Club. 20 years on, she has worked on Fame Academy, Top of the Pops, Children in Need, The BRIT Awards and of course Radio 1. But Fearne recently talked about her experience of depression and described how she used to put on a fake smile and go into "robot mode" to do her job. We asked her to chill out while she picked her inheritance tracks. Fearne's tracks were (Good Times Bad Times) Led Zeppelin & (Rocket Man) Elton John (Rocket Man) Editor: Eleanor Garland.

Paul Nicholas  

The actor Paul Nicholas talks about his recent visit to The Real Marigold Hotel and his early career in the first rock musical Hair. 'Punk potter' Keith Brymer Jones describes how he made his first item, a pottery owl, when he was 11 years old, but reveals that he actually started out as a ballet dancer. Saturday Live listener and retired nurse, Maggie Jones, has an obsession for photography and ... the ordinary. She can be seen snapping doors and alleyways, or checking for initials on bollards... Brenna Hassett is a bio-archaeologist who digs up bones for living, but she started her career running a record shop in California. Sooty and Sweep have graced our TV screens since the 1950s firstly with Harry Corbett and then with his son Matthew. They're now in the hands of Richard Cadell. Richard, Sooty and Sweep recently came into the Saturday Live studio to meet JP. And Corinne Bailey Rae shares her Inheritance Tracks - Me and Mrs Jones performed by Billy Paul, and There's More To Life Than This, by Bjork. The Real Marigold Hotel is on BBC One on Wednesday at 9pm. Earlier episodes are available on iplayer. "Built on Bones", by Brenna Hassett, is out now. Sooty and Sweep (and Soo) are on tour until June. The Great British Throw Down is on BBC Two on Thursdays at 8pm. Producer: Louise Corley Editor: Eleanor Garland.

Lee Mack  

Lee Mack star of the long running BBC sit com Not Going Out, former stable boy and keen darts players joins the Rev Richard Coles and Aasmah Mir. Life-long petrolhead Bron Burrell on why she is racing from London to Portugal in an 1970s Austin Maxi. Saturday Live listener Philippa O'Sullivan who is preparing to take part in the only round the world yacht race for amateurs. Former Commonwealth champion Matthew Syed gives a table tennis masterclass live in the studio. Burlesque performer Iestyn Edwards shares his experiences of entertaining British Army personnel in some of the least hospitable places on earth. Plus 1980 pop punk singer Toyah Wilcox with a brace of Inheritance Tracks. Lee Mack is in The Miser at The Garrick Theatre, London from 10th March The Greatest - The Quest for Sporting Perfection by Matthew Syed is published by John Murray My Tutu Went AWOL by Iestyn Edwards is published as an e-book Producer: Steven Williams Editor: Eleanor Garland.

Rory Bremner  

Rory Bremner joins Aasmah Mir and the Rev. Richard Coles, with his impressions of Trump and JP, among many others. He explains what he enjoys about the wordplay of translating operas and, as Scotland play today in the Six Nations, he recalls how his love of the game led to early impressions of sports commentators. As one fifth of The Saturdays Una Healy had success with 13 top ten hits. The singer/songwriter has now returned to the country/folk music roots of her Irish childhood. Inspired by the Thank You slot Saturday Live listener Corinna Dawson contacted the programme to tell us about her idea for the Living Eulogy Box. JP Devlin meets Ray Allen, creator of Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em, to find out how he came up with the comedy character Frank Spencer. Consumer historian Robert Opie is arguably the King of Collectors with half a million items. He is now celebrating 250 years of the jigsaw puzzle, with an exhibition. Film director Gurinder Chadha shares her Inheritance Tracks: O Janewalo Jayo Na from the 1957 film Mother India, performed by Lata Mangeshkar; and Something Inside So Strong by Labi Siffre. RORY BREMNER: PARTLY POLITICAL UK Tour 2017 - runs until June 2017 Una Healy's new single Stay My Love, featuring Sam Palladio from her solo album The Waiting Game is out now. Corinna Dawson's website is the Living Eulogy Box. Gurinder Chadha's film Viceroy's House is in cinemas from 3 March. The Jigsaw Exhibition, 250 Years of Jigsaws - is at the Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising and runs until the end of April. Producer: Louise Corley Editor: Eleanor Garland.

Marti Pellow  

Marti Pellow first hit the charts with Wet Wet Wet's Wishing I was Lucky in 1987. He's gone on to have a successful musical theatre career. With the forthcoming release of his solo album Mysterious, Marti joins Rev Richard Coles and Aasmah Mir and explains why soul and jazz have always inspired him. When Kerri Cameron lost her job working with horses- she unexpectedly found a new career as a motorcycle stuntwoman. She talks about her unexpected career change. Anna Bailey speaks to Saturday Live listener Annabel Dunstan, who got in contact, via the Royal Academy of Dance, to talk about how ballet has bought her closer to her mother who has dementia. Max Décharné talks about why he's fascinated by slang, and how many contemporary words are a lot older than you'd expect. Hypnotist and author Paul McKenna shares his Inheritance Tracks. Paul has chosen Dancing Queen by Abba and Us and Them by Pink Floyd. Comedian, actor and lover of magic Nick Mohammed explains how he's learnt to pick locks like an escapologist for his latest show Mr Swallow - Houdini. Marti Pellow's single Sound of My Breaking Heart is out now and his album Mysterious is released on the 10th March. Max Décharné's Vulgar Tongues: An Alternative History of English Slang is out now. Paul McKenna's latest book Get Control of Sugar is out now. The run of Mr Swallow - Houdini staring Nick Mohammed ends at the Soho Theatre in London on the 18th February. His children's book The Young Magicians and the Thieves' Almanac is out now. Producer: Claire Bartleet Editor: Anne Peacock.

Una Stubbs  

Una Stubbs discusses her love of painting and her role playing Sherlock's landlady Mrs Hudson Dinosaur expert and primatologist Ben Garrod on how his love of nature started. Bill Griffin founder of the Crowdwish website explains how he helps people fulfil their wishes and tries to set them on the path to happiness Listener and folk singer Ian W. Brown on the perils of sharing your name with someone famous. Plus singer Marti Webb shares her Inheritance Tracks Producer: Steven Williams Editor: Anne Peacock.

Amanda Redman  

Amanda Redman, best known for her role as DSI Sandra Pullman in BBC1's New Tricks, joins Rev Richard Coles and Aasmah Mir to discuss filming in Sri Lanka for a new TV medical drama, her early years in hospital following a scalding accident and why she set up The Artists' Theatre School. Andrew Martin has had a passion for night trains since childhood. He talks about his recent experiences recreating journeys across Europe. JP meets up with Saturday Live listeners who are related to cast members from Brief Encounter, to reunite them with Cyril Raymond's diaries. Dave Morris shares his passion for Shepherds' Huts and describes how he restored one that was featured in Far From the Madding Crowd. The gardener and designer, Joe Swift, explains how he came to gardening via a post punk band and a spell on a kibbutz, what it takes to win gold at the Chelsea Flower Show and the healing power of horticulture. Bill Turnbull chooses his Inheritance Tracks: 'Three Little Maids' from the Mikado by Gilbert and Sullivan and 'Che Gelida Manina' sung by Vittorio Grigolo, from Puccini's La Boheme. The Good Karma Hospital is on ITV on Sunday night at 9pm. Night Trains - The Rise and Fall of The Sleeper by Andrew Martin is published on 9th February. Shepherd's Huts and Living Vans, by Dave Morris, is published by Amberley Publishing. Joe Swift is on A Man About a Garden Tour 2017. The album 'Bill Turnbull's Relaxing Classics' is out now.

Martin Kemp  

Martin Kemp didn't realise when he was shifting kit for big brother Gary's band Spandau Ballet, that his future lay not back stage but ON stage. Invited to play bass in the band which conquered the world, with wedges and pantaloons and bandanas, he met and married backing singer Shirley from Wham, morphed into an actor in the Krays and in Hollywood, did a decade playing everyone's favourite wicked cockney Steve Owen on EastEnders and is now able to pick and choose pretty much how to delight us, notwithstanding the life limiting effects of a brain tumour at the end of the nineties. Today Amanda Owen is a shepherdess on a hill farm in the Yorkshire Dales - in charge of 1,000 sheep, 9 children, 1 husband, a Sunday Mirror column and a Twitter account. But it was a chance encounter that led to her crazy, remote life. Dr Charles Eugster. He is not only as fit as a fiddle, a body-builder, and a multi-podiuming champ in rowing and athletics, he also won his last British championship at long jump last year AT THE AGE OF NINETY SEVEN. So you've got a nice career, it's going well and then you go and do something completely different... sounds familiar? Well Paul Sinha has done it twice. First he was a nice respectable doctor but decided to become a comedian. Then he decided to become a quiz player on ITV's daily show The Chase. Michaela Strachan, who was the smelling salts in Wide Awake Club, and the her in Hit Man and Her, may now be found in combats in a sweaty tent deep in a muddy field... not raving these days but keeping very still and quite for Naturewatch on BBC2. She's made that difficult transition from children's to young adults' to grown up's television presenter and has learnt a trick or two: so we crept up on her hide, as hedgehogs and water voles and weasels scattered into the bushes, and forced her to hand over her Inheritance Tracks. and much more......... Presented by Aasmah Mir and the Reverend Richard Coles Producer: Maire Devine.

Mark Watson  

Mark Watson is an award winning comedian who has written six novels. He explains why in spite of his success, his dream job is still to be a football commentator. Ben Earle and Crissie Rhodes make up The Shires, a British Country band. They discuss playing the Grand Ole Opry and how they both started out in choirs - one of them regularly singing for the Queen at Windsor Castle. Toby Capwell has loved knights and shining armour since childhood. He is an experienced jouster, curator of Arms and Armour at The Wallace Collection and the man who escorted the remains of Richard III to Leicester Cathedral. Parkour expert Charlotte Blake not only enjoys running, jumping and climbing her way across the urban landscape but also teaches the discipline to people with mental health problems. Plus the Inheritance Tracks of Tom Fletcher author and singer from McFly. Mark's tour 'I'm Not Here' finishes at the Old Vic on Feb 11th. Armour of the English Knight 1400-1450 by Tobias Capwell is published by Thomas Del Mar Ltd. The Shires' single Daddy Little Girl is out now.

Martin Clunes  

Actor and presenter Martin Clunes, best known for his roles in Men Behaving Badly and Doc Martin, joins Rev Richard Coles and Aasmah Mir to discuss discovering the islands of Australia, his love of animals and life on his farm. Gemma Todd is a mobile librarian who has just published her first novel, as GX Todd. She talks about getting her HGV licence and her love of Lego. JP Devlin meets listener Jean Rawson, 93, who describes how her family dog comforted her in a time of great need. Della O'Sullivan runs the Dulwich Wing Tsun Academy. She explains how she got into Chinese martial arts. Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain shares her Inheritance Tracks. She has chosen Blackbird by The Beatles and Michael Jackson's Black or White. DIY SOS presenter Nick Knowles talks about his early music and sporting ambitions, love of cooking and passion for motorbikes. Martin Clunes: Islands of Australia continues on ITV at 8pm on Tuesday. Defender by GX Todd is out now. Nadiya Hussain's debut novel The Secret Lives of the Amir Sisters is out now. Proper Healthy Food book by Nick Knowles is out now. Producer: Claire Bartleet Editor: Eleanor Garland.

Ed Balls  

Former Shadow Chancellor, Ed Balls, joins Richard and Aasmah to discuss his surprise success on Strictly Come Dancing, passion for football, how he coped in public life with interiorised stammering and his life post politics "Gangnam style". 27 year old magician Troy has performed both street magic and for high profile audiences from Harry Styles to HRH Prince Harry. He describes how he overcame a fear of heights to perform tricks on a highwire! JP meets Dr. Evadne Hinge (George Logan) - the surviving member of Hinge & Bracket, the comedy partnership that entertained the public in the guise of two elderly eccentric spinsters. Jane Asher is an 85 year old grandmother of 11, and the Queen of masters swimming. She recalls how she swam competitively in her twenties, but didn't pursue racing until later in life when she lost her husband, and has gone on to win in excess of 100 world records. Comedian Josie Long explains why she likes performing stand-up in people's living rooms, enjoys cold water swimming and her passion for 1930s film noir voices and playing Boggle. Tom Chaplin, singer/songwriter and lead singer with the band Keane, shares his Inheritance Tracks: Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon and Garfunkel and Charmed Life by The Divine Comedy. Strictly Come Dancing Live is on tour around the country from 20 January. Troy: The Highwire is available to watch on Josie Long is on tour during February and March with her new show Something Better. Tom Chaplin will be touring in May and his album The Wave is out now. Producer: Louise Corley Editor: Eleanor Garland.

Lucy Porter  

Comedian Lucy Porter joins Aasmah Mir and Kate Silverton to discuss why she originally wanted to follow in the footsteps of Kate Adie, the pleasures and perils of setting up a Mums and Babies comedy club and the influential women in the early days of Hollywood slapstick films. Motivational writer and speaker Chris Barez-Brown will teach us how to switch off our inner auto pilots and become more creative in the New Year. Pyrotechnician Jon Culverhouse explains the secrets behind putting on an award-winning firework display. And Francesca Brown, who started out playing for Manchester City girls' team, but has since founded an all girls football academy, Goals4Girls. Plus Alan Carr shares his Inheritance Tracks and 13 year old Joey Alexander reveals the secret to becoming a world famous virtuoso pianist. Lucy Porter is taking part in the Bristol Slapstick Comedy festival from 18-22 Jan 2017. Wake Up! By Chris Barez-Brown is out now. Alanatomy, by Alan Carr is out now. Producer: Steven Williams Editor: Louise Corley.

Arabella Weir  

Arabella Weir, star of Two Doors Down, talks to Aasmah Mir and Suzy Klein about what neighbours mean to her, festive celebrations and how she got into comedy. Mark Forsyth explains why he decided to explore the stories behind Christmas traditions- including why we have decorated trees in our house and the real Good King Wenceslas. Writer and musician Rhodri Marsden shared a picture of where he'd be staying when he went home for Christmas and found he wasn't alone in experiencing unusual festive sleeping arrangements. Bruno Tonioli talks to JP Devlin about his festive plans, dealing with tragedy, and what dancing means to him. Comedian Bill Bailey shares his Inheritance Tracks: Magic Moments by Perry Como and Once in a Lifetime by Talking Heads. Joe Wicks, known as The Body Coach, has gone from being a personal trainer to a best-selling author and fitness entrepreneur. He talks about what success means to him, becoming an optimist, and offers his festive health tips. Mark Forsyth's A Christmas Cornucopia is out now. Bruno Tonioli's An Italian Romance album is out now. Bill Bailey's Remarkable Guide to British Birds is out now. Joe Wicks The Body Coach Workout DVD is out on Boxing Day. Producer: Claire Bartleet Editor: Karen Dalziel.

Raymond Blanc  

Raymond Blanc grew up in a self sufficient household in France, and after a few false starts in other professions, became a self taught Michelin star winning chef, and restaurant entrepreneur. Kassia St Clair loves colour. After studying historical dress she wanted to understand the colours referred to. Her interest led to a column in Elle Decoration and finally a book. She joins us to talk about The Secret Lives of Colour. Saturday Live listener Mark Sutton Vane was obsessed with torches as a child. He later developed this into a career in lighting, and his dream came true when he lit the Olympic Park in Stratford in 2012. Kat Francois is a performance poet and playwright who latest work was inspired by finding out on a trip to her parents homeland of Grenada that she had a relative who fought in WWI. She'll join us to talk of Poetry Slams and inspiring stories. JP Devlin meets comedy stalwart Ricky Gervais. We'll have your thank yous and the Inheritance Tracks of Maureen Lipman. She chooses When you wish upon a star performed by Barbara Cook and Frank Mills from the musical Hair. Raymond Blanc's book is Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons, The story of a modern classic The Secret Lives of Colour is by Kassia St Clair The next Word4Word run by Kat Francois, will be on 18th December, at 7pm at Theatre Royal Stratford and her play Raising Lazarus will tour in 2017. Ricky Gervais' DVD is David Brent: Life On The Road Maureen Lipman is in Sleeping Beauty at Richmond theatre.

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