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False memories: from the lab to the courtroom - Science Weekly podcast  

How much of our memory is fictitious? And how is this psychological research now being applied to the world of eyewitness testimony and victim statements?

The quest for a theory of everything – Science Weekly podcast  

In the race for a unifying ‘theory of everything’ two frontrunners are miles ahead. But what will win? String theory? Loop quantum gravity? Or something else entirely?

Weapons of math destruction: how big data and algorithms affect our lives - podcast  

In this special collaboration between the Guardian’s Science Weekly and Chips with Everything podcasts, we explore how big data and algorithms affect our lives - for better and worse

The eureka moment: how scientists learn to trust their gut – podcast  

In the final episode of Brain waves, Dr Kevin Fong and Nathalie Nahai move from the science of emotion to the emotion of science. We learn about the years of research behind a flash of inspiration – and ask where the stereotype of the unemotional scientist came from

The man who lost touch – Science Weekly podcast  

What happens without proprioception, our innate ability to know where and how our body is moving through space? And what can we learn from those who have lost it?

Express yourself: how music plays with our emotions - podcast  

In the fourth instalment of Brain waves, Dr Kevin Fong and Nathalie Nahai explore the power that music has to trigger our emotions, and ask if there’s an evolutionary function behind it all. Plus, why do sad songs say so much?

Cross Section: Sir Roger Penrose – Science Weekly podcast  

Has string theory become too fashionable? Do we place too much faith in quantum mechanics? And does mathematics exist in the external objective world?

Fever pitch: how sport hacks your emotions - Brain Waves podcast  

In the third episode of Brain waves, Dr Kevin Fong and Nathalie Nahai discover how our love of sport evolved out of ancient emotional experiences and ask how modern stadiums are designed to maximise sensation. Plus, we meet the world’s first “thrill engineer”

The nature of intelligence - Science Weekly podcast  

How do we define intelligence? How do we decide which animals possess it? And why are some people so uncomfortable with the idea of intelligence and consciousness existing outside the world of Homo sapiens?

Scents and sensibility: what's it like to live without smell? - podcast  

In the second instalment of Brain waves, Dr Kevin Fong and Nathalie Nahai explore what it’s like to live without smell. Plus, can a multisensory chef help anosmiac Lucy Mangan appreciate the joy of food?

The fate of Arctic sea ice – Science Weekly podcast  

The extent of the Arctic sea ice continues to drop, but how accurate are the predictions that measure it? And what could happen if it finally disappears?

Brain waves: the science of emotion – podcast  

What is love – and what does it have to do with meeting a bear in the woods? In the first of a five-part series, Dr Kevin Fong and Nathalie Nahai unpick the causes of emotions. But where’s the best place to start – history, culture, society or our bodies?

The secret lives of cities – podcast  

Are cities anything more than the bricks, mortar, and steel that make them up? And what role can science and technology play in the cities of tomorrow?

Big unknowns: what will become of us? – podcast  

What does the future hold for humanity? And can we ever really know? Join us for a journey into the unknown

Big unknowns: is time an illusion? – podcast  

Is time a figment of the human mind or the most fundamental of phenomena? And what do the physical laws of nature reveal about its mysteries?

Big unknowns: what is consciousness? - podcast  

What does it mean to be you? And how can science unpick the age-old debates around conscious experience? Join us for a journey into the unknown

Big unknowns: is our universe infinite? - podcast  

Does our universe go on forever? Or does it have boundaries? And what clues can science uncover? Join us for a journey into the unknown

Us and Them: are we biologically primed to fear outsiders?  

Is there a biological basis for human division? And can science help us bridge the divide when conflicts arise?

What is the future of touch? - podcast  

We get a feel for how the latest advances in haptic technologies are bringing us all closer together

The Juno probe: unearthing Jupiter’s past - podcast  

After five years and 1.4bn miles, the Nasa spacecraft has arrived at its final destination, but what is this plucky little probe hoping to find?

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