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Flâneur and irrepressible commentator, Rick Edwards and Editor-at-Large of the New Scientist, Dr. Michael Brooks delve into the science behind popular culture. In a world where ears outnumber people two-to-one, Wolfgang is radio, redefined. The best music, live 24/7, with documentaries, talk and entertainment shows available on-demand.


The Matrix, Series 2 Episode 1  

Taking a trip down a Matrix-inspired rabbit hole, the boys ponder the potential for ‘bullet time’, the science behind becoming an instant Kung Fu expert, and whether our universe is, in fact, a computer simulation. Standard.

Scienceish Season Two Trailer  

Scienceish is BACK! On VALENTINE’S DAY! With that classic love story…THE MATRIX. Listen to the trailer now.

Special(ish) 022 – The Red Planet  

Dr Joe Michalski talks us through the terrain of Mars. Michalski specialises in the mineralogical and geomorphic studies of the Red Planet. Turns out we’ve got more in common with the martians than we thought.

Special(ish) 021 – Mauna Loa  

Dr Sheyna Gifford has just emerged from Earth’s longest NASA-sponsored simulated Mars mission. As chief medic for MARS 500, she lived for a year in a dome on Hawaiian mountain Mauna Loa. Here Gifford muses over the mission.

017 – The Martian  

The boys are back in the studio to tackle Ridley Scott’s blockbuster ‘The Martian’. With a manned mission to Mars on the cards, some of the big cosmic questions need answering: How are we going to get there? Will we survive?

Special(ish) 020 – A Darker Space  

Fancy a one way trip to Mars? You may not after this. Dr. Joe Michalski of the Planetary Science Institute, and Dr Sarita Robinson of the Univ. of Central Lancashire, give accounts of what happens to humans during space travel.

016 – Her  

Live from the British Science Festival, Rick and Michael unpack Spike Jonze’s computer love story “Her”. Featuring the disembodied voices of author and psychotherapist Dr Aaron Balick and web psychologist Nathalie Nahai.

Special(ish) 019 – Flight to Mars  

In anticipation of our forthcoming Science(ish) episode, we sonically explore one man’s survival on the red planet in this musical edition of Special(ish).

Special(ish) 018 – Harmon-E  

In this episode, eHarmony’s data scientist Jon Morra discusses the ways in which machine learning and data science are applied to help connect people for successful long term relationships.

Special(ish) 017 – The Uncanny  

Is flesh and blood still necessary to be considered alive? Writer and psychotherapist Dr Aaron Balick and web psychologist Nathalie Nahai draw on Freud’s definition of ‘The Uncanny’ to ponder the future of human level AI.

015 – Big Data  

Science(ish) goes live as part of Science Museum Lates. In this special podcast recording, Rick and Michael delve into the blockbuster data movies Her, Ex Machina and Enemy of the State live on stage with some special guests.

Special(ish) 016 – Finding Your Voice  

In advance of our next Science(ish) on ‘Her’, a film starring Scarlett Johansson’s disembodied voice, we speak to leading speech therapist Christella Antoni. Here Antoni explains the process of male-to-female voice modification.

Special(ish) 015 – Back to Reality  

How realistic is the classroom staple Lord of the Flies? Would children really devolve from civilised schoolboys to murderous prepubescents in a matter of days? We talk to teachers and students past and present for their views.

014 – Lord Of The Flies  

In this episode Rick and Michael dissect the 1954 novel Lord of the Flies by Nobel Prize-winning English author William Golding.

Special(ish) 014 – Piggy in the Middle  

From test tube babies on Bear Grylls’ ‘The Island’ to a violent end for poor little piggy, Rick and Michael offer an especially scientific (and potentially unethical) preview of our next Science(ish) episode, Lord of the Flies.

Special(ish) 013 – King of the Swingers  

If you thought we were the only species capable of infidelity, think again. In this episode of Special(ish), Rick and Michael explore the cunning world of animal deception with help from primatologist, Dr. Kit Opie.

013 – The Abyss  

Rick & Michael delve into the underwater world of James Cameron’s ‘The Abyss’. Ignoring, as Michael puts it “those silly wet aliens” this episode explores the limits of the human body, liquid breathing & what lurks in the deep.

Special(ish) 012 – Stuck in the Mud  

In 1990 Professor Cindy Lee Van Dover became the first woman to pilot deep-ocean submersible Alvin. In anticipation of Science(ish) episode ‘The Abyss’, Cindy recalls a particularly sticky dive involving Alvin and the seabed.

Special(ish) 011 – The Deep  

In this Specialish, world scuba diving record holder Verna Du Preez describes her experiences of the deep and talks about just how difficult it is to ascend. Dr Oliver Firth offers insight into the extreme physiology of diving.

012 – Alien  

The boys return to the outer expanses of the universe. This time, they’re not after black holes but ET, as depicted in Ridley Scott’s classic ‘Alien’. Are we alone? What will ‘it’ look like? And are ‘they’ already amongst us?

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