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Sewing your own clothing can change your perspective in surprising ways. Seamwork Radio brings you personal stories about all the ways designing, making, and wearing your own clothing can alter your life. We talk to artists, designers, and everyday creators about how the act of sewing has helped them slow down, get to know their bodies, discover their own identity, and take part in the growing movement to revive the art of sewing.


Design, Fame, and Villainy with Gretchen Jones  

Gretchen Jones is the controversial winner of season 8 of Project Runway. Her singular style won the show, but her bold and ambitious personality led her to be cast as the season's villain. In this interview with contributor [Heather Lewenza](, Gretchen talks about what led her to put herself out there on television, what life was like after sudden fame, and how she's discovered her true career path through it all. Just a note, this recording does have several words that you may not find appropriate for young listeners.

The Opposite of Creative Block with Leah Price  

Many of us are familiar with writer's block, that creative emptiness that hits you when you have all the freedom in the world and a blank page. But what about the opposite: when you face tough times and a lack of freedom, but discover in that an unstoppable will to create? Creating something from nothing is Leah Price's passion. After spending ten years in what she describes as almost complete isolation, caring for her two children with special needs, Leah discovered a deep and abiding creative energy in repurposing what is unloved and wasted.

A Dream of Self-Sufficiency with Morgan Meredith  

Morgan Meredith is the designer and creator of Thread Theory, a menswear sewing pattern line. From the time she was little, Morgan knew she wanted a life that she could control. But when her husband decided to join the military, she thought those dreams might be shattered. Listen to Morgan's story of dramatic changes and rediscovering what really makes her happy.

It's Worth It with Sadie Roberts of Tradlands  

Sadie Roberts and her partner started their label, Tradlands, without a lot of money or experience. They produce menswear-inspired shirting for women, and they believe strongly in what they make and how they serve their customers. But starting a US-made fashion label isn't easy. In this episode, Sadie shares how she got through some harrowing moments, why she didn't quit, and what she'd recommend to other aspiring designers. "I'm really comfortable saying, we had no idea what we were doing." - Sadie Roberts

The Proud Sewist with Matthew Holloway  

Growing up in Oklahoma, Matthew always had the sense that he wasn't "normal." As he grew up, he began to ask questions. What's wrong with being interested in "feminine" things? And what does it say about how we view women?

Making Your Own Mold with Charlie Wensley  

Charlie Wensley learned the hard way that trying to fit a pre-existing mold can have devastating effects. Charlie is the blogger behind But before she rediscovered her love of making clothes, she struggled to meet her own expectations about the kind of person she thought she was supposed to be. This culminated in a battle with post-natal depression that left her questioning who she was.

A Radical Change in Confidence with Jenny Rushmore  

Jenny Rushmore is the sort of person that lights up a room. She's the blogger behind Cashmerette and a founder of The Curvy Sewing Collective. But Jenny's confidence and warmth came only after years of bullying and insecurity. Hear how Jenny not only overcame the harshness of childhood bullying, but has helped spread the message of self-acceptance.

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