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See You Next Wednesday

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See You Next Wednesday is a film and pop culture podcast based out of Toronto, Ontario. It's hosted by Greg LeGros, Casey Lyons and Dan Gorman.


Episode 239 - Mascots & Yoga Hosers  

On the latest episode of See You Next Wednesday, Dan and Casey suit up and discuss the latest film from Christopher Guest: the Netflix original mockumentary-comedy Mascots. How does it stand up against the impeccable work Guest has done in the past? They're going to tell ya! And then, Greg emerges with a bag of milk and and a toonie, eh, to talk about Kevin Smith's new movie Yoga Hosers. Is it all just stale Canadian stereotypes or is there something worth seeing in there? Finally, Greg and Casey discuss the new album from The Pixies at the hand of Dan's punishment pick; how far have the mighty fallen this time? Before that, they all get in the #HotTober mood by discussing the movies they've been watching lately - including Body Snatchers, Tourist Trap, Insidious 2, Sinister, Sorority House Massacre and much more. They also discuss the latest Rogue One, Army of One and Life on the Line trailers, and so much more! Thanks for listening! Show Notes: • Rogue One: New Trailer! - 5:07 • Trailer: Assassin's Creed - 7:04 • Trailer: Army on One - 9:24 • Trailer: Life on the Life - 12:24 • Greg Watched 1993's Body Snatchers - 16:40 • Dan Watched Sorority House Massacre - 22:57 • Casey Watched Insidious 2 - 27:12 • Casey Watched Sinister - 28:56 • Greg Watched Tourist Trap - 33:16 • Dan Still Thinks Phantasm Is Just OK - 38:04 • Casey Watched Sully - 42:00 • Greg Watched Hardcore Henry - 44:48 • Casey Brings Up Match Game And We Get Into More Game Show & Chris Gethard Talk - 51:44 • Greg Watched 13th And You Should Too - 56:36 • Film Roulette Begins - 59:48 • Mascots Review Begins - 1:00:36 • Yoga Hosers Review Begins - 1:18:32 • The Pixies' Head Carrier Album Review Begins & Punishment Reveal - 1:37:47 • Die Roll: BOO! A Madea Halloween & Spooky Buddies - 1:56:59 • Orange You Glad It's The O.C. Corner?! Casey's Turn - 1:58:44

Episode 238 - 13th, Lights Out & Think Big  

Casey experiences the sobering wake up call of 13th, Greg shines a harsh light on Lights Out while Dan thinks Think Big sucks big time. Then we check out the self titled album by new ban Peaer. All this plus The Itty Bitty Tidbit Committee, The Orange You Glad It's The OC Corner and more!

Episode 237 - The Wailing & Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children  

Casey investigates The Wailing while Dan moves into Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children. Then they get squozen by Squeeze's Singles: 45 and Under. All this plus The Itty Bitty Tidbit Committee (New News!), Orange You Glad It's The OC Corner and more!

Episode 236 - The Magnificent 7 & Dead 7  

This week Casey finds out how magnificent Magnificent 7 is while Dan finds out how dead Dead 7 is. The answer is not very and very, respectively. Then they discuss Send More Paramedics' 2002 effort, A Feast for the Fallen. All this plus The Itty Bitty Tidbit Committee, Orange You Glad It's The OC Corner and more!

Episode 235 - Blair Witch & Bridget Jones' Baby  

Casey and Greg get an unnecessary and shaky visit from Blair Witch while Dan delivers his report on Bridget Jones' Baby. Then we get simonized with Paul Simon's latest, Stranger to Stranger. All this plus The Itty Bitty Tidbit Committee, Orange You Glad It's The OC Corner and more!

Episode 234 - The Shallows & The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen  

This week, Dan and Casey go it alone for the opening of the show as they discuss the latest in movie news and what they've been watching this week. Then, Greg arrives and they dive into the shark-thriller The Shallows to find out just how deep the water is before Dan turns back time and visits some extraordinary gentlemen with The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen! Finally, they all get ready to mope-rock through the debut album of Death Cab for Cutie. All of this, plus another rousing visit to the O.C. as Greg takes us through yet another episode and relays the information back to us with hilarious results. Get listenin'! Show Notes: The Toxic Avenger Will Be Remade - 3:24 Stan Lee Gets An Adventurous Adapataion Of His Life Story - 8:40 The Greasy Strangler's NSFW Insanity - 10:34 Dan Continues Into Season 2 Of American Crime - 13:10 Casey Watched The Tick - 18:14 Benicio Del Toro Rumored To Join Cast of The Predator - 19:56 Casey Rewatched Civil War & Checked Out X-Men Apocalypse - 21:12 Dan Discovered The Hard Way - 26:40 Hello, Casey Watched Hello, My Name Is Doris - 30:56 Hey, It's Greg LeGros! - 38:00 Greg Watched The Cabin Fever Remake - 41:28 Greg Also Watched The Last Witch Hunter - 44:40 Casey Watched I'm Not A Serial Killer - 48:58 Film Roulette Begins - 1:02:11 The Shallows Review Begins - 1:03:28 The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Review Begins - 1:21:16 Punishment Album: Death Cab For Cutie's Something About Airplanes & Punishment Album Reveal: 1:33:55 Film Roulette Roll: Blair Witch vs. Bridget Jones' Baby - 1:42:57 Orange You Glad It's The O.C. Corner: Greg Watched Episode #19 - 1:47:06

Episode 233 - The Neon Demon & Internet Famous  

This week both Greg and Casey coincidentally summon The Neon Demon while Dan becomes Internet Famous. Then they check out De La Soul's excellent new album 'and the Anonymous Nobody'. All this plus The Itty Bitty Tidbit Committee, Orange You Glad It's The OC Corner and more!

Episode 232 - Don't Breathe & Cell  

Greg and Dan hold their breath when they check out Don't Breathe while Casey stays home and takes a boring, confusing call on his Cell. Then they check out an obscure release from Mock Orange entitled Put The Kid On The Sleepy Horse. All this plus The Itty Bitty Tidbit Committee, Orange You Glad It's The OC Corner and more!

Episode 231 - Lights Out, Suicide Squad & Ben-Hur  

This week Casey gets his lights punched out (by the boredom monster) when he checks out Lights Out, Greg commits (to seeing) Suicide (Squad) and Dan finds Jesus in the remake of Ben-Hur (her?) Then we check out the album 'Repercussion' by The dB's. All this plus The Itty Bitty Tidbit Committee, Orange You Glad It's The OC Corner and more! Bitch!

Episode 230 - Sausage Party & Punk's Dead: SLC Punk 2  

Greg and Casey get invited to the Sausage Party while Dan dies of boredom with Punk's Dead: SLC Punk 2. Then they get all Canadian with their discussion of Canadian sons The Tragically Hip's 2004 effort In Between Evolution. All this plus The Itty Bitty Tidbit Committee, The Orange You Glad I Didn't Say The OC Corner and more!

Episode 229 - Suicide Squad & Sinister Squad  

On the show this week, we've heard of squad goals, but this is ridiculous! Casey and Dan saw the latest superhero swing-and-a-miss with Suicide Squad, while Greg stayed at home with his catnip and narrowly avoided losing one of his Nine Lives with the Asylum masterpiece (of crap!) Sinister Squad. But don't worry, he'll see Nine Lives eventually and report back. Plus, we puth on the new album by Charlie Puth as punishment, and roll for movies next week. All of this, plus movie reviews, news discussions, and a barrel* of laughs! Listen up - hey, why not? *Laughs may not fill regulation sized barrel, some assembly required or BYOB (bring your own barrel) it's late and I'm tired and also sorry and do you guys read all the way through these things? I guess we'll find out! [acast src="" width="400" height="250"] Show Notes: • ARRIVAL Teaser Trailer (2:08) • Jeff Nicols' LOVING Trailer (4:40) • Miles Teller Would Do Fantastic Four Sequel + Michael Keaton Discussion (5:52) • The Giants' Dream: The Making of Iron Giant Documentary (10:24) • Band of Robbers Review (12:24) • My Boyfriend's Back Review (14:16) • The Wire Review & Discussion (17:04) • Casey Saw KEANU (22:32) • Dan Watched Firestarter (25:12) • Greg Watched Rollercoaster (28:32) • The Devil and Daniel Johnston Review (36:00) • Film Roulette Begins (42:14) • Suicide Squad Review (43:56) • Sinister Squad Review (1:08:10) • Charlie Puth Album Review & Punishment Album Reveal (1:20:56) • Roll: Sausage Party vs. SLC PUNK 2 (1:32:18) • Orange You Glad It's The O.C. Corner: Dan Talks "The Perfect Couple"(1:37:12)

Episode 228 - Jason Bourne & Nerve  

Casey and Dan are bourne again (sorry) when they see Jason Bourne while Greg has the nerve (I'm so sorry) to sit through Nerve. Then they discuss Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds (Oasis suck). All this plus The Itty Bitty Tidbit Committee, Orange You Glad It's The OC Corner and more!

Episode 227 - Star Trek Beyond & Star Trek V: The Final Frontier  

Greg and Dan go beyond with Star Trek Beyond while Casey faces the Final Frontier (which is apparently boring as hell) when he checks out Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. Then they discuss Peter Gallagher's ill advised easy listening album, 7 Days in Memphis. All this plus The Itty Bitty Tidbit Committee, Orange You Glad It's The OC Corner. Check it out!

Episode 226 - Ghostbusters & Ghosthunters  

This week, it's finally time to see the new Ghostbusters film from Paul Feig - it has been a long road, full of some truly awful glimpses into fandom, but it's here and Greg and Casey have returned from the theater to weigh in with their thoughts on this reboot of a comedy classic. Then, Dan finds out if huntin' makes you feel as good as bustin' when he checks out Ghosthunters from The Asylum pictures. Finally, they all talk about some KMFDM and figure out the difference between an unce-unce and a doosh-doosh. But first, we dive deep into movie news including new Rogue One footage, the latest buzz-worthy television show from Netflix with Strange Things, and movie reviews of The Driver, Rich Kids, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Central Intelligence, a review of Episode #7 of The O.C. in our final segment, and so much more! Show Notes: • Rogue One Sizzle Reel & More - 3:04 • Netflix's Stranger Things Review - 11:12 • Greg Watched Central Intelligence - 22:32 • Casey Saw Beasts of the Southern Wild - 31:28 • Casey Watched The Invitation - 33:28 • Dan Watched Rich Kids (1979) - 38:00 • Greg Watched The Driver (1978) - 41:04 • More xXx Movies? - 45:36 • Ghostbusters II & More pre-Ghostbusters Review Talk - 49:36 • Film Roulette Begins - 55:46 • Ghostbusters (2016) Review - 56:22 • Ghosthunters Review - 1:18:32 • KMFDM Review & Punishment Album Reveal - 1:29:12 • Roll: Star Trek Beyond vs Star Trek: The Final Frontier - 1:38:02 • Orange You Glad It's The O.C.: Dan Watches Episode 7, The Escape - 1:41:40

Episode 225 - Sing Street, The Nice Guys & Monkey Up  

This week Dan takes a stroll down Sing Street, Greg gets along with The Nice Guys and Casey puts his money down on Monkey Up. Then they talk about EMF's entirely believable album, Schubert Dip. All this plus The Itty Bitty Tidbit Committee, Orange You Glad It's The OC Corner (Bitch) and more!

Episode 224 - Central Intelligence, Zootopia & Tarzan and the Lost City  

Dan proves he has the Hart and the Johnson to go see Central Intelligence while Greg investigates the goings on in Zootopia. Then Casey gets lost in the boring Tarzan and the Lost City. Then we check out Jesus Jones' Doubt and we Doubt we'll ever listen to it again. All this plus Orange You Glad It's The O.C Corner, The Itty Bitty Tidbit Committee and more!

Episode 223 - Independence Day: Resurgence & Independents' Day  

This week, on See You Next Wednesday, it's an independent battle as Independence Day: Resurgence dukes it out for intergalactic honor with the Asylum borne mockbuster Independents' Day. Which movie will come out on top? You'll have to listen in to find out! Plus, two of us are forced to listen to Limp Bizkit and have lived to tell the tale! Afterwards, we talk about Episode 4 of The O.C. in our television relay segment. Before any of that though, we're talking about the latest movie news, movies we've watched this week and so much more! Show Notes: • Reader Feedback & Emails (1:39) • Jack Reacher: Never Go Back Trailer (8:00) • Luke Scott's Morgan & Ouija II Trailers (10:32) • Justin Lin to Direct Live Action Akira Adaptation (12:32) • John Boyega Teases New Project With Attack The Block Director Joe Cornish (16:08) • Twilight Supporting Actor Met With McG About Masters of the Universe (16:56) • Casey Reviews Time Traveling Bong (20:16) • Dan Watched OJ: Made In America (22:00) • Greg Watched Half of Tom Cruise's All The Right Moves (26:32) • Greg Started Watching Airport (32:56) • Dan Watched Dollman (35:44) • Finding Nemo & Finding Dory Reviews From Casey (38:56) • Greg Caught Up With Rivers Edge (40:26) • Casey Watched Canadian TV Show Nineteen Two (44:56) • Film Roulette Begins (47:42) • Independence Day: Resurgence Review (48:20) • Independents' Day Review (59:40) • Limp Bizkit's Significant Other Review & Punishment Album Reveal (1:10:16) • Die Roll: Winner's Choice vs Casper Van Diem as Tarzan (1:26:02) • Orange You Glad It's The O.C.: Episode 4, "The Debut" (1:29:44)

Episode 222 - The Conjuring 2, London Has Fallen & Now You See Me 2  

On a brand-new episode of See You Next Wednesday, we're talking about two Winner's Choice picks and a magical loser film. That's right, first Casey reports back from the spooky sequel (I call those spookquels!) The Conjuring 2 and tells us if the latest from James Wan stands up to the original, before Greg lets us know how many High Fives out of a Zillion he would give to the action extravaganza that is London Has Fallen. Finally, Dan also saw a sequel when he saw himself watching him now see the new film in theaters now Now You See Me 2 - sound complicated? It isn't, because it sucks! Then they all have a theory about how bad Hybrid Theory by Linkin Park is. But before any of that, we read and respond to listener emails and reviews, speak about some of our favourite Anton Yelchin performances in the wake of the tragic news of his passing, discuss the Westworld trailer, and review a gaggle of movies and TV shows that we've been watching this week. Then, Orange You Glad that we're running through the first season of The O.C., relay style? Because we are! And you can listen to it at the tail-end of the episode! Show Notes: • Listener Feedback, Reviews & Emails (1:44) • Remembering Anton Yelchin (10:20) • The Tragically Hip's Final Concert To Air On The CBC (15:20) • Hannibal Buress & More Cast In Spider-Man: Homecoming (21:04) • Eli Roth Attached To Remake Death Wish With Bruce Willis (24:16) • J.J. Abrams Producing Film About The Last Days of Michael Jackson (27:20) • HBO's Westworld Trailer Debuts (29:36) • War On Everyone Trailer Review (31:12) • Dan Reviews At Close Range (35:04) • Casey Watched The Wolfpack (39:28) • Casey Reviews The Late Shift (41:44) • Greg Reviews Like Crazy (44:16) • Dan Reviews Platoon (47:36) • Casey Finally Watched The Story of Ricky (and Zero Dark Thirty and also Family Tree) (51:28) • Film Roulette Begins (58:20) • The Conjuring 2 Review (59:44) • London Has Fallen Review (1:07:04) • Now You See Me 2 Review (1:13:44) • Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory Review & Punishment Album Reveal (1:28:48) • Roll: Independence Day Resurgence vs. Independent's Day (1:38:30) • Orange You Glad It's The O.C. Corner: Episode 3, "The Gamble" (1:40:08)

Episode 221 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows, High-Rise & WARCRAFT  

This week on See You Next Wednesday, we've got a triple-header of movie-review action for you when Casey runs into the shadows to find Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows before Dan dings the elevator to take a trip up Ben Wheatley's High-Rise. Finally, Greg logs into the World of Warcraft when he is forced to watch Duncan Jones' film based on the original Warcraft games. Then, they get into a discussion about what makes pop-punk so annoying to some when they review an album by Good Charlotte. But first, there's plenty of talk about movies and television with discussions covering Netflix's Stranger Things, Broad City, Mistress America, Darkman, The Final Girls, Neighbors, Neighbors 2, and so much more! Show Notes: • Netflix's Stranger Things Trailer (9:37) • Jeff Goldbloom in Thor: Ragnarok (11:37) • Casey Started Watching Broad City (12:16) • Dan Watched Mistress America (14:48) • Greg Got Cannibalistic With Eli Roth's Green Inferno (18:48) • Dan Revisits Suspiria (25:52) • Casey Reviews The Final Girls (29:12) • Greg Revisits Sam Raimi's Darkman (32:32) • Dan Watched Band of the Hand (38:40) • Greg Watches Neighbors and Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising (42:00) • Dan Rants About Spike Lee's Terrible Joint In NBA 2K16 on PS4 (45:28) • Film Roulette Begins (50:07) • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows Review (50:49) • High-Rise Review (59:04) • Warcraft Review (1:06:48) • Good Charlotte's The Young and the Hopeless Review Plus Punishment Album Reveal (1:19:12) • Roll: Winner's Choice vs. Now You See Me 2 (1:31:34) • Orange You Glad It's The O.C.: Episode 2, "The Model Home" (1:36:04)

Episode 220 - Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping & Popstar (2005)  

This week on See You Next Wednesday, Greg never stops never stopping when he heads out to the theaters to see Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping. Then, Casey weighs in on Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising before Dan asks Aaron Carter to never start starting filming of his 2005 bottom-of-the-barrel film Popstar. It's a battle of the popstars this week! All of this, plus we talk about movie news and trailers, as well as get into a new segment at the end of the show where we reveal what television show we'll be playing relay with! You don't want to miss this! Show Notes: Monster Trucks Trailer (2:00) Star Wars: Rogue One Re-Shoots & Rumors (5:4) Greg Watches The Rest of JAWS III (11:52) John Boyega In Pacific Rim II (13:44) Weirdly Enough, Casey Just Watched Transformers III: Age of Extinction Last Night (Again!) (17:48) Brie Larson In Talks To Join Captain Marvel (19:48) Dan Watched Stone Cold Starring The Bos (22:24) Casey Watched Stand Up Specials & The Berkley Marathons (31:46) Greg Rewatched SPEED (37:13) Casey Watched 1480 (42:57) Dan Watched Wall Street (45:28) Greg Discovered Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky (52:00) Film Roulette Begins (57:28) Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping Review (59:58) Casey Saw Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising (1:07:36) Popstar (2005) Review (1:13:32) Savage Garden's Self Titled Album & Punishment Reveal (1:23:24) Film Roulette Roll: Winner's Choice vs. Warcraft (1:34:12) The O.C. Corner: Casey Watched The Pilot (1:37:21)

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