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See You Next Wednesday

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See You Next Wednesday is a film and pop culture podcast based out of Toronto, Ontario. It's hosted by Greg LeGros, Casey Lyons and Dan Gorman.


Episode 274 - The Bad Batch & Transformers: The Last Night  

This week Casey and Dan have a bad time with The Bad Batch while Greg wastes 2 and 1/2 hours with Transformers: The Last Knight. Then we discuss Ani Difranco's new effort Binary. All this and more! Be sure to subscribe to our Patreon at the link below for lots of exclusive content and to support us!

Episode 273 - Beatriz At Dinner, Rough Night & Not Another Celebrity Movie  

This week Dan sits down with Beatriz At Dinner, Greg has a Rough Night while Casey tries to figure out why Not Another Celebrity Movie is a thing that exists. Then we discuss Headstones' new outing Little Army. All this and more! Don't forget to subscribe to our Patreon page at the link below for cool extra content and to support your favorite Modern Superior shows!

Episode 272 - It Comes At Night & The Mummy  

This week Greg and Dan find out what time of day it comes when they see It Comes At Night while Casey enters a dark (boring) universe when he checks out The Mummy. Then they talk about Papa Roach's ill advised new album Crooked Teeth. All this and more! If you haven't subscribed to the Patreon for all kinds of cool bonus content, why not do so here:

Episode 271 - Wonder Woman & Tank Girl  

This week Dan and Greg behold the wonder of Wonder Woman while Casey watches as Tank Girl tanks. Then they discuss New Musik's 1980 album From A To B. All this and more! Don't forget to check us out and subscribe at:

Episode 270 - Kimi No Na Wa & Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Men Tell No Tales  

This week Casey gets swept up in the enchanting body switch movie Kimi No Na Wa while Greg and Dan swash buckle their way through Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Then we discuss Prince's 1986 effort Parade. All this and more! Don't forget to follow and subscribe to our Patreon page here:

Episode 269 - Alien: Covenant & Alien 2: On Earth  

This week Greg and Casey (AND DAN) check out Alien: Covenant while Dan sees Alien 2: On Earth. Then we discuss By Divine Right's rehash of Depeche Mode's Speak and Spell. All this and more! Be sure to check out our Patreon page and subscribe here:

Episode 268 - The Belko Experiment & King Arthur: Legend of the Sword  

This week on the show, Dan and Greg are Casey-less but they forge ahead with another episode of pop-culture jokin' and reviewin'. Casey will be back soon, don't worry! Greg won the Film Roulette roll, and he checks out the James Gunn penned The Belko Experiment - will it live up to Gunn's name or could the direction from the helmer of the dire Wolf Creek movies bring it down a notch? Dan lost the die-roll, so he sat through King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, a movie by Guy Ritchie and for Guy Ritchie alone. Poor Charlie Hunnam. Finally, they talk about the pop-music skewering of 2GE+HER's album "Again" before rolling for movies next week. Plus, off the top of the show there is plenty of discussion around Prometheus, a bevvy of television trailers both comic book and not, and reviews of Forbidden World aka Mutant, Chris Gethard's Career Suicide HBO special, and so much more!

Episode 267 - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 & Bethany  

This week Greg and Casey experience all the colours of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 while Dan talks to the girl in the walls with Bethany. Then we discuss The Cranberries acoustic rehash entitled Something Else. All this and more! Also don't forget to check out and subscribe to our Patreon page at:

Episode 266 - American Anarchist, Small Crimes & Bigger, Fatter Liar  

This week Dan cooks up some trouble with American Anarchist, Greg perpetrates some Small Crimes while Casey comes clean about Bigger, Fatter Liar. Then we discuss John Mayer's latest uh, album of, um, music entitled The Search For Everything. Gross. All this and more! Don't forget to check out and subscribe at the link below to our Patreon for awesome premium content!

Episode 265 - Colossal & Sandy Wexler  

This week Dan and Greg focus on the monster BEHIND the monster when they check out Colossal while Casey hangs out at home with Sandy Wexler. Then we discuss The Magnetic Fields' long, long play 69 Love Songs. All this plus the VERY special announcement that the Patreon page is now online! Please check it out at the link below and be sure to sign up for more fantastic content that we will be providing every week! Get on over there for the latest episode of Orange You Glad It's The OC!

Episode 264 - The Fate of the Furious & The Fast and the Fierce  

This week Dan and Casey discover their f8 furiously with The F8 of the Furious while Greg "speeds" through The Fast and the Fierce. Then we check out Car Seat Headrest's 2016 album Teens of Denial. All this and more!

Episode 263 - 20th Century Women, Kong: Skull Island & Going In Style  

This week Dan comes of age with 20th Century Women, Greg visits a big monkey named Kong on a skull shaped island with Kong: Skull Island and Casey, I guess, goes in style when he watches Going In Style. Then we discuss The Spirit of the Beehive's latest release Pleasure Suck. All this and more!

Episode 262 - Ghost in the Shell & Dragonball Evolution  

This week, it's a battle of the unfortunately-whitewashed Hollywood anime adaptations as the recently-released Ghost in the Shell film starring Scarlett Johansson gets a review from Greg and Casey while Dan stays at home and watches James Wong's Dragonball Evolution. Plus, they listen to tattooed muppet Ed Sheeran do some singy-songs. All of this, plus talk of The Bye Bye Man (aka The Pee Pee Poo Poo Man,) a big discussion of SPLIT, comic book movie news, and so much more!

Important Announcement!  

Our episode will be a day late this week (and thus will drop on Thursday,) so please listen to our apology episode and an important announcement for any of our Toronto-based listeners. This Friday, April 7th our good friend Jamie Dew of The Dew Over and A Show of Strength has organized One Brave Night - A Triple Feature at The Revue Cinema. Step up and stay up late to help defeat mental illness! A night of film, A night of being together, A night of understanding. And a night to give back to CAMH. Tickets are in the form of a $25 donation to One Brave Night. You can pay in advance with credit card or at the door in cash. The event starts at midnight, and the movie selections are absolutely wonderful - The Fisher King, The Other Half, and Punch-Drunk Love - there will be coffee to help you stay awake, and a ton of amazing prizes to be raffled off, including an authentic Kevin Pillar baseball bat autographed by the centre fielder himself, Glory Hole Doughnuts and Bang Bang Ice Cream certificates, BluRays from Elevation Pictures, and much more. for more information or search "one brave night - a triple feature" on Facebook. When: Friday, April 7th 11:55pm Where: The Revue Cinema, 400 Roncesvalles Avenue

Episode 261 - Life & Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie  

This week Dan gets a Life and its morphin time for Greg as he checks out the 1995 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie. Then we check out King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard's latest effort Flying Microtonal Banana (2017). All this and more!

Episode 260 - T2 Trainspotting & Swept Away  

This week, Casey has returned and he brings gifts of cat-butt coffee and tales of dyipni! He also watched T2 TRAINSPOTTING and - with Dan - dives into the film in this week's Film Roulette. Greg, on the other hand, watched SWEPT AWAY directed by Guy Ritchie and starring Madonna, so yeah. He has some thoughts about that movie and how bad - and thoroughly problematic! - it is. Finally, they run from the inferno into the river below and listen to PEZZ, the band that would birth Billy Talent years later! Gross. But first, we are talking about movie click-bait articles, hammer horror, Superior Donuts, Rolling Thunder, and so much more! Get listening!

Episode 259 - Kong: Skull Island & King Kong Lives  

This week, on the show: we are joined by Courtney Small of the Modern Superior podcast Changing Reels! He joins in all of the festivities, as we discuss the highly anticipated Kong: Skull Island. He also joins in Greg as they talk about the punishment pick, King Kong Lives! And finally all three discuss the new album Drunk from multi-instrumentalist Thundercat. Before any of that, we discuss more comic book movie news, a bevvy of trailers from Dunkirk to Baby Driver and Atomic Blonde, the new Amy Schumer special, what Dan is doing on Anchor, and so much more. Finally, we dive into another episode of The O.C. with Orange You Glad It's The O.C. Corner, Season 2. Get listening! And don't forget to follow Courtney Small on Twitter and listen to his absolutely fantastic show Changing Reels right here on Modern Superior!

Episode 258 - Logan & Kazaam  

Guess what? It's another very special episode of See You Next Wednesday, because our good friend Matt Brown of MAMO! Podcast is our guest! This week, Greg and Matt double-down on some comic book discussions as they go deep into Logan, Wolverine comics, and so much more! Afterwards, Dan gets three wishes, but none of them are to sit through the Shaq-lead rappin' genie movie Kazaam. Then, they discuss Steven Tyler's country album.All of this, plus we discuss Get Out (again! because it's GREAT!!!) as well as Dolores Claiborne, the final season of HBO's Girls, and so much more. Don't forget to follow Matt on Twitter!

Episode 257 - Get Out & Fifty Shades Darker  

This week on a very special episode of See You Next Wednesday, we are joined by the wonderful Ariel Fisher (co-host of Modern Superior's own A Frame Apart) to discuss the Oscars, what we've been watching this week, and our Film Roulette picks!
Dan and Ariel both saw the brand-new horror-thriller from Jordan Peele, Get Out - is the much-hyped Blumhouse production all that the hype has promised? They have the answer in their review, while Greg has the answer to the question "Where should you store your marbles?" when he reviews the Fifty Shades of Grey sequel Fifty Shades Darker. 
All of this, plus we review the seminal kiddo-rap album Totally Krossed Out - it's going to make you jump!Before any of this, though, we discuss the Academy Awards presentation featuring Jimmy Kimmel and one of the most shocking endings to an Oscars broadcast in a long time! Plus we talk about The Abyss, The Good Dinosaur, The Lords of Discipline, and a whole lot more!
Don't forget to follow Ariel on Twitter, and check out A Frame Apart right here on Modern Superior!

Episode 256 - The Lego Batman Movie & The Great Wall  

This week on the See You Next Wednesday podcast, Greg opens up a bucket of assorted lego when he dives into the Lego Movie spin-off The Lego Batman Movie - how does it stand up as a Batman film, and how funny is it really? He's got your answers this week. Then, Dan climbs The Great Wall to see how great a wall it really is, and if this Matt Damon film is as bad as the reviews have been saying. Before any of that, Greg and Dan dive into some listener topics, including the whitewashing of Ghost in the Shell, and they discuss tons of comic book movie nerdery while also getting into whether or not Mel Gibson should be directing Suicide Squad 2. All of this, plus so much more in our brand-new episode!

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