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See You Next Wednesday is a film and pop culture podcast based out of Toronto, Ontario. It's hosted by Greg LeGros, Casey Lyons and Dan Gorman.


Episode 256 - The Lego Batman Movie & The Great Wall  

This week on the See You Next Wednesday podcast, Greg opens up a bucket of assorted lego when he dives into the Lego Movie spin-off The Lego Batman Movie - how does it stand up as a Batman film, and how funny is it really? He's got your answers this week. Then, Dan climbs The Great Wall to see how great a wall it really is, and if this Matt Damon film is as bad as the reviews have been saying. Before any of that, Greg and Dan dive into some listener topics, including the whitewashing of Ghost in the Shell, and they discuss tons of comic book movie nerdery while also getting into whether or not Mel Gibson should be directing Suicide Squad 2. All of this, plus so much more in our brand-new episode!

Episode 255 - John Wick: Chapter 2 & It Happened One Valentine's  

This week Greg and Casey chase down John Wick: Chapter 2 while Dan gets his heart broken by It Happened One Valentine's. Then we discuss Michael Bolton's Everybody's Crazy. All this and more!

Episode 254 - Split, Hacksaw Ridge & RINGS  

This week on the podcast, Casey and Dan rolled Winner's Choice and get to pick their own movies. Dan saw the latest from M. Night Shyamalan SPLIT, while Casey goes to war with Mel Gibson's Hacksaw Ridge. The latter is nominated for some Oscars, but is it worthy? The former has been pitched as a return-to-form for the oft-maligned director - but does its plot contribute to the stigmatization of mental health issues? Then, Greg heads to the theaters to check out the latest entry in the long-running RING series, with RINGS. This time, they're high definition! Plus, all three talk about an album by death-metal genre-benders Oathbreaker. Before any of that, we dive into the new Netflix show The Santa Clarita Diet, Talk some Tark' with a revisit of the Russian science-fiction classic Solaris, check out some new trailers for a number of upcoming flicks, answer your questions and movie news requests, and so much more!

Episode 253 - Elle, Fences & Resident Evil: The Final Chapter  

This week Dan gets dark with Elle, Casey swings for the Fences and Greg takes up residence with Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. Then we discuss Joan of Arc's new release He's Got The Whole This Land Is Your Land In His Hands. It's as bad as it sounds. All this and more!

Episode 252 - The Founder, A Monster Calls & XXX: The Return of Xander Cage  

Casey shares a Big Mac with The Founder, Greg accepts the charges when A Monster Calls and Dan returns to the theatre to witness XXX: The Return of Xander Cage. Then we discuss One's skabomination (you're welcome) Smokin' The Goats. All this and more!

Episode 251 - La La Land & Monster Trucks  

This week Casey and Greg take a trip to La La Land while Dan finds out if Monster Trucks can scare up some laughs. Then we check out Nine Inch Nails' newest release, an EP entitled Not The Actual Events. All this plus talk of Ruthless People, Hidden Figures, Solaris, Arrival, A Series of Unfortunate Events, the return of Orange You Glad I Didn't Say The OC Corner and more!

Episode 250 - Silence & Underworld: Blood Wars  

Greg and Dan speak up about Scorsese's new film Silence while Casey goes under (read: falls asleep during) while watching Underworld: Blood Wars. Then we talk about Jesus and Mary Chain's 1991 release Honey's Dead. All this plus talk of The Golden Globes, Outrageous Fortune, Mad Men, Live Wire, Jupiter Ascending and more!

Episode 249 - The Autopsy of Jane Doe, Passengers & A Sunday Horse  

This week Dan goes under the knife with The Autopsy of Jane Doe, Greg takes a (space) ride with Passengers and Casey takes a (horse) ride with A Sunday Horse. Then they discuss Bon Jovi's latest outing, This House Is Not For Sale. All this and more!

Episode 248 - Southside With You & My Santa  

This week Casey takes a walk with Barack as he checks out Southside With You. Then Greg learns the meaning of Christmas with My Santa. Then they check out Linkin Park's remixed shitfest Reanimation. All this and more!

Episode 247 - Rogue One & Ewoks: Battle For Endor  

This week all three of the fellas join the rebellion for Rogue One; A Star Wars Story. Meanwhile Casey also has to fight Ewoks: The Battle For Endor. Then we check out Rae Sremmurd's Sremmlife 2. All this and more!

Episode 246 - Office Christmas Party & I'll Be Home For Christmas  

This week Dan and Casey get invited to the Office Christmas Party while Greg whips the towel off of I'll Be Home For Christmas. Then they check out The Rolling Stones' latest, all covers album Blue and Lonesome. All this and more!

Episode 245 - Moonlight, Allied & High Strung  

This week Greg takes a walk in the Moonlight, Dan joins forces with Allied and Casey gets strung up by High Strung. Then we check out Kate Tempest's 2016 effort Let Them Eat Chaos. All this and more!

Episode 244 - Hell or High Water, Mr. Right & Memoirs of an International Assassin  

This week Casey finds Mr. Right, Greg goes to Hell or High Water and Dan gets murdered by Memoirs of an International Assassin. All this and more!

Episode: Apology Edition  

Hey gang! Unfortunately, this week we were unable to get an episode recording and as such, the episode featuring Greg and Casey's winner's choice reviews and Dan's True Memoirs of an International Spy review will be pushed to next week. Thank you to everyone who submitted news on our weekly Facebook post ( and we will get to those next week as well. Lucky for you, there are a lot of great episodes on Modern Superior right now, and you can go check those out in lieu of our episode this week. Why not check out what Flight School are reviewing? Or get a dose of movie knowledge with A Frame Apart or Changing Reels? Also, Super Zero have a phenomenal final-episode up on Doctor Strange and Surface Noise continues to be the best improv-slash-vinyl-record podcast in the game! Thank you again and apologies for the no-episode week. The See You Next Wednesday Crew

Episode 243 - Arrival & The Arrival  

Greg and Dan show up for Arrival while Casey wishes he had missed The Arrival. Then they discuss pointless hippie rock band Blues Traveler's album Four. All this and more!

Episode 242 - Doctor Strange (2016) & Doctor Strange (1979)  

This week Dan and Casey get a check up from Marvel's newest, Doctor Strange. Then we send Greg back in time for his dose of 1979's TV movie version of Doctor Strange. Then we discuss Grant Lee Buffalo's 1994 release, Mighty Joe Moon. All this and more!

Episode 241 - Little Sister & Nine Lives  

Dan and Casey babysit Little Sister while Greg wastes his life watching Nine Lives. Then they discuss Michael Chiklis' 2015 vanity project Influence. All this plus The Itty Bitty Tidbit Committee, Orange You Glad It's The OC Corner and more!

Episode 240 - LIVE! Boo! A Medea Halloween & Spooky Buddies  

This week to celebrate our 240th show we come to you live from Dundas Video in Toronto! All three of us get frightened by Boo! A Medea Halloween while Casey gets spooked by the Air Bud-adjacent Spooky Buddies. Then we're all 'Here, kitty kitty!' as we discuss everyone's 4th favorite member of Kiss (Peter "The Kitty Cat" Criss)'s solo effort. All this plus The Itty Bitty Tidbit Committee, The Orange You Glad It's The OC Corner and more! LIVE!!!

Episode 239 - Mascots & Yoga Hosers  

On the latest episode of See You Next Wednesday, Dan and Casey suit up and discuss the latest film from Christopher Guest: the Netflix original mockumentary-comedy Mascots. How does it stand up against the impeccable work Guest has done in the past? They're going to tell ya! And then, Greg emerges with a bag of milk and and a toonie, eh, to talk about Kevin Smith's new movie Yoga Hosers. Is it all just stale Canadian stereotypes or is there something worth seeing in there? Finally, Greg and Casey discuss the new album from The Pixies at the hand of Dan's punishment pick; how far have the mighty fallen this time? Before that, they all get in the #HotTober mood by discussing the movies they've been watching lately - including Body Snatchers, Tourist Trap, Insidious 2, Sinister, Sorority House Massacre and much more. They also discuss the latest Rogue One, Army of One and Life on the Line trailers, and so much more! Thanks for listening! Show Notes: • Rogue One: New Trailer! - 5:07 • Trailer: Assassin's Creed - 7:04 • Trailer: Army on One - 9:24 • Trailer: Life on the Life - 12:24 • Greg Watched 1993's Body Snatchers - 16:40 • Dan Watched Sorority House Massacre - 22:57 • Casey Watched Insidious 2 - 27:12 • Casey Watched Sinister - 28:56 • Greg Watched Tourist Trap - 33:16 • Dan Still Thinks Phantasm Is Just OK - 38:04 • Casey Watched Sully - 42:00 • Greg Watched Hardcore Henry - 44:48 • Casey Brings Up Match Game And We Get Into More Game Show & Chris Gethard Talk - 51:44 • Greg Watched 13th And You Should Too - 56:36 • Film Roulette Begins - 59:48 • Mascots Review Begins - 1:00:36 • Yoga Hosers Review Begins - 1:18:32 • The Pixies' Head Carrier Album Review Begins & Punishment Reveal - 1:37:47 • Die Roll: BOO! A Madea Halloween & Spooky Buddies - 1:56:59 • Orange You Glad It's The O.C. Corner?! Casey's Turn - 1:58:44

Episode 238 - 13th, Lights Out & Think Big  

Casey experiences the sobering wake up call of 13th, Greg shines a harsh light on Lights Out while Dan thinks Think Big sucks big time. Then we check out the self titled album by new ban Peaer. All this plus The Itty Bitty Tidbit Committee, The Orange You Glad It's The OC Corner and more!

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