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Seven-Minute Explainers

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This weekly series is your audio guide to everything you need to know about compelling and complex topics, from a variety of The Week's smart and witty writers, editors, and thinkers. Concise and entertaining, Seven-Minute Explainers packs a lot of information in a short amount of time. New episodes: every Thursday.


Ep. 18: Why ObamaCare is struggling  

Three years after it became law, the Affordable Care Act is facing a litany of problems. How serious are they?

Ep. 17: The empowering story of America's first all-female government  

In 1916, a group of women who were fed up with how men were running their small Oregon town decided do something about it

Ep. 16: The Trump Glossary  

Meflection, Midasing, Cookie-Grubbing, and more of Trump's go-to rhetorical moves

Ep. 15: The most prolific American lyricist you've probably never heard of  

Fanny Crosby wrote more than 9,000 hymns in her lifetime

Ep. 11: Allergies, explained  

Everything you need to know about why we have allergies

Ep.10: How to survive your freshman year of college  

Practical advice from someone who’s been there, done that

Ep. 9: How do you say 'pecan'?  

You can trace the debate back to 1066

Ep. 8: How to create the perfect office, according to science  

Jungle sounds? Chia pets? This is getting out of hand.

Ep. 7: The trials and triumphs of the first modern Olympics, in 1896  

The first competition in Athens was a rather modest affair

Ep. 6: This woman ran for president before women could even vote  

Victoria Woodhull notched several historic firsts before running for the country's highest political office

Ep. 5: 'I know, right?': The anatomy of a wonderfully nonsensical phrase  

And why we insist on saying things that make no literal sense

Ep. 4: Nobody reads party platforms. They're still really important.  

Parties still play a vital role in organizing political life and enabling people to understand the choices they have in a representative democracy

Ep. 3: How The Star-Spangled Banner went from battle poem to sporting-event mainstay  

Trapped on a boat during the War of 1812, lawyer Francis Scott Key was inspired to write a poem...

Ep. 2: Where did the word 'dude' come from?  

Or El Duderino, if you're not into the whole brevity thing

Ep. 1: How Donald Trump hypnotized America  

It's easy, actually: Be funny. Be confident. Be a bully. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Close with the emotion. Win.

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