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Seven-Minute Explainers

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This weekly series is your audio guide to everything you need to know about compelling and complex topics, from a variety of The Week's smart and witty writers, editors, and thinkers. Concise and entertaining, Seven-Minute Explainers packs a lot of information in a short amount of time. New episodes: every Thursday.


Ep. 40: Can President Trump rescue the Rust Belt?  

He promised to reverse the decades-long decline of manufacturing jobs. Can it be done?He promised to reverse the decades-long decline of manufacturing jobs. Can it be done?

Ep. 39: America's secret and forgotten wars  

President Trump inherited several undeclared wars around the world. Will he change U.S. policy?

37: The mainstreaming of mindfulness meditation  

Stressed-out Americans, from war veterans to Google workers, are embracing mindfulness meditation. Does it really work?

Ep. 36: Why Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds couldn't stay apart  

HBO's documentary Bright Lights highlights the intimacy between the famous mother and daughter

Ep. 35: Life after the White House  

Once they've relinquished the highest office in the land, many presidents enjoy rewarding second acts

Ep. 34: The great billionaire space race  

Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and other rich entrepreneurs are competing to open a new frontier of privately funded space travel.

Ep. 33: The true origin story of the football huddle  

It was first invented by deaf players

Ep. 32: Are Google and Facebook the new monopolies?  

Google and Facebook are the new railroads. And the media is a powerless farmer trying to get his vegetables to town.

Ep. 31: A brief history of Inauguration Day traditions  

The Constitution mandates only the day and the oath of office. The rest is dictated entirely by tradition.

Ep. 30: How the geeks inherited the Earth  

What the presidential election tells us about the geeks' ascension in politics, business, and culture.

Ep. 29: Why extreme weather is the new normal  

Massive floods, prolonged heat waves, and destructive storms are becoming more common. Why? Here’s everything you need to know.

Ep. 28: Everything you need to know about New Year's Eve champagne  

More than a few of us will crack open a bottle or two of champagne to help toast the New Year. Here's how to look knowledgeable rather than just tipsy

Ep. 27: When Americans banned Christmas  

The first 'War on Christmas' was declared almost 400 years ago, courtesy of our Puritan forefathers

Ep. 26: What Darth Vader sounded like on the Star Wars set  

Nothing like James Earl Jones, that's for sure

Ep. 25: Please obey this simple rule for airplane seat reclining  

Just because you have the right to recline doesn't mean it's always the right thing to do

Ep. 24: The curious life of urban Christmas tree sellers  

Have you ever wondered what these holiday street retailers do about sleeping and bathroom breaks?

Ep. 23: How the Thanksgiving turkey was named after the country Turkey  

A delightfully dizzying and global etymology of this North American fowl.

Ep. 22: A brief history of populism  

Mavericks like President-elect Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are carrying on a long-standing American tradition

Ep. 21: Stop hiding things in your sock drawer!  

It's the first place burglars look

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