Short & Curly

Short & Curly


An ethics podcast created for both children and adults. Hosted by ABC 3’s Carl Smith, Molly Daniels from the upcoming Tomorrow When the War Began television series and Dr Matt Beard from the Ethics Centre


Can competitive sport be truly fair?  

When you dive into the pool at the school swimming carnival, how fair is the race? You might all start swimming at the same time, but what things give you an unfair advantage over other competitors? You might have access to great coaches, great equipment and great healthy food. Are these good things fair or not? Our guest Liz Ellis is the three time world champion former captain of the Australian netball team, the Diamonds. Also appearing is Joseph Winter, the head of Innovation, Research and Development at the Australian Institute of Sport. Basically, he gets to develop all kinds of cool high performance gadgets and clothing.

Is it ever okay to fight back against a bully?  

Back in 2011, an Australian teenager was filmed being punched again and again in the school playground by a bully. What made the video go viral was what happened next. The bullying victim lifted up the bully and threw him to the ground, hard. Was that a kind of justice? Our guests are Onor, Izzy and Alex from Theatre Bugs in Adelaide.

Should chimps have the same rights as kids?  

They share most of our DNA and many of our social skills, and in some experiments, chimpanzees outperform human children. So why do we put chimpanzees in zoos and children in schools? Is the line between humans and other animals a little more blurred that you’d think? Our guest Lou Grossfeldt is a zoo keeper with over twenty years on the job. She works with primates at Mogo Zoo and even has a tattoo of her favourite chimpanzee on her back. She is the co-author of the book Our Primate Family.

Is stealing music or jokes really stealing?  

Not all stealing is about taking someone’s physical property. If a comedian comes up with a joke, you see it on YouTube and then start telling all your friends, is that stealing? If you take a small sound or beat from a song you love and then use it in a whole new piece of music you’ve created, is that stealing? Our guest Urthboy is one Australia’s best known hip hop artists and is also part of the group, The Herd.

Can you trust a robot?  

By the time today’s 7-12 year olds get their driver’s license, robotic cars will become more common. They will be programmed to make snap decisions when something goes wrong on the road, but can we trust them? And, as robots around us become more and more sophisticated and human-like, how can we be sure what they tell us is real? Our guest Gerard Waldron doesn’t think his granddaughter will ever need to learn to drive. Gerard was in charge of the first trial of a driverless car trial on a public road in Australia and is the head of the ARRB Group.

Episode Zero  

Short & Curly is an ethics podcast created for both young people and adults. Hosted by ABC 3’s Carl Smith, Molly Daniels from the upcoming Tomorrow When the War Began television series and Dr Matt Beard from the Ethics Centre it is full of curly questions and ethical dilemmas designed to provoke discussion. Season One is coming soon – just in time to convert boring family car trips into philosophical journeys!

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