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Short Story Long is a weekly podcast hosted by Young & Reckless Founder/Entrepreneur Chris “Drama” Pfaff. Every week Drama catches up with not only his friends but also individuals who have made a name for themselves and overcame certain obstacles to get to reach their level of achievements. You can’t google the keys to success but you can be inspired by talking to people who have been through it.


Episode 20: Shep Gordon  

"Find the Miracle" This week on episode 20 I sit down with the legendary Shep Gordon. Starting off in the music industry as Alice Cooper's manager, Shep had the gift to make people famous. Not only did he help create Alice Cooper but also had huge clients such as Luther Vandross, Blondie, Janis Joplin, Anne Murray, Teddy Pendergrass and even Pink Floyd. Everything from fabricating genius PR stunts to creating the concept for the celebrity chef, Shep shares his stories and wisdom on business and how "the journey is as important as getting there”.

Episode 19: Me  

"My Story" This week I sit down with Anoush Moin and Joe Rausch from the 'Mama, We Made It!' podcast to flip the normal routine and talk about my life from growing up in Akron, Ohio to where I'm at now. Stories I haven't told from being the assistant to Rob Dyrdek to being on Rob & Big, Fantasy Factory and then creating Young & Reckless and now this podcast. Listen as we discuss a lot of my stories and inspirations that led me to want to tell these stories and share these conversations with other young successful entrepreneurs and entertainers.

Episode 18: Mike Stud  

"Stay the Course" This week on Episode 18 of Short Story Long I sit down with recording artist Mike Stud. Star baseball player in high school, Mike earns a scholarship to Duke University and set a school record in pitching. Coming off an amazing year, Mike needed elbow surgery and decided to rap on his downtime which led to his career in hip hop. Listen in on his journey and where it's taken him.

Episode 17: Rob Dyrdek (Part 2)  

"Data First, Then Put In The Soul" On Episode 17 we continue the interview with Rob Dyrdek. In Part 2, Rob talks about planning and preparation to the principals of his life. Implementing the importance of how a business actually works and managing that business, Rob gives insight on what he'd like to tell his 20 year old self and things he'd change.

Episode 16: Rob Dyrdek (Part 1)  

"Create Opportunity" This week on episode 16 I sit down with my cousin & mentor Rob Dyrdek. If you're not familiar, Rob is a professional skateboarder/entrepreneur/pop-culture personality that can turn his ideas into reality. In Part 1, Rob gives insight to "sustainable long term success" and how that has become embedded into his life. From childhood soccer to cold calling skateshops, Rob explains how he started skating and what it took to become pro.

Episode 15: Ruben Fleischer  

"Go For Broke" This week I sit down with my good friend Ruben Fleischer. Originally from Washington D.C., Ruben moved to San Francisco doing odd jobs like learning HTML programming, being a bus boy & eventually moving to LA. After landing some PA jobs and falling in love with film, he spent all of his cash on a VX1000 camcorder and just went for it... Ruben has gone on to produce a handful of successful commercials, tv shows & movies like Zombieland, 30 Minutes or Less & Gangster Squad.

Episode 14: Bobby Hundreds  

"Protect Your Brand" On episode 14 I sit down with Chief Creative Officer & Co-Founder of The Hundreds, Bobby Hundreds. Bobby talks about his childhood growing up in Riverside, CA, his love for art, and law school where he'd meet his business partner in The Hundreds. Following the advice of his mentor, Bobby leaves law behind to share his vision through clothing. We talk about everything from early days of him blogging to the current state of streetwear and where he sees it going in the future.

Episode 13: Jo Koy  

"The Journey Is the Reward" On today's episode of Short Story Long I have my friend, comedian, and fellow podcaster, Jo Koy. Jo has amazing stories that really gives you insight on how to become successful by trusting in the process and being persistent. Through hard work and trial & error, Jo takes us through his life from his first applause break at a coffee house to Showtime At the Apollo and now his own comedy specials.

Episode 12: Futuristic & Jerry Purpdrank  

"Trial and Error" This week I sit down with Indie Hip-Hop artist Futuristic and Vine star Jerry Purpdrank. Originally from Illinois, Futuristic started rapping at the age of 6 and has been hustling ever since. With about 30 videos with over 100 million collective views, Futuristic chats with us about everything from recording raps with his brother as a child to booking his own tours and moving to LA. Boston native & social media star "Jerry Purpdrank" gives us his story on how he became one of the biggest names on Vine and his progression into other platforms. Now residing in Los Angeles, Jerry is using his social media to open other opportunities for himself.

Episode 11: Shane Nickerson  

“Just Take the First Step” This week I sit down with executive producer Shane Nickerson. He’s produced the shows I’ve been on (e.g. Rob and Big, Fantasy Factory) as well as “Crashletes”. Shane shares his insight on his move to LA as a struggling actor and his transition from actor to story editor to finally executive producer.

Episode 10:  BJ the Chicago Kid  

"Trust Your Instincts" Growing up in Southside of Chicago, Illinois, BJ has seen it all and paid his dues. From witnessing a family member get robbed to breaking into the industry as a gospel backup singer. As he gets ready to headline his own world-wide tour BJ stops by the showroom where we talk about our current societal issues and dive into his journey as an artist.

Episode 9: Brendan Schaub  

This week I chat with "Fighter and the Kid" podcaster Brendan Schaub. Brendan talks about his younger years playing sports, fighting in the UFC and appearing on The Ultimate Fighter on Spike and how he left all of that behind to follow his dream of a successful career in entertainment. Brendan now co hosts his hugely successful podcast, does live shows around the country and has a TV show in partnership with Fox. This is a great story of following your intuition and working until you make your dreams come true.

Episode 8: Andrew Santino & Nick Kreiss  

This week I talk to Andrew Santino & Nick Kreiss. Andrew is an comedian/actor and Nick is a writer/director/producer. The two of them just sold their first movie to Sony with Nick directing and with Andrew as the star. I first met them on the set of “Punk’d” about 6 years ago and since then they have made incredible progress in their careers. In this episode we get into everything from Andrew's college days thinking he would become a superstar rapper to their rise to success while remaining sane and humble.

Episode 7: Matt Rife  

This week Matt Rife joins us. Originally from my home state of Ohio, Matt started doing standup at 15. Fast forward 5 years later and he’s now on MTV's Wild ’n Out, and doing stand up around the country. Listen as we discuss what its been like for Matt moving to Los Angeles and chasing his dreams in the Hollywood.

Episode 6:  "P-Rod" Paul Rodriguez  

This week I get the Short Story Long from Paul “P-Rod” Rodriguez. Growing up in Simi Valley, Paul became a pro skateboarder at the age of 16. Arguably one of the greatest skaters ever and also one of the most business savvy. Paul has founded/invested in Primitive Skateboards, Saint Archer Brewery and multiple other businesses. Listen to us chat about how he’s done what he’s done and his plans for all things skateboarding and business moving forward.

Episode 5: Brian Atlas  

In episode 5 I sit down with a good friend of mine Brian Atlas. Originally from New Jersey, Brian moved to LA graduated from USC and became the president and co-founder of Street League Skateboarding.

Episode 4:  Kanya Sesser  

"Live Your Life" This week I sit down with my friend Kanya Sesser. Born with no legs in Thailand and found on the steps of a buddhist temple, Kanya gives us insight on how she lives her life without limitations.

Episode 3: Eric DLux  

"From Humble Beginnings to Radio” On this episode I sit down with longtime friend DJ/Producer, Eric Dlux. We cover everything from Eric being initially inspired by a DJ at a backyard party in his hometown of Carson, CA to working at Power 106 and producing hit records like “Shots” with LMFAO.

Episode 2: Dee Murthy  

“Creating Something From Nothing” In Episode 2 I sit down with my good friend, business partner, and FiveFour co-founder, Dee Murthy. Dee is a seasoned entrepreneur, investor and executive in several successful fashion and celebrity focused ventures. Get an inside look on trials and tribulations to starting your own brand.

Episode 1: Rod Kurtz  

"Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made?" Welcome to ‘Short Story Long’ - In this first episode I sit down with friend and journalist Rod Kurtz and dive into the age old debate, are entrepreneurs born or made? Rod, a media consultant for a variety of brands, organizations and startups breaks it down and explains.

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