Sick and Wrong

Sick and Wrong

Sick and Wrong is your hearing aid into the dark, depraved, and dripping abscess that is contemporary existence. An enchanting melange of social criticism, pointed observation, and well-deserved derision; Sick and Wrong is the pepto-bismol for society's indigestion. This show brings two spiteful, jaded, and demented observers of humankind head-to-head in direct competition for a case of Miller Genuine Draft. In their critically acclaimed weekly podcast, award-winning broadcasters D. Simon and Lance Wackerle discuss the most vile, disquieting, and oddly amusing news items for your listening pleasure.


Sick and Wrong Episode 561  

Harrison might be the worst Santa in Pasadena. Fidel Castro wasn’t fond of exploding cigars. Steele rants about Black Santa, overweight Barbie, and Autism in Fistful of Steele. Phone calls.

Sick and Wrong Episode 560  

Cuckolding is the new Thanksgiving tradition. Tila Tequila is the new leader of the Alt Right. Angry husband wants wife to learn chess. Horny pensioner pulls a super moon. Phone calls.

Sick and Wrong Episode 559  

Dee and Harrison chat with musician and fellow podcaster Doc Coyle about his new show The Ex Man Podcast. Harrison is the real Bad Santa. Ohio lawyer who ‘hypnotized women’ charged with rape. Oregon man takes an acid bath at Yellowstone. Vince Neal will not be playing at Trump’s inauguration. Phone calls.

Sick and Wrong Episode 558  

Dee and Harrison try to accept the horrifying reality of President Donald Trump. Swede offers marriage to Americans fleeing Trump. Minnesota bar’s “Smack Fest” turns ugly. Serial killer posts hilarious Amazon reviews. Phone calls. Leonard Cohen RIP.

Sick and Wrong Episode 557  

Dee and Harrison wish they could visit Orgy Island. Hillary Clinton and her Satanic Dinner Parties. Special Election Edition of Fistful of Steele. Phone Calls. Get out and vote!

Sick and Wrong Episode 556  

Dee and Harrison think Donald Trump should play Moon Man at his rallies. Trump’s star on Hollywood Walk of Fame vandalized. New cosmetic surgery trend in Hollywood. Breaking Bad themed Grindr date. Phone calls. Happy Halloween!

Sick and Wrong Episode 555  

Dee and special guest Penthouse Pet Ryan Keely want everyone to vote NO on Prop 60. Interview with Justin Fix, founder and creator of Phone calls.

Sick and Wrong Episode 554  

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange reveals emails from the Blink 182 guy briefing Hillary Clinton about aliens. Who are we to judge Ken Bone? Man on LSD ‘saves’ dog from house fire. Aussie Dream Team plans the perfect murder. Phone calls.

Sick and Wrong Episode 553  

After the second debate, Dee and Harrison come to the realization that we’re all doomed. Steele gets political in Fistful of Steele. Phone calls.

Sick and Wrong Episode 552  

Dee, Harrison, and guest host Rustee chat about the new Amanda Knox documentary. Never throw a pie in the face of a former NBA player. Massive drug bust at the Burger King. Poorly planned preemptive revenge porn strike. Phone calls.

Sick and Wrong Episode 551  

Dee and Harrison take bets on who turns out to be the king of the Hollywood pedophile ring. How does Donald Trump prepare for a debate? A potty-mouthed high school teacher in Ontario. Cup of semen at Panera. Phone calls.

Sick and Wrong Episode 550  

Harrison has more secrets than Hillary Clinton. Senior citizen punched out by deplorable at Trump rally. The saga of the Bar Mitzvah Blowjob Lady. Juggalo blood ritual in Wisconsin. Phone calls.

Sick and Wrong Episode 549  

Since Harrison is MIA, Dee and guest hosts Richard and Rustee chat about parachutes and prostitutes. Mother, Daughter Incest in Oklahoma. Five day old baby punched in the head in Manchester. Rapist tries to use the ol’ big dick defense. Phone calls.

Sick and Wrong Episode 548  

Dee and Harrison wish they knew how to talk to women wearing headphones. Steele rants about politically correct emojis, fashion for the obese, and cocks not glocks in Fistful of Steele. Phone calls.

Sick and Wrong Episode 547  

Dee and Harrison mourn the death of Gawker. Racist Anonymous meetings in North Carolina. Extreme father-daughter bonding in New Zealand. Bug nightmare on crowded NYC subway train. Phone calls.

Sick and Wrong Episode 546  

S&W interviews writer and dick pic critic Madeleine Holden about the proper way to photograph your junk. Morrissey made a video game. Tim Kaine should stay away from pot brownies. Bath salts cause Florida frat boy to become cannibal. Phone calls. Get your dick pic critiqued by Madeleine:

Sick and Wrong Episode 545  

Harrison spends birthday eating lobster and trying not to kill himself. Dee Simon is now a two cat guy. Brendan Dassey’s conviction overturned. Burger King gets creative with its new menu items. Fight in theater after Suicide Squad more entertaining than movie. Japanese poop ghost pursues Chinese mistress. Phone calls.

Sick and Wrong Episode 544  

Harrison is too busy being funemployed to pay attention to the Olympics. Nazi with the Golden Gun. Playboy presents The Girls of Trump. Indianapolis Rapper makes the most asinine attempt at a viral video of all time. Florida dad fatally injures ‘Pinky’ the dancing flamingo. Phone calls.

Sick and Wrong Episode 543  

Since the DNC was too boring to talk about, Dee and Harrison discuss the release of would-be Reagan assassin, John Hinckley Jr. We discover that John Steele’s favorite Pokemon is the Squirtle in Fistful of Steele. Phone calls.

Sick and Wrong Episode 542  

While Harrison experiences joie de vivre, Dee Simon is consumed by weltschmerz. Gay Ann Coulter banned from Twitter. Interview with cosplay porn star Kearstin. Phone calls. Order your very own custom cosplay porn at

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