Sid Roth's Messianic Vision

Sid Roth's Messianic Vision


Shortly after becoming a believer in Jesus as his Messiah in the 1970’s, Sid Roth started the Messianic Vision radio program. Today, the daily 15-minute show reaches across America, impacting tens of thousands with a powerful message that encourages and heals.


Tahni Cullen  

Tahni Cullen’s son, Josiah, has eye-opening visions and heavenly encounters that have pushed his family out of their comfort zone into a mind-blowing encounter with Jesus.

LaDonna Taylor  

When LaDonna Taylor plays the violin, miracles happen! The Glory of God fills the atmosphere! When she plays songs about the Blood of Messiah, people are powerfully transformed! Are you ready?

Kynan Bridges  

Kynan Bridges says we need to watch what we say and what we hear. Your destiny depends on it!

Becky Dvorak  

God told Becky Dvorak to write a healing creed. Was it worth it? She goes to an AIDS hospice. She goes to where they have hours to live and lays her hand on the first patient…he jumps out of bed and walks out.

Steve Stewart  

Steve Stewart started out too afraid to pray for others. Now his successful prayers are leaving doctors baffled! He wants to teach you how to access God's Kingdom!

Perry Stone, Rich Vera & Cindy Jacobs  

When Sid got three world-class prophets together, he wanted to know what they were hearing from God. Anyone interested in what they see for 2017?

Steve Hannett  

Steve Hannett says your breakthrough, your healing, your miracle is just a breath away. Steve says that ANY believer in Jesus can be healed of ANYTHING if you get connected with heaven! And he wants to connect you.

Cleddie Keith  

Cleddie Keith wants to re-introduce you to the most supernatural prayer on earth—the Lord’s Prayer—so you can hear God clearly and see Him move.

Jerame Nelson  

Jerame Nelson has learned how to partner with angels for creative miracles and he says any true believer can learn how. That applies to EVERY promise you can find in your Bible, and Jerame gives you the keys!

Ryan LeStrange  

Ryan LeStrange says your unseen enemy doesn’t fight fair. Many believers are under attacks of loneliness, or depression, or fear. Once you identify where it's from, Ryan says you can get victory every time.

Karen Dunham  

Got problems? Karen Dunham was abused as a child, got into drugs, ended up in prison. But today her life reads like the Book of Acts. How many of you want to be drenched every day in God's love?

Ana Werner  

Ana Werner says the veil between heaven and earth is getting thinner. It's why we hear of many people having visitations to and from heaven. Ana has taught many people how to look into the invisible world—seeing angels! What about you?

Sid Rothh  

I’ve been reporting on the supernatural for over 40 years, but what just happened in Tel Aviv, Israel is unheard of. Thirty-three buses jam-packed with unsaved Jewish Israelis came to my lecture on the supernatural — I had promised miracles to get them there.

Women of Faith  

Joan Hunter, Clarice Fluitt and Joan Gieson each walk in the anointing of Kathryn Kuhlman — any one by themselves would be enough. So watch what happens when all three of these women who operate in miracles come together to stir your faith in the miraculous.

Guillermo Maldonado  

Something new is happening. Guillermo Maldonado has moved in miracles for years, but he just returned from Argentina, where in a matter of minutes he saw 60 people get creative miracles, even new organs. And he says it's transferable.

Kevin Zadai  

During surgery Kevin Zadai found himself on the other side of the veil watching the doctor trying to revive his lifeless body. Jesus appeared to Kevin and revealed that every person who knows the Lord has a God package inside of them! What has God given you?

Ken & Trudi Blount  

Marriage and family were designed by God, but today they’re the frontlines of battle. Ken and Trudi Blount have found a supernatural way to devil-proof your marriage AND your family. Who's ready to fight?

The Praying Medic  

"Praying Medic" was an atheist until God spoke to him in a dream: "Pray for the sick in your ambulance." So after 400 attempts, God begins to teach him. Through dreams. Today about 80% get healed, and he's as good a teacher as he was a learner!

Mark Virkler & Charity Kayembe  

Mark Virkler and daughter Charity say God speaks to everybody and your destiny is an open book if you can understand your dreams. Are you listening?

Theresa Dedmon  

Can’t carry a tune? Not an artist? Theresa Dedmon says it doesn’t matter because you have supernatural DNA for creativity. It’s a point of contact for miracles, and she wants to help you to discover it.

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