Sid Roth's Messianic Vision

Sid Roth's Messianic Vision


Shortly after becoming a believer in Jesus as his Messiah in the 1970’s, Sid Roth started the Messianic Vision radio program. Today, the daily 15-minute show reaches across America, impacting tens of thousands with a powerful message that encourages and heals.


Joan Hunter  

Prolific teacher Joan Hunter keeps it simple. She opened her mouth, spoke one word and Heaven moved. The result from this one word was millions of dollars. So the question is, what’s in your mouth?

John Bevere  

What you do with this little temporary thing called life determines everything about how you spend eternity — and your rewards in Heaven begin with finding God's plan for your life!

Jonathan Cahn  

Imagine you are in a desert and you find a rabbi, a teacher of mysteries and things of the spirit realm. Jonathan Cahn is such a rabbi, and now he’s sharing more of the mysteries of God.

Donna Shambach  

One day young R.W. Schambach witnessed a miracle that triggered his faith to have a great miracle ministry. Now Donna Schambach, his daughter, is building on his shoulders. She’s learned how you can move in God's compassion and release His anointing.

Bill Johnson  

Bill Johnson has trained thousands to walk in miracles. Now he shares the greatest revelation he has ever been given by God. If you grab hold of it, you will unlock ALL of God's promises for your life!

Dr. Richard Booker  

God invaded Richard Booker’s living room, flattened him to the floor and instantly downloaded the entire Bible in picture form. The Occidental Petroleum executive then quit his job. Why? To study Jewish roots and the End Times.

Katherine Ruonala  

Katherine Ruonala operates in what is known as creative miracles. God wants YOU to move in miracles!

Women of Faith  

Joan Hunter, Clarice Fluitt and Joan Gieson each walk in the anointing of Kathryn Kuhlman — any one by themselves would be enough. So watch what happens when all three of these women who operate in miracles come together to stir your faith in the miraculous.

Jordan Rubin  

Battling 19 illnesses including Crohn’s disease, young Jordan Rubin cried out to God. At 104 lbs. he embraced Bible-based nutrition and thrived! Later, working missions in India, God showed Jordan three secrets to health, wisdom and intimacy — the power of God to heal and bless!

Judy Franklin  

Judy Franklin spent 50 years not knowing God loved her but a trip to heaven changed everything! Now Judy goes to heaven every time she prays and she teaches people like you to access your own encounters. Your intimacy with God is about to increase!

Hakeem Collins  

Hakeem Collins says that prophecy is the doorway into the supernatural and that God used it to open his spiritual senses. Now he sees and hears the invisible world. What’s better, everyone can, and your life will never be the same.

Jane Hamon  

Jane Hamon says your dreams are messages from God, not pizza dreams! She wants you to understand the language of dreams, and she has a supernatural gift to equip you to do it.

Aliss Cresswell  

The daily adventure of Aliss Cresswell's life is contagious. She credits her friend the Holy Spirit and says what's normal for her is available to you. Aliss calls it the normal supernatural Christian life!

Shawn Bolz  

Shawn Bolz is the most amazingly detailed prophet Sid has ever known. He’s ministered to thousands, from royalty to people on the streets. Now he shares his secrets to activate you to do the same!

Billye Brim  

Billye Brim says if you only knew how much power you have in the Blood of Jesus. Has America and the world forgotten the Azusa Street Revival? It’s the very same power!

Robert Henderson  

Are your prayers getting past the ceiling? Robert Henderson got a revelation from God that the devil is a legalist — but there’s a game changer where you win every time. He’s ready to teach you.

James Goll  

James Goll had cancer once, twice, three times. In desperation he had Oral Roberts pray, and he was healed. But surprise. With his healing came the supernatural gift of faith, a gift he wants to impart to you.

David Hernandez  

David Hernandez became friends with the Holy Spirit at 13. He’s 27 now and says the most important thing you can do is be friends with the Spirit of the Living God. Better than that, he can help you do it.

Perry Stone  

When Perry Stone was just 16, someone challenged him about whether Heaven was real. That day, he began to study. These days, scholars say Perry teaches the mysteries of heaven and life-after-death like no one else!

Chauncey Crandall  

Miracles happen on Dr. Chauncey Crandall's operating table. This leading cardiologist prays and the dead come back, sharing what they saw in heaven. God even tells him what procedures to perform. Your kind of doctor?

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