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The Whole Circle is created by Jo and Tracey, two sisters on a mission to inspire you to live the best life possible. They have a whole lot of fun, they keep it real and never profess to be perfect! Jo and Tracey live an additive free lifestyle, they both have families, children, husbands and run a successful food blog called Sistermixin'. This show is designed to talk about all things health, wellness, food, family & is going to inspire you to change the way you look at 'life'. Life isn't meant to be stressful, it should be fun, chaotic, exciting and crazy and we wouldn't have it any other way. Join us for a whole lot of fun and a whole lot of inspiration. We hope you enjoy the show!


Episode #65 - Stress - The Primary Causes with Dr Damian Kristof  

Today we are chatting with Dr Kristof, or Damo as he much prefers to be called! Damo proudly wears three hats as a nutritionist, naturopath and chiropractor and is an absolute wealth of knowledge. He is clearly passionate and driven to share information that has the power to transform lives.

In this episode we talk about all things stress and Damo breaks down the elements of stress, how it branches out and effects different areas of our lives, from the initial physical stress as we are born into this world and even the chemical stress from every day products we use. If you work seated all day in a sedentary office job, then you’ll want to tune in on this hot topic that is currently receiving a lot of media attention.

Love your coffee too?Well we hear some amazing facts on the long term consequences of having coffee on an empty stomach or early in the morning before food that you may not be aware of.

We’re taken through the primitive flight or fight response system and what it means in our modern day lives, including our common hormonal responses. We also hear simple tips on how not to bring stress back into the home after a busy day in the office.

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The Wellness Couch podcast: Avoiding office stress podcast: Crack your stress code online seminar: Forage cereal: Episode #17 – Top 5 Tips to Get More Active For Free

Episode #64 - Shakti Mats - The Hidden Benefits  

Today we are chatting with John who sent us a Shakti mat about a year ago, but we won’t lie, we have been a little intimidated by it and haven’t used it all that much. But in this episode John takes the time to explain all of the life changing health benefits that he’s personally seen after showing around 20,000 people how it actually works! John shares some of the best feedback he has received.

John describes why it’s worth pushing through the initial discomfort when first laying down on the spiky mat and how your body begins to release endorphins, boost circulation and release tension through pressure points. We also learn how to target specific muscle groups and the athletes that are increasing recovery time and performance by using the Shakti Mat.

We hear about John’s personal trips to India to see for himself that the mats are made ethically throughout the production process from A-Z.

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Website: Instagram: @shaktimatsNZ Facebook: ShaktimatsNZ
Episode #63 - Acupuncture, Should We or Shouldn't We?  

We steal Anne for her first ever podcast and hear about all things acupuncture. There’s something about acupuncture (mostly the needles) that really put people off giving it a go! But we learn that a doctor’s needle is actually 500x thicker than an acupuncture needle. Anne explains all the many ailments she has treated from simple back pain to trouble sleeping, quitting smoking, helping the body to deal with stress from physical to mental, all the way to hormonal issues.

We learn about the medical, scientific, physical and spiritual perspective of acupuncture and how so many women that Anne treats, think that certain ailments are normal in their body, when in fact they are actually abandoning their health

We really go into depth in this episode, where we’re filled in on the meridians that run through our bodies, and common areas of the body where you might be blocking energy. It’s amazing to hear Anne’s stories of clients with simple back pain, actually having ailments at much deeper levels

If you have been curious about acupuncture for a while, you’ll be blown away by the improvements it can add to your life.

Episode #62 - How To Get More Time in Your Day with Mike Vardy  

In this episode we are speaking with Mike Vardy who is dedicated to helping people to do more of what they actually want to be doing in their lives, using simple and flexible techniques. If you’re after more freedom and time then you’re going to pick up on a lot of tips from Mike on how to shuffle your current schedule and get ahead.

We learn about setting boundaries for yourself both in your work life and your personal life and how to truly follow your energy levels. Mike shares ideas on making forward progress and in particular how to isolate particular days for tasks, especially if you’re juggling looking after your kids. You’ll love the tips that will increase your kid’s productivity in completing homework on time, helping with chores around the house and also when they can indulge in free time.

Would you describe yourself as a procrastinator? We find out how procrastination actually has value! And for those that are trying to simply be more organised, you’ll pick up plenty of advice on training yourself to plan ahead.

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Episode #61 - Better Breathing with Cole Clayton  

In this episode we are excited to be talking to Cole Clayton who is a health coach specialist focusing on breathing programs for kids. After suffering from breathing problems in his younger years, Cole became highly curious on the topic and made a strong link between regulation of emotion and proper breathing in children.

Cole has seen transformational changes while taking his training to the classroom and became passionate about correcting breathing problems early on in life.

So how do you know if your child has any breathing issue? Cole talks about the tell-tale signs to look out for, from subtle signs to bigger problems. He also shares some inspiring success stories of problem sleepers, with one young girl taking up to four hours to fall asleep due to breathing issues!

We learn about factors that come into play in breathing problems and when it’s time to step in and take intervention to improve sleep, mood and overall quality of life.

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Episode #60 -  Nicole's Inspiring Story By Eating Additive & Preservative Free  

We just can’t stop smiling in this episode as we hear about Nicole’s incredible story. She suffers from multiple diseases including lupus and rheumatoid arthritis and is also doubly immunosuppressed, meaning she picks up every cold that comes around.

At the onset of her disease, Nicole struggled to even hold a coffee cup on her own and eventually had to resign from her office management role. She is heavily medicated, which comes with many unwanted side effects, including not being able to go into sunlight, as she almost instantly burns. We learn that some of her scripts cost up to $1,800.00 per month!

After spilling one of her liquid medications on the floor and later finding it dry out into a horrible fatty mixture, she thought enough is enough. She simply didn’t want to put that in her body again.

Nicole gave our additive and preservative free course a red hot go! We hear all about the transformational changes in her lifestyle, where she is now indulging in fresh fruits and vegetables, barely eating any processed foods and even working out at the gym.

This course has truly been life changing for Nicole, and while she still has to take her pain medication she has already been able to wean herself off one of them!

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Online E-Course:

Episode #59 - Tara, Mother of 2 Boys That Has Changed Their Lives  

Jo was privileged when this amazing mum agreed to share her story with us. Tara is a mum of two boys that both suffer from allergies, including anaphylaxis to multiple foods. She tells her inspirational story about her son’s severe reaction to an asthma medication that has made media headlines recently. She walks us through the long two years it took for him to fully recover.

Always putting her children’s health first, Tara wanted to improve her family’s overall wellbeing and decided to start the Additive Free Made Easy online course that we offer.

The behavourial differences Tara noticed since the beginning of the course have been life changing. We’re filled in on specific changes she has made in order to live preservative free and what she has learnt along the way.

Tara fills us in on the challenges of sourcing additive and preservative free when living in a rural area and what alternatives are available including shopping online.

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Online E-Course:

You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain. Don't wait any longer and register for this life changing course right now!

Episode #58 - Taneall's Inspiring Story on Going Addtive Free  

Taneall shares with us her heartwarming story of how her life was absolutely ruled by her son Jordy’s extreme moods.

After much denial, she finally followed her gut feeling and sought help, where his was diagnosed with OCD, ADHD and ODD. We learn the characteristics of each of these disorders.

She believed her children’s diets were not that bad, but reviewed their staple foods and decided to walk down the path of additive and preservative free. She signed up for our E-Course on Christmas day, after yet another mood meltdown from her son.

Taneall takes us through the transformations that she experienced, including taking her son off his medication and the huge positive behavioural differences she witnessed. We discuss how doctors are not wrong in any way, but that there are certainly alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs for life.

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Online E-Course:

Episode #57 - Melissa Dasilva Mythbusting Transgender Gay and Lesbian Topics  

We were lucky enough to meet Melissa in the Philippines at the Tropical Think Tank conference. Melissa has a passion for supporting transgender and non-binary youth in their transitions. In this podcast we dive into some fascinating topics!

With transgender becoming more and more accepted in today’s society, Melissa helps us to understand the key differences between often misunderstood abbreviations to describe sexual orientations and gender.

Melissa explains practical ways to support young children, particularly if they choose to be gay, and how you can help them solidify their identity and lead a happy life.

Ever wondered if someone is born gay? What about whether parts are completely functional post-surgery in sex changes? Melissa goes into depth to answer all of our curious questions!

Links & Resources

Email for consultations:

Online communities: PFLAG Australian Transgender Support Association Queensland Inc: Transparenthood - Experiences raising a transgender child:

Episode #56 - Thriving Children with Clare Crew  

Today we are chatting with Clare who we met on a business trip to the Philippines and instantly connected with her. She holds a special role where she helps to overcome children’s attention, learning and behavioural challenges by incorporating more movement, play, connection and of course real food.

Clare holds a Degree in Early Childhood Education and a Masters in Special Education. She also holds certifications in neuro-development with a focus on the brain/body connection.

We discuss common foods that may be affecting the behaviour of your child and what signs to look out for. We also dive into interesting discussions on the topic of primitive reflexes. Clare touches on the importance of some of these reflexes in children’s ability to take in the information around them. We also hear why specific reflexes are commonly holding kids back in their learning capacity.

Clare talks about events throughout her life that have fueled her passion for early education and improving food choices, including challenges overcoming her own infertility. She is now a proud mum of three!

We explore how homework has been shown to do more harm than good and options you can take if you don’t notice the benefits of homework for your children.

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Website: Thriving Children Podcast: Facebook:

Episode #55 - Why Mums Should Live More Shameless with Sara Dean  

Sara has a clear passion in helping to inspire women and in particular new mums to create greatness in all areas of their lives.

We met Sara in the Philippines and felt an instant connection with her. She runs an academy titled Shameless Mom Academy where she features her own podcast show. She is also the owner of Sync Fitness Boot Camp and Transformation Centre in Seattle.

Sara was blown away with the struggles that came with motherhood. She felt she completely lost her identity and knew there had to be another way. When she found her feet, she wanted to dedicate her focus to helping other women, who were either new to motherhood, or any woman that might need help, to transform into becoming the best version of themselves.

We talk about the physical challenges that come after giving birth, including a complete change in priorities and workout regimes. We also touch on the social expectations and pressures that are placed on new mums and how they are simply unrealistic.

We look into the importance of self-love and self-care, including the mindset around losing weight. We also discuss the ethical problems that come with particular companies in the fitness industry, including the type of weight loss packages that 'shame' new mums into buying their products.

Do you find yourself following fitness inspo on Instagram? We talk about why this could actually be bringing you down and provide more empowering ways in which you can replace this habit.

When you’re a new mum, any kind of movement can make you feel strong and powerful and Sara fills us in on all the reasons why!

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Websites: The Shameless Mom Acadamy Sync Fitness: Subscribe to iTunes and Stitcher Online Fitness:

Episode #54 - Discussing Fussy Kids With Dr Brett Hill  

Today we are talking with Dr Brett Hill who loves to inspire others to lead a full life of energy and vitality. His biggest passion is helping families overcome eating issues, especially the all too common fussy eaters!

Dr Brett Hill is co-host of the Wellness Couch and his own podcast show called That Paleo Show. He’s an author of numerous books and is no stranger to TV shows, numerous events and radio talkback. He also holds a Bachelor of Health Science and Masters of Chiropractic.

In this episode we discuss new and unique concepts that encourage your kids to eat vegetables rather than making them eat vegetables. Dr Brett Hill gives real-life advice that’s tried and true, including engagement in the whole food process and conversations that matter from a child’s perspective.

We talk about why the key to the best eating habits is consistency, but that you don’t need to strive for perfection! There’s always exceptions to the rules and it’s all about improvement in small steps. We discuss why the effort you put in now is going to save you 100x more effort down the track and ultimately leave you with more “me” time.

From a chiropractic standpoint, Dr Brett Hill believes an optimal functioning spine and nervous system gives children their best chance for everything else in their body to function properly. We delve into different approaches to health and wellness and discussions about your regular doctor’s main goals and how it differs from holistic health.

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Website: Podcast: Book: Nourish without Nagging Instagram: @drbretthill Facebook: drbretthill

Episode #53 - Let's Discuss Meals Made Easy  

In this episode we go into depth about our new Meals Made Easy program. This program is designed to make EVERYONES lives a whole lot easier! All the recipes in Meals Made Easy are designed to be 100% additive free, with many different types of meals offered - there is something for everyone (including the fussiest of kids).

We run through:

Frequently asked questions, What's included in the program - how-to videos, e-books, prep guides, shopping lists etc We discuss the different pricing options for the program. You’ll pick up a lot from our tips on food preparation and how you can easily free up time during the week, by not having to worry about what to cook each night!

The aim of our program is to save you both time and money along the way. We discuss practical tools to transform mealtime and include a huge variety of dishes. We even have freezable options and seasonal options for the upcoming Easter period.

You’ll also hear about our lovely feedback from happy customers who joined this program!

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Buy 1 get 1 friend for free - 1 April 2017 to 14 April 2017 - Visit Meals Made Easy website

Episode #52 - Our Favourite Essential Oils to Travel With  

If you haven’t already integrated essential oils into your travel habits, then you truly are missing out! In this episode we cover all of our favourite doTERRA essential oils to travel with.

Essential oils can really add that extra creature comfort when traveling and makes such a big difference to long transits and flights. We discuss certain oils that can uplift your mood, take away headaches, help with sunburn and even skin irritations.

If you’re planning on taking a trip to any tropical destinations, we talk about TerraShield (or TerraArmour) and how you can naturally protect yourself against mosquitos. It’s common that you have to trial many natural mosquito sprays until you find one that you can truly rely on.

When you think of essential oils you may just think about traditionally applying to your temples or wrists for an amazing scent,but there’s so many other health benefits as you will soon find out! We cover which oils are great to add to tea for improved digestion, how to soothe tired legs and many other common travel complaints. You’ll never travel without essential oils after this episode!

Links & Resources

Oily Tribe Facebook group Join our Oily Tribe - Register as a Wellness Advocate and save 25% Episode #50 – A Discussion All About Poop with Lynda Griparic Ten + Ways To Use Lemon Oil Special Offer: doTerra special valid until 31 March 2017 - if you spend over 200 point volume (PV) you’ll get a free bottle of Ice Blue and Ice Blue Rub valued at $92.

Episode #51 - Ethical and Sustainable Eating with Jo Smith from Naturally Well With Jo  

In this episode we are chat with Jo Smith who shares so many inspiring tips on how to live more consciously. She is trained as a holistic food coach, yoga instructor and personal trainer and lives on a beautiful island just outside of Tasmania.

Jo shares her personal story, where we quickly learn that her issues with food were extreme in her early 20’s, including her obsession with dieting and weight loss supplements. She discusses the negative health consequences that came as a result of her toxic lifestyle.

These days Jo has completely transformed herself from the inside out, she even has her own property, growing most of her own food. She absolutely loves to empower women to take charge of their health, put themselves first and overcome body image issues. Jo recognises the same toxic patterns in other women that she used to endure and helps them to nourish their bodies holistically.

We talk about how to ethically source meat and the importance of buying from local farmers that care about their livestock (right from birth to dinner plate). Jo shares tips on where to start out and specific questions to ask your local butcher. We also get pretty excited about the amazing advantages of buying ethically sourced meat in bulk.

We dive into the benefits of starting up your own local co-op and the great connections that come out of it.

This episode will truly inspire everyone listening to get out in the garden and give gardening a go, it is worth effort :)

Links & Resources

Website: Instagram: The Primal Blueprint: ABC Organic Gardening Australia:

Episode  #49 - Eating Real Food Whilst On Holidays  

In this episode we speak about our recent trip to Fiji (which we won thanks to doTERRA essential oils) and our eating habits along the way. We have a huge focus on de-stressing on holidays and how the food that you eat while away shouldn't be your main focus.

We indulged in breakfast buffets (which were included in our hotel package) and quickly noticed that many of the foods were not overly healthy and certainly not additive free. To stick to our normal diets, that we had back home, would only cause us stress which is certainly not what we wanted on holiday!

We do however discuss the limits we placed on ourselves and certainly on what our children ate - they didn't have complete free range at the buffet table! If we were to eat the same food that we ate on holiday, back at home, then we truly believe our bloating, general state of mind and brain fog would have increased dramatically. However, being in a relaxed place, complteley on 'Fiji time' meant we could indulge in different foods. Returning home we certainly could appreciate our daily healthy habits and exercise routines.

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Registrations for Additive Free Made Easy course: Episode 48: doTERRA incentive trip

Episode #50 - A Discussion All About Poop with Lynda Griparic  

Today we are talking to Lynda Griparic about everything to do with number twos! She is the Poop Queen and is not ashamed to bring light to a socially sensitive topic! There's no shortage of humor and good advice in this episode, including what makes a "healthy evacuation" and "poo-phoria" (yes it is such a thing!).

Lynda has been working in the health industry for over 15 years. She holds a Diploma in Nutrition, an Advanced Diploma in Naturopathic Medicine and on top of that is a certified yoga instructor! She is passionate about health, mind and body and is curious about how all of these are intricately connected.

In this interview you'll learn what makes the perfect bowel movement, right down to colour, smell and texture. Lynda fills us in on how diet & proper hydration influence the digestive system, the Scientifics of fitness and constipation and everything colonics. We also learn some interesting facts about the correlation between travelling and constipation and why so many of us neglect the natural urge to just go.

Lynda has a truly unique philosophy and is doing amazing things to help take the stigma away from the once taboo topic of what makes a healthy poo!

Links & Resources


Instagram: @lynda_griparic

Facebook: Lynda Griparic Naturopath

Episode #48 - The Magic of doTERRA  

Every year doTERRA run an Incentive trip to Fiji and we were lucky enough to be the winners of this years' competition. After much hard work to achieve first place it certainly paid off being able to stay at the Grande suite of the Sheraton Hotel with all expenses paid.

In this episode we speak about our natural skepticism towards being advocates for companies in general and why doTERRA is not about direct selling or marketing but rather helping people along the way. We speak about the unique structure of doTERRA and the zero competition and "climbing to the top" when it comes to recommending doTERRA products

We discuss our life-changing experience of visiting local villages on our Fiji trip and giving school supplies to kids in need with a personalised touch where we learnt about individual children's lives. DoTERRA also gave a generous donation to the villages in need and doubled the wages of our tour guides. The Chief of the Village believed doTERRA was the miracle they had been praying for.

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Registrations for Additive Free Made Easy course:


SisterMixin Oily Tribe Group:

SisterMixin Instagram:

Episode #47 - Let's Talk Healthy Kids  

Today we are talking with Jessica who has a zest and passion for health but also loves to keep things in perspective and is certainly not a perfectionist when it comes to proper nutrition! She explains often misleading information in the health world and breaks it down into bite size pieces with her unique down to earth approach.

Jessica knew from a young age that she wanted to be involved in the health industry. After high school she studied naturopathy then traveled around the world for five years with her boyfriend (now husband!) while working with fellow naturopaths from different countries.

After becoming a mum, she went back to work part time starting her very own clinic and found herself focusing on kid's health. She believes having her two children sparked her curiosity and passion in this area. Jessica understands that the increase in common children's disorders such as eczema, asthma, allergies and autism in children is linked to many combined factors. We discuss common nutrient scarce diets and every day exposure to toxins and chemicals that are strongly linked to disease. We also hear some alarming figures on the increase in children's disease.

We discuss what we can do in our modern society to control our kid's health, the importance of being realistic, why we don't have to accept the modern norm of feeding our children highly processed foods but also not going to extremes. Tune in as we discuss some of the best foods we can feed our children for sustained energy and optimal health.

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Registration for Additive Free Made Easy Course starts on 27 Feb- Registration Link :

Healthy Kids Challenge : Website: Natural super kids program:
8 Essential wholefoods for kids ebook : Affiliate Link :

Episode #46 - We Discuss Eating Disorders with Natalie from Health by Wholefoods  

For many of us we find speaking out loud about eating disorders to be a highly sensitive topic. Whether we have our own inner struggle or know someone that does, it can be hard to bring up a conversation to try get on top of the issue.

In this episode Natalie airs her own personal struggles out loud to inspire others to find their own inner strength. Nat brings her powerful story about her health struggles including suffering eight long years with an eating disorder. She is now a holistic dietician, nutritionist and certified fitness instructor working in both clinical practice and technical education. Nat contributes to the infamous "I Quit Sugar" blog and has her own podcast show "The Holistic Nutritionist".

We talk about the strong influence of social media in particular with our children going through their teenage years. We discuss early warning signs to look out for in children that might be suffering from the early stages of eating disorders and ways to install positive messages that don't focus on body image.

For those suffering from their own battles with eating disorders, Natalie openly shares techniques that allow you to switch your focus to more positive influences, away from detrimental habits that are easy to fall into when your mind is trying to overcome an eating disorder. Natalie believes in the power of support networks through friends and family that stick by your side no matter what.

Links & Resources

Website: Resources: The Butterfly Foundation The Holistic Nutritionist Podcast on iTunes

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