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Skip and Shannon: Undisputed

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The Skip and Shannon: Undisputed podcast with Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe & Joy Taylor. Catch the show Mon-Fri, 9:30am ET on FS1 starting September 6th


10/21/16 -Josh Brown controversy + Time for Dez to leave Dallas?  

Skip, Shannon and Joy offer their insights on the NFL over the Josh Brown developments. Skip says despite last night and more scotch, Aaron Rodgers is not all the way back. Shannon declares it is time to get Dez Bryant out of the locker room. Plus, could the curse be coming to an end for the Chicago Cubs? Also, more water is on the line with Week 7 NFL picks.

10/20/16 - Durant and Dez: Cut it out!!!  

Shannon says we thought Kevin Durant was the good guy but it's actually reversed. Skip calls Draymond Green the ultimate Warrior. Ray Lewis gets real about the protests and Michael Lombardi breaks down the Patriots Super Bowl odds. Plus you literally won't believe how Dez Bryant injured himself.

10/19/16 - LeBron's MVP chances and Ray Lewis reflects on the Patriots  

Skip calls it first that Kyrie Irving has a better chance to win the NBA MVP than LeBron James. Shannon reminds us of the benefits of being prepared before NFL games. Ray Lewis drops by to tell stories about Foxborough and Joel Klatt predicts how Alabama will finish their title bid. Plus, Skip and Shannon break down who is the best team in the NFC.

10/18/16 - Romo ain't got nothing on Dak  

Skip says Dez Bryant can stay off the field as long as he wants and the Dallas Cowboys will be just fine. Shannon says he does not want to watch four hours of football to accommodate Instant Replay. Michael Lombardi breaks down what you could possibly get for Tony Romo on the open market. Also, Conor McGregor speaks to the possibility of a third Nate Diaz fight. Plus, Morris Chestnut has 140 characters for Skip.

10/17/16 - Superbowl bound Dak and Rodgers on the rocks?  

Skip says he loves Tony Romo but he is now the backup Quarterback in Dallas. The guys react to Cam walking out of his press conference. Michael Lombardi breaks down why the Cowboys are 5-1, and Greg Jennings comes to shed light on Aaron Rodgers struggles. Plus, Odell Beckham Jr. has a great game but that's not what people are talking about.

10/14/16 - Cowboys head to the Frozen Tundra  

Skip says he called it years ago that Kevin Durant never loved playing with Russell Westbrook. Shannon is betting on the Packers to beat the Cowboys but why? Rob Parker calls Brett Favre selfish. Plus the Dodgers won the game but will they lose the NLCS? Also, how much trouble are the Broncos in this season?

10/13/16 - Dez Bryant feud with Skip plus UFC stars Rousey and McGregor have something to prove  

Skip responds to Dez Bryant's heated tweets. Shannon thinks Mayweather would beat McGregor. Rob Parker's Patriots hate know no bounds. Plus was Dwyane Wade really too expensive for LeBron and the Cavaliers? Also is Ronda Rousey still one of the biggest stars in sports? All that and more in today's episode.

10/12/16 - Jerry loves Romo, Martellus hates da B#@*s and more Kaepernick drama  

Skip says Jerry Jones love him some Tony Romo. Shannon explains why he isn't sympathetic towards Dez Bryant. Martellus Bennett calls his former team animals and he didn't say Bears. Plus can the Cubs pull off a championship this year? Also, Kaepernick is back but are there ulterior motives?

10/11/16 - Durant says hello, Big Papi says farewell and Cam Newton riding risky  

Shannon says Kevin Durant doesn't love the Warriors. Skip tries to convince Eric Mangini that the Cowboys are the real deal. Plus how will David Ortiz be remembered? Also Cam Newton is behaving dangerously while under concussion protocol.

10/10/16 - There can only be one: Dak Prescott vs Tony Romo  

Dak Prescott is excelling but what will the Cowboys do when Romo is healthy? Tom Brady returns to lead the Patriots to victory but did he disappoint? Plus Peanut Tillman and Shannon disagree on NFL uniform policy. All that and more on the show today!

10/7/16 - Criticized Champions: Tom Brady & LeBron James under pressure  

An injured Cowboys team tries to stay alive versus the Bengals defense. Tom Brady returns this weekend with a grudge to settle with Goodell. Plus King James faces a brotherly betrayal.

10/6/16 - Cowboys are a bonafide playoff team and why LeBron James deserves sympathy  

Shannon warns everyone about a potential problem brewing in Dallas, is the Cowboys star on Dak Prescott's helmet getting to his head? Meanwhile, Skip makes the case that Kyrie Irving won the Cavaliers championship and why LeBron James deserves his sympathy. Plus, you don't want to miss why Ray Lewis goes to the club to sweat out his clothes.

10/5/16 - Shots fired! Ray Lewis responds to Dez Bryant and Aqib Talib  

Skip and Shannon react to the news that police have concluded Aqib Talib shot himself in the leg. Plus, OBJ says he is not having fun. Ray Lewis comes by to share a behind the scenes story and responds to Dez Bryant on Twitter.

10/4/16 - OBJ overreacts, Tom Brady is back and who has the best job in college football?  

Did Odell Beckham J.R. show his true colors on Monday Night Football? Plus one of the most controversial quarterbacks will make his anticipated return and we aren’t talking Tony Romo. The Cowboys schedule gets serious, Shannon sheds light on how he left Denver and Joel Klatt picks the best job in College Football.

10/3/16 - Dak dominates, Cam concussed and Shannon funds a Pro Football H.O.F. wing  

Skip and Shannon debate if the Cowboys are going to win the NFC East. Plus, Do the Patriots still have a chance to dethrone Denver as kings of the AFC? Are the Panthers done without Cam Newton? Is Dez Bryant out of control? Also, at the end of the podcast Shannon shares how he lost big bucks to the NFL.

Cowboys & Dez latest, Spygate revisited + Revis and Sherman rivalry renewed  

The guys preview the Cowboys and 49ers matchup and Skip makes the case that Dallas has moved on from Dez Bryant. Plus, Shannon drops a major Roger Goodell Spygate nugget that you certainly have not heard! Also, Matt Leinart drops by to give his pick on Louisville vs Clemson.

9/29/16 - Tim Tebow, Dez Bryant & Conor McGregor latest + Patriots perfect season?  

The fellas discuss all the drama in Dallas and Dez Bryant calls out Skip on Twitter. The guys have different views on Tim Tebow's home run, and what would happen if Conor McGregor fought Floyd Mayweather. Plus, how close are the Patriots to an undefeated season and how long will King James be King James?

9/28/16 - The chosen one turns into the frozen one: LeBron James vs Michael Jordan  

Skip and Shannon debate why LeBron James keeps comparing himself to Michael Jordan. Plus, Carson Wentz was called Peyton Manning 2.0 yesterday but what hall of fame member is he being compared to today? Can Lamar Jackson clinch the Heisman with a big performance on Saturday vs Clemson? Colin Kaepernick goes from protests to politics but what's next?

9/27/16 - Wentz mania and should Tom Brady take a political stand?  

Skip and Shannon debate if Carson Wentz is Peyton Manning 2.0. Plus, who is responsible for the Saints 0-3 season? LeBron is standing for the anthem but whose responsibility is it to kneel? Jerry Jones says everything is fine for Romo and the Cowboys but is all as it seems? Eric Mangini joins the show today to debate if Dak Prescott is the real deal.

9/26/16 - Les Miles gets fired, Cam Newton falls apart and Josh Norman wins big  

Skip and Shannon are still debating who is better between Carson Wentz and Dak Prescott after their impressive wins this weekend. Was firing Les Miles the right move for LSU? Should Cam Newton get a pass for his poor performance Sunday? Who really won between Odell Beckham Junior and Josh Norman. Plus, we look back at the guys football picks to see whose been right and whose been so far off, they need to start thinking about next season.

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