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Skip and Shannon: Undisputed

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The Skip and Shannon: Undisputed podcast with Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe & Joy Taylor. Catch the show Mon-Fri, 9:30am ET on FS1 starting September 6th


2/23/17 - NBA trade deadline  & Magic vs. Bird  

Shannon says he would take a 45-year-old Tom Brady over a 36-year-old Tony Romo, while Skip thinks a Carmelo Anthony addition would make the Cavs the favorite to win the title. Fox Sports NBA Analyst Chris Broussard checks in to preview today's NBA trade deadline and which teams will be most active. Skip and Shannon debate if the Golden State Warriors are the clear favorites to win the Western Conference, and Rob Parker joins the debate desk to predict a new Magic vs. Bird rivalry in the front office.

2/22/17 - Magic Johnson, Jay Cutler & Mayweather vs. McGregor headline the show  

Skip has faith that Magic Johnson can restore the Lakers to their glory days, but can he recover from missing out on DeMarcus Cousins? The fellas debate if Deshaun Watson is the next Dak Prescott and Shannon tells you why that is a lazy comparison. Finally, Skip tells you which NFL team should trade for Bears QB Jay Cutler, and the guys discuss if Conor McGregor could beat Floyd Mayweather Sr. in the boxing ring.

2/21/17 - DeMarcus Cousins vs. Anthony Davis comparison + McGregor vs. Mayweather  

Skip believes now is the time for the Cavs to trade for Carmelo, and Shannon is still backing Floyd Mayweather against Conor McGregor. Pro Football Hall of Famer Cris Carter breaks down the front office moves by the Cowboys and what it means for Tony Romo. Skip and Shannon debate who is a better player between Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins, and Rob Parker believes LeBron let the fans down by not participating in a Slam Dunk contest.

2/20/17 - Cousins to New Orleans and LeBron in dunk contest?  

Skip claims that Tony Romo will be the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys next year and Shannon believes that the DeMarcus Cousins trade was about keeping Anthony Davis happy. The guys debate if last night's alley-oop helped repair the Durant and Westbrook relationship. Plus, Fox Sports NBA Analyst Chris Broussard tells you why LeBron has not competed in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest. Finally, Lakers forward Metta World Peace debates the problems with the NBA All-Star game.

2/16/17 - LeBron for MVP & NY Knicks future  

The guys debate if LeBron should be the NBA MVP. Nick offers harsh words for Phil Jackson and the New York Knicks, and Cris doesn't believe the Texans will trade for J.J. Watt. Plus, Fox Sports Basketball Analyst Chris Broussard drops in to tell us what LeBron needs to do in order to be considered better than Michael Jordan.

2/15/17 -  LeBron's minutes and Brady's legacy  

Nick calls LeBron James the greatest specimen we have seen in sports and breaks down why this has been his best month ever in NBA. Cris tells us why as Hall of Famer he believes Tom Brady does not really think about his legacy plus the guys debate if Terrell Owens should be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Former NBA Champion Glen Davis checks in to share a fun Kevin Garnett story and Rob Parker is here to tell us what he thinks of the new praise for Tony Romo.

2/14/17 - McGregor vs. Mayweather + Kevin Love's injury  

The guys react to the report that Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather have agreed to a fight. Cris tells we are all missing how good of a year Kevin Durant is having while Nick believes Tom Brady has at least five more years of being a great NFL quarterback. Fox Sports NBA Analyst Chris Broussard checks in to break down the Kevin Love injury. Plus, Fox Sports Basketball Analyst Jim Jackson shares his thoughts on why the 2017 Warriors are not as good as last year’s team.

2/13/17 - NBA mid-season MVP  + Durant vs. Westbrook  

Cris breaks down why Tony Romo will not be a Dallas Cowboy next season and Nick believes Kevin Durant is still conflicted about joining the Golden State Warriors. Fox Sports NBA Analyst Chris Broussard shares his mid-season NBA MVP. Plus, former NFL head coach Eric Mangini stops by to tell us if he believes Dak Prescott is getting enough credit.

2/10/17 - Westbrook vs. Durant & LeBron's minutes  

Skip believes LeBron is playing way too many minutes and Shannon thinks Kyle Shanahan is to blame for the Falcons Super Bowl collapse. Fox Sports NBA Analyst Chris Broussard comes in to preview Kevin Durant’s return to Oklahoma City and Rob Parker tells you why Brady is not the best ever. Plus, Skip and Shannon break down the problems with the New York Knicks.

2/09/17 - LeBron sits and Steph Curry speaks out  

Skip explains how LeBron sitting out tonight could be possible shot at Charles Barkley, while Shannon believes Jerry Jones has talked himself out of trading Tony Romo. Fox Sports NBA Analyst Chris Broussard lends some perspective on Steph Curry reacting to the political comments from Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank. Actor and New York Knicks fan Michael Rapaport comes into defend Charles Oakley, and Rob Parker argues against Dan Fouts’ reasoning behind Terrell Owens being left out of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

2/08/17 – Durant's return to OKC & Patriots’ White House visit  

Shannon believes the entire Falcons' coaching staff should be on the hot seat and Skip argues Michael Jordan had a much better supporting cast than Tom Brady. Fox Sports NBA Analyst Chris Broussard checks in to preview the Saturday night matchup between Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant in Oklahoma City. Plus, Nelly is back to discuss the Patriots' White House controversy and the Carmelo to Cleveland rumors.

2/07/17 - Brady vs. Jordan & LeBron's big shot  

Shannon believes Tom Brady was not motivated by Deflategate and Skip was not impressed with the performance from LeBron last night. Fox Sports NBA Analyst Chris Broussard breaks down the Carmelo rumors and FS1 NFL Analyst Cris Carter agrees with Terrell Owens that the Football Hall of Fame selection process is flawed. Plus, Nelly comes to the debate desk to tell Skip why Michael Jordan is still more clutch than Tom Brady.

2/06/17 - Super Bowl reactions + Tom Brady's legacy  

Skip believes that Super Bowl LI was the greatest game he has ever seen, while Shannon thinks Bill Belichick deserves more credit for the Patriots dynasty than Tom Brady. Pro Football Hall of Famer Cris Carter breaks down the incredible Julian Edelman catch. Plus, Skip and Shannon debate Brady's legacy and where Super Bowl LI ranks all time.

02/05/17 - Super Bowl LI Preview  

On this Super Bowl Sunday edition, Skip and Shannon preview Tom Brady's quest for a 5th ring. The fellas react to Matt Ryan's MVP award, while Skip's case against Terrell Owens proved correct last night. Pro Football Hall of Famer Cris Carter breaks down who is more valuable to their team: Julio Jones or Julian Edelman. Plus, Skip and Shannon make their Super Bowl picks.

02/03/17 - Super Bowl LI picks  

Skip and Joy find themselves choosing the Patriots while Shannon picks the Falcons to win Super Bowl LI. Shannon makes the case that Terrell Owens deserves to be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Eli Manning joins the debate desk to discuss how he was able to defeat Tom Brady twice in the Super Bowl. Plus, Cowboy's tight end Jason Witten sheds insight on the Dallas quarterback controversy.

2/02/17 - Belichick's legacy and Antonio Brown on Le'Veon vs. Skip  

Skip doesn't buy Roger Goodell's excuse for not attending a game in Foxborough, while Shannon is not ready to crown Bill Belichick as the best football coach of all time. Antonio Brown is on set to discuss his regret over his actions on social media, and 6-time Pro Bowler A.J. Green discusses what makes Julio Jones so special. Plus, Hall of Famer Dan Marino is here break down Tom Brady & Aaron Rodgers.

2/01/17 - Brady and Belichick + Sir Charles responds to LeBron  

Shannon tells us why LeBron has the most power of any player ever in the NBA and Skip makes the argument that Scottie Pippen was not a great NBA player. FS1 NFL Analyst Greg Jennings tells us why Brady is the best player in the Super Bowl and Pro Football Hall of Famer Cris Carter tells us why Julio Jones is so valuable to the Falcons. Plus, Ray Lewis drops by to explain his thoughts on the Belichick and Brady dynamic.

1/31/17 - Skip vs. Le'Veon & LeBron vs. Charles Barkley  

Shannon reminds us all that Charles Barkley was never the best player in the NBA and Skip reacts to the diss track by Le'Veon Bell with an invitation to come debate this week on the Undisputed set. The guys debate which wide receiver is more valuable to their team Julian Edelman or Julio Jones and rap legend Bun B comes to talk about how important it is to have the Super Bowl in Houston. Plus, Super Bowl Champion Ray Lewis gives us some insight on how the Patriots linebackers will contain the Falcons weapons.

1/30/17 -  The Patriots vs. Goodell  & Mayweather vs. McGregor  

Skip believes that Tom Brady might have had his best year of his career this football season and Shannon says we will see a Mayweather vs. McGregor fight because Conor wants the money. The guys debate how far away the Cowboys are from reaching a Super Bowl and Pro Football Hall of Famer Marcus Allen comes by to tell us his pick for who's the best running back in the NFL.

1/27/17 - Who's the best QB and WR in NFL history?  

Skip believes that LeBron James only wants to play two more years in Cleveland, while Shannon thinks that Tom Brady has the chance to go down as the greatest quarterback of all time. Pro Football Hall of Famer Cris Carter offers an emphatic case that Jerry Rice is clearly the best wide receiver of all time. Rob Parker checks in to explain the impact of Serena and Venus Williams outside of tennis and FS1 NBA Analyst Jim Jackson explains how losing Enes Kantor will affect Russell Westbrook's triple-double quest.

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