Skip and Shannon: Undisputed

Skip and Shannon: Undisputed

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The Skip and Shannon: Undisputed podcast with Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe & Joy Taylor. Catch the show Mon-Fri, 9:30am ET on FS1 starting September 6th


3/29/17 - Lonzo & Lavar join the show + Cowboys deadline for Romo  

Lonzo and LaVar Ball join the show to talk about UCLA's loss to Kentucky, Lonzo's future and a potential one-on-one challenge to Shannon. Colin Kaepernick remains unsigned and Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett offers his two cents on the issue. Skip says "I told you so," as former Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon is moving up the NFL Draft Board and the guys react to Jerry Jones setting a timetable for Tony Romo's future.

3/28/17 - Cavs fall back + Westbrook's motivation + Orlando Scandrick on Romo  

LeBron & the Cavs get blown out by the Spurs but Shannon's confidence in James has not faded. Russell Westbrook hits a game-winner and Skip believes he is now the favorite for MVP, but FS1 NBA Analyst Jim Jackson is still picking James Harden. Dallas star cornerback Orlando Scandrick comes in to debate Dak vs. Romo and takes us inside the Cowboys’ crushing defeat last season to the Packers. Finally, Cris Carter tells you why the Raiders’ relocation to Las Vegas is a great thing.

3/27/17 – UNC & Kentucky classic & Westbrook vs. Harden for MVP  

Lonzo Ball enters the NBA Draft and Skip and Shannon debate if he should be the first overall pick. The guys discuss James Harden vs. Russell Westbrook for MVP and Hall of Famer Cris Carter explains LeBron's Twitter rant. Plus, the guys react to North Carolina and Kentucky’s thrilling finish.

3/24/17 - UCLA takes on Kentucky, Manziel might make a comeback and Ray Allen disowned  

Skip claims that if UCLA vs Kentucky was the NCAA Championship game, the ratings might be higher than Magic vs Bird. Shannon says LaVar Ball is bigger than Lonzo and he hasn't shot a jumper in 20 years. Cris Carter tells us his personal experience with addiction and why we should give Johnny Manziel another chance. Glen Davis weighs in on if Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce have a part in Ray Allen not being invited to the Celtics championship team reunion. Plus how will the Patriots visiting the White House on April 19th play out?

3/23/17 - Cowboy's shot at the Super Bowl + King James' Rebellion  

Shannon says only Kyrie Irving showed up to play in the Cavaliers game last night. Skip claims Lonzo Ball is better running the show right now than Stephen Curry. Broussard argues that for Westbrook, this season is about proving people wrong. Plus if the Cowboys want a shot at the Super Bowl next year, do they need to trade Romo? And is Martellus Bennett right in his criticism of the NFL?

3/22/17 - LeBron vs LaVar Ball & Ice Cube's big announcement  

LeBron has some strong words for LaVar Ball, but Skip takes issue with James' message. Ice Cube stops by the set to make a big announcement and Shannon makes the case that an NFL team should invest in Colin Kaepernick. Finally, the fellas discuss LeBron James' kryptonite and how big a problem it will be in the playoffs.

3/21/17 - Trump talks Kaepernick and the NBA receives a warning  

Jay Glazer gives us more information on the Brady Jersey theft scandal. Skip says the Warriors have managed to turn OKC into the villains. Shannon urges us to address what led Kaepernick to kneel. Cris Carter wonders if Ezekiel Elliott can handle being a star in Dallas. Plus Adam Silver warns of significant penalties that might affect the NBA season.

3/20/17 - Brady's Super Bowl Jersey Found and March Madness Ensues  

Shannon says if you're in the NBA and want to play LeBron twice, you need to make the NBA finals. Skip claims that Lonzo Ball has Magic Johnson's gift. Cris Carter believes Tony Romo has the best chance in Houston. Jay Glazer reveals what his Tom Brady Super Bowl jersey investigation has discovered. Plus, the March Madness devastation has already begun and Duke is feeling the upset.

3/17/17 - NFL Moves: Richard Sherman on the move and Marshawn Lynch Returning?  

The "best school in America" had a mental breakdown during March Madness. Shannon jumps on the Northwestern bandwagon as he debates Vanderbilt's loss. Skip tells us why he's rooting for King James for the first time. Chris Broussard doesn't have a problem with Westbrook's MVP response and guess who the guys say should be on the phone trying to get Richard Sherman? Plus, Marshawn Lynch potentially coming out of retirement is bad for what star running back?

3/16/17 - Dana White on McGregor vs. Mayweather & Adrian Peterson's future  

Dana White says a fight is likely between McGregor & Mayweather but Skip is still not convinced. Adrian Peterson's heyday is over according to Shannon, and the Patriots offseason has made them the clear Super Bowl favorite for Skip. Plus, Nelly drops in to speak on the war of words between LaVar Ball and Charles Barkley. The Warriors are struggling, but Fox Sports NBA Analyst Chris Broussard still picks them to win the NBA Western Conference.

3/15/17 - Terrell Owens vs. Skip + Westbrook vs. LeBron  

Terrell Owens joins the show to debate Skip on his legacy, Pro Football Hall of Fame chances and the Dallas Cowboys. LeBron James and Russell Westbrook both delivered a triple-double last night, Skip and Shannon debate which performance was better. Ray Lewis believes Eddie Lacy can help the Seahawks get back to a Super Bowl and Steph Curry celebrates his birthday in a fitting way.

3/14/17 - Steph Curry backs Harden for MVP & Cowboys offseason  

Ezekiel Elliott's actions off the field open the show, as Shannon offers his personal advice for the young running back. The Cowboys rough offseason may cost them a shot at the Super Bowl according to Fox Sports NFL Analyst Greg Jennings. Is Step Curry backing James Harden for the NBA MVP? Jadakiss sits down to talk about the New York Giants and FS1 College Football Analyst Joel Klatt shares his top NFL Draft prospects.

3/13/17 - Mayweather vs. McGregor + Patriots get help + NCAA Tournament picks  

Floyd Mayweather calls out Conor McGregor, but Skip isn’t buying it. The fellas weigh in on what’s wrong with LeBron and the Cavs, while Greg Jennings has a bold prediction for the Patriots this season. Finally, Skip tells you why Jerry Jones has no problem playing the waiting game with Tony Romo.

3/10/17 - Tony Romo breakdown and NBA MVP  

Tony Romo’s future in Dallas remains up in the air, but Skip makes the case that he will never leave the Cowboys. The guys debate if the Texans are the best fit for Romo and what the next move should be for Kirk Cousins. Finally, Chris Broussard breaks down the NBA MVP race and if LeBron can turn around the Cavs.

3/09/17 - Tony Romo's future + Westbrook vs. Harden + Ice Cube joins the show  

Tony Romo gets released from Dallas and Skip has a bold claim about what that means for the Cowboys. Ice Cube joins the show to discuss the Lakers, Raiders and the Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj beef. Finally, the guys discuss if Russell Westbrook is losing ground in the NBA MVP race and Cris Carter breaks down his expectations for Dallas next season.

3/08/17 - Westbrook's MVP chances & Brandon Marshall joins Odell Beckham Jr.  

Russell Westbrook drops a career-high 58 points but Skip argues that he took a step back in the MVP race, while Nelly is buying Westbrook for MVP. Brandon Marshall joins the New York Giants and Pro Football Hall of Famer Cris Carter tells us why this is going to be great for him and Odell Beckham Jr. Finally, the fellas debate if LeBron James motivated by personal awards?

3/07/17 - Kawhi Leonard MVP & Lonzo Ball’s father doubles down  

Kawhi Leonard for MVP talk dominates the show, as Skip and Shannon have different opinions on the matter. LaVar Ball, father of UCLA star Lonzo Ball, comes to the desk defend his comments about his son. Finally, Cris Carter offers his advice for Adrian Peterson to stay in Minnesota, while Shannon believes Jerry Jones and Tony Romo have an ex-girlfriend relationship.

3/06/17 - LeBron vs. Kawhi Leonard & NFL Combine reactions  

Skip believes the Cowboys should trade Tony Romo and Shannon claims the 40-yard dash time by John Ross will guarantee him being selected in the 1st round of the NFL draft. Skip and Shannon find themselves on different sides of the debate between Kawhi Leonard and LeBron James. Pro Football Hall of Famer Cris Carter makes the case for Brandon Marshall to join the Patriots and Fox Sports NBA Analyst Chris Broussard tells you why James Harden should still be the NBA MVP.

3/02/17 - Michael Eric Dyson on Kaepernick +  Brady vs. Garoppolo  

Skip believes last night in Boston was evidence that LeBron does not have a clutch gene, while Shannon is getting tired of Terrell Owens taking shots at the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Tenured academic and author Michael Eric Dyson gives a unique perspective on the NFL protest led by Colin Kaepernick and Rob Parker makes a compelling case for the Patriots to hold onto Jimmy Garoppolo.

3/01/17 - Durant is out + Big Baby vs. Doc Rivers  

Shannon believes the loss of Kevin Durant will be more important than people think, and Skip claims Russell Westbrook is the clear favorite for NBA MVP. Former NBA champion Glen Davis is back in studio to talk about his relationship with Doc Rivers and FS1 NFL Analyst Greg Jennings reflects on his time playing with Adrian Peterson. Plus, Pro Football Hall of Famer Cris Carter explains why the NFL should ease up their punishments on touchdown celebrations.

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