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Skip and Shannon: Undisputed

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The Skip and Shannon: Undisputed podcast with Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe & Joy Taylor. Catch the show Mon-Fri, 9:30am ET on FS1 starting September 6th


12/6/16 - Who's the Cowboys MVP? + Klay Thompson drops 60 in  3 quarters  

Shannon turns to history to argue why Steve Kerr made the wrong choice in not letting Klay Thompson play the 4th quarter. Skip predicts 10 days rest is all his Dallas Cowboys need to prepare for the New York Giants. Plus, former NFL head coach Eric Mangini is here to tell us why Ezekiel Elliott is the Cowboys’ MVP. Also, FS1 NBA Analyst Chris Broussard comes in to reveal he doesn't see how the Thunder can be considered the best team in the West. Finally, Rob Parker tell us why - even after last night’s embarrassing loss - the Jets should keep Todd Bowles.

12/5/16 - Why Michigan & Penn State got left out + Cam gets benched  

Shannon believes Cam Newton should be treated different than the rest of the Carolina Panthers and should never be benched for dress code violations. The debate turns to the AFC West, where Skip and Shannon discuss Oakland's Super Bowl chances, while former NFL GM Michael Lombardi calls Jeff Fisher and the Rams offense a high school team. Plus, 4-time Pro Bowl Cornerback Antonio Cromartie drops by to add perspective on why he believes Tom Brady is the best quarterback of all-time. Finally, Skip tells you why Jim Harbaugh was dealt a bad hand.

12/2/16 – Cowboys win again & Harden outduels Curry + Durant  

After their win over the Vikings, Skip pinpoints the difference between Tony Romo & Dak Prescott. Shannon has an interesting take on what LeBron must do to get the Cavs back on track. Plus, the guys debate the latest war of words between Cam Newton & Richard Sherman, and former NFL GM Michael Lombardi tells you what Belichick will do without Gronk. Finally, FS1 NBA Analyst Chris Broussard comes by to pump the brakes on any panic with the Golden State Warriors.

12/1/16 - McGregor vs. Mayweather + Westbrook chases NBA history  

Ahead of tonight’s Cowboys vs Vikings game, Shannon challenges Cowboys tight end Jason Witten to a 40-yard dash. Skip suggests that Floyd Mayweather is in serious trouble now that Conor McGregor has a boxing license. The guys both suggest Russell Westbrook is doing things they haven’t seen done before in the NBA. Plus, Ray Lewis comes by to give an in-studio demonstration of how middle linebackers should protect themselves. Finally, FS1 NBA Analyst Chris Broussard jumps in the debate to preview how LeBron and the Cavs are prepping for the Clippers.

11/30/16 – Jerry Jones on Ezekiel Elliott + Snoop Dogg wants to fire Jeff Fisher  

Snoop Dogg makes his case why the Rams should fire Jeff Fisher and weighs in on the new look Lakers. The debate gets intense when Skip and Shannon react to the news of Jerry Jones saying there are no plans to cut back on Ezekiel Elliott’s workload. Finally, as the Clippers continue to stumble, Skip suggest that Doc Rivers should be fined for his antics last night.

11/29/16 - Westbrook's triple-double pace + Did Aaron Rodgers make a statement?  

Skip declares last night was more about the Eagles falling back than Aaron Rodgers stepping up. The guys make their selections for the top four teams they would put in the College Football Playoff. "ATL" is in the house today, as Grammy-nominated artist 2 Chainz is here to lend his thoughts on the Josh Norman vs. Dez Bryant feud. Super Bowl champ John Lynch rolls adds perspective on the Dallas and New England defenses. Plus, FS1 NBA Analyst Chris Broussard breaks down the astounding numbers Russell Westbrook is putting to start this NBA season.

11/28/16 - Raiders Reign and Dak Delivers  

Skip predicts that the Raiders are going to the AFC Championship game. Shannon believes that his Broncos should have played not to lose vs trying to win the game. Michael Lombardi tells us why Bill Belichick wasn't happier about Tom Brady's 200th win. Peanut Tillman joins the show to discuss the Dez Bryant and Josh Norman feud. Plus, after the Thanksgiving showdown, is Kirk Cousins or Dak Prescott more impressive?

11/23/16 - Redskins & Cowboys showdown +  Knicks & Lakers predictions  

Shannon and Skip make a bet over the Thanksgiving game between the Redskins and Cowboys. The guys also have a surprising take on the four teams to make the College Football Playoff. Plus, Skip reveals his secret to the Lakers surprising season and why they are playoff bound. Finally, former NFL GM Michael Lombardi tells us the flaws in Matthew Stafford, while former NFL head coach Eric Mangini drops by to makes sense out of the complicated AFC West.

11/22/16 - How bout those Raiders + Why Tony Romo is selfish  

Skip and Shannon are both all in on the Oakland Raiders. Shannon believes Romo's speech was very self-serving and former NFL head coach Eric Mangini gives his surprising Super Bowl favorite. Also, FS1 College Football Analyst Joel Klatt comes by the studio to tell Skip why he is wrong about Nick Saban and the Alabama defense. Finally, FS1 NBA Analyst Chris Broussard is here to shed light on Spurs head coach Gregg Popovichs's post game tirade.

11/21/16 - Dak Prescott stays perfect and Aaron Rodgers gets called out  

The guys have an intense debate on who is the best team in the NFC. Skip has some harsh criticism for Aaron Rodgers, while Shannon says the Washington Redskins are going to have to pay Kirk Cousins "Andrew Luck Money". Plus, former NFL GM Michael Lombardi has a surprising take on the toughest competition for Tom Brady and how far Dak Prescott can carry the Cowboys.

11/17/16 - Is Mayweather finished? + LeBron vs Phil Jackson goes to Twitter  

Skip declares that Russell Westbrook made an MVP statement with one great play last night. The guys find themselves on opposite sides of the Baltimore-Dallas game this Sunday. Shannon claims Floyd Mayweather has nothing left to prove in the fight game. Former NFL GM Michael Lombardi is in the house to talk about how the Dallas Cowboys handled the Tony Romo situation. Plus, FS1 NBA Analyst Chris Broussard jumps in to add perspective on what Phil Jackson might have meant with his recent comments about LeBron James' business partners.

11/16/16 - Tony Romo steps down & LeBron James vs. Phil Jackson  

Tony Romo accepts losing the starting quarterback job to Dak Prescott, but Shannon has some harsh words for how the Cowboys handled the entire situation. Skip weighs in on the LeBron James & Phil Jackson controversy. Finally, Joel Klatt is here to tell you why college football is broken.

11/15/16 - Mayweather speaks on McGregor + How good are the NY Giants?  

The guys react to Floyd Mayweather's recent comments on Conor McGregor. Also, with the anticipation of the College Football Selection rankings, Skip and Shannon share their top four teams. After their big win last night Shannon predicts the New York Giants have a shot in the NFC East. Plus, former New England Patriots star Ty Law comes by to offer harsh words for his former defense. Finally, FS1 NBA Analyst Chris Broussard drops by in the studio and offers bad news to James Harden and Russell Westbrook.

11/14/16 - Cowboys keep rolling & Aaron Rodgers continues to struggle  

The guys have some big reactions to the Dallas comeback victory in Pittsburgh, as Skip proclaims the Cowboys have the best duo in the NFL. Meanwhile, Shannon takes some harsh shots at Aaron Rodgers and former NFL GM Michael Lombardi comes by to shed light on the Patriots’ defensive problems. Plus, Pro Football Hall of Famer Eric Dickerson is here to put Ezekiel Elliott’s rookie season in perspective. Finally, does Conor McGregor have a shot at beating Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match?

11/11/16 - UFC 205 Preview with Dana White + Is Sunday the last of Dak?  

UFC President Dana White comes by to preview the big weekend for UFC 205 and give his thoughts on Conor McGregor. The guys debate if Sunday is the last we have seen Dak Prescott being the Dallas Cowboys' starting quarterback. Skip claims that Pat Riley's biggest mistake was letting Dwyane Wade. leave Miami. Shannon claims that Tom Brady should not be considered for the NFL MVP since he did not play in four games. Also, New York's own Jadakiss joins the debate to discuss the Knicks.

11/10/16 - Why Jerry Jones prefers Tony Romo + Miesha Tate on Ronda Rousey & Conor McGregor  

The guys debate if Jerry Jones is leaning towards Tony Romo over Dak Prescott & a Cowboys star calls out King James. Shannon plays to the crowd with his love of Eli Manning. Former Super Bowl champion Plaxico Burress drops by to give an insider take on his former coach Mike Tomlin. Plus, UFC stars Miesha Tate and Stipe Miočić come by to talk UFC 205 and offer their thoughts on Ronda Rousey and Conor McGregor.

11/9/16 - Dak to be Benched, Dwight Overrated and Fisher in Jeopardy  

Skip says Jerry Jones will make sure Dak Prescott heads to the bench. Shannon claims Dwight Howard is overrated. Chris Broussard tells us why Magic Johnson is better than LeBron James and Joel Klatt feels the CFB playoff committee is toying with real life. Plus should Jeff Fisher be uncertain about his future in LA?

11/8/16 - Problem with NFL officiating + Steph Curry’s historic night + 25th anniversary of Magic Johnson’s announcement  

On election night, Skip says America is great because the Cowboys are America's team. The guys look back and remember on the 25th anniversary of Magic Johnson's H.I.V. announcement. Plus, Hall of Fame receiver Cris Carter says we need to treat NFL officials better if we want more consistent calls. Also, our friend Nelly has some strong words about Steph Curry.

11/7/16 - Skip vs. Dez Bryant feud continues + is a Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao rematch inevitable?  

Dez Bryant and Skip have yet another interesting exchange on Twitter. Plus, the guys talk all things Dallas Cowboys, including the latest on Tony Romo and whether it is fair to compare Ezekiel Elliott to Emmitt Smith. Also, are the Oakland Raiders new favorites to win the AFC? Finally, how close are we to a Floyd Mayweather/Manny Pacquiao rematch?

11/4/16 - Durant outduels Westbrook + Michael Lombardi on Belichick + Jerry Jones has a dilemma  

Will Kevin Durant continue to keep up his prolific scoring and how long will his feud with Russell Westbrook last? FS1 NBA Analyst Chris Broussard drops by to explain. Plus former NFL GM Michael Lombardi gives an inside tale of Bill Belichick & Dave Wannstedt contests the Cowboys' players do not care if it is Dak or Romo.

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