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Slam Radio by Slam

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Slam's heavyweight weekly broadcast which will showcase their techno and club DJ mixes, and also mixes and music from their peers and contemporaries.


Slam Radio 218 | Amotik  

Slam Radio 218 with Amotik Welcome back to a new episode of Slam Radio, with us SLAM welcoming Amotik. Berlin based Amotik started his label (of the same name) just over a year ago, and has developed a style of hypnotic/dreamy techno with an uncompromisingly raw undertone. He's gone on to release on Tommy Four Seven's '47' label whilst maintaining a regular release schedule on his own self-titled vinyl imprint. Enjoy it! N/A

Slam Radio 217 | SLAM (live)  

Slam Radio 217 with SLAM (live) SLAM have put together a special one hour set of their only productions, some you will know, some you won't! There are a few forthcoming and un-released tracks in the mix. Enjoy it! All SLAM tracks.

Slam Radio 216 | Ray Kajioka  

Slam Radio 216 with Ray Kajioka Ray Kajioka is a german Techno producer, remixer, DJ and Live Act since 1995, based in Berlin. He is well known for his output on Kanzleramt Music, especially for his tunes “Sparks” and “Thrill”. In November of 2016 Ray Kajioka will release his new album ‘Consistency’, on Heiko Laux’s label Kanzleramt, a label with which Kajioka has worked with closely for over a decade. 01 Intro 02 Fast Forward (Album Consistency, Kanzleramt) 03 RC14 (unreleased) 04 Never Ending (released, Cocoon Compilation, Cocoon Recordings) 05 Transporter (released, MBR Limited) 06 Polarity (unreleased, Parabel) 07 Patch (Album Conistency, Kanzleramt) 08 Taurus (Album Conistency, Kanzleramt) 09 Awakening (Ray Kajioka Remix for David Temessi on DSR Digital) 10 Thrill (released, Thrill, Kanzleramt)

Slam Radio 215 | Jay Clarke  

Slam Radio 215 with Jay Clarke Jay Clarke, the newest addition to the Klockworks label, is a rising star in the Techno scene. He is the label owner and curator at BLACKAXON, which launched in 2014, a vehicle to showcase his contradistinctive sound. His sets are built on a solid foundation of knowledge and a discerning selection of Techno and House, and this is what has made Jay become a master in creating a unique journey on every dancefloor he plays on, including some of the most respected clubs across Europe, such as Berghain, fabric, The Warehouse Project, Rote Sonne and Razzmatazz. 1. CTRLS- Two Worlds 2. Convextion - Exploration 3. Skee Mask - Torpor 12 (Session) 4. DJ Bone - Struggle 5. Museum - -2dB 6. Edit Select & Mike Parker - Composite_0.11. 7. Deniro - Kairuku 4 8. Vakum - Giraff 9. Jeroen Search - Ancient Space 10. Pacou - T.4 (Final Mix) 11. Jon Hester - Constellations 12. Jay Clarke - Night City (Unreleased) 13. Myler - Maybe 14. DVS1 & James Ruskin - Page 1 15. Kalter Ende - Shinedo 16. Dexter Moore - Compression 17. Shkedul - Vicolo 18. Nastia Reigel - Figures In Brine (Truncate Repaint) 19. Markus Suckut - Watching The Sunset II

Slam Radio 214 | Invite  

Slam Radio 214 with Invite Carrying well over 19 years of love for techno and performing experience with him, Invite is one of Holland’s few true household names. A modest perfectionist at heart, he translates his passion and drive into outspoken and highly versatile DJ-sets. Whether it’s opening deep and warm,closing rough and edgy, a small crowd or large setting Invite treats every gig with the same amount of diligence and respect. This month he will release a 4 tracker on his own label featuring his own music, stay tuned for that! James Ruskin - From over the edge Staffan Linzatti - Destination Donato Dozzy - Ritmica Raoul Delgardo - Equinox (New York Sessions) Staffan Linzatti - Passing Ceres Sev Dah - Morana Planetary Assault Systems - The Rider Invite - Measure Exium - Emission Spectrum Kike Pravda - Solid State (Eric Fetcher remix) Kastil - Variable Penrose Jay Denham - Reasons Alfred Kopke - Take Four Planetary Assault Systems - Function 6 Oliver Ho - Part 3 James Ruskin - If James Ruskin - Detached

Slam Radio 213 | I Hate Models  

Slam Radio 213 with I Hate Models N/A

Slam Radio 212 | Domenico Crisci  

Slam Radio 212 with Domenico Crisci Welcome to a new episode of Slam Radio, this week SLAM welcome Domenico Crisci. Enjoy it! N/A

Slam Radio 211 | Unbalance  

Slam Radio 211 with Unbalance Techno music always was a substance, made of contrasts - it was born in Motor City, befriended man and machine, combined live emotions and technical precision. These features should be the best to describe music from young Russian producer Aleks Unbalance. 1. Yaleesa Hall - Woodall 0244 2. Louis Haiman - How Free Am I (Marcel Dettmann Remix) 3. Skudge - Vertigo 4. Echoplex - Unclear 5. Ryan James Ford - Kirra Rengo 6. Lunar Convoy - Eriadu 7. Marco Bailey - Lost Gravity (Markus Suckut Mix) 8. Yoni Banks & Yan Ka - Balance 9. Charlotte de Witte - Trip (Cari Lekebusch Remix) 10. D_func. - Patterns of Confusion (Part 2 - Pfirter Remix) 11. Cosmin TRG - In Your Body 12. Van Bonn - Undertow 13. Abstract Division - Intervention (Albert van Abbe Remix) 14. Pär Grindvik - Tradition 15. C31X - Rough Planet 16. Francois X - Unicorn Paranoia 17. Patrick Bolton - Final Brief 18. Geinst - Self Sufficient 19. Artefakt - Mirage 20. Alex Dolby - Manual Transmission 21. Philippe Petit - Expanding 22. Planetary Assault Systems - The Rider 23. Antigone - Night Adrift 24. Emmanuel - unreleased 25. Dax J - Escape The System (Pär Grindvik I'm Going In Rework) 26. DHCR - Angular Bells 27. Nihad Tule - Kuortane (Landmarks) 28. Melody Boy 2000 - Sound Stealer 29. Cryptik - All Life Is 30. Doka - Mural 31. Bleak - Navigate 32. Antigone - Lonely Places

Slam Radio 210 | DJ Nobu  

Slam Radio 210 with DJ Nobu Hey! Welcome to a new instalment of Slam Radio. This week, we welcome Japanese dj&producer DJ Nobu. Enjoy it! N/A

Slam Radio 209 | Keith Carnal  

Slam Radio 209 with Keith Carnal Keith is one of the most important rising (raw) techno talents of this moment. His high quality productions got massive support from top-artists on tracks like “Racidence“, “Prospect" and "Untold“, released on ARTS and AFFIN Recordings. This cheerful & charismatic guy, born and raised in the north of the Netherlands, is already more than a name to just look out for. N/A

Slam Radio 208 | Albert van Abbe  

Slam Radio 208 with Albert van Abbe Eindhoven’s Albert van Abbe has been involved in many different musical projects over the past 15 years. Currently focused on making absorbing techno under his own name, he has found a unique creative niche where manic percussion, searching synths and wide open soundscapes exist in perfect harmony. There is a serenity to his music that is soothing and calming, while at the same time, arresting and experimental. Besides his own VANABBE and No Comment labels, he has released on tasteful outlets like Curle, Semantica, Deep Sound Channel and ESHU. van Abbe is also a live performer, speaking volumes through his machines. Recently, he has performed live shows at Berghain, Awakenings and ADE. When not crafting melancholic and salubrious atmospheres of his own, he brings this depth outwards, hosting events titled DRUM. 01 SEV DAH - FALLEN COMRADS 02 FRANCOIS X - TIME 03 A001 - NECRO 04 KEITA SANO - WHY NOT 05 FRANCOIS X - UNICORN PARANOIA 06 JESPER DAHLBACK & NIMA KHAK - KITTENS ARE LLAMAS 07 DANIEL AVERY - SENSATION [RROSE REMIX] 08 ORBE - MUSIC FOR SPHERES [STEVE TOLL REMIX] 09 ROTE - ROTE 4 10 ABSTRACT DIVISION - CORROSIVE MIND [MILTON BRADLEY REMIX] 11 COSMIN TRG - KAPOTASANA 12 ELYAS - 3.1 13 KWARTZ - OTZI B2 14 KEITA SANO - I CANT TURN YOU LOOSE 15 AMOTIK - PANDRAH 16 ALBERT VAN ABBE - VISION 02 [VANABBE04] 17 ERP - EAGLE NEBULA

Slam Radio 207 | Slam  

Slam Radio 207 with Slam Having just returned from our Asian tour and with our Berghain set looming this Sunday, here we have one hour of our set from the Pressure opening party at SWG3 in Glasgow last month playing to a rowdy Glaswegian party crew. Enjoy it! N/A

Slam Radio 206 | DJ Red  

Slam Radio 206 with DJ Red Simona Calvani, aka DJ Red,is a Rome-Berlin based DJ producer. She can be considered as one of the most influential DJ in the Roman techno scene in the last 10 years. She has a residency at Goa Ultrabeat in Rome . After spending several years absorbing music trends in some of Europe most prominent club scenes, she eventually decided to settle in Berlin where she’s now producing music for label such as BPitch Control and Electric Deluxe. DJ Red is one of the few DJs around that still relies on vinyl for her DJ sets; she has a true love for the format, which guarantees a constant degree of originality during her performances. Orphx - Aurora Perc rmx- Passarella Death Squad /Temperate Dub Jamie Haus - CSGRV /Alpha Repart / Dragoon Marco Shuttle / Flusso Dinamico Lewis Fautzi / Blood Planetary Assault System / Turn TWR72 / Vestibulocochlearis Donato Dozzy / TechTresor DeepBass -Ness /Proximity Dj Red /Underwater Oniks / Diplora James Ruskin - Dvs1 / Page 1 Function / DX3 Analog Bass Seq Ben Klock /Sirens XHEI Rmx -Riccardo Garduno /News From Colombia Yan Cook /Roller

Slam Radio 205 | SLV  

Slam Radio 205 with SLV Welcome to a new episode of Slam Radio! This week we welcome Berlin based mysterious SLV, He caught our attention with "Transition" on our Transmission’s series and as following up, he’s just delivered a brand new EP on our Soma: Satellite is out now on Beatport. Also, he’s GIZEH EP on Ilario Alicante’s label Virgo will be out soon. Catch him on Oct 20th in Berlin with Inland for Oecus staff but meanwhile enjoy the show! N/A

Slam Radio 204 | I/Y  

Slam Radio 204 with I/Y Resident's at almighty Staub parties, Yacoub and Irakli met in Berlin and delved into techno at the beginning of the millennium. Since its inception, I/Y has tried to go beyond functionality and explore singularity in electronic music. A versatile and dynamic duo capable of satisfying anywhere they play, from garden parties to Berghain. N/A

Slam Radio 203 | Somewhen  

Slam Radio 203 with Somewhen unknown tracklist not listed

Slam Radio 202 | Abstract Division  

Slam Radio 202 with Abstract Division live mix unknown

Slam Radio 201 | Skudge  

Slam Radio 201 with Skudge Live set - tracklist is not available

Slam Radio 200 | Slam (live from The Slam Tent at T in the Park)  

Slam Radio 200 with Slam (live from The Slam Tent at T in the Park) This episode marks our 200th episode of Slam Radio and we celebrate this milestone with our set recorded live at this year Slam Tent at T in the Park festival 2016. N/A

Slam Radio 199 | Tensal  


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