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Slam Radio by Slam

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Slam's heavyweight weekly broadcast which will showcase their techno and club DJ mixes, and also mixes and music from their peers and contemporaries.


Slam Radio 258 | Bloody Mary  

Slam Radio 258 with Bloody Mary This week, SLAM welcome Bloody Mary. She is a French-born, Berlin-based vinyl DJ, producer, and label owner of Dame-Music, which she founded in 2010. Her forthcoming EP “The Synesthesia Experience” will be out 8th Sept on Ovum Recordings and to celebrate the 7 year anniversary of her label, she’s putting out two V/A releases. Part one, released in June, features Boo Williams, The Analogue Cops, as well as a collaboration track between herself and Milton Bradley (aka Alien Rain), called “Tales from Space". The second part will be released later this year, and will feature Thomas P Heckmann, herself and a special guest. Bloody Mary continues to travel the world, rocking festivals and clubs as both a vinyl DJ and hardware-based live act across all continents. 01. Joey Beltram – Ball Park (DJ Rush Remix) 02. Rob Acid – Kinky 03. Thomas P Heckmann – Mechanisms 04. Miss Djax – Sexuality 05. DJ Slip – Track 3 06. Ambivalent – Untitled 07. Josh Wink – Sprung Minimism 08. Slam – Caveat 09. Bloody Mary – Experience #3 10. Thomas P Heckmann – Diamond 11. Hardfloor – Mahoghany Roots (Slam Invasion Mix) 12. Regis – Careless Pedestrian 13. Fuzz Face – New Friends 14. Bloody Mary – Experience #2

Slam Radio 257 | Antenes  

Slam Radio 257 with Antenes Welcome to a new episode of Slam Radio. Today we welcome Antenes, New York-based DJ, producer and electronics artist Antenes operates a laboratory of self-made sequencers and synthesizers using vintage telephone equipment built in the name of sonic and spatial exploration. She has released on LIES and releases coming up on Silent Season and The Bunker New York, Expect music by Mono Junk, Kangding Ray, Doc Sleep, DJ Slip, Perc, Brandon Moeller, Marco Shuttle, Mike Parker, SNTS, Peter Kirn, Bergsonist, Endlec, Scape One, Sun Electric, Ceephax Acid Crew, Frank Found, Uncertain Host N/A

Slam Radio 256 | Mike Dehnert  

Slam Radio 256 with Mike Dehnert This week, we welcome one of our favourite artists, Mike Dehnert. He had his album out now on Fachwerk, contributed to the Dimensions Festival Compilation. Mike will be back in Fabic in September, playing Dimensions also in Sept. twice incl. a boat show, at Tresor he will host a big Fachwerk Take-Over in this month with all label artists. Enjoy it! N/A

Slam Radio 255 | Johannes Volk  

Slam Radio 255 with Johannes Volk Welcome to a new episode of Slam Radio. Today, we're thrilled to welcome the talented Johannes Volk. Enjoy it! 01 Luke Slater – Score One 02 Jeff Mills - Cultus 03 Xhin – Fading Inward 04 Sigha – Stabbing 05 Slam – Stepback 06 Rejuvination – L.I.S. 07 Jerome Baker – Put It To Work 08 Coldfuture - Nervous Breakdown 09 Johannes Heil – Exile008 a2 10 Anselm – Strom 11 Rhombic – Radon (Robert S (PT) Remix 12 Echoplex - Catalytic 13 Oliver Rosemann – Trough The Woods 14 expanse – arbl2.1304 15 Kernel Key – Wicked Plot 16 - 17 Lunatik – Clock 1 18 Johannes Volk – Natural Synthetic 19 Gforty - Mongolian Rice 20 Johannes Volk – Cosmic Clockwork 21 Diego Amura - Poison

Slam Radio 254 | Raffaele Attanasio  

Slam Radio 254 with Raffaele Attanasio Welcome to a new instalment of Slam Radio: today Slam welcome Italian DJ & Producer Raffaele Attanasio with an 1hour of excellent Techno! Enjoy it! N/A

Slam Radio 253 | Joe Farr  

Slam Radio 253 with Joe Farr Brand new Slam Radio: this week, SLAM welcome the super tautened Joe Farr with a mix full of exclusive and unreleased material. Enjoy it! JoeFarr - Xamalle JoeFarr - At Last JoeFarr - Don't Be Afraid JoeFarr - Plastic Form JoeFarr - Untitled JoeFarr + Deapmash - ****** Rebekah - 1997 Reprise (JoeFarr Remix) JoeFarr - Keep it Simple JoeFarr - Any Other Way JoeFarr - Standard Issue JoeFarr - You Get It Candi Staton - You Got The Love (JoeFarr Edit) JoeFarr - The Urge ******* - ******** (JoeFarr Remix) JoeFarr - O.E.B. Tony Phorse - Hymn - (JoeFarr Remix)

Slam Radio 252 | Jerome Hill  

Slam Radio 252 with Jerome Hill Jerome Hill is the dictionary definition of “the DJ’s DJ”. In terms of pure technique he’s one of the very best out there - cutting and scratching like a hip hop pro, but blending like the deepest techno maestros - but none of that ever comes at the expense of delivering pure pleasure to the dancefloor. Whether he's playing techno, rave, hip hop, funk and soul or anything else he turns his hand to, his first priority is always the atmosphere and crowd vibe he's creating. And his dedication to all that's best about rave culture extends to running his clubs and labels with the emphasis firmly on honouring the music, and doing right by both punters and artists. DBX - Spock's Brain (Accelerate) Jerome Hill - The Creeper (Swords) Another Alias - Blind Spot (Don't) Johannes Heil - Exile 8 (Exile) DJ D-Man - Chicken Head (Dance mania) Boboflux - Puzzlebox (Nu Futura) Neil Landstrumm - Rise Of Slime (Earwiggle) Tube Jerk - Brainbag (Sativae) Slam - Make You Move (Soma) Jerome Hill - Donkey Bite (Don't) Sunil Sharpe - Owecha (On The Hoof) New Flesh - Stick & Move Remix (Big Dada) Dax J - West Bank (Soma) Marshall Applewhite - Go Home (Yo Sucka) DJ Hyperactive - Reptilian Tank (Contact) M/C/Jones - 3eeek (21/22 Corp) Booty Slave & Dave The Drummer - Defcon 101 (Hydraulix) Radial - Warscare (Mord) DJ JR Dionte - 97 Grads (Dance Mania) Developer - The Charmer (Modularz) Richie Hawtin - 005 (Plus 8) The Gay MC - Boys (U Freaqs) Thomas Bangalter - I Don't Know (Roule) Nebula II - Antheama (Reinforced) DJ Powerout - Unknown (unknown) Paul Johnson - This one Jacks it Luke's Anger - Bonus Round 001 (Bonus Round) Axel Boman - Nocturne (Pampa) Another Alias - Swine Of The Month (Whites Of My Eyes) Mr Ho - Vintage VSTs (Clone Jack For Daze) Bitstream - Monolith (Signal)

Slam Radio 251 | Noncompliant  

Slam Radio 251 with Noncompliant Welcome to a new episode of SlamRadio: today we welcome Noncompliant. For over 20 years, Noncompliant (aka DJ Shiva) has brought a multitude of techno flavors to dancefloors far and wide. Latest release: Physical Therapy's label Allergy Season and a few other projects in the works. Currently Touring in USA & in October, she’s back in EU N/A

Slam Radio 250 | Amelie Lens  

Slam Radio 250 with Amelie Lens Welcome to a new episode of Slam Radio: Today, we welcome one of the most exciting export products Belgium has to offer these days, Amelie Lens as she is taking the scene by storm. Enjoy it! Andre Kronert - Diffused Light Stays Grey Amelie Lens, Farrago - Purge Cassegrain - Caracal Escape to Mars - Luminary Abstract Division - Activated Jeroen Search - Mobility (Delta Funktionen remix) Slam - Visions (Kobosil Remix) Amelie Lens - In Silence Amotik - Unnees Robert Armani - Red Acid Rebekah - Code Black (Slam Remix) Shkedul - ID37 Thomas P. Heckmann - Speak Silent To Me (VSK Remix) Sam Paganini, Zøe - Hypnotize Unknown Artist - Unknow Setaoc Mass, Matrixxman - Vortex Jusai - Heaven Mike Parker - Shakuhachi One

Slam Radio 249 | Thomas Hessler  

Slam Radio 249 with Thomas Hessler Welcome to a new episode of SLAM RADIO: Today, we welcome Thomas Hessler. He is part of a promising new generation of Techno German producers & DJ’s. Praised by Marcel Fengler on his IMF, Thomas has constant delivered quality music. Enjoy it! N/A

Slam Radio 248 | Nur Jaber  

Slam Radio 248 with Nur Jaber This week we welcome a Berlin based DJ who is rapidly gaining momentum on the international circuit, drummer / bassist / vocalist and now fully focused on electronic music, Nur Jaber runs the OSF Label, and owns Gate9 club in Beiruit, Lebanon. She is also a resident at Staub at the club "About Blank" in Berlin. Catch her next month at Nuits Fauves, Paris, Festival La Prevalaye, Renne & Berghain. Her next 12" EP 'Weapons of Mass Destruction' is out August 18th on OSF. Nur is one one of our ones to watch unknown

Slam Radio 247 | Slam  

Slam Radio 247 with Slam We're back on Slam Radio with our set recorded at a sold out Riverside Festival in Glasgow, as always the atmosphere was unreal, truly Glasgow is a force to be reckoned with on the international techno circuit. There's no place like home! unknown

Slam Radio 246 | Andre Crom  

Slam Radio 246 with Andre Crom Known as globally touring DJ and the man behind OFF Recordings for many years, the recent past saw massive changes for Andre Crom. He embarked on a journey in many ways, physically (from Berlin to Barcelona), musically (from house to techno), and artistically, from being primarily a DJ, to becoming a full-fledged music producer. Musically, Crom is exploring the shades of functional and emotional techno. Warm and raw saturated beats meet melodic and rhythmic themes, which add hook-factor and character to the grooves. N/A

Slam Radio 245 | BNJMN  

Slam Radio 245 with BNJMN Having released on such acclaimed labels as Tresor, Delsin and Rush Hour it’s clear BNJMN has a knack for making music that stands out and at the same time works on the floor. After refining his sound year on year since his debut breakthrough album in 2011, the discography of the Berlin-based Brit continues to evolve; never staying the same and continuing to surprise. In 2017 a double release on Tresor, solo 12’s on new imprint Tiercel will follow. One to watch. N/A

Slam Radio 244 | Felix K  

Slam Radio 244 with Felix K Welcome to a new episode of Slam Radio. Today, SLAM welcome Berlin producer and DJ Felix K. Envoy it! N/A

Slam Radio 243 | Jon Hester  

Slam Radio 243 with Jon Hester Welcome to a new episode of Slam Radio: this week, SLAM welcome the talented Jon Hester. Enjoy it! Jonas Kopp – Electrons Splitting – Tresor BLNDR – Temples And Mothership – Natch Elements Mike Gervais – Set Me Free UNRELEASED Jon Hester – UNRELEASED – Dystopian Tensal – Saga III – Ownlife Jon Hester – Short Circuit – Rekids SPX Cari Lekebusch – Styge 1 – H Productions Jon Hester – Cypher UNRELEASED – LET Jon Hester – Telegraphic UNRELEASED – LET Rødhåd – Kinder Der Ringwelt (Donato Dozzy Rmx) – Dystopian Jon Hester – A Distant Spark – Dystopian Mental Resonance – Antennae – Dead Rose Records Drafted – Iron Fog – MMAudio Matrixxman – Beacon – MANHIGH Recordings Mike Gervais – Elegant Restraint – SYSTEM Records Dolby D, Matt Mus – Blood & Sand – HEX G-Man – Quo Vadis (D.Diggler Remix) – GMR Records Tensal – C-D1 – Tensal Bjarki – Planet Earth – Trip Jon Hester – On The Move – Rekids SPX Jeff Mills – Alarms (First Mix) – Purpose Maker Obstruct – Happen (Truncate Remix) – Rheostatus Jon Hester – UNRELEASED – Dystopian Lady Starlight – E2.2 – Stroboscopic Artefacts ROD – Pull – Klockworks Hiroaki Iizuka – Living In The Dark – Electracom Drop-E – G13.3. – LIMITED.G. Emmanuel Top – Smoke The Filter – FoKalm Post Scriptum – Year Zero (9T9T Remix) – Post Scriptum Olga+Jozef – Untitled – Olga+Jozef Surgeon – Force + Form Remake 2 – Tresor Jasper Wolff & Maarten Mittendorff – Twsted Memories (Makam Independant Mix) – Concrete Music Manuel Di Martino – The World is Changing – Dynamic Reflection 3KZ – This Is Always – Fides SHDW & Obscure Shape – Gefallene Engel – Rekids Inigo Kennedy – Surrender – Token

Slam Radio 242 | Terrence Dixon  

Slam Radio 242 with Terrence Dixon Terrence Dixon who describes techno as “Forward thinking ghetto electronics” is widely recognised for his incongruous, minimal sound design, authenticity and dedication. He is also the founder of minimal detroit. 2017 will see forthcoming releases on Out-Er and Tresor, and live shows from his Population One alias with two new band members – Dave Peoples on keys and Doc Midi on drums. N/A

Slam Radio 241 | Mareena  

Slam Radio 241 with Mareena As one of the curators of the New Faces night at Tresor as well as her UNRUSH podcast, interview and event series, Mareena has continuously crafted new conduits for both established and emerging artists to break down musical barriers and transform the world around them. As a DJ she is a chameleon, carefully stitching together immaculate and immersive sound landscapes for any occasion. Whether she is playing peak time, warm up, or after hour, her sound reveals an intelligent eclecticism fused with bold elements of surprise that exemplify her rich knowledge of electronic music culture. 01 Cliff Martinez - Gold Paint Shoot (Motion Picture for „The Neon Demon“) 02 Sigha - Black Massing (Token) 03 Post Scriptum - Year Zero - 9_t_9_t Remix (Post Scriptum Records) 04 Bjarki - Genat (Trip) 05 Robert S. - White Window (Sleaze Records) 06 DVS1 - The Chase (Hush) 07 Christian Wünsch - Toxic Affairs - Bas Mooy Remix (Audio Assault) 08 Diagenetic Origin - Parallel Realities (Sonic Groove) 09 Kas St - 88-88 - Anetha Remix (Flyance Records) 10 Bleak - Relics (Naura Records) 11 Jay Denham - Update - Alexander Kowalski Remix (Konsequent) 12 James Ruskin - Lahaine (Tresor Records) 13 Stojche - Adverse (Tangible Assets) 14 Scorp - Take One (Scorp / Re-issue on Token) 15 Minimum Syndicat - Acid Trojan II (Minimum Syndicat) 16 Vladimir Dubyshkin - Serious Attack (Macro) 17 Jeroen Search - Rise - (M_REC LTD) 18 Cobblestone Jazz - DMT - Live Edit - (Wagon Repair) 19 3KZ - Masked Man (Fides)

Slam Radio 240 | Sciahri  

Slam Radio 240 with Sciahri Florence-based Italian dj/producer and Co-Owner of Sublunar Records, Sciahri steps up to Slam Radio. He debuted on the ITX series of the acclaimed techno imprint Ilian Tape at the end of 2014 with Mysterious Love, followed by another 12" EP - Behind The Line on the Black Opal / Opal Tapes in 2016. His last work, 'Chronicle', was released last October again on ITX / Ilian Tape. He's just released 3 x 12" on Sublunar in the "Devotion" series, so keep an eye for those. Enjoy! N/A

Slam Radio 239 | Tinfoil (live)  

Slam Radio 239 with Tinfoil (live) Live set recorded at Krake Festival (Geneva edition) - Le Zoo, Geneva (18/3/17). Tinfoil is the joint project of DeFeKT and Sunil Sharpe. Initially forged as a studio collaboration in 2014 (and more recently as a live show), the pair have since racked up an impressive catalogue of 12"s on their own self-titled label. Tinfoil's sound is a unique one in techno today, reflecting the versatility of both artists, and their combined know-how of techno and electro. Their fervent approach to playing live is demonstrated through 100% improvised sets - where various hardware units are busily manipulated, strange live vocals are often added, and electrifying bursts of energy disarrange the dancefloor. N/A

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