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Represent: The “I’m not your wife” Edition  

On this episode of Represent, Slate culture writer, Aisha Harris talks to film/tv writer, Patricia Resnick, about working in Hollywood in the 70s and 80s, ageism and sexism in the industry, and the legacy of one of the most celebrated feminist comedies of all time, 9 to 5.

Check out:
-Patricia Resnick in the Hollywood Reporter, weighing in on the #OscarsSoWhite controversy
-Aisha’s interview with Lily Tomlin on the art of maintaining a long, successful career
-Lily Tomlin on what makes 9 to 5 a special movie
-Patricia Resnick’s 1992 film Straight Talk

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Production by Veralyn Williams

Gist: Do the Best and Brightest Ever Become President?   

On The Gist, former Daily Show head writer Elliott Kalan talks about his new Audible series Presidents are People Too! Kalan looks at the reasons so many mediocre candidates make it the White House, and tries to find something to admire in our crappiest commanders-in-chief. Kalan says watching this year’s presidential election while studying American political history has been sobering. Think America has never been more divided? Congressmen used to cane each other in the 1850s.  

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Political: The "I Will Keep You in Suspense" Edition  

David Plotz and Emily Bazelon are
joined by Slate's editor-in-chief, Jacob Weisberg, to discuss
third Presidential debate and the possible danger zones that exist
for an opinionated journalist, like
Amy Goodman, covering a

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90 Seconds with Slate: Baldwin's Trump  

Dan Kois on Willa Paskin on Alec Baldwin on Donald Trump

Pop, Race, & the ’60s: Episode 3  

This is a preview of the third episode of Pop, Race, & the '60s, a Slate Academy series. To hear the the full episode, sign up for Slate Plus at

The Beatles' "Money (That's What I Want)" (1963) and Stevie Wonder's "We Can Work It Out" (1960): In this episode, Slate pop critic Jack Hamilton talks to Oliver Wang, associate professor of sociology at CSU-Long Beach, and pop-charts expert Chris Molanphy about the trans-Atlantic relationship between the Beatles and Berry Gordy's Motown empire. The Beatles included three Motown covers on their second album, and plenty of Motown artists returned the favor. What do these covers tell us about the relationship between black pop and the British invasion? What really happened between Elvis joining the Army and the Beatles arriving in the U.S.? And do we live in the Beatles' world, or Motown's? 

Gist Rapid Response: Cirque du Debate  

The first fifty minutes felt…strange. Calm. Like a real debate. Then Chris Wallace asked if Trump would recognize the election as legitimate. 

Mike Pesca was in the spin room after the third and final presidential showdown. 

DoubleX Gabfest: The Killing Off the Kings Edition  

Hanna Rosin, June Thomas, and Noreen Malone discuss Trump’s “ultimate gift” to feminists, HBO’s comedy Insecure with Slate culture writer and Represent host, Aisha Harris, and the book Future Sex with author Emily Witt.

Gist: Jill Stein Pitches a Green Foreign Policy  

On The Gist, Green Party candidate Jill Stein lays out her foreign policy. She debates Mike Pesca about Hillary Clinton, Yemen, and America’s use of force. Stein believes the United States is closer to nuclear war than ever, including the Cold War. She explains how de-escalating nuclear tensions with Russia should take priority, and how neither of the major party candidates is up to the job. This year marks Stein’s second run for the presidency.  

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Culture Gabfest: Live From Santa Monica Edition  

Dana Stevens, Julia Turner, and guest Karina Longworth of the the podcast You Must Remember This are live in Santa Monica to discuss Nate Parker's new film Birth of a Nation, W.D. Griffith's 1915 film Birth of a Nation, and their favorite Hollywood films about Hollywood. 

The Slate Culture Gabfest is brought to you by the new film Denial. From the screenwriter of The Hours and The Reader comes the true story of one woman’s court battle for historical truth against a Holocaust denier. Starring Rachel Weisz and Tom Wilkinson. Denial: Playing everywhere Friday.

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Whistlestop: Debategate  

Whistlestop host John Dickerson revisits October 28, 1980 and the lies, blame and competitive advantage that were swirling around during the Carter-Reagan Debategate scandal.

Whistlestop is Slate’s podcast about presidential
campaign history. Hosted by our political correspondent and Political
 panelist John
, each installment will revisit a
memorable (or even a forgotten) moment from America's quadrennial
production and edit by Jocelyn Frank.Research by
Brian Rosenwald.
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Trumpcast: Trump Backers on Trial  

Jacob Weisberg talks to Mike Murphy, GOP strategist and the host of Radio Free GOP, about the effects of Trump on the Republican party, whether or not people will split their ticket, and bringing Trump backers to account after the election.

Gist: How Do You Prep to Debate a Dumpster Fire?  

On The Gist, Jonathan Prince has helped candidates such as Bill Clinton and John Edwards prep for high-stakes debates. Now, he’s got some advice for Hillary Clinton as she faces round No. 3 with the most unpredictable candidate of the modern era. Prince has worked for the Clinton and Obama administrations, but now he’s the head of communications for Spotify. 

For the Spiel, how do you rig the most well-observed election on Earth? The answer is: You don’t.

Dear Prudence: The "Devil's Advocate" Edition, Part 2  

Carvell and Mallory jump right back in. A letter-writer complains that her brother is a “man whore” — but first, we need to talk about who’s throwing glass at your family events. Then, should I tell my fiancé that I’m pretty sure I once slept with his best man? And finally: a knock-down, drag-out fight over whether a letter-writer should humor her father’s insistence that her boyfriend ask permission to marry her. Hear more Prudence by joining Slate Plus:

The Moment - Daniel Negreanu: 10/18/16  

Daniel Negreanu is one of (if not the best) poker player in the world today. He has set all kinds of records in the poker community, but today he tells us how he did it. To kick things off, Brian and Daniel discuss their old spat from Tilt and how their relationship has changed since then (5:00), when Daniel decided to become a professional poker player (17:00), and how he observes people to pick up information (27:00). Also, the two talk about how Daniel's definition of success has changed over the years (32:00), what he's interested in outside the poker table (45:00), and how the Rocky movies help get him ready to make a run at the WSOP Final Table every year (54:00).

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Lexicon: Why Do People Talk Like That in Old Movies?  

What Bette Davis, FDR, and Ralph Kramden have in common when it comes to speech.

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Gist: The Secret Rhetorical Genius of Donald Trump  

On The Gist, rhetoric scholar Jennifer Mercieca says that when you dig into his speeches, Donald Trump’s kind of an evil genius when it comes to rhetoric. Whether it’s his use of paralipsis (“I’m not saying, but I’m saying”) or reification (treating people like objects), Trump is an expert at using rhetoric to get under people’s skin. Mercieca is authoring a book on political rhetoric in the 2016 campaign, set to come out later this year. For the Spiel, an update on Trump’s collapse with female voters.  Today’s sponsors: Squarespace. Start your free trial today at and enter offer code gist to get 10 percent off your first purchase.
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Trumpcast: Inside Trump's Head  

Jacob Weisberg talks to the singer-songwriter, Aimee Mann, about her new song "Can't You Tell" where she enters the mind of Donald Trump.

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Hang Up: The She's Big League Edition  

Josh Levin, Stefan Fatsis, and Mike Pesca discuss the stars of the baseball playoffs, including Clayton Kershaw, Javier Baez, and Francisco Lindor. They also examine the many theories on the decline of the NFL’s television ratings. Finally, they discuss the Fox show Pitch with former minor league baseball pitcher Ila Borders.

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Placemakers: Building a Better Bike Share  

Philadelphia has made a mission of making bike share attractive to low-

income and minority residents, trying to buck the national trend of bike-share users

being white, rich, educated, and male. The city has moved bike stations into

nonwhite neighborhoods. It’s used ambassadors. It’s hired a multiracial team to run

the bike-share program. And it’s tried and abandoned other ideas, in an attempt to

break the social stigma of riding a bike in poor neighborhoods.

Working Beautifully: Nail Artist Vivian Cam  

Nail Artist Vivian Cam helps her clients have healthy and beautiful nails. She'll even go a step beyond painting intricate designs and images on her customer's nails—everything from autumn trees to minions. Vivian talked to Jacob Brogan about how she got started doing nails and how she helps clients decide on the right design for them.

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See Vivian Cam's nail art on her Instagram: @viiviiannailart

Twitter: @Jacob_Brogan

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