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#slowtofast is your podcast on the transformation of product development, and the race towards the ultimate user experience. The hosts are two passionate experts from Nordnet: Marcus Castenfors who is the Head of Product Development, and Dennis Hettema, who is the Chief Innovation Officer. New episodes are available every other Friday, on iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud.


EP 13 Summer is here  

Summer is here. Thank you for listening to the episodes during the winter and spring. We're now taking a pause until the fall when we're back with new stories to share about our journey, and perhaps about Dennis' kite-surfing adventures. Until then, please share your feedback on Twitter using the #slowtofast hashtag. If you have a minute, also please write a review on iTunes. Have a great summer everyone and thank you again for listening, Marcus & Dennis

#slowtofast Ep 12 with Alok Alström, the GM of Uber Sweden, on how to scale and adapt a business  

In this episode, we interview Alok Alström the General Manager of Uber in Sweden. We get an inside look at how Uber operates, a company that has scaled from nothing 7 years ago to being valued at more than $60 billion dollars.  The conversation is centered around how Uber is set up for growth and scale. It’s jam-packed with useful insights for any type of business. We discuss topics such as: - Alok’s approach to management and hiring - Uber’s employee onboarding process - How Uber uses internal apps in product development - Successful traits of an adaptive organization - Uber’s core values, and lots more Show notes:

#slowtofast Ep 11 (p 2) with Golden Krishna, on our obsession with screens, and the antidote  

This is the second part of our From Business To Buttons special. We interview Golden Krishna, Design Strategist at Google and the author of the book “The Best Interface is No Interface”. At Google, he works in the Android UX team on shaping the future of the operating system. Golden is passionate about curing our addiction to screens. In his opinion, screens are the pollution of our generation. He urges us to stop focusing so much on designing for interfaces. During this interview, we discuss topics such as: - Our addiction to apps and “app fatigue” - The idea of a “screenless” society, just like the notion of the paperless society - Google Now - The removal of so-called “digital chores” - The purpose and issues with chat bots - The over-saturation of notifications - A "watch first" design approach Show notes:

#slowtofast Ep 11 (p 1) with Susan Weinschenk, on the brain, dopamine, and the power of anticipation  

This is the first part of our From Business To Buttons special. We interview Susan Weinschenk a psychologist focusing on the intersection of brain science, behavioral psychology and design. She’s written numerous books on the subject such as 100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People, Neuro Web Design: What Makes Them Click and How To Get People to Do Stuff. As you would expect, during the interview we talk a lot about the brain, and what we as designers, product managers, marketers etc, can learn from psychology when we’re designing experiences for customers. We discuss topics such as: - Three nuggets from the book 100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People - How unconsciousness is affecting our decision-making - The importance of designing for peripheral vision - Why you should ask customers for stories, and the benefits of the story format - Dopamine, and the power of anticipation - The ethics of data mining Show notes:

#slowtofast Ep 10— On runways, retrospectives and death by meeting  

A milestone! We are celebrating 10 episodes. Dennis and I are back in the studio yet again to share what we work on, and what makes us inspired. We initially stated that we would record 10 episodes as a test. And…we’ve decided to continue! In this episode we talk about: - The concept of “the runway”. Whatever you work on has a time limit. Learn how to use this to your advantage. Dennis also shares a story from an exercise he did together with the General Management team - The Design Studio is moving out to the scrum teams and Marcus shares the reason behind this move - Dennis talks about a book that he shared with the entire General Management team and the product organization. It’s called “Death by meeting”, and is written by Patrick Lencioni. Dennis sheds light on the topic of the book: how to make your meetings more productive - Marcus shares a simple framework for doing retrospectives, and also the concept of the “Pet Peeves” meeting, a meeting where the design team talks about little things they get annoyed by Show notes:

#slowtofast Ep 09 —  Introducing our new CTO Tuva Palm  

In this episode we introduce our new awesome CTO Tuva Palm who joined us a little over a month ago. Tuva has an extensive background in engineering and product management from companies such as Oracle and Klarna. She is also the co-host of STHLM Tech, the biggest tech meetup in Europe. Dennis and Tuva have an intense and entertaining conversation about: - The startup scene in Sweden - The BOPS prio list, a prioritization framework used by Spotify and Klarna - The key to creating something that customers want - Trends in technology - Successful traits of a CTO - Ingredients to achieve speed in product organizations - Tuva’s affection for Marty Cagan’s blog articles Show notes:

#Slowtofast Ep 08 – "The Agile episode", featuring the Agile rock star Mattias Skarin  

This episode is for you Agile geeks out there. Dennis and our special guest Mattias Skarin from Crisp goes all out nerd about how to use Agile to the fullest. Whether you want to get started with Agile, or if you’re already using the method, there is tons of value to take from the episode.

#Slowtofast Ep 07 - “Optimize for uncertainty” - On design systems, managing up, & handling feedback  

In this episode, Marcus geeks out about design systems and talks about the launch of Nordnet’s new visual identity and UI kit. He explains Nordnet’s process for working with Atomic Design, a framework for managing design systems. Dennis brings up something that you don’t often read about in the business press: how to manage your manager. He explains some simple tactics that you can apply to elevate yourself in your career, and most importantly to help your manager. Marcus also talks about an interesting article he recently read about the key characteristics of successful organizations. Dennis ends the episode by opening up about being on the receiving end of negative feedback. Perhaps, you should be more of a “Teflon dog” in those situations?

#Slowtofast Ep 06 - Using resource limitations, creative chaos, agile & happiness to your advantage  

In this episode Dennis shares his thoughts on what he refers to as “gravity”, a law of nature in product development: accepting that you have limited resources. Marcus gives examples of how you can create a positive mess in your creative process, causing interesting solutions to flourish. We also have a long rant about Agile. Why should you apply Agile methods? What are the benefits? And lastly, we talk about treating happiness as a skill, just like investing is a skill or nutrition is a skill.

#Slowtofast Ep 05 - Stanley Wood from Spotify on innovation, design principles and culture  

In this episode, Dennis is replaced with our first guest in #slowtofast: Spotify's Design Director Stanley Wood. Since this episode is hosted by two product designers, it's all about - you've guessed it - product design. Marcus and Stanley dig deep into the design process, how to be innovative, align a design language and achieve consistency in user experience.

#Slowtofast Ep 04 - On failure, the end of mobile apps, and successful ways of working remotely  

We debate if there are good and bad failures and if we will really need apps in the future. We also talk about how to successfully work with remote teams. All the links that you might need in order to follow what we talk about, can be found on the Nordnet Tech blog(

#Slowtofast Ep 03 - That’s completely crazy!  

In this episode we talk about how to find the balance between fidelity and speed, a challenge for any organization working with product development. Dennis shares one of his favorite theories: The Theory of Constraints, a simple and powerful way of identifying bottlenecks in your value stream. Marcus tells two stories about applying a mindset, and a philosophy to produce more innovative and quality work. And lastly, Dennis geeks out on a new toy that he just bought for the office.

#Slowtofast Ep 02 -Screw it! Let’s try it!  

In this episode we discuss something that every company struggles with: what tools to use. Dennis argues that tools should always be submissive to the process. The conversation turns a bit existential when Marcus opens up and speaks about the flipside of being a design manager. Marcus also tells the story of AirBnB’s road to success and Dennis talks about creating a “bullshit free zone”. All the links that you might need in order to follow what we talk about, can be found on the Nordnet Tech blog

#Slowtofast Ep 01 - On Diamonds and Happiness  

In this first episode of #slowtofast, we will talk about design sprints, how design is a team sport and the amazing story of the $300 Million button. We will straighten out how killing the blame game and measuring employees’ happiness will deliver customer value at a faster pace. We also mention loads of people, methods and theories. All the links that you might need in order to follow what we talk about, can be found on the Nordnet Tech blog (

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